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  1. Just as a fyi to everyone, the Bass Pro outlet store has bins upon bins of mismolded and reject colors of senkos that you can buy for $6 a pound. They are not the best but I throw them from time to time and it hasn't really mattered a whole lot.
  2. you gotta buy about 7 or 8 redfins to find the one that's wakes properly. All joking aside I have bought a couple that wont wake well. sometimes I have the same trouble you do and I find I'm retrieving it too fast.
  3. I was at cape yesterday as well. I stuck the boat in and parked the truck. when I got back to the dock some bass were schooling right next to my boat. I caught about 3 of topwater and lost about 4 or 5 more from setting the hook too soon. it was fun and was the most productive part of my day....maybe I shouldn't have left
  4. Yes please get off the water....I will take the fall for everyone and venture out myself and attempt to catch them for everyone lol. I hear the fish are up super shallow and if you can troll in past the trees cast up onto grass and drag it into the water and hold on.
  5. Get above fall creek on Taney and fishing will be awesome. They have had flood gates open before this rain hit so the trout should be getting locked onto shad by now.
  6. Got the fish all figured out today, of course that doesn't matter with the weekends rain that is about to come. Put in at State Park at about 9 and used what all the reports are saying; Ned Rig, Shaky Head, Swim bait, etc. I did catch plenty but they were all dinks. I went to the bank and was looking for the bass that "moved up" into the bushes. Well, its true. The largemouth are in the bushes and cruising the banks, particularly around docks on main lake coves. Flipped jigs, creature baits, Ned Rig, Senkos and got nothing. Tried a lot of different stuff then put on a fluke and BAM immediate take. Couldn't tell you how many follows I had but I ended up catching 20 or so. Nothing big but a lot better than the dinks on a Ned rig and they were mainly largemouth. By circumstance, I was trolling around a dock and threw the fluke on the very end of the dock and 4 spots cam out and one grabbed it. Light bulb goes on again. So thats what I did about all afternoon. Find main lake coves with docks and fish the bushes near the dock and up to it and the very end of the dock. They were not taking very well, but tons would follow it all the way to the boat. It was pretty amazing the drawing power it had. As it started getting dusk I saw a couple hits on the surface so picked up a walking bait and had a swirl then a light hit and caught a decent spot. I had a couple more swirls and a follow and I kind of thought they may want something more subtle. So I tied on a jointed Redfin and wow what a difference, a hit on almost every other cast. My excitement hindered me cause I was setting the hook too soon. But these were quality fish 3+#. They were on the deep main lake points with trees. Awesome day, too bad tomorrow it will all change. Water temp was 61-63.
  7. The Lurk Lure one looks very very close to it. It came with a bunch of Heddon lures and I wonder if Heddon made a concept live minnow tube lure.
  8. I'm just guessing to the concept.
  9. A while back I told my dad to keep an eye out for old warts (or any for that matter) because he goes to lots of estate and garage sales. Long story short, he has become addicted to collecting vintage fishing lures. He still somewhat new to it but he loves doing it. Today he sent me a picture of a lure and he can't find out what make or model it is. It looks like you open the bait and stick a live shad or minnow in it, close it, and fish it. The holes would provide circulation for the bait? I dont know...I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys think it may be.
  10. The struggle is real this time of year, catch a mess of fish or chase the thunder chickens....hmm
  11. Ya I don't get a lot of time, I was pushing it going today but a decided today was "irresponsible contractor day". Yet my guilty conscience still made me check in on some jobsites and back to the office work...
  12. Put in at Moonshine Beach at about 7:30, I was only able to fish for about 2 1/2 hours but the bite was on. Very windy and cold so I got into some coves on the main lake out of the wind and caught 17. About all of them came on a shaky head, one 3.5# on a RK, and only 2 on a swim bait. Lots of smallmouth. I thought they would be on the gravel chunk rock mix but couldn't get one in those areas. Found them all on larger chunk rock/ledge rock in about 10 FOW. Water temps I saw were 53.7-54.4 water was very clear still. Wish I could have stayed longer. Anyone know when the rock snot will start to go away?
  13. We will!
  14. What is considered "Snapp"?
  15. Just a couple miles north in Branson West is a Mexican Restaurant called "El Lago". Its a really good one. RT's in Kimberling isn't bad either.