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  1. I have a small 4x6 utility trailer I am selling. Held two Jackson Coosas on the top rails. Had plans to have a rack welded up but never got around to it. Let me know if you might be interested.
  2. Never knew that the fish stocking in urban parks was tied to this.....Living in Saint Louis, sometimes it is the closest place to go to get a quick fix. It wouldn't however be the first place I'd go to catch a meal 🤮 https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/the-surprising-story-of-how-fishing-at-st-louis-parks/article_6efa8daa-5e3a-5173-bfc4-f4dbd7548a01.html#13
  3. Wrench is spot on with what they say you SHOULD do. The only problem is the brain doesn't work that way. As a competitive swimmer and experienced open water Lifeguard for most of my life, I can tell you it still scares the monkey dodo out of you regardless of your experience. You just never have a clue what is going on under the water especially in murky current like the Meramec.
  4. Heard the catch netted him a sponsorship
  5. If nobody needs them for a boat trailer, they also make fantastic lawn mower stripers!
  6. I have 5 Seasense Wobble Rollers that I have no use for. On boat trailers they allow the boat to roll smoothly on the trailer. They spin freely to reduce drag while launching your boat. They are brand new with tags still on them. Make me an offer. I would also take a trade for tackle (soft plastics, cranks, Topwater, etc.)
  7. They sell it at Alpine Shop if you live near one. @MOsmallies told me about it and I use it on everything plastic. It also has brought several of my daughters outdoor toys back to like new condition after they sat outside all summer. It also is THE BEST at restoring those faded plastic panels on cars!
  8. I believe he said he used a stylus like device in the OP.
  9. Thanks fellas for the advice (kind of) I hooked up with a couple guys who fish the River Bassin kayak tournaments which conveniently have a stop in Columbus. Hoping they can spill the beans on some good stretches!
  10. I couldn't imagine being a woman and having to take my waders darn near all the way off just to take a piss.
  11. I always use a red hook in my flukes. I don't know how it got started that way but it has worked for me so I never switched back. I agree with Al though, when that paint comes off they look like crap. I think we give fish too much credit though. If they want to eat, they will, no matter what color the hook is. I'd say the color/profile of the bait is what really draws them in, not fancy red hooks.
  12. I will be in Columbus, OH for a week for a conference at the end of May and have decided to bring my kayak along to fish during my down time. I am looking at floating either the Scioto, Kokosing or Olentangy rivers (but I am open to other suggestions as well). Anyone have any experience on any of the above or any I should add to my list? I have heard conflicting ideas on which is the best choice so I figured I would try and tap the knowledge of the dependable OAF crowd. TIA for any advice.
  13. I will take one for my sage advice If you really want to know their value, throw them on ebay with a reserve. Hard to tell your colors but here are some on there now that are pretty similar to yours. The back left one seems like your $$ one https://www.ebay.com/itm/PRE-RAPALA-STORM-WIGGLE-WART-RARE-V125-METALLIC-BLUE-FLUORESCENT-RED-SPECKS-NOS/302549986547?hash=item4671626cf3:g:fm4AAOSwTUVZtWp1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pre-Rapala-Storm-Wiggle-Wart-V209-Naturistic-Red-Crawfish-Fishing-Lure-Blue-Box/183134812243?epid=1612172626&hash=item2aa3af7853:g:y~UAAOSwzqFY~1Oi
  14. I have seen them go for over 100 on eBay, certain colors are definitely worth more than others. I bet @MOsmallies could tell ya! That man knows his stuff! The big reason the pre-raps are worth more is because of their erratic "hunting" pattern. The new Storm warts just don't have the same action. I have seen them lift fish out of the water when a bite couldn't be had otherwise.
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