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    riverton, illinois (near springfield)
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    fishing, bow hunting (if i have time during the season), boating, outdoors activities in general. i like playing cards and listening to good music classic rock (rolling stones are my favorite), blue grass and older country music mainly but i do like a lil of everything. football, hockey and college basketball top my sports list. K.C. Chiefs, Stl Bluesand the Fighting Illini are my teams oh ya i like the Stl Cards too. love motor sports mainly nascar Go Dodge Go!!!! would like to see bobby labonte do something for Petty enterprises this year. lets get that cup back to mopar where it belongs.
  1. i have a quantum xl 00S3, not very heavy and not to bad of a drag. 3 ball bearings. cant remember what i paid for it but it wasnt any more than 30-35. it works pretty decent for me.
  2. hey thanks for the reply dano, they do put on a awesome show for sure. kinda made me feel bad, the 60+ yr old mick would run circles around my butt lol
  3. moose50


    nice indeed, one of yours bud?
  4. are there any maps for the lower part of taneycomo from fall creek down? all i can seem to find is the upper maps.
  5. off topic but this is why we have the general discussion board rite. is anyone going to go see the rolling stones in st louis? if you like classic rock and havent had the chance to see theese guys yet go do it! i got to see them at soldier field in september and it was way better than i ever expected . the tickets were pricey yes but worth it to see the greatest rock band ever. ok if you dont want to get bent over by ticket master heres what i found out from some of the folks that seem to know what they are talking about dont buy the tickets till your there, ya buy em from scalpers its cheaper from the number of posts ive seen on the stones fan club site i belong to also get them from the box office close to show time.....they will have extras and dont want to eat them so ask if they have any deals. ive seen as much as half off of face value that people have gotten from the scalpers like i said they dont want to eat the whole cost if they have tickets and will be getting rid of them cheaper and cheaper as show time comes up so if your in the area go ahead and try it out if you get in you wont be dissapointed. im planning on heading down there for the show and trying the scalper thing(god and wife permitting) ticket master got me once they wont do it again !!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone plans on going maybe we can hook up for a brewski before the show
  6. thanks for the reply and advice leonard i will check them out next time im out at the store.
  7. we get down there once a year and love it, if you are fishing for food and some action try some power eggs from berkley(make sure your outta the trophy waters) on one of the taney drift rigs found at all the resorts down there. i use the single hook rigs not the trebles. if i remember right last year we tore em up on 2 bubble gum eggs on the hook and one white one threaded on the line about 1-3 inches up from the hook. we found it best to float from fall creek to downtown branson after the old r.v. park area the action kinda thinned out for us. also we found lil cleos to be decent when the water was running along the outside banks from fall creek down a lil ways. we tied off/anchored and fished different cover we seen along the way. not drift fishing but maybe something you might want to try. hope that helps some good luck!
  8. sounds like ya caught a sampler platter bud lol glad you finally got out there man
  9. well i found out that jet boats arent that good on big water and thats the info i need to know, do they act like jets skis i guess kinda stall out when u hit a wave? ill probly end up with a tracker model with a 50 on it or something but i was wondering about the jet boats.
  10. glad to hear your feeling ok leonard. my dad had that opperation years ago and man they gave him a zipper and he was laid up a while in the hospital. they must have come a long way on that opperation. hope you have a quick and full recovery. dad says he can eat anything since hes had the gall bladder removed, the only thing is it doesnt stick with ya very long i guess lol
  11. my father had accupuncture done around 4 weeks ago and i had it done yesterday. dad hasnt smoked since, he was at 2-3 packs a day and ripped the filters off of most of them hes been a smoker since the mid 70's and man im really glad he quit. me on the other hand im not doing to hot its just a matter of will power i gues because i dont really have a craving for it its just hard to kick the habbit of doing it. ive had about 8 cigs the last 2 days not bad from 2 packs of reds a day but still havent quit...need to. anyway just throwing it out to yas if some of your are looking for help it was 90 dollars for 2 days of theropy. and if my dad can do it anyone can including myself ill get there eventually i hope lol. i had 3 needles in each hand and he did some very low voltages things on my ears something to help out with the cravings. after he stuck me with the needles i laid there adn listened to calming music mixed with outdoor sounds like water and stuff like that for about 30 minutes and then he did the things with my ears. the 2nd day was the same but not for as long. none of it hurt and i do think it helped. i had it done at a chiropractors office. hope it helps yall out. you have to want to quit i will say that much. i will let you all know how my progress goes
  12. will the classes run through summer? i wont get down there till august but i do plan on attending a class if they are still goin on.
  13. congrats joe, ill be getting my first one when tax returns come in this year. hope you have much success fishing with your new setup!! sorry i cant help with any info on the flies but im sure the rest of the gang on here will hook ya up with the rite suggestions on what ya need and where to get em.
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