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  1. Id like to find a 90 to 125 horse outboard motor. It needs to be a two stroke and I'd like it to be late 80s or newer, it also has to have electric tilt. Brand is unimportant as long as it runs good. Im not looking to spend a lot of money on it, but am not looking for anything free either. I currently have a late 90's 70 horse mercury force that runs good, Im just looking for a bit more speed, and the boats rated for up to a 125. I MIGHT be interested in trading my motor straight over or adding some cash with it, but I will NOT sell mine until Ive got a different motor and know its gonna be reliable. If anyone has anything or knows where ones at, please message me here or call/text me at 641 218 4348. Thanks.
  2. Thats a nice deer, I'd shoot him up here.
  3. I need a few things for a place I recently bought on Lake of the Ozarks. Were looking for a cheap used push mower, a mattress and box spring (must be clean, size doesnt matter as long as two people can sleep on it), a fridge (both fridge and freezer must work, brand and color dont matter) and a paddleboat for our kids. All would have to be within about 30 miles of Warsaw, I can pick it up, and I have cash. Im not looking to spend a ton of money on any of it, though. Im also in search of an 6-15 horse motor to use as a kicker, mines about dont. Must be a tiller and must be two stroke. I'd like to keep it under $250, but would spend a bit more for the right motor. PM me here if you have any of this stuff to sell/give away. Thanks!
  4. Ok, thanks. Thats what I was wondering. In Iowa, you can only have 5 separate ditty poles out each, but you can have a lot more than 5 hooks on a trotline. I know our regs like the back of my hand, but yours had me a bit confused.
  5. See, the number of hook thing is always confusing. Here in Iowa you can have a lot more hooks on a trotline then you separate lines. Do you have any idea how many banklines you can have per license assuming each one only has one hook on it? Thanks, BTW, I really do appreciate it.
  6. I checked the Missouri regs page and found trotline rules, but nothing for bank poles. Can anyone tell me: 1. How many lines can we have per license? 2. Do they need to be tagged with our name, address and phone number like they do here in Iowa? 3. Can we still rod and reel fish while we have bank lines out? We only use one hook per line and would check them a bare minimum of once a day. Also, we dont have a ton of blues up here in our interior rivers, when targeting big blue cats, would you guys suggest cut bait or live bait? We caught some eaters last weekend on cutbait, but none over about 3 lbs. Thanks!
  7. We did ok this past weekend. We never did try to catfish any bays/coves. We caught a couple nice blues fishing right up against the rock walls near the oarhouse in deep water and then anchored right before dark on a flat and caught some channels. We were sitting in 4 feet of water and it dropped off quick in the channel to close to 40.
  8. Ill answer my own question. Yes, it is, it was good, and cheap.
  9. Is it worth a mile or so boat ride for dinner?
  10. Thats got me excited now. I definitely know how to catch crappies, but dont have a lot of experience fishing them on whats more or less a river system, and I wasnt really wanting to spend half the day in the boat heading to the "lake". Turkey Creek and Coal Camp creek are both real close.
  11. Do any of ya'all crappie fish that far upstream? Are there any coves in particular that we should check out? I know how to catch em and know where to look for them this time of year, just dont know the lake at all yet. Is Turkey Creek any good? Our place is at MM 81 across from the Oarhouse. If anyone can give me any suggestions so I dont waste a ton of time and boat gas I'd appreciate it. Well be down this coming weekend. Thanks!
  12. So for you guys that are pickier (by that I mean you try and shoot "mature" deer), what do you look for? If I see a 120-135 should I be shooting? I will have limited time to hunt down there.
  13. I'll be hunting private ground. I will also PROBABLY not be hunting the rut in MO, unless I tag out early here in Iowa. Your archery season opens two weeks before ours does, so I plan to come down for a few days in late September and hopefully find some deer that are still on their summer feeding patterns. Are there really not many deer over 140 around there?
  14. Ok, we got our place down there bought, and I got permission on some decent looking ground thats within walking distance. If I have time either way early or after I fill my Iowa tag Im gonna come down and bow hunt. What should I expect? I dont shoot little bucks, but Im not near as picky as some. I pretty much shoot for 140 or bigger. Are there many deer like that around? Also, when would you guys say "peak" rut is in general? I KNOW thats a loaded question, but ballpark on an average year? My favorite day to hunt up here is November 12th. Thanks.
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