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  1. Haha. They were definitely close enough to hit them with a 10 ft flag pole
  2. I actually had some Amish guys that I know seen me come full speed about 10 feet from me a few years ago. And I've had several people tell me that they couldn't see me. I'm gonna be gettin a hi viz t shirt to start wearing when I'm out in my kayak
  3. I'm under Aldrich bridge. So your sayin I need to move?
  4. Thinkin bout goin to CC to do some catfishin just wonderin if anyone knows if they're bitin down there or not
  5. Thanks for the advice. Probably gonna give it a try tonight
  6. Just wonderin if anyone has tried catfishin yet and how you did
  7. Met him last night at high point when we was takin boats out. Really nice guy and gave some good info and showed me what he's been catchin them on. Thanks again!
  8. I'm gonna try tubes, yum crawbugs, spinner baits, crankbaits, and fluke jrs
  9. If it rains anymore we won't be going. I think it'd be hard to find a gravel bar to camp on. What color of spinnerbait and crank baits? And what size of crankbait?
  10. Me and 2 buddies are headin to the buffalo Friday to float and camp till Sunday, I've never floated the buffalo that I can remember and was wanting some pointers on which baits to use for smallmouth and goggle eye
  11. I planned on goin Saturday night maybe Friday night also
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Probably just take them to Coffmans. Not sure how long we'll be fishin for. Hopefully alittle while after dark. I'll be up there this weekend sometime to also.
  13. It easy to get down there for a 12 year old boy also? My buddy and his son are wantin to go tomorrow after I get off work and was just gonna take them to Coffmans where I caught them Friday night.
  14. CrappieCole


    Cats bitin very good durin daylight around Coffmans?
  15. Forgot to add I was using shiners
  16. Haven't ever catfished that area of the lake before so I just went to Coffman and fished just west of the old road bed
  17. Went last night to Coffmans. Started bout 8 and stopped around 2 or so. Brought home 3 channels and a flathead. 1 channel was about 8 pounds other 2 and the flat head were 3-4 lbs. and lost another one at the bank.
  18. My moms got a place in a small neighborhood right next to grieser creek. Her and my step dad actually own the first dock down there, it's the red angle iron dock with black plastic floats under it. Grew up fishin down there every summer. My biggest crappie come from down there it measured little over 15"
  19. Pink jig head with white Charlie brewer crappie slider. Caught from bank all hit bout 15-20 feet off the bank. Wanted to get my kayak out this weekend but waters alittle to cold still
  20. Had some luck this evenin by Arcola
  21. Anyone havin any luck at 39 bridge
  22. I've seen people with pontoons up there before. Waters gotta be up though
  23. My personal best crappie outta stockton is 15 1/4. But I've heard of people catchin monsters outta stockton
  24. It was the night it was storming really bad. Lightnin like crazy in the distance when we got there. Fished for about 1.5 hrs then it stared lightning close to us and we headed back. All summer long been goin night fishin with crank baits at night castin towards bank and tearin up like that. But that was the best as in short amount of time and size of fish with that amount of fish we caught. Almost everyone we caught was a legal fish. Normally I crappie fish but this past summer has made me enjoy bass fishing on the lake
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