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  1. When I was that age Dad would get home from work around 6, load up the boat, and we would get to the Theodosia park around 11,11:30pm. Depending on what time of year it was we would either sleep in the bed of the truck in the camper shell on the ramp, or launch in the dark and fish till daylight ,go get breakfast at Gigs in Isabella,and then go back out. We would stay a couple,maybe 3 days, usually a weekend trip. When I got tired I just slept on the bench seat of the Ranger, or if it was cold, on the floor of the boat wrapped in a blanket. I remember waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet from dew many times, or from the sound of Dad yelling "GET THE NET BOY!" 5 years old is a little young to stay out so long like I had too. But it made me a better fisherman, especially at night Sometimes we would fish for 12-16 hours straight. Cooler stocked up on food and drinks. By the time I got home I was burned out! πŸ˜† We only made a 3 or 4 trips each year back then. But I still remember many of them. That's what you want your kids to have too is lifelong childhood memories of fishing with Dad.πŸ‘
  2. Fish24/7


    4/1 10-3 Went morel hunting before hitting the lake, found 17. Got in on the last fifteen minutes or so of a white bite. Caught 6 females and then they either left or got lockjaw cause I couldn't get bit again. Still mad at those bluegill too! They can be picky about colors sometimes. They ignored the hot pink and chartreuse today, but loved the fluorescent orange and red. πŸ€” Took home 6 big one's ,9". They all made a decent meal with the ones from before ,and had a side of some fresh fried morels to go with.
  3. Fish24/7


    3/31 11-3 Panfish adventure! They we're in about 6', suspended in bushes. Ice jigs tipped with power bait and worms. Have no idea how many I caught. I sat on one spot for an hour and a half before it wore out. Took home 12 gills that's all I wanted to mess with. If they weren't at least 8" I threw em back. Tried for crappie but didn't catch any. I don't know if it was the all night rain we had, or the strong North wind, or my choice of lure.
  4. Fish24/7


    3/30 8-3 Went to Big Creek ,water was cold. 50-51Β° . Caught 3 small bass . Fished about 2 hours loaded up and headed to Theodosia area. Water temp 57. Found some crappie shallow, nice size gills shallow. Caught 5 little whites shallow on a slider. Good crappie, caught 7, all keepers. Homemade ice jigs and ice spoons tipped with a piece of live worm. White and black crappie.
  5. Right 😁 or some free toilet paper! I think the starting bid was like $14.00 if I read it correctly. I wonder if they actually get paid or if its all bs bidding πŸ€”
  6. I'm not complaining one bit about my wifi Vexilar Sonar Phone. πŸ˜‰ It's all I've used for the last few years. Compatible with Navionics too..(See my fishing reports this week, it works!)
  7. Fish24/7


    3/27 8-11:30am Depth 6-8' Caught 14 on a rogue I painted. All were largemouth,had 6 keepers. All released. These were the biggest. Wind picked up just enough to blow a bunch of debris right into where I was catching these. Made it almost impossible to cast a jerkbait with so much crap floating around so I just went home. A lot more floating debris in the lake since Monday. As you can see these fish were no where near the bank.
  8. I'm old enough to remember that show. Spoonbills, mmm hmm😍
  9. My version of parrot. The pearlized gold really reflects the natural light. Will add some micro gold flake in the top coat next πŸ˜„
  10. Like ,Fishing With Luiza🎣 you know Just For Fun!
  11. Sunshine and warm nights will do it! Especially with that color waterπŸ‘ I should make a trip up that way sometime,never have fished there . Could be there in 40 minutes.
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