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  1. Back to the original account now ,lol. so yeah went bank fishing from 10-2 yesterday, caught 9 bass, just one keeper SM on a senko type worm in about 7-9'.
  2. Fish24/7

    Fish 24/7 IS Fish24/7

    thanks Phil for a new password for my old account, back to Fish24/7 again
  3. bump let's make a deal
  4. Fish24/7

    Little Late for August

    sorry, no reports my gear is collecting dust , haven't wet a line in weeks. Not even a creek trip..Time to make some time, you know what I mean ,unplug and unwind.
  5. Fish24/7

    Upper Bull Shoals Walleye 7/30 - 8/3

    mmm, tasty cool man thanks
  6. Fish24/7


    7/30 11-3:30pm Nice cloudy day for topwater! We caught a total of 26. 8 keepers - 7 lm and 1ky. 3 fish in the 3lb class. Bass were cruising in packs of 3 or 4 in the heavy cover and were not bothered by the boat. Had numerous times where the pack would swim right past the boat and then turn around and swim back toward us. At times they seemed to be very curious. Basically set the boat right on the brush line maybe 10' or so from the bank making short flips and pitches onto the bank and easing the lure into the water as quietly as possible. All these fish were caught in less than 4'. Treble hooks were not a good idea in all that cover, so we threw 3" gill colored shad asassins, tail dipped chartreuse, on 15lb braid. Pea gravel on secondaries and main lake flats, refrigerator size rocks close to the bank,and the very back of small pockets was the pattern. Saw something you don't see everyday, or any day really, lol. A 6 lb drum caught on top. Threw everything back.
  7. Fish24/7


    boat traffic was minimal, just 2 wake boats, 2 pontoons, and 2 vbottoms trolling yep, i haven't been going much this month due to the heat
  8. Fish24/7


    uh oh maybe I should have weighed that perch before I ate it lol, nah it was skinny hehe
  9. Fish24/7

    Species ID Help

    yep, i caught one and it croaked like a catfish !
  10. Fish24/7


    fished from 7:30-10:30 caught 5 16-17" Walleye, 1 13" yellow perch, 3 11-12" crappie and 5 barely keeper spots all on Binks spoons. Had perch and crappie for lunch. Shad were really active early surfacing all around the boat for the first hour or so. Walleye were in 29-35fow. Crappie were in the brush in 20-25' Bass were in the 15-30 zone .
  11. Fish24/7


    have not been but a handful of times this month and those were wading trips for micro fish. Tomorrow looks like a great day to get after them,,if I get my work done today !
  12. Fish24/7

    Any advice

    yes, lake is full of 'em w/ minimal fishing pressure, finding them is the hardest part
  13. Fish24/7

    Any advice

    hope the pontoon has a fish finder, that makes it a lot easier to find shad because those fish hanging around them are hungry and easier to catch imo. . I like spooning a lot during the summer, 1/2, 3/4 or 1oz Size and rate of fall can matter at times. A spoon will catch about anything too.Trolling is a great idea especially with multiple persons and with multiple lures out you can find out quicker what the fish prefer as far as color and size. Read past reports posted here may help also. good luck! Might be going tomorrow morning , will post a report if it happens.
  14. Fish24/7

    Wiggle Wart Advice

    I've painted and used the predator baits, no complaints. inexpensive and I like the DRS wart. Waiting for the rock crawler to restock, those look pretty good too. . Line, well use what you like, there is no one and only method. 8lb Hybrid sounds good. there are some very talented painters on here, check out the custom work they have posted

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