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  1. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Stuffed Red Peppers last night. Last step was add the cheeeezz and let it melt for about another ,5 minutes or so
  2. They are already sold before I even pick em lol, They say homegrown tomatoes are hard to find around here right now. I've been supplying friends and family,locals, and even have a couple long distance customers who travel from Central Arkansas to get them. The year started out slow being weeks and weeks behind , maybe had 3.5" of rainfall all Summer , butthings are good now the Belgium plants are loving these mild Fall like temps. Been dipping into the 50's at night.
  3. Not sure how long this is gonna last, plants are starting to show their age now.
  4. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Fried zucchini, tomatoes and onions,pasta salad, fried crappie. Had no lunch today , this guy's tank is empty.
  5. Today's grab The shade of a tall cedar tree makes a nice place to leave them outside to ripen during the day.
  6. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    No surprises here, just hungry 😋 for breakfast and watch the sunrise p.s. that's a Clyde's Crunch donut
  7. Solar obliteration technique, see all the UFOs you want with a good camera with excellent zoom capabilities," they" are there everyday you can see the sun. Just have to block the sun with a building and zoom in to see them. I have hours of home video and still images on this subject from several years ago. Flying discs, triangles, cylinders. I've seen them all,and then some with this technique. Flying objects that ,hover, do stunts ,morph and change shape are also up there. There are things flying around up there you cannot see with naked eyes. This isn't solar obliterati
  8. Somewhere in my pile of old media players and laptops there is a video I got years ago of a big musky striking my bluegill aqua Vu camera by the Theodosia bridge on Bull Shoals. Definitely an eye opener to be watching the screen,see that fish, then feel a big tug on the camera cable! 😄
  9. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    375° Oven, s and p ,onion powder, and some "shiken" thighs as Justin would say it Who's been to Wimpy's in Washington MO on Jefferson St.? That was an everyday deal for me when I had lunch break at vo-tech school. Get it to go and sit by the river and eat.
  10. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Competition is fierce in the Ozarks lmao haha,jk.
  11. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Had bacon cheeseburgers last night. Ever fried em in bacon fat? dammm delicious Like anybody cares what I think about some of the Amish men around West Plains, Mountain Grove areas.. 🖕 my experience has been they are cheap, liars,and will try to bribe you with cash to get their way. And, Never get into a bidding war at an auction with them over building supplies, they will surround you ,team up, and you will not win the auction, lol but it's fun to run the bid up and make em pay more,lol. They even tried to tell me to quit selling tomatoes in my own town because they were
  12. Here's today's pull, and rain is coming so I don't want cracks, these pinks are so thin skinned. One cocktail bush filled a cake pan. Lost two of these plants this Summer just recently.
  13. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Cast iron skillet fried Sirloin strip w/ A1, and marinated tomatoes in vinegar and red wine. When the steak is ready I pour on some A1. The sauce runs over the edges of the meat onto the hot skillet and I use a fork to the drag the steak around in the simmering sauce a few times, flipping it a time or two to get both sides covered in A1 before plating.
  14. My other melon was looking might tasty this morning. this 95-97° heat wave we're having sucks, hasn't rained in weeks. The ground is rock hard like concrete. Trees and other plants are starting to die off from the drought. Having to water my stuff every day or so. Still getting a lot of cocktail tomatoes about 500+ avg. every few days . The plants are all huge and peaking now. Would have been better had we had some rain 😞 The pinks are doing fine but not as good as the could be . Gardens need rainwater not city water...I removed all their suckers without tomatoes hanging on them t
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