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  1. Still finding a few decent Belgium pinks,plants are looking OK ...for nowโ„ So thankful for the bountiful harvests! picked the 900th tomato of the year! see pic and,all the peppers are going crazy now, lots of bell, banana, habanero and jalapeno Radishes and turnips are coming up now๐Ÿ‘
  2. Better fish will start showing up more and more this time of year, it's going to be a great Fall bite ,good luck!
  3. You had nice weather and caught fish ,good ! I haven't been out there for a few days๐Ÿ˜ก
  4. Bottom picture bottom row . Second from left ,is that pink with Bengal stripes? That's a good one๐Ÿ‘
  5. Fish24/7


    I'm hearing Topwater has been good on the shallow flats early and late
  6. Fish24/7


    I'm shooting for Sunday, good luck!
  7. Fish24/7


    Fished from 8 until 11. Didn't catch near as many on this trip, but the size was better this time.. Took 2 rods,one with a spinnerbait, one with a buzzbait. Along with a handful of different sizes and colors of each ect. Both baits caught fish. What little wind there was really helped the bite today imo The biggest of the bunch
  8. I went with a friend early today for about 3 hours before the rain came. We caught some angry bass on small Heddon and Excalibur topwaters in every cove and on every flat we fished. Smallmouth were suspended in the middle of coves towards the back, but not all the way,and the flats fish were all largemouth up shallow in bushes. Caught a lot of fish! Never caught a spot, and never had a keeper this trip.
  9. Fish24/7


    Same place as yesterday. 7 to 10. Had just a few hours to play today. Started slow trolling a crankbait out in the channel around shad in about 13ft., bait running about 3'. To my surprise the crappie were chewing and I had one in the boat within 15 minutes. Made several passes back and forth and had 7 white crappie. Should have had 10 but 3 got off. Went back to the bass spot and started with the rat L trap. About 20 minutes passed before I got bit by a 2lb. Largemouth. She was a crazy fish! Tail walked into the side of the boat then made a power dive, I turned her head and she came back to the top and zip zagged back and forth a half dozen times ,head out of the water the entire time haha. Then it just gave up. Had to figure out how they wanted the retrieve. Once I did that then caught 6 more largemouth all 13 to 14 ". Flat calm conditions as you can see..
  10. Fish24/7


    Picked a different spot today. First cast 6:25 last cast 2pm.,first fish didn't come until 9:30. Then is was pretty good for a while. Caught 22 total. That's bass over 10",I'm not counting the dozens of babies I caught today ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mix of spots and Largemouth, all the Kentuckies were keepers,5 of them. Just 2 keeper largemouth but had a lot of fun with the other short fish. Not a strike on topwater today. And that's what I was trying to make happen for the first few hours to no avail. Could not get a bite shallow like I had been. Had to put the boat in 8 to 9 feet near the creek channel and slow roll a spinnerbait above the cover and tick the weeds and brush tops with a rat L trap in 4 to 7ft.. Dark clouds of shad everywhere just under the surface but practically no schooling activity at all. This little homemade spinner has saved the day more than once!
  11. Previous Post here deleted. Not because I wanted to.
  12. Fish24/7


    Started at 6:30am quit at 11. 1/8oz. Tennessee Shad Finesse Spinnerbait and a pink and purple spook caught the fish around shallow brush. 7 short Lm bass and 2 keepers both kentuckies. Bite was slow until the wind blew. All the fish were caught in the last 2 hours from 9 to 11. So many gar probably won't go to that area in Big Creek again any time soon.
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