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  1. Need some recommendations.

    if you want walleye stay on the upper end , Theodosia would not be my choice for walleye. By April they will be done and gone, and there's not as many compared to the upper. I agree with bushbeater there's plenty of bass,whites, and crappie though.If you need lodging this place has everything you could possibly want. ..http://tmrbullshoals.net/ Just don't book a reservation early because when/if it floods it looks like this, and the docks are about impossible to get your boat in and out of, and you won't get a refund on your deposit. .
  2. Paint a fishing rod?

    you said you had enough poles already but I saw some orange zebco combos at wal mart for less than $25, even the reel was orange
  3. whites?

    any idea what depth they are hanging out?
  4. whites?

    any idea how deep they are?
  5. $750 wiggle wart!!!!

    $876 impressive
  6. FLW Angler Missing, Day 2 Canceled

    so sad, wonder if they checked the electronics , maybe the gps can show them where the boat had been that day, hope and pray
  7. SOLD Strike King Cranks

    2 series 4's, 2 series 5's, and 1 5xd(chart green back orange belly and has holo glitter added) , 4 series 6xd's, the first chart sexy 6xd has some worm burn on one side, they have been lightly used and modified with markers and replacement hooks, 2 need hooks and rings so you can put your prefered brand on them, I'll even throw in some FREE custom made tackle $25 shipped paypal
  8. Custom painting lures

    that's interesting , if a guy could find a used press to modify it would be worth it, but those machines look expensive,, jmo
  9. Heads up parking at K Dock ramp.

    looks like Momo's been throwing rocks again , JK?
  10. Norfork Decent day

    judging by the look of the water ,and banks you were fishing, you couldn't have picked a better color minnow imo, nice fish!
  11. Jerkbait setup

    i can relate, i've found a short rod/handle is also good for fishing in and around standing timber and heavy cover when making precise casts to targets is necessary. Had a guy in WA make some 6'mh pistol grips out of All Star blanks just for this very purpose. I rarely if ever get to use them on Bull but I always take them along when I fish the rivers where I grew up.
  12. Jerkbait setup

    BIg sticks- 6'8" MH Fenwick Lunkerstik casting, Quantum Icon Reel ,10lb Tritanium Plus dark green Small sticks - 6'6" M Fenwick Lunkerstik spinning , Revo S 30 Reel, 8lb Tritanium Plus dark green
  13. Got a new boat.

    badass bass boat!
  14. looking for a rotary type vice with a wide range for hook sizes. Also need tools for the job. If you have any lying around let me know . thanks!
  15. Where's BB?

    good to hear he's getting better, I'm all too familiar with respiratory illness, it really knocks you down. thanks Champ

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