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  1. Those are Angels watching you fish 😇😇
  2. Jet skis are out on Bull too 😕
  3. Nice! Jerkbait should work tomorrow on those windy points.
  4. Not enough water way up the creek this year is my guess. The last few floods have really silted in the river up there. I went and checked below Haskins and could walk across it and barely get my ankles and shins wet. Further down looked OK but those whites love the shoals, and they would have to have their body out of the water to get to them right now. Last year was decent with the high water but I just couldn't seem to time it right. "Shoulda been here yesterday ", that was my problem. Even at night I couldn't get there at the right time. Id say a guy could catch some above the bridge somewhere trolling shad rap and hot n tots that's always been my favorite way to catch them.
  5. Grandpa always used to say if the red buds were blooming the crappie were biting. and if the dog woods were in bloom the whites were running. Since both trees are in full bloom now you picked a great time to Fish! That's all I know since I haven't fished for either yet 😂
  6. Best time of year to be there is April through May imo If you need any lake tips I can help
  7. was playing chicken with a giant inflatable party bird flamingo and lost? wife was to get the boat in the divorce and oops, I had an "accident" ?
  8. 4/12 wt 57-59 short trip 8-11am cold front knocked the water temp back just a little and I could tell the bass where i have been fishing were a little sluggish in the morning. Still plenty of bait around but not the activity like I had been seeing. Right away i noticed the water clarity had improved, not good . Tried a topwater for about 30 minutes not even a look. Switched to the jig , and tried flipping shallow wood and fished it in some deeper water on rock , nothing in the clearer water. 2 hours in w/o a bite had me concerned. What tipped me off was a few shad kept flipping once in a while in one little area so I tied on a swimbait, turned on the electronics and noticed the shad were in a little tiny ditch leading up to a large flat. Water was more stained too, and that's where i got my first bite in about 5' of water. Wind couldn't make up it's mind which direction it wanted to blow North, North west, southwest back and forth, which made presenting my bait a little tricky at times. Worked that area for about an hour with the swimbait and caught 3 lm in the 3lb range. so that's where my day ended. Would have liked to have stayed there longer to see if more fish moved up as the water temp warmed up in the afternoon but i didn't feel well enough to stay ;( i'll get 'em next time! (forgot the phone no pics)
  9. some of those bass were probably roamers so they are going to leave wherever they were released , prob already a mile or more away from where they were dumped
  10. 4/8 Went with a buddy in his boat, no electronics so i don't have a water temp update. That same custom Thanksgiving jig and a gold/white homemade buzz bait were getting bit early before 10:30am. Fished from 8:30-12 , got a late start SHAD EVERYWHERE flipping on top adjacent to flats. Had my first topwater fish of 2019 on the buzzer, a 13" spot crushed it when I ran the bait into a piece of wood. Caught 2 more short ky's on the buzzer. Had one big bass just flush the toilet under it! It sounded like the thrones at Wal Mart, WHOOSH!!! but it never touched the bait, back up bait didn't work ,and that was the last bite on top water too. Went to a steeper bank, picked up the jig , first cast bounced off a rock on the bank hit the water and instantly I got this decent lm. He caught the identical twin of my jig fish with a swimbait while I was unhooking mine. Caught 3 more small keeper largemouth that just bumped 15" with the jig, one was for sure a female that had just spawned by the looks of her privates hehe. . Didn't see but 1 empty bed and with 8 generators running practically all day every day I didn't expect to see many fish up cruising , and hence we never saw a bass. As the sun got higher and the North wind picked up the topwater and jig bite fizzled out. He wanted to move to another spot, but I just picked up a rod with a susp jerkbait on it, swung my chair around and put my back to the bank and made a long cast out over the channel. About half way back to the boat a 14" spot nails it, got her in my hand , threw her back, next cast wham , another keeper kentucky, then another, and another, 4 keepers on 4 casts. 12-13"ers. Then not another bite on the stick for like 15 minutes so I pulled up the troller and we motored about 50 yds to the first point towards deeper water. He flipped and pitched the brush while I switched to a floating jerkbait . He never got a bite flipping, but on my second or 3rd cast in the bushes I had a short lm in the boat. Wind was getting strong, 12v trolling motor, well you know , boat positioning was tough and had to make several drifts across the point , we both got hung up a couple times haha, but if i could get that rogue rolling right beside a bush a bass would eat it. They were all males about 12-14" probably making beds is my guess. Switching out the trebles with single hooks on your floating minnows will make them less prone to snags in heavy cover.. I had at least 15 fish, he caught 1. All released.
  11. 4/5 Wt 56-63 to heck with yard work and gardening right now, they are biting! jerkbaits and custom jigs. the Thanksgiving craw skirt I made was getting the job done. my deepest bite came on the jig t around 12', the rest were shallower. color seemed to make a big diff on the jerkbait, tried several colors of the same bait w/o a bite then tied one on that had some orange and it got some takers. had a fun day, didn't slay them by any means, but was happy with the size overall, here's a few of the bigger keepers.... (all released)
  12. Fish24/7


    that's a fine specimen in your net Mark ! you certainly deserve a fish like that! now if i could just get my priorities right and quit playing in the garden , i'll be out there soon!!!
  13. Spinnerbait!! oh man oh man and a pat on the back for the victory !
  14. so much detail and such nice fish ! you gotta love OAF!
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