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  1. Fish24/7

    Trolling for walleye?

    spoons,harness,and cranks are all catching fish right now. I troll on a long line Norman DD22, Strike King10xd , 11 Rapala deep tail dancer,and Reef Runner 800 w/o adding weights can easily reach the 30' zone with these baits. Snap weights are good at getting smaller baits or shallow divers down to the strike zone. A 1 or 2 oz bottom bouncer w/a single hook harness w/ half a crawler. Vertical jigging Binks spoons 3/4 and 1oz , and Rapala jigging rap. I use all of these year after year on Bull especially June through October.My fav has to be the Binks spoon. July and August are the better months for me, when walleye go deeper than 45' I usually don't fish for them unless someone asks me. Lately we've been catching some in 25-32', sometimes close to the bottom or suspended over deeper water.
  2. Fish24/7

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    could find 100 other ways to spend 150-$300 lol , but I wouldn't mind trying it out on someone else's dime
  3. Fish24/7


    Went w/ a buddy for just a couple hours this morning before he had to leave town..I drove his boat while he fished. Had 2 bites, put 2 walleye in the boat. A 24 3/4" & a 25" in the first 30 min. then nothing... Worm harness on points in 28-32fow. My Dad went in his boat and had 2- 5lb class walleye, same pattern.
  4. Fish24/7

    For my micro fishing friends

    great story !thanks
  5. Fish24/7


    more of the same, went again Friday and Saturday morning to diff spot. Same conditions, ankle to knee deep water and this time I brought a little heavier rod, a 6'6m spinning w/ some 6lb xt trilene tied to freshly painted translucent, watermelon candy gill tiny torpedo. Spent the first hour and a half Fri. landing small ky's and lm on the torpedo. Hooked one lm about 3lbs but my drag was too tight and she pulled off. Saw a couple more 15"+ ky's , really nice fish, but they were extremely spooky. Watching multiple wakes racing to inhale the topwater got my blood flowing! Once the sun hit the water, no more bass. Tried a Ned and a slider but the bass were done I guess. Pretty much same scenario Sat. but the bass were smaller than Fri. Went back to the pickup and got the mirco stuff and found some bigger gills than last time, I would say they were just about big enough to eat, but I put them all back. Same tackle, tiny rooster tail, micro jigs w/ power bait. rooster tail has caught so many fish it's down to 1 hook left on the tiny treble. Hair is about all gone, wire has been bent and re bent so many times I'm surprised it hasn;t broke. Gold blade, chartreuse body with red spots and red/chart tail/hair. A few gills still spawning, mostly pumpkinseeds guarding the nest. Toss a Rebel cricket hopper near them and they would come up and grab it on top like they meant it !
  6. Fish24/7


    6/26 spent about 3 hours yesterday afternoon wading the Pond Fork. Since the water has dropped it has made for some excellent "creek" fishing! Armed with my trusty mirco light gear I ventured out and on my very first cast with a rooster tail I was promptly holding a nice pumpkinseed. Gills were so thick through that stretch I fished it was a bite or a hook up on practically every cast Hook one, and there would be 6 or 7 follow. Now these were not GIANTS, and none of them were big enough to eat, but catching them one after another after another was pretty exciting! Caught 1 nice keeper spot and a couple 8" lm too. Was kinda concerned about snakes, but never saw 1. Although I bet they saw me Caught some creek minnows that croaked like a catfish lol. .
  7. Fish24/7

    American Eel in Bull Shoals Lake

    I love Bull, so many mysteries !
  8. Fish24/7


    first walter, nice! thanks for posting
  9. Fish24/7

    Swan Creek to Hayworth Cove 6/16 and 6/23

    those things in their mouth are pretty common nice slab! appreciate the report!
  10. Fish24/7

    Venting a little......

    no life vests ! oops, wonder if the boat owner even offered any , smh hey, if somebody wants to take that kind of boat ride w/o a life jacket on, be my guest , have at it, go for it! , I mean almost rammed that log dang
  11. Fish24/7

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    I read it, then immediately forgot about it. lol He knew what he was stirring up when he wrote that.
  12. Fish24/7


    it's hot, and so is the gill bite! been chasing them for the last week or so, best day was 400+ , yeah it's that good! Been using homemade micro ice jigs tipped w/ power bait worms, 2 jigs tied about 6-8" apart. Hook a gill and let it swim around a few seconds before reeling it in and you'll catch 2 at a time! best areas have been in the very back of coves in 7-11 fow, or find a creek arm and run to the very back of it until you find 11' or less. Try a little 5 -5 1/2' micro light spinning rod w/ 4lb and hang on tight. You never know if it's gonna be a 2" gill or 10" lol The majority have been palm size. Perfect for jugs and trotlines if you want to catch a few spots and lm bass I found some on main points at daybreak with a squarebill and buzzbait. That bite was over for me by 8am.
  13. SMALL CRANKER 7' medium power, 8-14lb test 1/4-5/8 oz. Bought it a few years ago (it's not the newer model) as a "back up" and hardly ever used it. Heck of a nice rod, I just have too many lying around not being used so it's gotta go. All original condition. Pick up only, Bull Shoals Lake area, Forsyth, Mtn.Home, Ava, Gainesville, Theodosia , ect. very good condition, cork is excellent, no hook holder. asking $150 firm . MSRP $250+ if bought new. (can email or text photos)

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