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  1. Can't recall ever seeing any kind of fish eating them either.
  2. What kind of bugs? those little silver beetle looking things that are usually in large numbers zipping around each other? Sometimes bass are lazy, maybe it was just one of those days where they weren't aggressive. Seems like the last few times I fished there was a small window of opportunity where they wanted to play, the rest of the time it was a grind and difficult. Could be feeding heavily at night lately with this full moon too. At least you didn't get skunked right! If those fish were suspended in the upper column over deeper water back off them and throw a lipless crank or squarebill at them. Red eye shad or kvd squarebill is what I throw. Sometimes trolling will get em too. Also experiment with sizes. These fish won't be around brush but usually over the channel or close to the edges of a channel where it drops..You'll find out pretty quickly if they are bass. Especially if there's shad nearby. Sometimes they will hit a topwater too. I think I did a couple reports on that bite a couple years ago ? Should be happening now, if not soon... Thanks for reporting in!
  3. Mountain spring tomato accented with moss rose. Planted a little early so shes kinda stunted A few Belgian pinks started from last years seed harvest. These Belgians are my favorite πŸ… Mystery potato leaf from a seed mix. With zinnias More maters. And a few red and green bell peppers hiding in there too.
  4. Won't be long before these tigers bloom!
  5. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Forgot all about this thread, everything looks awesome nice job everyone ! Rib eyes tonight! More to come.... !
  6. Such beautiful nature! Love all the pictures! Wound up with 18 tomato plants this year. 4 Parks Whoppers, 3 cocktail, 1 pink brandywine, 1 unknown mystery potato leaf, 1 mountain spring, and 8 Belgian pink giants. This years maters are the best plants I've ever grown ! All Organic ferts and no manure. Second year using eco scraps in a bag. Love that stuff! Also used Jobes organic granules and Epsom salt. Growing in just amended yard dirt too. That's it.pretty simple. First run of provider green beans were a success!, a 3x9 raised bed I would have easily filled a 5 gal bucket full of beans. Pulled those plants and put in 3 kinds of carrots and purple queen beans in that spot. Strawberries were so thick this year! I've got a 5x5 square patch harvested 6 cookie baking sheets full.
  7. Any check prize is better than no check ,nice job!
  8. Fish24/7


    After feeding your dogs ,wash your hands before you eat.πŸ˜‰ Joking Butter, lemon ,salt and pepper. Baked fried or grilled. Sometimes flavor depends on who's cooking the fish and if they know how. I've been to some fish frys where it was totally obviously the cook was awfulπŸ˜„
  9. πŸ‘nice! Thanks for the info.
  10. I need to dust off my trout gear and get back up there this Summer. Last time I was there was 4 years ago fishing, off the bank and some kid was kicking my butt using fig newtons like power bait! I managed a few fish with a spinner but that kid really had them "fig"ured outπŸ˜‰
  11. From my experience about any size braid will dig into itself if not properly spooled on the reel. Has to be wound on TIGHT imo . I don't have a spooling station so I typically spool up with line running through my fingers. When the spool is filled I then tie the loose end to a tree and walk out all the braid then reel it back onto the reel with a lot of tension from the tree as I walk back. No problems with line digging. I use 30lb braid for 1/2oz or bigger baits, 12lb mono for smaller stuff. No leader
  12. And trout are so much faster and easier to clean than a crappie or walleye imo I just use a pocket knife and my bare hands. Stick the blade in the πŸ’© shoot and slice open the belly make a cut under the lower jaw and remove the gills and guts, then I use my thumb nail and run it down the spine gets some blood out, rinse them off good, wrap them individually in foil with lots of butter , olive oil ,salt and pepper , and sliced lemon inside the fish and bake them on the grill.i use 300-325 degrees approx 25-30min for a small stocker . I think that's right been so long ago lol hope the family doesn't mind the heads left on haha There's other ways for sure ,good luck!πŸ˜†
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