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  1. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    ness my waistline agrees with your reply 😀 Mmmmmm chocolate! Nice ! tall glass of milk and a piece of that Guess who just had another bologna bacon and 🍅 sandwich tonight ? Had French toast for breakfast. Couldn't remember the last time I had that,
  2. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Oh yes there was a tub of that in the freezer
  3. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Baked a pumpkin pie today. Easiest recipe ever too. Buy it at the store. Pre heat oven. Remove pie from box and place in oven. Bake until done. Eat half of it in one night 😄
  4. That's awesome about the veggies and fruit! Blister beetles suck, they decided to show up in the garden this week 😣 💩
  5. Last night was beautiful! I saw some of those meteors too. I was thinking "I bet bo is catching them on the rock right now"
  6. For me it's been a battle from the beginning with these tomatoes. First it was flooding, then disease and extreme heat, that and the bugs and caterpillars, I'm losing fruit to that all the time. Also it's defoliation time again for these plants. Must have good air flow . A modified version of hard pruning is another thing I do to my plants. I apply what I can naturally to help prevent things but it's not always effective... Baking soda foliar spray I hear helps prevent blight Just an update we lost 4 of the 5 zucchini plants to a root bug of some kind. They were in containers filled with cheap sta green potting mix, will never use that again. Read the reviews on it after the fact, not good imo Watermelon and cantalope are done, pretty much just up and croaked on me. Same potting mix as the zucchini 😕 Green bell peppers are now struggling to produce anything of any size. the red ones are doing fine . Both in the ground.
  7. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Spent most of my morning grilling vegetables. Salsa time! Did some stuffed peppers again, and a roast chicken recently. Eating a lot of fried bologna bacon and tomato sandwiches Prob do some BBQ smoked ribs next week for a party. Friends everything sounds/looks so delicious! Nicely done
  8. Green beans, jalapenos, and bell peppers now. Not as many big ripe tomatoes lately, but there's hundreds of little green ones again. Still plenty of ripe cocktail maters. Should have some habaneros by end of month... maybe . Planted more corn too.
  9. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks everyone, grocery bill was 3x more than avg today. So many meals on here !
  10. Mine was over ripe ,meh on the taste.
  11. They look happy, whatever they are. Lost the plant id tag.
  12. We picked a few more today
  13. Pinks a plenty this weekend in the 3 big boxes, and about 30 more 🍅 not shown
  14. A few cocktail maters. Not sure how much rain is coming so I picked a bunch. Was afraid if we got a lot of rain they would swell up and split open .
  15. Been blessed this year. Wasn't sure if I was even going to have tomatoes,or any crops because of the rains. Planted every little mater plant started from seed on Earth Day, less than a week later the floods came. Had to go out while it was raining and dig little ditches to divert the water away from the garden. Had them planted up high on mounds but they weren't high enough and water was pooling around the stems.
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