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  1. Cedar Creek Area 4/21

    https://www.google.com/search?q=mean+mouth+bass&rlz=1C1AOHY_enUS709US710&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjMtvWKv87aAhWomeAKHauEDzEQ_AUICigB&biw=1093&bih=476 true spots don't have vertical markings like that, I've caught 1 out of Bull, looked exactly like that one, same size and everything
  2. Cedar Creek Area 4/21

    what a fat Kentucky! nice meanmouth! thanks for posting!
  3. Buck creek area

    nice! thanks for the report. the warmest water I can find is up in the creek arms . 2 weeks ago it was 57-59 around Theodosia
  4. April on Bull

    today was a little better, went back for a couple hours to the same spot as yesterday, caught 6 small lm bass on a small grub, 1 big ol' gill, an 11" walleye, and 2 big crappie on minnows. Those 2 bass I saw yesterday were still on their beds.
  5. April on Bull

    went again yesterday afternoon, thought I could find some crappie tucked away in the back of this little cove I can get to by foot. Well, I'm still carrying around the same 3 dozen minnows I bought this week if that tells you anything Did see 2 lm buck bass on 2 beds though, so the back of that cove is pretty warm. I haven't talked to anybody who's caught any crappie recently but I'm sure somebody is. Wonder if some have already spawned?? usually when they move up I can see them when I'm creeping along the bank, did see some males on beds when I had the boat out several days ago but it was only a few and they were spooky as heck like they just got there. I can go again this eve, will report after.
  6. April on Bull

    talked to a guy who bass fished all afternoon lower/mid lake Wed, and yesterday , said he caught some spots and smallies, had several keepers, hardly any largemouth. Had to keep moving around , one here, one there, a couple over there , burned a lot of gas running around from cove to cove. They can be spooky when they start to move up shallow. Give it a week or 2 and they should stay put. I found some decent largemouth staging last week , dying to get back out there to see if more have moved in.I'm waiting on a buddy to come back so we can use his truck to launch the boats, my pickup is out of commission for now ;(
  7. April on Bull

    several degrees behind on WT compared to my log from last year, i'm fixin to go again in about an hour,
  8. Check this out

    i got as far as "wars get fought", hey I tried
  9. April on Bull

    fished 4 places today, put a lot of miles on the truck but nothing to show for it, walked 100's of yards of shoreline and caught 1 stinking short bass on a crappie minner lol. Tried the buffet in my tackle box while I watched my bobber in my peripheral vision. Although I did meet a nice fella who was tight lining for cats and we talked fishing for a couple hours while my minnow drug my cork up and down the bank like a champ!! He never had a bite that I saw. Did see 3 pairs of Bald eagles, a golden eagle, 2 ospreys and a sand piper. Carp are really going to town now. Might try it again tomorrow if I can slip away.
  10. Custom painting lures

    nice work! my guns are collecting dust at the moment
  11. Rumbling night in the ozarks...

    the coolest lightning show I've seen in a while. Sounded like a canon !! saw one GIANT bolt split into 3 and they hit the ground in the same area at the same time less than 100yds from the house.
  12. Dam area 4-12

    delicious! good for you !
  13. April on Bull

    especially if shad are actively surfacing
  14. April on Bull

    4/11 9-12 Big ck. today. WT 55-56.5 Spinnerbait bite from 9-10:30, nothing after then. Slow rolling the points. 10-15ft. 1/2 and 1oz. caught 5 nice lm and 1 little spot the 2 biggest one's
  15. April on Bull

    we couldn't get them to bite , less generation may or may not have helped idk it was dropping hard today the tops of a lot of the bushes were exposed and covered in damp green stinky moss. 663 ish by Friday. Most of the fish we saw on the screen were in the deeper 30-40' channel suspended and unfriendly to us. Somebody is catching them somewhere I'm sure.

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