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  1. Seth,it might still be the Summer to Fall transition time there idk, Water temps you posted are approaching prime time, though, always a tough nut to crack because bass can be scattered at so many different depths now imo. been catching largemouth flipping in the bushes on Bull .Shallow 1-5' on beavers and rodents. Points have been the best spots . I've seen bass cruising so shallow I swear it's barely a foot deep where they are at in the buck brush. Nice ones too, 2lb + but they are so spooky if they see ya they freak out. Usually in groups of 5 to 7. Bull largemouth will stay in the bush as long as they can. I've been anchoring so I don't bang into the bushes or make noise with the trolling motor. Some bites were literally right beside the boat and I can see the bottom.
  2. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Last of the cocktails I grew. Need recipes for Indian food,any suggestions? Expanding my palate hehe
  3. Lawn clippings,by next Spring it should decompose. I use grass in the Fall after the 1st Frost after tilling up the new rows and plots. And again in the middle of Summer. Just twice. I put it on thick too. When planting I mulch with compost typically and amend as needed during the growing season with more compost and this stuff If you ever see Eco Scraps5-5-5 plant food I love that stuff wish it came in a bigger bag. I use 1 4lb bag per 25' row and till it in. https://www.ecoscraps.com/products/natural-organic-all-purpose-plant-food
  4. Nothing but radishes and turnips left. Frost was just too much for my tomatos and peppers. Pulled all the plants and plowed up some rows for next year. Amended the soil and put some mulch down. By next Spring should be good to go!
  5. Still finding a few decent Belgium pinks,plants are looking OK ...for nowโ„ So thankful for the bountiful harvests! picked the 900th tomato of the year! see pic and,all the peppers are going crazy now, lots of bell, banana, habanero and jalapeno Radishes and turnips are coming up now๐Ÿ‘
  6. Better fish will start showing up more and more this time of year, it's going to be a great Fall bite ,good luck!
  7. You had nice weather and caught fish ,good ! I haven't been out there for a few days๐Ÿ˜ก
  8. Bottom picture bottom row . Second from left ,is that pink with Bengal stripes? That's a good one๐Ÿ‘
  9. Fish24/7


    I'm hearing Topwater has been good on the shallow flats early and late
  10. Fish24/7


    I'm shooting for Sunday, good luck!
  11. Fish24/7


    Fished from 8 until 11. Didn't catch near as many on this trip, but the size was better this time.. Took 2 rods,one with a spinnerbait, one with a buzzbait. Along with a handful of different sizes and colors of each ect. Both baits caught fish. What little wind there was really helped the bite today imo The biggest of the bunch
  12. I went with a friend early today for about 3 hours before the rain came. We caught some angry bass on small Heddon and Excalibur topwaters in every cove and on every flat we fished. Smallmouth were suspended in the middle of coves towards the back, but not all the way,and the flats fish were all largemouth up shallow in bushes. Caught a lot of fish! Never caught a spot, and never had a keeper this trip.
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