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    Same place as yesterday. 7 to 10. Had just a few hours to play today. Started slow trolling a crankbait out in the channel around shad in about 13ft., bait running about 3'. To my surprise the crappie were chewing and I had one in the boat within 15 minutes. Made several passes back and forth and had 7 white crappie. Should have had 10 but 3 got off. Went back to the bass spot and started with the rat L trap. About 20 minutes passed before I got bit by a 2lb. Largemouth. She was a crazy fish! Tail walked into the side of the boat then made a power dive, I turned her head and she came back to the top and zip zagged back and forth a half dozen times ,head out of the water the entire time haha. Then it just gave up. Had to figure out how they wanted the retrieve. Once I did that then caught 6 more largemouth all 13 to 14 ". Flat calm conditions as you can see..
  2. Fish24/7


    Picked a different spot today. First cast 6:25 last cast 2pm.,first fish didn't come until 9:30. Then is was pretty good for a while. Caught 22 total. That's bass over 10",I'm not counting the dozens of babies I caught today ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mix of spots and Largemouth, all the Kentuckies were keepers,5 of them. Just 2 keeper largemouth but had a lot of fun with the other short fish. Not a strike on topwater today. And that's what I was trying to make happen for the first few hours to no avail. Could not get a bite shallow like I had been. Had to put the boat in 8 to 9 feet near the creek channel and slow roll a spinnerbait above the cover and tick the weeds and brush tops with a rat L trap in 4 to 7ft.. Dark clouds of shad everywhere just under the surface but practically no schooling activity at all. This little homemade spinner has saved the day more than once!
  3. Previous Post here deleted. Not because I wanted to.
  4. Fish24/7


    Started at 6:30am quit at 11. 1/8oz. Tennessee Shad Finesse Spinnerbait and a pink and purple spook caught the fish around shallow brush. 7 short Lm bass and 2 keepers both kentuckies. Bite was slow until the wind blew. All the fish were caught in the last 2 hours from 9 to 11. So many gar probably won't go to that area in Big Creek again any time soon.
  5. Would not keep a boat there now year round if it was free. Thieves seem to just come and go as they please. Multiple boats were broken into recently. They are making it look too easy. Nobody who works at the dock seems to mind because that marina has been hit so many times it's ridiculous. A camera placed at the entrance to the resort would be sufficient enough to see anyone coming in or leaving by vehicles . Relying on the dock and their securities to get images of boats entering the cove or persons on the dock ,if/when the cameras work, is useless Jmho. I've had stuff stolen when my boat was there for a while. Anybody can just walk around the docks any time of the day or night. That is one reason why people steal from there. If you have a boat there, better go check it.
  6. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    This was from the other night. Pork steaks after 6 hours on the pit. Salt and pepper and refrigerate overnight. After 5.5 hours cook time added a dry rub and sauce for the last half hour or so. The sauce was homemade with molasses, brown sugar, and honey. But not as sweet as you may think.
  7. What was left after the hornworm feasting festival,๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฟ Every morning, every evening removing caterpillars from the leaves๐Ÿ˜ต
  8. Well I guess I won't be catching any walleye where I'm fishing lately. . Deepest water is about 12 to15 ft. According to the map I'd have to go a long way with just a trolling motor to find 30ft.
  9. Fish24/7


    6:30 to noon Had 8 short fish this time caught on a spook I painted. Water was clear and you couldn't see the fish but they were there in a foot of water or less. 5 small keepers - 3 Lm and 2 kys Same pattern as the last times. Popping plugs, isolated bushes in shallow water 2 to 4ft. This years early hatch lm are growing fast! Saw dozens of them in schools of 5-10 and maybe 6" long. There's also mass numbers of fingerling or smaller bass swimming around.
  10. Cool! Hazedong ,๐Ÿ˜„ lol what where they thinking when they picked that name
  11. Arrived at the lake at 6:00am. First bite was around 6:30 on a pop r. Didn't take long to find a pattern. Isolated bushes in 2-3fow. Caught 8. 7 were keepers all largemouth. Nothing huge but fun anyway. This was the biggest fish. Notice the one bush sticking up in the background Caught 3 off this bush. 2 were keepers Called it quits at 10:30.
  12. Took a drive today to check the lake out and look for a spot to fish tomorrow. As I'm pulling out of the garage a voice in my head said "the lake is a lot lower now than the last time you fished, better grab a pole and walk the shore ". So I jumped out, grabbed a rod with a spinnerbait on it, thew it in the truck and headed out. Went to 3 places trying to find the best option. Funny thing is everywhere I went I caught bass from the bank. 2 or 3 at each spot, no keepers, but enough action to get me interested. Hadn't been anywhere near the lake in weeks but from what I saw today there are fish shallow near drop offs. . Thing is will they be there tomorrow,and will they bite??? Not sure which place to put in at because they all looked awesome! When I got home I re spooled a few reels that had old line on them since Spring. Made sure everything is good to go for in the morning. Will report back tomorrow afternoon. Plan is to fish from daybreak till around noon.
  13. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    My fast is finally over, now bring on the groceries! I haven't seen one thing posted here that I wouldn't devour in a second
  14. This is pretty sweet! I've never caught a musky, maybe one day......
  15. completely agree with the data. those numbers for black bass in Bull shoals will only continue be be even more impressive in the next few years thanks to the high water again this year. If we get a somewhat average/normal water level next Spring holy cow it's gonna be epic fishing! The largemouth spawn was incredible this year! Underwater camera footage I saw back in June and July was amazing!
  16. When you get all settled in and ready to fish contact me on here and I can give you some tips and tricks. I moved to Bull back in 2000 and have been fishing there since I was a toddler.
  17. Monday I'm planting Simpson lettuce and spinach but have to see what kind of spinach seed the store has . Got a salad mix seed pack will try it also but it has chard in it and I'm not excited about it. Haven't found a chard I like so far. Weather permitting of course. Seems the forecast here changes every 8 hours
  18. That happened to me before. Wet boxes, rusty hooks. I have a jon boat with no storage compartments so if it rains while I'm fishing my tackle bag gets wet, but my lures stay bone dry inside now. I use Plano waterproof stowaway boxes and I put those little silica packets in them for added protection. I know what you mean how expensive it can be . I won't open the boxes when it's raining. If it is I take out a few baits I want to try before I launch, put em in a ziplock bag , and have them handy to tie on. Or if it looks like rain is coming I'll do the same thing before it starts. Same with terminal tackle and soft baits. In a quick search $7.99 is the lowest price I could find those G finesse hooks at Fish USA
  19. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    I'm fasting . this is the wrong place to be hanging out right now. ๐Ÿ˜„Dang u guys can cook!
  20. White Binks Jigging spoons. 1/2 , 3/4 and 1oz . The many shad color is really good. Bait in the area will also help get you more bites. I'd start looking in 30ft and go deeper from there. Deep trees,brush piles, points, flats. If I can't catch them there I give up pretty easily. I don't troll so spoons are my go to. Im not doing as much walleye fishing as I did a few years ago,but I'm pretty sure that stuff still works today. There's SO many black bass in the lake now I just chase them most of the time. If you've never been there before you are in for a real treat! Bull is something special๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. Too bad Walleye Bob retired from guiding this year ๐Ÿ˜ž He had a good run though 2002 to 2019
  22. For me depends on the thickness of the plastic. The thicker bulky finesse baits I texspose. Like tubes for ex.
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