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  1. I was below the dam this morning at daylight, they were hitting a 1/80 oz white jig good until the fog went away.
  2. Is that why it stinks so bad down there, I was down below the dam last night and it smelled like sewage. Also fishing was poor for me
  3. I was about halfway between Aldrich and highpoint today, it's muddy
  4. Fished way above Taylor today, didn't do well at all. It's a long story but if anyone finds a red bionic blade pole with a new Shimano reel on it I'll pay a finders fee 😣 would be about where the s curves are
  5. Fished below the railroad bridge tonight for a short time caught about 20 males on white jig and a keeper crappie
  6. Dang, was wondering how the cold front affected them. Thanks for posting.
  7. Can you get in the water at the railroad bridge, or were you bank fishing
  8. Water is down, I was able to get in the water and waded down a long ways past the 215 bridge. Caught a nice white and a keeper walleye
  9. They must be biting at 215, there were at least 10-12 cars parked there last night. Never seen so many.
  10. I was by there today. The water is way up above the ramp. You could probably launch a small flat bottom or something, no way I'd try anything bigger.
  11. Was a nice day out except for the wind. I tried a place way upstream with no luck today. Not sure how far they will run with the water this high.
  12. Was there yesterday evening, lots of people, no fish. Same at 215 bridge. Water is way up and pretty swift in the current, muddy.
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