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  1. Left the boat haha I don't feel so bad now
  2. Left my rod leaning against my car when I packed up and left the parking lot by the outlet stairs. Got about 15 min away when I realized. Someone had moved it out of the lot so it wouldn't get run over and no one ran off with it. Still some good people out there.
  3. Think it would be worth a trip this weekend for crappie/white bass?
  4. bologna

    New to Stockton Lake

    I caught crappie yesterday off steep banks with a chartreuse road runner drifted deep and slow, they were hitting probably 10-15 feet deep near highpoint.
  5. bologna

    Fish Cleaning Stations?

    So you can clean catfish and white bass, but not walleye, crappie, etc..... interesting
  6. bologna

    Highpoint Catfish

    Catfish seem to be going crazy around highpoint, saw quite a few caught yesterday. Even trolling with crankbaits was working on them.
  7. bologna

    4/20/18 Whites

    Was there on Saturday, run seems pretty much over. There were some up the by S curves but not like last weekend.
  8. bologna

    Stockton behemoth

    Any of these seen or caught in Mc Daniel lake? It's on the way to Stockton, much more likely to end up there first.
  9. bologna

    Relentless Search for whites

    They are quite a ways above Taylor right now, a bunch are about halfway to the railroad bridge
  10. bologna

    Anybody been this week?

    Thanks everyone.
  11. Thinking of taking a canoe or something on Friday, any whites at Taylor or Orleans?
  12. bologna

    Relentless Search for whites

    Its like they only bite when I'm stuck at work
  13. bologna

    Relentless Search for whites

    Nice, I tried on the little sac Saturday and couldn't get them too bite
  14. bologna

    Warm Rain

    Surely all this warm rain will send the whites back up the river for me to catch this weekend?
  15. bologna

    Little Sac today

    Water is stained but not chocolate milk

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