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  1. How you pay the ramp fee if the box is out in the water 😁
  2. Nice haul, I hope to get out there Sunday
  3. Wasn't someone catching them in the parking lot at Taylor last year when it flooded 😉
  4. We've all lost a nice fish at some point, did u walk the Frisco trail to get there? 😁
  5. Easier to get there by water vs walking from Taylor fyi.
  6. Bummer, I bet the cold rain this weekend is not going to help.
  7. Nice, it's about time they showed up.
  8. Glad someone is catching
  9. Above the bridge to the s curves very slow, only saw a few dink males. S curves seem to hold no fish. Saw only a couple fish caught.
  10. Those whites are waiting to bite on my day off Friday 😁
  11. Hope we get some warm rain Thursday, I took Friday off. Let's get this party started.
  12. Watch out for the mud flats to the right just upstream from Aldrich
  13. Also, if you accidentally left your recliner to fish from at Taylor, it's still there. 😜
  14. Is there a good place to park and shore fish there?
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