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  1. Dang, I'm sorry to hear that. I saw the website was still up, which gave me hope
  2. Whats going on? I'm a big fan of their football jigs
  3. Ray's Studio makes a finesse spool to fit the Fuego which I've heard positive things about, might be worth checking out Seems most of the Daiwa reels with SV spools do well with lighter baits, plus deals can be found on used Alphas and Pixies.
  4. Buy or make yourself some rod tethers/leashes. Trust me, I learned the hard way...
  5. The Traverse City area is definitely worthy of consideration. Amazing fishing in East/West Grand Traverse Bay (lake Michigan) and there are a plethora of excellent inland lakes as well. This is also a good family vacation destination as there are lots of fun entertainment options for the non-fishermen.
  6. Looks like another contender in the wake market coming out from fish lab. You’ll have to scroll down a bit in the link to see it http://www.tackletour.com/reviewicast20fishlabhydraglide.html
  7. Good to hear it was changed to CPR format!
  8. Unless I'm missing them somehow, it appears Beaver Creek Campground took down all the posts related to the "tournament" on their Facebook page.
  9. That's an awesome fish right there! Heading that way tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll be blessed with such a catch
  10. https://www.facebook.com/BeaverCreekCanoeRental/
  11. Looks like somebody else already posted this was a bad idea on his Facebook page. I added a question for clarification. Beaver Creek Campground is a nice place but this is pretty lame https://beavercreekcampground.com/
  12. Am I reading this right? Its basically a catch and eat/kill smallmouth tournament? Hopefully this will be the 1st and last annual tournament of this kind they host
  13. The Daiwa Fuego is a beautifully performing reel, especially at its price point.
  14. Thanks for sharing, no doubt this was a day you'll never forget. Makes me wish I could hit the water but don't see that happening until things calm down with work
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