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      Masters Trout Tournament   01/16/2018

      Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina, Lake Taneycomo, will hold it's annual trout tournament this Saturday, January 20th.  It is a 2-man team event.  $75 entry.  This is an artificial only, catch and release contest.  Cash prizes for 1st through 4th place.  Start time 8 a.m.  --  Weight in time 4 p.m.  A meal will follow the weigh in for contestants and spectators.  Call 417-334-6380 for more information.  Register at Lilleys' office up until 7:55 a.m. on Saturday.  http://www.ozarkanglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Masters-Elfrink-Entry-Form-2018.pdf


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  1. Beetle Cleaning Skulls

    Does anyone know of someone in the 417 area with a dermestid beetle colony that cleans skulls? I know most people boil their skulls for euro mounts, but I've heard beetles are the way to go, so I'd like to give it a shot this time. If you have any contacts or know of a local business that does this let me know.
  2. Citizens living within the James River watershed have until October 31st to complete a 5-minute survey for a chance to win one of eight $50 Bass Pro Shops gift cards. This spring, four organizations—Southwest Missouri Council of Governments, James River Basin Partnership, Ozarks Water Watch, and Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute—began a two-year process to develop a plan of how to keep the rivers, streams, springs and groundwater in the James River Watershed clean and healthy for the use and enjoyment of future generations. A fundamental part of the planning process involves gathering feedback from citizens throughout the watershed. Information gathered from the survey will ultimately be used in the development of a watershed management plan that aims to improve and protect our local water resources. Follow the link below and complete the brief survey for a chance to win one of eight Bass Pro gift cards. http://jamesriversurvey.info/ The Missouri Department of Natural Resources supplies funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. For more information, please contact Tiffany Frey at (417) 836-8878 or TFrey@MissouriState.edu or Ronna Haxby at 417-739-5007 or Ronna@OzarksWaterWatch.org
  3. The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) will be hosting their annual Joe Kleiber Memorial Earth Day Cleanup on Saturday, April 22nd from 2-5pm at Lake Springfield Park. This is a free event offering both on-the-water and land based cleanup opportunities. Volunteers can bring their own boat or call ahead and reserve one for free. Canoes are available on a first come first serve basis. If paddling isn’t of interest, then grab a trash bag and walk the shorelines of Lake Springfield and the James River. Trash bags and gloves will be provide. Due to bridge construction there will not be a float from Crighton to Southwood Access. Volunteers that would rather spend Earth Day outside of Springfield city limits should consider lending a hand at a tree planting event that is focused on improving the riparian corridor along a section of Little Finley Creek west of Seymour. The event will take place on Saturday, April 22nd from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. The landowner is offering post-planting refreshments and a performance by “The Flood Brothers”. Pre-registration is required for both events. To register and learn more, contact me, Brent Stock, at (417) 836-4847 or BrentonStock@MissouriState.edu. Further details at www.JamesRiverBasin.com. We've got a great group of passionate individuals on this board and I'd love to meet a few of you at the cleanup. Good luck and stay safe in the woods and on the water this spring!
  4. Project Chestnut

    Awesome project! I'd love to plant some chestnuts on our property someday. They sure have a sad but interesting story.
  5. First time on Truman

    Weird question, but what sauce do you use on your fish tacos? I've been looking for a good recipe or store bought but I can't seem to find one that I really enjoy.
  6. Power companies will brushog their right of ways every few years to prevent damage to their lines. I would start by contacting the power company first, because they'll do it free of charge if it's going to harm their property. They usually do a quick and dirty job without much care for the "asthetics", so don't expect perfection.
  7. Flysmallie, I'm planning to hit Fellows soon with my kayak, 4 wt and a handful of poppers to mess with some bluegill. Catch anything of size?
  8. More fly rod crappie and a bonus!

    Trying to catch up on everyone's posts! Good looking point!
  9. found neat 1965 wright and mcgill eagle claw fly rod

    Good find! Any pics? 3/4 wt?
  10. More meat fore the freezer.

    Congrats! She'll make for some excellent table fare!
  11. Wanting To Get Back Into Duck Hunting

    Ness I'm right there with ya. I've been wanting to try it for years, but this year I think I've found a couple of guys willing to drag a newbie along this season. Hopefully that all pans out. Also hoping to do a bit of jump shooting on some local ponds this year too.
  12. Northern Wisco Smallie Float

    Wow! Jason if I ever make it up that way I'll be sure to contact you. Congratulations btw!
  13. Spoonbill sighted

    Interesting! Never heard much about spoonbills in Taney. Anyone else have any encounters like this?
  14. Hummmmm looking good!

    Marty, if you're getting a little too busy this fall and need someone to harvest one of those deer just let me know Had a beautiful 8 pointer come in to about 50 yards last weekend. Made a scrape and started walking away so I hit him with a couple of light grunts. He did a complete 180, looked around for a couple of seconds and bolted. Made me sick to watch him disappear. He was either the non-confrontational type or he's had his butt kicked before.
  15. Like Coming Home

    Great read! Glad you were finally able to get back on the water!

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