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  1. I think I was fishing just down from you guys this morning. Here is a pic of one I caught I thought was very dark as well. Only had two hours to fish this morning. Fishing was pretty tough for me only 6 rainbows 4 on jigs and 2 on grey scud.
  2. mhumke

    Getting jiggy below the dam

    I'm w Ham I break too many off with 2 #. I use 4 pound vanish flouro. It holds up very well.
  3. mhumke

    Getting jiggy below the dam

    Yea I had tried jigs a few times before too and had no luck and it was easier to catch them other ways so I just gave up quickly too. The key for me to catching all these this past weekend was letting that jig get all the way to the bottom before working it at all and there were times I didn't work it much at all just let it bounce. I did keep my line tight and gave it a twitch every few seconds, but I didn't snap my pole near as hard as the one casts guys. Once you catch one you kind of get the feel for them and can recognize a bite! At one point I caught a fish on five straight casts so much fun! I'm hooked and will definitely be jig fishing again next time! I used four pound vanish it seemed to work ok I was fishing fairly swift current just down from the cable. Thanks to the one cast guys for all their great info!! They kept my interest in jigs and was just enough to get me to keep trying the jigs until I finally figured it out!!
  4. Spent the past three days fishing 3-4 hours each day mostly early once late afternoon. I've fished Taneycomo for 20 years and never caught a trout on a jig. Granted I've only tried a few times, but I keep seeing these guys doing this one cast and I think well heck that doesn't look too hard! For the record my 10 year old daughter thinks Ryan does the best one cast. Well not only did I catch a brown and rainbow, but also a white, small/mean mouth, spot bass, a sucker, and blue Gil sorry no pic, all on orange and peach brown and black 1/8 ounce jigs. I also saw I think a big paddle fish corpse. Friday: Started out fly fishing, first three fish fly fishing were all brown trout at outlet 1 on San Juan and scud which I thought was highly unusual for this time of year to catch three straight Browns. Only fly fished for 30 minutes and then walked almost to the cable and started throwing brown and peach jig. I never threw my fly rod again the rest of the weekend. First jig fish ever was 17 inch just a tank of a spot that was puking up what looked like shad when I landed him. Then a rainbow, then a white bass, then a smallie and another smallie and another. At one point I caught a fish on five consecutive casts. Just stupid fun. Then something really heavy which turned out to be a big sucker. I would guess 15-20 bows, 4 Brown trout, 6 smallies, 2 spot, 1 white bass, a blue gill and a sucker. Those smallies were just angry mean fish that wanted no part of being caught. They fought like crazy and the quality was amazing most were 14-18 inch range w only a few smaller than 14!! Some of the smallies were prob mean mouths I can't tell. It was an absolute blast not knowing what was going to be in the other end of the line!! Saturday: Less variety but still tons of action 15 rainbows 5 smallies 3 spots! Sunday: This was the day of the smallie caught way more than any other fish!! At least 10 small or mean mouth one spot and 8 rainbows best rainbow was 19 1/2 inches. I swear the hatchery breeds them to stop growing at 19 inches every time I've caught one I think is 20 it's 19-19 1/2!! Anyway fantastic weekend I'm hooked on jig fishing. A few of the pics should have the jigs I used. Happy fishing to everyone keep those lines tight!!
  5. I appreciate all the info shared on here, so I thought I would give a fishing report a shot. The thought was the rain would keep people away today and it did although there were a couple other guys out for a bit. Not that I mind fishing around people but just something really peaceful about having the water to yourself! I started at outlet 1 around 10:30 I fished a dark red maroon colored San Juan worm with my go to scud (a light brown one) underneath about a foot and a half below it! My first four fish came on the worm! Strangely enough my next four all came on the scud! I caught a few more on both and then around noon the skies opened up which didn't bother me with my new Frog Togs jacket but it was starting to lightening a little and the water started to really muddy up! Perfect time to take a break. After a 20 minute break I started fishing Outlet 2. Caught some beautiful dark dark rainbows mostly on the scud, I think just one on the worm. A little more lightning sent me back to the truck for a while just to be safe. Went back to outlet 1, the water had cleared caught a few more and then made one last trip to outlet 2, glad I did hooked a really beautiful brown that had big spots! It made a long long run and put up a good fight!! I tried to attach the pic!! I have caught a lot of browns but had not seen one quite like that. That's why I love fly fishing each trout has different colors and you just never know what they will look like! I would guess I caught 20-25 fish all beautiful dark colors in about 4 hours of fishing!! Most fish were in the 14-18 inch range. All fish released unharmed. I tried to attach a few pics! Hope everyone has a great new year!! Be safe out there!
  6. mhumke

    One Cast + Fishing Report Video

    Any idea if these conditions will remain the same or be similar Friday morning? It's a few days away so just curious? Thank you for all the great info!!
  7. mhumke

    Fishing After A Big Change In Weather?

    Thank you for the tips!!! We will give that a shot!
  8. Have had a fishing trip planned for several months now. Just happen to be coming down Friday and Saturday to fish after what looks like will be a big change in weather. Lots of rain today and a big drop in tempature for tomorrow and Saturday. All my fishing insticts say this is not good, but i don't know I am not very experienced on Table Rock have only been fishing from a boat for a little over a year now. Do you guys think the fishing will be real tough after this big weather change?? Any tips or advice is very much appreciated. We will be fishing out of the Indian Point area. Like to fish shaky heads and wiggle warts, have had some success with those. Never drop shot fished but willing to try that and just about anything else that might work. Any thoughts after the weather change?? Should we just go trout fishing =) Thanks for all the valuable information you guys provide beginners like me!! Much appreciated!!
  9. Thanks! Read the reports I think we are going to try a little bit of everything!!! Two full days of nothing but fishing I can't wait!!!!
  10. Hi guys, heading down with some buddies tonight. Fishing in a boat both Friday and Saturday morning, then planning to fish trophy area in the afternoons. We've had a conod for about two years now and I fish down there about once a month, but never from a boat. I usually Fly Fish or bank fish near the landing if I want to keep a few to eat. Anyway, in our previous two trips we had two very different experiences. The first trip they were running tons of water, very fast swift current, had very little luck from the boat, only boated four fish between the four of us. We tried drifting eggs and crawlers and throwing rapallas, picked up two drifting and two on rapallas, one was a nice big brown though on the rapalla!! But the fishing overall was pretty disappointing. Our second trip last fall they were running little to no water, and we caught pretty much as many as we wanted on power bait between Scottys and all the way down through the landing I'm guessing 50-60 fish between 4 of us. Much more successful and fun!!! Looking at generation seems like they're running pretty good water in the morning later. Do you think that will be the case Friday and Sat? I'm guessing the answer is who knows? LOL. If they are running pretty good water any tips on how to better catch them in a good drift?? Any other tips are always much appreciated!! Thanks as always!!!!
  11. mhumke

    Crappie On Taneycomo

    I just found a map on the hatchery site, looks like I actually fish outlet 2 not 1, and if you go to outlet 1 you can't get much closer. So I will give that a shot. Thanks.
  12. mhumke

    Crappie On Taneycomo

    Hi guys, thanks as always for all of the great information. Driving down tomorrow morning. A couple quick questions, I have only been fly fishing for about a year down there and I always fish at or near what I think is called the first outlet right by the hatchery. I wanted to try some white marabou jigs tomorrow afternoon to mix it up a bit, but I have never ventured toward the darn from the first outlet. Are there signs to let you know how close you can get to the darn and is it accesable by foot? In other words could a guy in waders fish down that way with the white jigs? Second questions Saturday I'm going to attempt a little crappie fishing. Are any being caught near Roark Creek?? I will most likely be in a kayak Saturday so that makes it tough if the water is running at any decent clip. Any other tips are appreciate. Thanks again!!! Apreciate all the information!!
  13. How can you tell where Fall Creek starts is there a landmark or sign so we know when we can fish with bait and where we cannot? I have a general idea of where it is and I've seen the map, but not positive where it starts and don't want to get in trouble. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys thanks for the feedback. I'm still learning and this site and forum has been very helpful. I've actually been fishing Taneycomo for almost 20 years, but the first 18 of them it was only maybe 3-6 times per year on family vacations and mainly from the bank or public docks we used to stay at the old fishing cabins that is now where the Landing is, and then when that shut down we'd stay at Lilley's and a few other places when Lilleys was booked. Now that we have our own place and I get down about once a month I have really started to see how much fun the entire lake can be. I started fly fishing last year in the trophy area, and have been kayak fishing about half dozen times or so this year so now I've seen almost the whole lake. I actually caught a 21 inch brown from the kayak last spring almost directly across from bass pro on the opposite bank on a baby brown rapalla, one of my biggest fishing thrills ever. A buddy of mine was in another kayak with me took a bunch of pics and let her go. I've been hooked every since!! Thanks for all the tips!!
  15. Recently purchased a Lake condo and I'm bringing three buddies to Taneycomo this weekend who have never fished there. They are experienced fisherman, just never been to Taneycomo. We will probably not be fly fishing, we will be mostly bait fishing, power bait, worms, maybe throw a rapalla or cleo. I was thinking get a boat and fish Monkey Island down to through the Landing. Does that sound about right for the most fish for our buck?? I'd like for my friends to be able to catch quite a few fish and have a good time. In other words I'm feeling the pressure to deliver. LOL, since I always talk about coming down here for good trout fishing. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. Oh and no need to go into regulations etc. Well aware of all that! Thanks!

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