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  1. I'm not a very good bass fisherman to start with, but when they're dropping the lake 5-6" a day... I really suck.
  2. Gumboot


    it's ok Bill. It's not like you were telling us that your were catching them dragging a jig, when in fact your were slaying them on a top water.
  3. We have 2 pileated that I've seen on and off for last 7 years. I've never actually seen one still on a tree, always flying through the woods or across the road. Makes my day every time I see one. Great pics. Thank you.
  4. Very impressive work Mrgiggles. For every one of you there multiples of me, that keep Wrench in business. Wrench, once it warms up I'll be dropping off my Nissan 25 with the bent prop shaft. That my boy, who is the only one to run that motor over last two years, has no clue what happened to it.
  5. Some real life lessons here: There are women out there that will clean up when you cook them dinner. (Gonna see how that works tonight) Don't swing, cause once you start swinging it's hard to quit...at least for her. Duh! Based on this thread, a good looking wife that cooks, enjoys sex, and is true, is an outlier. Learnin a lot here.
  6. Gumboot

    Water Level

    I could get so much more work done if I hadn't found this place. It's threads like this that make me want to get to work early and log in. And cool thing is I actually learn some stuff amongst the chaff. Guarantee you that ozarkfishman still lurks.
  7. One MO law that sucks is what is considered a baitfish. I grew up in AR and any legal fish could be used as a baitfish. So I filet a mess of crappie and I can't put a head on a catfish pole...that's ignorant.
  8. Maybe not the screamin' deal of original post...but you can still get them. https://www.tacklehd.com/products/hi-def-craw
  9. You're making it too hard. Pick a floatable stretch on any of those rivers, stick a hook through the middle of a green pumkin dinger, start floating and cast towards the bank. You can make it harder after you catch a dozen or so.
  10. Been gone for a week and lakes up 8'. Lindley creek was running 20k. How much rain did we get?
  11. Surprisingly...yes. But I see this is your first post. If in fact you do want to buy it, before I sell it to you, you must post some type of fishing report on one of the lake or river sub-forums. I mean this is a really cool forum, not just a vehicle for buying excellent condition, cheap trolling motors.
  12. I hunted just west of Marysville today. Saw 3 separate bulldozer operations where they were “cleaning up” hedge rows and waterways. There’s no where for the birds to go. Limped the last part of the day. Same issue as you.
  13. I tend to hang out in north central KS and it’s equivalent in Nebraska. Things have really changed over last 25 years I’ve been here.
  14. Good looking bird dogs, and nothing better than gettin out with your son. Eckman does a good job. As far as wild birds this year, I don't think you're missing a whole lot. Walked just over 15 miles this weekend and moved two small covey. Shot one bird so the dogs could get one in their mouth, but even felt guilty about that one.
  15. Caught bunches of channels and several flathead, but in 7 years on the lake, no blues.
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