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  1. Welcome to the forum. My worm and bobber days were probably the most productive stretch as far as catching went. Then I caught a bass on a plastic worm...
  2. Don't know where you were Ham, but I'll give up my top drum location. Pomme de Terre Lake, Lindley arm. Drum capitol of the Ozarks!
  3. I've never fished Norfork, but I betcha if you look for the boats, you'll find the crappie. If they're on the banks they're usually not hard to find.
  4. Excellent fishery. Spent many a day fishing and duck hunting the AR River backwaters from a john boat with a 9.9 when I was a youngster. Most of the year basically a chain of lakes with some current.
  5. 8' high, turning loose about 3000 cfs, dropping 6" per day. I'm going this weekend but will have a weedeater in hand more often than a fishin pole.
  6. Very nice...two stroke brotha.
  7. 250 HO 6 years without a hiccup on wife's tritoon. I drove 9 hours to buy an etec on my fishing boat, as around here they were all rigged with mercs. Great motors.
  8. Look for envelope at very top of page.
  9. Right here. Some of these guys have more invested in fishing related stuff sitting around than what their house is worth.
  10. https://quadcities.craigslist.org/bod/d/davenport-2015-lund-1775-impact-ss/7264458888.html Only one I could find on clist.
  11. https://www.vrbo.com/search/keywords:pomme-de-terre-lake-pittsburg-missouri-united-states-of-america/minBedrooms/2?adultsCount=2&childrenCount=2&petIncluded=false There are also several "resorts" on the lake. Lakeview, Nemo Bridge,.... Fish on the Pomme de Terre River side, many more and much bigger crappie.
  12. Maybe it's changed in past 4-5 years, and I've caught a bunch there, but I would never associate Hillsdale with a white bass slaughter. But then again I've rarely said no to my daughter. Got no problem shuttin down the boys. Girls be special.
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