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    Know of a 2 boat crew that caught 5 over a weekend early this May. They were throwing big inline spinners. All were caught early in the day. Conversely, I was at state park marina Saturday afternoon of Muskie Tournament last year, not sure how many boats they had, but at time I talked to a local muskie guide, the entire field hadn't measured a fish.
  2. Gumboot

    Sinkhole on the spring river

    Fixed that sinkhole. https://www.agfc.com/en/news/2018/07/18/spring-river-danger-resolved/
  3. Gumboot

    Fishing report 7-10

    Rental. Would have been more fun/comfortable in mine.
  4. Which issue, broken bail or binding?
  5. I’m sure bass pro will refund it. I’ll give them a pass on the bail, you had any binding issues when wet? This afternoon, other than wobble, because ot was broke, it was smooth.
  6. I've had a preference for Stradics over last 20 years or so, and have not had some of the problems that I read about on the net, but wanted to try something different, and more economical, so I bought a Pflueger Supreme size 30 day before yesterday, paired it with a med lite 6' 6" fast taper rod and went to the Elk. 2 hours into float I feel a wobble during retrieve, look down, the bail arm had broken where it attaches to rotor, opposite side of line take up. Have no idea how it happened, didn't drop it, didn't bang it against yak. Can't think of what caused it. I used it for a while longer by carefully opening bail and repositioning broken arm before casting. It reeled very smoothly...until it got wet, then it was rough as a cob. Luckily I had a standby. Actually I have several stand by's, just can't stand the sight of a rod without a reel. How bout Daiwa???
  7. Gumboot

    Fishing report 7-10

    Floated Elk for first time yesterday. Did the 8 mile float down to Sandy Beach. Friend and I caught 45 smallies, 2 lm, and 2 goggle eye over 8 hours of fishing. Thinking next time we do the 5 mile float. Lots of dinks with half a dozen14-16" fish. Everything on soft plastics. I quit picking up beer cans out of river after first mile. Ran out of room on the yak. Sad.
  8. Gumboot

    WTB Remighton 870 Wingmaster 410

    Check your pm’s.
  9. Gumboot

    Boat Financing

    Including me. Call the off Wrench...for the love of god CALL THEM OFF....
  10. Gumboot

    Boat Financing

    It was a joke. Obviously not a good one, but I did put a little effort into it.
  11. Gumboot

    Boat Financing

    Customer calls wrench: Wrench have you had a chance to look that Champion my granpaw left me when he passed. Wrench: Yeah fella, I got some bad news for you. You got a blown head on that XR2, the electronic RPM modulator is fried, and you've got a couple of soft spots in the transom. Customer: Golly gee, I was afraid it might be something like that. What'll it cost to fix. Wrench: Whoa nelly...a whole lot more than that pos is worth. Tell you what, being a nice guy, and since I can salvage the new i-pilot and the two new graphs, you send me the titles and I'll send you a check for $3000, that way you don't have to drive all the way back over here from Porta Cima, and you can put that money towards that Sea Ray that you really want. Customer: Gosh, thanks wrench. You're the best...
  12. Gumboot

    Boat Financing

    There are some good boat buys if one is patient, and not opposed to negotiating. 3 years ago thought I wanted a fish/ski, had to drive 4 hours but found very nice Ranger at Greer's Ferry for fair px. Ski part was good, fish part not so much. Sold it couple of months ago on craigslist within days of listing, for $300 less than I paid. No real point to be made. Just wanted to pat myself on the back.
  13. Gumboot

    Is there any Crappie biting

    Yes. Don't know about Wheatland, but 77-78 on the Lindley side.
  14. Gumboot

    Fish Finder Install

    Thanks Wrench. I'll try and set something up for next time I'm down. Preciate it.
  15. Gumboot

    Fish Finder Install

    Closest place to Pittsburg where I can get a couple of 5" FF installed on an aluminum Lowe 180W? I'd take it to Wrench, but trying to stay closer to home, and seems kinda mundane task relative to his expertise. Yes I could do it, but I'm not gonna.

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