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  1. Putted around on the Lindley side last Saturday. Caught 8, they were scattered from 5' to 12'. Caught a few off brush piles a few in the channel around bait, very scattered, no real pattern. Good news is the keeper to short ratio much better this year. Water dropping 7 to 8" per day, bet fishing gets better when lake stabilizes. Forecast says outflow will be reduced to 500 over next couple of days. Water clarity 2-3', jigs, glow/white caught the most.
  2. That does help. Thank you.
  3. Ballpark, what would 2 2018 10' Talons, that came off a boat with 100 hours, be worth?
  4. Was that a scream....no, must have been the howling wind...the plot thickens.
  5. You got a pretty good report an hour ago.
  6. As far as catfish I have best luck with fresh cut shad or bluegill on a CAROLINA rig. Catching bait is half the fun. If you have a couple of rods out and no action for 30 minutes, move.
  7. The above statements are contradictory.😀
  8. I love these fix it threads, especially when it takes a long time to figure it out. It's like my daily soap opera. Would really increase traffic on the sight if you guys could mix in some cheatin, lying, and sex.
  9. I think I have a fun and interesting life. It pales in comparison...
  10. Hey, turn it back on. Saw the change in forecast yesterday, guess there's a slug of water going down the MO, and Truman catching a bunch too. Hopefully y'all can open er up again next week.
  11. and in other news... Basscat fan has a sweet Puma for sale. I'm sure someone on here would post a pic for him if he's unable. Nice boat pics are cool.
  12. 3 years ago wife absoltuely had to have one, so bought it for her bday. Used once. Found a place for it in the back of the shed where I don't have to move it around much.
  13. I see that. Thanks very much. Ask and ye shall receive.
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