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  1. Maybe it's changed in past 4-5 years, and I've caught a bunch there, but I would never associate Hillsdale with a white bass slaughter. But then again I've rarely said no to my daughter. Got no problem shuttin down the boys. Girls be special.
  2. I've been hunting 30+ years with a friend who has a blind on a cypress/tupelo/buckbrush lake in NE AR. There have been one or two kingfishers working that hole the entire time. 6 guys empty their shotguns on decoying mallards, and when the smoke clears he's still sitting on a branch looking for a meal.
  3. We used to fish the mangroves from a kayak with shrimp, caught a ton of mangrove snappers. Nothing big, but good eating. White or chartreuse jigs can catch you a speck, redfish, or snook in same areas. We used mono.
  4. White bass runs just around the corner...can't come soon enough.
  5. That reel is almost old as you are. 🙂
  6. Terrierman Do you use the drippings in the dutch oven or throw them out.
  7. It takes a good dog to get a late season KS chicken pointed and I have one that does it a couple of times each year. That being said, I shot my last chicken 20+ years ago, and only shot that one to confirm the godawfull taste of the first one I shot.
  8. Back in the day I had a bird dog that if left alone, and the closet door was open, he'd chew exactly one of my ex wife's shoes. I mean totally destroy it, and she didn't have inexpensive tastes. Never so much as sniffed one of mine. He did this until the day we were invited to leave the homestead. Dogs are smart.
  9. I saw a bald eagle harassing a golden eagle that was sitting in top of a dead tree way up Lindley Creek one day. The golden looked to be 4x of the bald eagle.
  10. I think putting wine coolers in same category as Mich Ultra is a stretch, otherwise I'm ok by the Wrench gayometer.
  11. Hey, hey slow down there MOPAN. Let's not let science get in the way of a good ole biologist bashin... Carry on Wrench.
  12. I can't remember. I believe Wrench told me but can't find his message. Maybe he'll help a brother out, again.
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