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  1. Louisiana abortion DACA and the Gay rights case? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-chiefjustice-analysis/the-roberts-court-u-s-chief-justice-cements-pivotal-role-idUSKBN2402Y7
  2. Your email address is uca, if that's UCA in Conway, then you really don't need to get out of your back yard. Backwaters of the AR River is where I'd go.
  3. You’ve come to the right place as there is little to no zoning in Hickory Cty. Cuts both ways.
  4. I agree. Fact is, Stockton is better for all species. More of them and much bigger. You should go there.
  5. Yep. Caught 5 channels in 2 short drifts 2 weeks ago, cut shad on a bottom bouncer. Kept 3 that were 2-3 lbs and threw back the bigger two. 15-20' flats near deep water. There are plenty of channels in the lake, but the bigger ones can taste muddy. Neighbor caught a 20 lb flathead same weekend. Now that was tasty.
  6. I consider it an honor when any of mine get hijacked. Look at it like you're "furthering the discussion".
  7. Will, it's a 90...unless it's on a 16' jon boat, you're not going to go that fast. But to Wrench's point concerning 4 strokes, as soon as the new e techs run out, that's all you got, so we're going to have to get used to them.
  8. Water temps 86 to 87 this week, pretty good stain to the lake and they're dropping it fast, 6 to 8" a day, releasing 3100 cfs. Fished early Sunday morning, if I was better at flippin, could have caught a boatload of them in the bushes. The way the lake's dropping that cover will be high and dry in next couple of days. Lots of floaters above P9, so be careful.
  9. I'm suggesting that the quoted price is not legitimate. Even with my limited computer expertise, I'd be wary of opening a file on that site. As to what clothes you should wear, for the next few days I'd recommend t shirt and shorts.
  10. You found new Stradic ci 4's for 79.99? Nevermind. I found the site where you saw those. You can also buy some pretty dresses. Good luck with that...
  11. Ahhhh...I get it now. I like the 1975 graphics better than the 1976. When are we gonna see it on buy/sell?
  12. Yeah...I guess it looks ok. But the decals don't match.
  13. River and Creek running 21,800 and they've pretty much shut discharge down. Looks like Cristobol has moved east, but way the lake is rising, may be back to flipping bushes this weekend.
  14. Too wife this morning... No honey I don't know Jamie personally, and no, you can't go fishing with him!
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