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  1. Good for you Zach. Maybe you could take SIO3 out and show him how to catch those.
  2. I bought my son a Franchi Affinity 12 ga several years ago, liked it so much I bought one in 20ga that I use when I need to shoot steel. Cycles 3" duck loads to light dove/quail loads no problem. It's an inertia gun, so if you're going to be shooting mostly heavy loads might want to opt for a gas gun.
  3. The local otters always leave a few reminders on the dock that they're around during the week when I'm normally not. Usually the scat is full of fish scales. Friday when I swept it off it was full of crawdad parts. I tied on a 3/4 oz brown craw jig with matching trailer, and caught 18 Saturday morning, all on gravel/chunk rock, 4-10' of water. Several nice keepers. Nothing to write home about, but pretty fun. Water temp 77 with nice color. It was 84 last week. Tons of small bait everywhere. Edit: My boy said it was 19 and he caught 11 on more of an orange craw jig, as I wouldn't
  4. The world is at 200-300k cases per day with 5-6k deaths per day, so no it hasn't disappeared. India getting slammed, Mexico has run out of "death certificates". Positives are generally under reported in many countries in comparison to the US, as we have the luxury of testing that many lessor developed nations don't. That being said, our lake house is visited weekly by friends and family, and we do pretty much the same stuff we've always done. Can't think of a better place to "quarantine" than the white river in December.
  5. Sold to a nice young man from St. Louis. I believe it will be his first fishing boat. Now he gets to jump through the MO dept of Rev hoops as KS does not title boats, motors, or trailers that carry less than 2000 lbs gross. He's 2 for 3 so far. Good luck Zach.
  6. Can't you send some cdi modules off to be repaired?
  7. Howard. That boat is probably not available as it was advertised back when I still had good knees.
  8. Like normal I let the bird dogs out around 6:30 on Saturday morning, I went and got some coffee and walked towards the dock cause they'll end up in the lake eventually. I was 50 yards uphill from the lake when a really pretty 20' ish bass boat with a 250 pro xs came into the cove on plane, driver shut it down, they didn't see me, and I expected them to start chunking a buzz bait, cause I believe everyone on the lake has read bigfishscott's post. But no, they don't pick up a pole...yet. One guy reaches into the livewell and pulls out two bass and his buddy proceeds to take pictures. Pre
  9. On my feed, magicwormman's post did not include that photo. So I'm guessing the internet bots have a specific wrench profile. Need to figure out how to get on board.
  10. Brown Booby makes rare appearance in Missouri Ozarks The seabird made history after popping up along the Current River in Ripley County. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri welcomes numerous flying visitors throughout the year, but the state recently made history after a seabird was spotted in the Ozarks. Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) staff have confirmed a Brown Booby has shown up along the Current River in Ripley County. The bird was first spotted by Debbie Prance-Orosz this past Sa
  11. Nope. Pentair. Primarily water pumps.
  12. One of mine graduated from there 8 years ago as a nuclear engineer, then decided he didn't want to work in that field. He's a mechanical engineer with a company here in KC. If you don't have a job coming out of that school you ain't trying.
  13. Me too. And to Wrench's point, the one that was the biggest pain in the posterior from middle school on... has a job that he enjoys and a great family. Never underestimate the power of a good woman.
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