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  1. I'm with RPS, brining makes all the difference. The following is a Thomas Keller brine I use for poultry. And I agree with the fruit wood. I use pear. If you don't know where to get pear wood, just wait for an ice storm and look around your neighborhood. For the brine: 5 lemons, halved. 6 bay leaves. 1/2 bunch (4 ounces) flat-leaf parsley. 1/2 bunch (1 ounce) fresh thyme. 1/4 cup clover honey. 1 head garlic, halved through the equator. 1/8 cup black peppercorns. 1 cup (10 ounces) kosher salt. 1 gallon of water
  2. I'm pretty sure no one's buying tracking collars off this site...but this is either a scam, or a smokin hot deal. I'm going with scam.
  3. What could go wrong here...buying a gun from a guy named bank robber. C'mon Ed at least tell us what it is.
  4. Was really surprised how shallow we found the crappie this weekend. Started out 8-10' on timber and kept getting bit 2-5' down, line would just lay on the water, pick it up and you have a fish. Been using the slammer jigs Brad talked about. They have a lot of scent and are pretty durable. Electric lime was best this weekend. Crappie are very healthy, even the 9-10" fish have shoulders, and shorts % way down. Good to see after sorting through a lot of fish last couple of years. Man those pelicans are big birds.
  5. Your 12 pack promotional "fee" is available in the garage fridge whenever you're over my way.
  6. I'm constantly amazed at the number of near new boat and motors out there, in great condition, at huge discounts to new. If your patient, and don't mind looking outside your zip code, you can find a good deal on a clean/low hour rig. I like to buy the 4-5 year old boat with 90 hours. Fall/winter is a great time to shop. Drive an hour to Pomme, I got nice Lowe 180W w a 90 hp Yammie for sale.
  7. Here in a bit, it'll be time to put that setter to work.
  8. Shouldn't you finish fixing Ranger520vx's Evinrude 60 before you start another job.
  9. Wife was so proud of me for selling the Talons, she said why don't you sell that trolling motor I keep tripping over in the garage. Minn Kota Fortrex 80 lb, 24v, almost positive it's 45" but need to make sure. Very good to excellent condition. Wrench put it on my Lowe, it was too big, I took it off. Just to be clear, I asked him to put it on. Located in Pittsburg, MO $500 OBO
  10. They sold for $2500 to a local tournament fisherman. I used my Ultrex for the first time Saturday, wind was blowing pretty good, almost felt like I was cheating.
  11. Took these off the boat this weekend so they're ready for one of you serious bass guys. Includes 4 handheld remotes as well as the blue tooth remote that was attached to front deck. I deployed them Saturday to make sure they work...they do. New px. $2500 picked up, or plus shipping.
  12. End of a Long TailTexans don’t abide cheaters, particularly in their fishing tournaments. An individual was recently sentenced to jail time, restitution of nearly $3,000, suspension of his fishing license for a year and banishment from fishing in tournaments after he was caught cheating. The court decision was the culmination of a game warden investigation into bass fishing tournament fraud on Decker Lake in Travis and Bastrop counties. The individual used a unique sleight of hand during a catch-and-release kayak fishing event that used photos taken by contestants out on the water of their catches placed on a measuring board, with the angler having the most inches of bass in the aggregate declared the winner. Upon inspection of the violators vessel, a cut tail of a bass was found in the paddle well of the kayak. The violator initially stated he found the cut tail in the reeds and was taking it to shore to turn it in. Later the violator confirmed to have used the tail to place over another bass, using his hand to cover the questionable area, to make the fish look longer on multiple occasions.
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