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  1. Yep. "Phosphorus based" according to the news. That would mean an algae bloom if 250,000 cfs weren't going thru the dam.
  2. That would suck. This time of year urea (nitrogen) or DAP. I heard wheat. Hopefully the latter.
  3. 864.59 I am in no way an official, but looked back at old threads and saw where MOpanfisher stated that 864.58 was all time high.
  4. Adam said to Eve...stand back, no telling how big...
  5. Gumboot


    Wow! Lake up 5' and both the creek and river running over 10,000. We caught a bunch of spawned out crappie last week. How will a 5 to 10' rise effect those eggs? Probably not much...? MoPanfisher...why was outbound shut off?
  6. 55 lb troller on a 21' boat. Guess weight more important than function.
  7. +1 20 year old echo blower all of sudden wouldn’t start. Local shop wanted $90 to rebuild. Bot oem carb on eBay for $23. Replaced fuel lines at same time. Fixed.
  8. I hear they're on fire over at Stockton. Y'all probably need to go over there.
  9. https://joplin.craigslist.org/bpo/d/forsyth-evinrude-99-electric-start/6867980804.html Know nothing about this listing, or where you are located. Just did a quick craigslist search. One of these was my first outboard, could have been best motor I've ever owned. Duck hunting, fishing, lots of abuse, cranked on first or second pull everytime.
  10. I'll take it. Sent you a pm.
  11. I'll take the reel.  Let me know how to pay.  I'm in KC.

  12. As long as your informed going in you can manage expectations. The never apologizing part I completely respect.
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