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  1. My high school teacher had a bumper sticker that said "I passed Organic Chem."
  2. The Lincoln Memorial. Civil Rights Act of 1964. International asylum code Bears Ears National Monument That's off the top of my head, my guess is there's more.
  3. Did the money going out change, though? I know folks who've had to pay through the nose for health insurance because of instability in Obamacare, and farmers who have struggled finding a market for their products as a result of the trade wars.
  4. But what does that mean, Mitch? Is "youth" under 30? 20? 15? Does sending everyone a $1200 check count as socialism? Giving everyone out of work $600/month? It's a very simple answer to a very complicated question, which should tell you it's almost certainly wrong.
  5. yeesh. No. All the girls want to work there because they can't make $75/hr under the table working at Sonic. Or Wal-Mart. Or as a math teacher, a a nurse, a bank teller, an insurance agent, a social worker, a physicist, a park ranger, a bus driver, a trash hauler, a long-haul trucker, a radio personality, a journalist, a farmer, an engineer, a lineman, a short-order cook. No one's paying them $75/hr under the table to take a risk and open their own business. Most people are going to go for the most lucrative job. If the most lucrative job is showing T&A, so be it. I don't k
  6. There is no shame- I had to look up the definition of temerity, just to make sure. But maybe it is a good example of how each of us has more information at our fingertips than anyone else in recorded history. There's no excuse for ignorance any more.
  7. I think Pebble is a great example of the sort of headwinds younger generations face when dealing with the legacy of the past. Many young people today understand their history- many understand it better than their parents. They understand where we came from- warts and all. In the case of Pebble, they understand we've destroyed every single major run of Pacific salmon up and down the coast- and now we're set to wreck this one, too. Previous generations let salmon runs collapse because we wanted cheap timber, or cheap metals, or cheap beef, or cheap power, or enough water to irrigate po
  8. They're making the same decision the business is. They need X dollars to cover rent, gas, utilities, insurance, student loans, etc (plus party expenses). They can only afford so many $250 days over the course of a season before they need to go look elsewhere. It's a two-way street: if employers aren't providing an incentive to stay, and employees aren't making enough money to justify sticking around...they're not going to.
  9. So no taxes, no SS, no bennies? Then they are breaking the law...
  10. SpoonDog

    Tiger trout

    They use them out west to control suckers and other non-target fish, so one would think they could be used in Taney to reduce numbers of white sucker.
  11. Obviously. That's why you support affirmative action, because it protects black candidates from racist employers.
  12. People have imperfect knowledge. They ask questions to get answers. They ask questions to get people to challenge their assumptions and views about the world. They ask questions to get people to think. I don't know why you're hostile to critical thinking, but it's been a cornerstone of western thought for 2500+ years. Take as long as you need to catch up. In my experience, bandying the term racist about only serves to blow up conversation. It's an easy, lazy, escape hatch for those who don't want to critically examine their own thoughts and values. I do believe everyone has blind
  13. But we don't say "Odell got the job because he's so experienced and knowledgeable." Or "Odell got the job because he's a great leader." Or "Odell got the job because he always put more effort in than anyone else." Or "Odell got the job because he's a great guy, and a good person." We say "Odell got the job because he's black." We're telegraphing to the world what we think is important about guys like Odell. It isn't their experience, work ethic, or character. We see them as black folks, first and foremost. The only way an employer is going to run afoul of affirmative actio
  14. Where you or I live doesn't matter a lick. We both live in a society which recognizes citizens of Ellisville and citizens of Berkeley as citizens, full stop, entitled to the same rights and privileges as any other citizen in any other community. Doesn't matter where they're from. Doesn't matter how much they make. If it isn't important what happens in places like Berkeley, it isn't important that our society live up to its stated values.
  15. Affirmative action means an employer can't discriminate against a qualified candidate because of their race or sex. It does not mean an employer is legally required to hire unqualified candidates. An employer can hire however many women he wants, he didn't exceed the quota because he didn't want to. He wanted to do the bare minimum. He didn't want to give a man's job to a woman. That's the reason affirmative action exists.
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