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  1. I've heard that line before. Thanks for the tip, I wont forget it.
  2. Frog heaven up there from the tournaments I've seen on TV
  3. Nice fish but where's your tea cup Si?
  4. I know some might not be able to swallow their pride and fish live bait but go buy some nightcrawlers. If you think August is tough wait till September rolls around, you'll really be scratching your head.
  5. Shows you how bad the fishing is at Mark Twain, everyone is talking about snakes, possums, and ice glaciers! what a shame
  6. I hope this doesn't mean you will be retiring from posting on the forum. It goes without saying your reports weather or not your guiding are pretty special to everyone.
  7. I think anyone would take those results right now, way to go dude. good job
  8. With the hot weather and high water temps I would think it would be oxygen depletion related as the cause. Nothing out of the ordinary with high heat. Although it has happened in the past I think the words "fish kill" are used sometimes a little loosely. Just my 2 cents don't want to start arguments
  9. This is the one, these videos are pretty cool
  10. That's hilarious, way to go little dude
  11. When you lose a big one at that age you usually end up getting the fishing bug for life. Thats what happened to me anyway.
  12. I think you need to show #62 about the ned. She looks in awe of that fish.
  13. I got to watch his second day when he had the big lead. He was able to just graph all day and only fished a little. From his comments I knew he was very confident in finishing strong.
  14. Wheeler has been watching the TV all day and he has definitely found a little hidey hole for sure.
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