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  1. What's the lowest you have seen this lake Wrench? With all the ice melt coming in from the rivers and creeks this is going to come up pretty quick I would guess.
  2. My dad had a 10 horse evinrude we would drag down to the dock all the time. My buddies dad got an 18 horse merc and I was a little jealous. 😂
  3. Go to Lake of the Ozarks! Its an ocean without the salt water!
  4. That is a good looking little craw. Perfect little setup with that jig head too.
  5. That is a great bag of fish, very healthy looking fish. What's the water temp right now?
  6. I guess we sort of agree. For crying out loud fellas lets fish. Glen Andrews would be rolling in his grave. I'm younger than most by the way. fish on
  7. If anybody wants to whine about the Arig being legal or not in fishing, this live scope is a hell of a lot more detrimental to these lakes fish populations. You’ll never hear “I got one!” Anymore . Of course you got one you watched the fish swim up and eat your bait right next to the brush pile that you would normally be hung up in !
  8. Quill has become the Ned guru on Table Rock.
  9. That is a chunk and very well deserved. Dressing for the day is as important as anything else right now.
  10. Well done Quill. To hell with the live scope crowd! Those fish have been eating well for sure.
  11. By "fish eating fish who eat fish" are we talking about stripers eating fish(bass) who are in turn just shad eaters? Bull is so full of fish I wouldn't worry about a striper problem. Nature always finds a way, I'm sure crawdads and frogs will figure it out down there.
  12. Is the pic with your boat right down the bank from Noland Point boat dock?
  13. Those and livescope could be considered cheating 🎣
  14. I really like the pointers, they get out there on a good cast and get down where they need to be. I always threw rogues like everyone else for years and they still have their place. Baits are tools and you just have to adjust to the day.
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