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  1. Amen to that , You can have all the Florida strain bass you want. No thanks
  2. Just realized this was a post from last year, I was headed that way! I guess I'll turn around and go back home 😃
  3. Every time I see you two your holding nice bags. Well done fellas
  4. Ealking In another thread shiner fishing in Florida came up. What if we take that Spro fly off and put one on.
  5. I thought those duck dynasty guys shaved their beards
  6. Good job Quill. I always enjoy your reports. You paint a good picture for me.
  7. I was fishing the stretch between Baxter and wolfpen and had a plane practicing landings and takeoffs in a float plane. I think it’s pretty probably pretty common occurrence. Dude was scaring my fish away though!!!
  8. For my money, he is the best on the planet right now.
  9. I think there was some game on around 5. I’m sure that had something to do with the traffic.
  10. That's the culprit! If the sun comes out it could get stupid good.
  11. I have a feeling someone is going to start flinging a spinnerbait with all this mud talk.
  12. Morehead's fish was a 6-12 spot, the Missouri state record spot is 7-8 caught at Table Rock in 1966. Dan caught his fish out of a cedar tree on a jerkbait with 8# line. I would imagine his heart skipped a beat once or twice when he saw her.
  13. March 2009 not a record but just a beautiful fish. Dan Morehead FLW
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