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  1. What a tough consolation prize. It must suck to catch 5 and 6 pounders all day!
  2. Yes the wind today was brutal. Spent about 3 hours in Whites branch at Kimberling. Fished from 130 till dark. 1st cast in Whites was a keeper then nothing for a while. First cast jinx for sure. Hit some pockets on way back toward Aunts had one swimming a grub and my buddy caught a couple on a keitech. Around 7 picked up a few on top, spook and I was throwing a sexy dawg. It was a tough day for us but it’s still better than working. I hear it’s gonna get below 40 tonight. Steaks on the grill and cocktails for me tonight. Might have a big breakfast and let it warm up tomorrow morning. Good luck
  3. Your report is basically what we are doing to Dave. Top water is hit or miss on a spook. Been catching a couple with a wacky rigged senko and a lizard. We fished till dark in Little Aunts last night. Bunch of blow ups on top with a spook and caught a few on a white spinnerbait in the rain. A couple 17-18 inch spots that bent the hell out the wire, smashed it. Windy today, seems like a stickbait kind of deal. We are debating whether to go left or right at point 9 .
  4. I wouldn't make this stuff up, its just reality right now https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/4/23/21232676/coronavirus-agriculture-food-supply-chain-farmers-excess-production-op-ed
  5. I know they had to kill 2 million chickens because there isn't anyone to process them. I also saw them dumping a lot of milk. It was like pulling the plug on a boat full of water, right down the drain. Its very sad and maddening at the same time.
  6. I will let you know what I find, ill be stopping by Harter in Kimberling Thursday. I'll leave the Coors Light alone for ya, not my flavor.
  7. I really like the looks of that Big Bite head. I was going to stop by Extreme on my way down. Did you happen to pick them up there?
  8. Recording on the phone says open 9-3, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm hoping since no one replied about it also means nobody fishes that area.
  9. I just watched 60 minutes and the last story covered this same topic about rural areas. There might only be 3 cases in Stone County https://www.ky3.com/content/news/coronavirus-missouri-arkansas.html but how many are asymptomatic. It boils down to keeping your head above water till there is a vaccine available, sucks but its reality.
  10. Unfortunately that's what your going to see most likely. Cases in rural America have been low and understandably so. I would think from LOZ up north, which was an absolute zoo this weekend, down to the Arkansas border your going to see cases increase. I could see some smaller towns getting wiped out before this is over, its just the nature of the beast. This vaccine in development in Oxford England is showing promise, cross your fingers.
  11. Are the gas pumps at Baxter open for business?
  12. Definitely a photo shop job if you ask me. I'm not even sure those are real fish!
  13. Who needs standard crappie gear! I'll continue to say it, this lake has some giant crappie in it. The Rock is by no means a good crappie lake and if I was targeting them I would go elsewhere but its hard to argue with the quality that swims in the lake.
  14. With Bull flooding every year and fishing pressure being lower I cant imagine how many fish must be swimming there. Does all this high water result in good spawns every year or is it to much? As far as fishing I would fish it just like Mixermark. Its like a jungle and covering water and maximizing your cast, for example not getting hung, is the ticket. I would throw a chatter bait in the mix as well. I'm going to the Rock in 2 weeks and it looks like its dropped down to 916 so I wont be throwing at picnic tables and road signs.🙂
  15. That got a good laugh on my end, thanks I needed it.
  16. I'm guessing the big boats are out already too with everyone off work? With all the lake houses it seems like the place to "quarantine"
  17. What is open as far as resorts, shopping, grocery, bait and tackle, etc.? Just curious to know what's going on.
  18. You two will have to blow each other kisses for awhile.
  19. I'm convinced there is a world record in this lake somewhere. That is a beautiful fish. What did she catch that on?
  20. There is a bait called a grub that worked way before keitechs became the rage. They always seem readily available to. Forget I said that I should keep that to myself.
  21. I could watch people launch boats all day. It truly is top notch entertainment. How did it not hit that truck
  22. Those are absolutely beautiful fish. I gotta give this trout fishing a try.
  23. Thanks for being a voice of reason. Folks we aren't going to beat this thing unless we stay away from each other. I feel the same way, its not about yourself. Your family, neighbors, community are who your helping. Its being socially responsible and respectful of the people on the frontlines fighting this thing. When you don't social distance your helping this virus grow.
  24. You made one fatal mistake. The people on this forum are very good at figuring out where your at by the pics taken. I’m pretty sure you’ve given up the goods. One hell of a day though, you guys absolutely crushed it.
  25. Not to be debbie downer fellas but I have a question. I dislocated my thumb and they are going to put a pin in it on Tuesday. Anyone have this done before and how long before you were able to start fishing again? I can think of some other months on the calendar where this wouldn't be as big of a problem for folks like us.
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