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  1. Thanks for the advice Brian. I'm just not seeing what I saw four years ago and I've been over there about the same amount of times each year. I've also done better on the spikes with the water a little stained. Do you think these browns hold different then they do in those slow moving tailwaters? It seems like they like to hang in the faster water where the shoals start instead of hanging in the back.
  2. So do you think that is the only reason, or do the floods push them out? I'm sure they can hang in there and find places to hold, but didn't know what you thought. I'm not the expert, but I bet you know a lot more as far as what happens to those bigger browns all the sudden. I'm scratching my head.......wondering. Also, from what I can tell, most of the browns hold from Blair down to Dawt and rainbows hold up from Blair. Seems like River of Life always has a plentiful supply all the time. Do they stock right in front of there on purpose or is that just a normal spot they hold in and the MDC stocks?
  3. Justin, Is your new access where all the gravel filled in usable now? Dawt Mill's ramp is a three foot drop now and it's tough as nails to winch a boat. Also, right behind your place is where I usually do the best for bigger brown's, but this year I haven't done as good. What's your thoughts?
  4. What's your thoughts on this river this year due to the flooding last year? I've been over there three times since November, but it hasn't been as good as it has in the past few years. I'm wondering if the flood had anything to do with it. I'm moving smaller browns, but nothing over 22 inches. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Very simple pattern, just another version of a zebra midge. Materials; Hook- 2487 or 2457 Tiemco/ Lightning Strike hook SE1 or SE3 Bead - Tungsten Copper or Gold Body - Pearl Flashabou Wire - Copper or Gold in size (BR) http://www.taneycomotrout.com/howtotiepp.html
  6. Agree and thank you for the kind words. I like your vids. You do great work and I wish you well. Just giving my opinion on the subject. I'll leave it at that
  7. Agree to disagree. I also know people in the industry, but who cares. I fish a ton and I know because of that alone. That's what matters, not what people tell me. Me personally, I always want to do the homework and then point my clients or people in the right direction, always. Like I said, it's fishing and my passion is to teach the sport of fly fishing. I will always put in my two cents where I think it will help the person who is learning. We are both in it because we are passionate, let's leave it at that, nothing personal.
  8. I tought him to learn so the person benifited from it. Different strokes for different folks, we all know that. It's all about teaching in my book. Some appreciate it, and some might like the fancy video work. I like both, but when someone clicks on a tying video I'm pretty sure he wants to learn and not look at a fancy vid about "look what I can do". But hey, just my opinion and I'm intitled to it. It's just fishing.......
  9. I couldn't agree more. Why make a video and go through all that trouble not to benifit from it. It's a cool way to make a vid, but who is going to learn??? If videos are well explian and your learn form them.... then I would think it's win win for everybody. People want to learn.....right?
  10. I would and you should You'll be glad when you hook that MONSTER. His patterns will do it!!
  11. I found the Mustad 3366 is the all around best, can't beat it. In my opinion, the TMC 8089 will also miss fish, too big of a gap. There is a balance in when is too big and to wide. The hook I mention is the best because of the short shank and the medium size gap. Stock up on this hook because they just discontinued it. It's still floating around so it shouldn't be a problem finding it right now, but it will get harder to find. The TMC 8089 will hook the bigger ones just fine, but anything in the 20-23 inch range, the gap is too wide to get a good hook set. So ask yourself this...... would you rather have a shot at all fish and not just the bigger ones? I would.
  12. Yep, the cicadas are all about gone, but Phil is right, they are still looking up and will continue to for another few months eating all types of dries. Here's a brown we caught today fishing cicada patterns.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Winter is such an awesome time for fishing small midge patterns. What I've been doing is fishing loop wing emergers in the film right along the banks and having a ball with the trout. The key is to fish at an angle without getting in the water. The fish are holding thick right along the banks (not so much in the middle of the river). Thanks for the report!!
  14. Yes, the "Y" store does it. They do it for me and the only ones I trust for that area.
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