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  1. My guess at lake 38 . . . . . . possibly a Puerto Rican Cutthroat Bass. Mean as hell. They've slowing been migrating northward with the climate change the last few years. First discovered in a garden pond on Castro's sprawling estate just outside Havana back in 87, when all his prized koi's were savagely maimed and most were eaten whole. Next they were found in a Sea World tank in Orlando in 2003, when one of their most celebrated Orcas, Stormy Dee, was found to have strange teeth marks on her nipples. She would never perform again or even reproduce, and after several interventions and therapy sessions, she drowned in her sleep in early 2004. Mistakenly believed to be quarantined and euthanized, from there, they spread throughout the southeast delta, gradually making their way up the Mississippi drainage where they have made themselves at home in many of Missouri's streams and impoundments. Have shown a particular fondness for Neosho strain smallmouth as their primary food of choice, though they are also known to viciously attack small animals and even domesticated livestock as they come to the waters edge for a drink. MDC has removed feral hogs and mountain lions from their #1 and #2 most wanted list. The Puerto Rican Cutthroat Bass is now #1.
  2. Dimitris used to be where the Branson Landing is now at Sammy Lane Resort. That place was good. How is the food quality at The Chateau? Been a long time since I ate there. Remember it being overpriced. Has it improved?
  3. Quite an amazing story and accomplishment! Seems like a good dude, too. Congratulations!
  4. 100 to 1 eh? Think of all these misinformed customers paying $2.50 a pop thinking they are buying Amphipoda Gammarus (scuds) when they're really just fishing with Purinas Pelletonias (pellets). Once they find out . . . . they gonna be mad! Could be a class action suit. They're a litigious bunch, those fly-fishers are. 🤪
  5. That ain't no scud . . . . .thats a pellet fly. C'mon.
  6. Bobby, Its probably been close to 25 years ago since I ran it in high water, so I'm probably not the best person to ask. I remember it being quite fast and big hay-stack rolling waves in several spots coming over the bow. Had to pull over several times and bail water and calm my nerves with lots of bourbon as it continued to rain and the water-level came up. Floaters guide book says it is a 10.5 fpm gradient for most of its floatable length, and class II-III in high water which is more than any of the rivers you mention, even the upper Jacks. "Reasonable water level" is a moving target on that creek as it can quickly change in a matter of hours, so I would say its probably not for novices after a "good rain". Summer time levels it will be super clear and I'm sure you'll have to do some dragging, but should be some good fishing and snorkeling.
  7. Yeah, Swan Cave Rd is well above Garrison and Hwy 125, probably 5 or 6 miles at least. My floaters guide book lists Garrison as the most upstream practical put-in point and says it is "seldom navigable above this point", but that just makes me all the more curious. Would be fun to explore if the water level was right.
  8. I floated upper Swan years ago around Garrison. It was after a fairly heavy rain. Lots of fun, but not for the faint-hearted! Beautiful country indeed. Especially like the area around Bradleyville and Hercules Glades.
  9. Uh-oh, Ness has quit taking his meds again. 🙄
  10. Love the Coen Bros. Buster Scruggs was really good -- a couple of the stories a bit dark though. The first one with Tim Blake Nelson is an instant classic. And prospector one with Tom Waits was really good too. The last one, with the banter in the stagecoach was pretty good, but fell flat with its ending.
  11. He was a badass. This was just a few short years ago. Lancaster Cave. Look at that smile . . . .
  12. I feel like Santa Claus has died. Except SR was real. So many gifts he gave to everyone. So much kindness, and wisdom. Love that man, and will miss him dearly.
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