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  1. ColdWaterFshr

    Favorite movies - 5 only

    Love the Coen Bros. Buster Scruggs was really good -- a couple of the stories a bit dark though. The first one with Tim Blake Nelson is an instant classic. And prospector one with Tom Waits was really good too. The last one, with the banter in the stagecoach was pretty good, but fell flat with its ending.
  2. ColdWaterFshr

    WYSIWYG jerk bait sale!

    I'll give $41.50
  3. ColdWaterFshr

    A empty seat around the camp fire🔥

    He was a badass. This was just a few short years ago. Lancaster Cave. Look at that smile . . . .
  4. ColdWaterFshr

    A empty seat around the camp fire🔥

    I feel like Santa Claus has died. Except SR was real. So many gifts he gave to everyone. So much kindness, and wisdom. Love that man, and will miss him dearly.
  5. ColdWaterFshr


    Ahead of Flo making landfall, I understand that he and Melania jetted down to Mara-A-Lago to work on his paper towel toss. After Maria hit Puerto Rico . . . . there was some talk within the GOP about how poor his accuracy with the Bounty was.
  6. ColdWaterFshr


    Nice! I would like tickets. Would even purchase stones (for throwing) at obscene vendor prices if not allowed to bring our own into the venue. Are you bringing vegetables, rotten eggs, fouled meat, dirty undies to throw? I got a Stormy Daniels Penthouse 2004 copy . . . can you get it signed for me? Hopefully that is allowed at least.
  7. ColdWaterFshr

    58 pound Bull Shoals Striper

    Paul Dallas caught it on a willow-leaf spinnerbait under a 3-inch diameter red and white plastic bobber.
  8. ColdWaterFshr

    Beef tongue

    Sorry, I went a little shakespeare on your all asses.
  9. ColdWaterFshr

    Beef tongue

    This is a disgrace and I feel a certain kind of outrage, . . . . . thou I must look for it . . . . A tongue shall not be consumed no more-est thou than a tongue shall be silenced. Even if thou consideration is as livestock , , , reasonable gentlemen, and even rough cut men will not partake so willingly of such organ, right? Like the down flake of snow, the seasoning salt doth fall upon this tender instrument of voice?? Speaking in tongues?? No, eating in tongues!! Poor taste among buds, as you consume THE taste buds??!!!! You care not a lick, while you consume the licker, and in your arrogant glee even swallow with liquor!! I render you as savages, the whole lot of you!!
  10. ColdWaterFshr


    Pretty scary story there trout4me. Glad you were there to rescue. That could've ended very wrong. Brent - if you are new to kayaking, then I would say upper Taney is probably NOT a good idea. Much more narrow up there, more boat traffic for sure than the lower end, and the wakes from big boats as trout4me says, will easily flip even experienced kayakers. Very high consequence water as Gavin said, especially if water running, ICE cold water will suck the strength out of you in seconds.
  11. ColdWaterFshr


    I've canoe'd it a couple times. Gavin is right. Also, early morning and evening fog is a concern. Make sure you are visible to other boats.
  12. ColdWaterFshr

    Nighttime Brown Trout

    Is this happening at the outlets? I've seen this happen at Maramac Springs when they are feeding the fish in the hatchery, I think a few pellets make its way through, and it starts a feeding frenzy in the fishing water immediately below. Also when they are cleaning the pens.
  13. Enjoyed reading that adventure. Thanks for sharing.
  14. ColdWaterFshr

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    While the Meramec is full of snags and hidden under-water dangers, just like any other rivers of similar size flow . . . . I'm guessing that out of the 14 drownings that occurred there at Castlewood . . . . . at least 12 were people who didn't know how to swim. They see people wading ankle and waist deep and think they are safe. They get a little bit overconfident and wade further downstream and then hit some loose gravel at a drop-off ledge . . . . their footing gives and slides out from under them, and panic ensues. Someone who also cannot swim attempts to rescue and they drown as well. Probably not entangled in a strainer at that spot, but I'm just guessing.
  15. ColdWaterFshr

    Salmon River Epic

    Neat shots. Will have to look into this trip. Would make a nice birthday for my wife to give to me. 😀

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