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  1. ColdWaterFshr

    Middle 80's Gem

    "Hand Laid Hull" is a bit suggestive and inappropriate for a family marina, don't you think? And can't they put a chip clip on those chips? They're gonna get stale! Must be my kids out on that boat.
  2. Anyone have any firsthand experience fishing over there? Heading that way in a couple weeks. Will be mostly in SW corner of the country and also around Killarney. Planning on bringing a travel rod. Hopefully can rent some waders from a shop. Would like to catch a few brown trout. Looks like they are well established in most of the waters. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. ColdWaterFshr


    The Ballwin bear was about 2 blocks from my house. Its got the whole neighborhood on edge. 😁
  4. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    We've met? Hells bells. small circles we all run in. Cheers brother. Lets go fish sometime. I know you're a gun lubber, but in the grand scheme of this sandbox we live in, I don't hold it too much against you.
  5. ColdWaterFshr

    Who want to post reports as articles?

    Same. Anything Paul Dallas has to say should not only become an article, but also published and credited to the author, yours truly. Youtube is a bit too low rent and teenagerish. But I do like their rock videos. Allman Brothers, Skynard and such. And watching fighter jet low fly-overs. PD
  6. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    I will give you the 2 jigs I have to deconstruct. It can't be all that complicated. Having the correct jig head is an important start. The shrink tube and the right amount of feather without too much bulk is key.
  7. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    Guilty. I've enjoyed poking you a time or two Bill, but whatever was said by whoever, I hope you don't take it wrong. i've enjoyed reading this topic and your perspective and knowledge. The jig is unique and it is a fish catcher, that is for sure. Hope to meet you someday, BB.
  8. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    Gavin is a great tier, I've seen what he can do. Between him and tjm, I'm sure they could eventually figure it out. Gavin - I will give you one the next time we fish for you to de-construct. As Bill B said, this is extremely durable little jig, like I've never seen. I can't remember ever denting the head, scratching the paint even slightly, or it losing feathers . . . even after catching dozens of fish. The ones I have are in perfect shape, other than the dye in the feathers losing color. The hook is strong. Lost jigs only to the worst of snags, it takes a lot to straighten that tiny little hook. Its the perfect sink rate, size, attention to detail, etc. Very well constructed --- by a PRO. What is Phil willing to sell his remaining white jigs stock to yours truly, Paul Dallas for? Anyway, hats off and cheers to TURNERS - the original inventors, and to Merlin Olsen's endorsement, for many fine days of success at Roaring River, and Taney with this one of a kind jig. I never regretted not having another root beer, only regrets are not having another one of those jigs in my pocket.
  9. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    A white merlin olsen jig, brand new and still in its original unopened vial, just sold for $ 126.00 on eBay.
  10. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    Here you go, Ness. These two I've had for probably over 10 years. Colors are faded.
  11. ColdWaterFshr

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    I remember getting this micro jigs at Roaring River lodge back in the early 80's. They worked better than anything else . . . . including cheese worms. Back then they were called Merlin Olsen jigs, or at least they had his mugshot used as an endorsement. And the cost an ungodly sum of $1.50. As a young lad, it was often a difficult decision . . . whether to buy a Merlin Olesen jig or put the money toward a Barq's root beer and a snicker bar. Merlin won most of the time.
  12. ColdWaterFshr

    Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Many Dallas awkward family portraits taken at the Olan Mills studios on Glenstone Ave in Springfield, MO. The Meadow/split rail fence looks very familiar. 😀
  13. ColdWaterFshr

    Turnback Time

    5 star report!
  14. ColdWaterFshr

    Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Just now catching up on this 22 page thread. Wow. I'm jealous. I think the reason this swap has worked so well is because I'm not in it. 😀
  15. ColdWaterFshr

    Why not to buy Mercury

    If I had money, I tell you what I'd do, I'd go downtown and buy a Mercury or two, I'm crazy 'bout a Mercury . . . .

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