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  1. You don't find that level of concentration just anywhere. I'm the Kevin Van Dam of fly fishing.
  2. I dig it. Family and friends all laughed at these monsters I recently boasted about . . . caught them a couple weeks ago inside of Smoky Mountain NP. But I was well pleased with myself, especially the southern appalachia brookie. That bow and arrow cast in these tight confines ain't as easy as it might seem.
  3. ColdWaterFshr

    What's Cooking?

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ness!! That food looks yummy, but show us some more pictures of your trip!
  4. Okay, Paul Dallas will give you a pass this time around since cash was on the line . . . . . but in the future, try not to film that crap. And for gods sakes, what is with all the cameras? One on your chest, and one mounted on the cowling of the Evinrude too? Serenity now!
  5. Man . . . I was so proud. No pictures unfortunately, but it did happen. Caught it in the creek right by the old swimming pool down near Soapstone cave. I shimmied out onto a limb and dangled a big white marabou jig in front of that nest guarding fish until she attacked it in anger. Same year I got chigger infestation on my junk and had to go see the camp nurse and show her my terrible affliction. Ahh . . . .the triumphs and humiliations one can suffer during 1 brutal week of summer camp.
  6. Did you speed the video up? Or is your net partner just that agile? I would've tripped over rods and fallen on my face or out of the boat completely if I tried to move that fast.😂 And I sure as hell ain't going to come to the aid of my fishing partner that quick . . . . I'm going to finish my cast at the very least, and maybe my beer too, before I get the darn net for everyone of his 14 inchers that he mistakes for the next state record. I guess I don't have that level of servitude in me. And 40 minutes harassing a bedding fish? Ehh . . . . . You might want to edit that part out. I was 12 years old when I won the big fish trophy at Camp Arrowhead years ago, employing the exact same tactic, and I still carry the guilt. 😂
  7. This always seems to be the toughest time of year for me for smallies. May to early June. What gives? Topwater theories? slow retrieve walk the dog lures first and then as you get deeper into summer, faster moving buzz baits? or smaller baits early in summer and working up to larger baits as summer progresses?
  8. Wow. Helluva a fish for that river. And on 2 lb line??? Without giving away too many secret details - where was it caught? A. above Tan Vat B. between Tan Vat and Parker C. below Parker And what caught on? A. A-rig B. Ned-rig C. whopper plopper D. buzz-bait E. crankbait F. cheese
  9. DeLorme map and Chuck Tryon's 200 smallmouth adventures book is all you need. Keep an eye out for ole man Prater if'n you decide to set foot on a gravel bar or go mushroom hunting. If you do encounter him, just say your one of Chief's friends.😂
  10. My guess at lake 38 . . . . . . possibly a Puerto Rican Cutthroat Bass. Mean as hell. They've slowing been migrating northward with the climate change the last few years. First discovered in a garden pond on Castro's sprawling estate just outside Havana back in 87, when all his prized koi's were savagely maimed and most were eaten whole. Next they were found in a Sea World tank in Orlando in 2003, when one of their most celebrated Orcas, Stormy Dee, was found to have strange teeth marks on her nipples. She would never perform again or even reproduce, and after several interventions and therapy sessions, she drowned in her sleep in early 2004. Mistakenly believed to be quarantined and euthanized, from there, they spread throughout the southeast delta, gradually making their way up the Mississippi drainage where they have made themselves at home in many of Missouri's streams and impoundments. Have shown a particular fondness for Neosho strain smallmouth as their primary food of choice, though they are also known to viciously attack small animals and even domesticated livestock as they come to the waters edge for a drink. MDC has removed feral hogs and mountain lions from their #1 and #2 most wanted list. The Puerto Rican Cutthroat Bass is now #1.
  11. Dimitris used to be where the Branson Landing is now at Sammy Lane Resort. That place was good. How is the food quality at The Chateau? Been a long time since I ate there. Remember it being overpriced. Has it improved?
  12. Quite an amazing story and accomplishment! Seems like a good dude, too. Congratulations!
  13. 100 to 1 eh? Think of all these misinformed customers paying $2.50 a pop thinking they are buying Amphipoda Gammarus (scuds) when they're really just fishing with Purinas Pelletonias (pellets). Once they find out . . . . they gonna be mad! Could be a class action suit. They're a litigious bunch, those fly-fishers are. ðŸĪŠ
  14. That ain't no scud . . . . .thats a pellet fly. C'mon.
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