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  1. Enjoyed reading that adventure. Thanks for sharing.
  2. ColdWaterFshr

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    While the Meramec is full of snags and hidden under-water dangers, just like any other rivers of similar size flow . . . . I'm guessing that out of the 14 drownings that occurred there at Castlewood . . . . . at least 12 were people who didn't know how to swim. They see people wading ankle and waist deep and think they are safe. They get a little bit overconfident and wade further downstream and then hit some loose gravel at a drop-off ledge . . . . their footing gives and slides out from under them, and panic ensues. Someone who also cannot swim attempts to rescue and they drown as well. Probably not entangled in a strainer at that spot, but I'm just guessing.
  3. ColdWaterFshr

    Salmon River Epic

    Neat shots. Will have to look into this trip. Would make a nice birthday for my wife to give to me. 😀
  4. ColdWaterFshr

    Rare experience

    That would bug the crap out of me if I was fishing and a drone started hovering. Maybe a large sign that says, You got 10 seconds to get that out of here or out comes Mr. Winchester.
  5. ColdWaterFshr

    Larry Dablemont Article

    Did I miss a good fight here? Don't have energy to read 10 pages, but somehow I want to weigh in. 😀
  6. ColdWaterFshr

    A word about Kayaks

    Not sure you'd want to put 500 lbs in a Disco 119 . . . . and the Osagian and Lowe Line are both aluminum battleships, eh? For a feller of your husky proportions, I'm thinking you can find much better canoe options than any of those 3 . . . . and without having to build a trailer to haul it. I'd look at Old Town or Wenonah. There are several good 16 and 17 foot tandem canoes that can be paddled solo and are also light enough to easily cartop transport.
  7. ColdWaterFshr

    A word about Kayaks

    Generally speaking, yes. Exception being that there are solo canoes that are narrow and super-light enough and can be paddled exceptionally fast with a double bladed paddle that will scoot along just as well as many kayaks . . . but then the distinction between kayak and canoe starts to get blurry. Fast and fishing are two words than can contraindicate in my opinion. One must allow for observance of nature and beer consumption.
  8. ColdWaterFshr

    A word about Kayaks

    You nailed it. You got a paddle john, several canoes, several kayaks . . . but which one do you go to MOST?
  9. ColdWaterFshr - short for cold-water-fisher. Trout and smallmouth . . . DUH! Avatar: mugshot of close friend Bert from Sesame Street caught in a narco-trafficking sting operation in Honduras in 1991. Within a week of his arrest, Me, aka Paul Dallas, arrived via Cessna on airstrip carved into jungle with a duffel full of grease money and a couple of other friends from Leavenworth to help spring him. We succeeded. Bert and I go way back . . . he saved my life in Nam, so I chose this avatar as a symbol of our brotherhood.
  10. ColdWaterFshr

    A word about Kayaks

    A good solo canoe, or even small tandem canoe is far more versatile in my opinion than a kayak -- IF you could only have one boat. Weight, size, cost being equal. Not discounting kayaks entirely, but to re-hash what I said above: 1) Overnight trips to carry more gear, but even day trips . . . to lay out your rods on the thwarts for quick and easy access, and protection of your rods from branches on creeks and rivers. 2) general comfort . . . leg position not limited, and your lower back is better off with the addition of a good and inexpensive adjustable seat back chair; posterior not constantly wet from either cradling a paddle in your lap or due to low proximity to water. 3) higher sitting position for view and better casting. The only advantages I can give to a kayak over a canoe is: 1) wanting to paddle upstream and then back down 2) a very windy day 3) wanting to cover some major distance on a day trip (10+ miles)
  11. ColdWaterFshr

    A word about Kayaks

    I guess I'm the odd man out here, but I have yet to find a kayak that I would prefer fishing out of more than my canoe. Just feels like I don't have enough space to stretch out or to put all my stuff. And they don't sit high enough for casting, or for better view of the water I'm casting to. Just a few inches higher makes a tremendous difference. And I like to be able to move my legs around in more positions than a kayak will allow. And that big double bladed paddle is always in the way. Would like to spend a little more time in a Jackson. Maybe it would grow on me, but I doubt it.
  12. ColdWaterFshr

    Tragic Event

    Unbelievably tragic. Just watched a video from Springfield News-Leader that was pretty horrific and should not be published. This happened right in front of many people on the Branson Belle as they dined. As others have said, some poor decisions were made. Probably not the right time to point fingers. Just to pray for everyone affected.
  13. ColdWaterFshr

    SAFETY while boating

    Holy moly. Scariest story I've read on here in a long, long time. Glad you are okay. You were lucky in so many ways. Was it dark? Who pulled you from the water and how long were you in? Great tips on boating safety.
  14. ColdWaterFshr

    Is this bear scat?

    No. But it looks an awful lot like Paul Dallas scat after a heavy session of Busch beer and White Castle burgers.
  15. ColdWaterFshr

    TR place holder for next week!


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