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  1. Troll couldn't resist picking up these 2 nuggets in the gravel . . . . . 1) Wrench's 5 county zone --- hoowah!, what a perfect sampling of the rest of our great nation, we need only to look to Laclede, Pulaski, Greene, Webster, and Ozark counties as role model examples how to make it through these times of want and woe! A veritable Covid-19 Passover! How didja do it? Lambs blood on your door? Fasting and prayers? Its only a matter of scaling your success up for the rest of the country. 2) Trump Train - all aboard! Will I be required to wear a mask? You better believe I should be, because theres a good chance all these fine people will be on board . . . . Rudy, Don Jr, Eric, Mulvaney, Bolton, Hannity, Rush (wearing his presidential medal 🤣), Stormy, Cohen, Manafort, Stone, Scaramuchi, Poppadopolous, Sondland, Barr, Pompeo, Gates, Putin, a bunch of russians, a bunch of russian hookers, Sarah Sanders, Spicer, the new lying one who is dumber than a bag of hammers, assorted members of the KKK, right wing militias/nazis, who did I forget? Mitch and Wrench? Oh, and Flynn with his fresh get out of jail free card for no-big-whup-lying to the FBI.
  2. I would've started with the "empty" cupboards that this goon continually complains about and blames on Obama. 3 1/2 years he had to prepare to and replenish the cupboards right? Did he? No. Did he listen to his advisers warnings about a pandemic? No. Did he even listen to Navarro in late January? No. Then I would have made good use of the late weeks of January, the entire month of February, and a good chunk of March to do other more productive things, such as . . . . coming up with an actual plan. What did Trump do during this time? Tweeted and complained about the impeachment mostly, but also lots of golfing and lording over his minions and GOP rank and file and making sure they kept in line. COVID was a hoax orchestrated by dems and he wasn't believing ANY of it, so basically he wasted a lot of time and never came up with a coherent logical plan, hoping this would all go quietly away. When it became apparent that it wouldn't, did he step up? NO! He put Pence in charge!! and quickly left the press briefing to work on other things far more important. he figured he can "reality TV" his way out of this with daily press briefings to make it look like he has a plan. Did he? No, and he still doesn't, and his briefings made things worse and exposed even further what a defensive, narcissistic, classless, lazy, and disgusting orange blob we have as our Commander in Thief. Then he brought in that expert and ace . . . . Jared Kushner. Impressive. Beautiful tests available to anyone who wants them, but you don't need them. Hydroxychloroquine - which he is literally eating his own words now. I could go on and on and on and on. Everything he says is 100% hot air and garbage. Everything. He has blood on his hands and should be held criminally responsible. The posterboard illustrates perfectly how Trump handles any crisis. Figure out who to blame, repeatedly lie and distract, go in circles with that method and hope that it will all go away and that he can coast on the popularity of his dimwit base who really are just dumb enough to drink bleach.
  3. I’m just relieved that trump is taking hydroxy, as we found out today. He had a hunch, and doggone it, we need him healthy. Fake news and those other liars in their ivory towers of science. Especially irksome to face a whistleblower that goes by the name of Dr. Bright. Hydroxy!! Bleach!! Merica!!!
  4. I’ll grant you this spessimen looks large and itching for a fight. And hopped up on bathtub meth could be problematical. These better be some special hostas. You sure it ain’t your Mary Jane patch you been heavily fertiLizing all spring, just like this thread, that has this beasts interest?🤣
  5. Paul Dallas can pertect sugarbritches hostas for a fee + uncorked bottle of Old Crow. First paying job before he went on the bass circuit was to wrassle and shadow box them as a teenager under the big top. Not skert.
  6. Agreed. Certainly no harm in wearing, and your point about those who do being more conscientious and generally careful, seems likely. 5 years from now we may know differently, but aside from some very minor inconvenience, what is the downside if there is only potential upside? We need all the upside we can get.
  7. Paul Dallas used to get asked a lot of dumb questions back on the old Conservation Cafe, but his time commitments to his sponsors and such, , ,, and dealing with his debilitating arthritis of late due to catching so many mammoth sized bass and trout....he couldn’t keep up with timely response, especially during those long periods of unjust incarceration. He asks that his fans forgive him, and to respect his privacy, particularly his loyal base in Japan whom he loves and is preparing an exclusive at-home pay per view event which will be costly but worth every penny or Yen. Stay tuned........
  8. And Fishinwrench . . . . your log of 16,353 posts and counting. . . . good grief son, talk about someone who is anxious to spend a lot of time spitting in the wind . . . . . . . .🤣🤣 you post on average, what about 100 times per day???
  9. My point was . . . . I am totally missing his point! He says its not a bad thing, but that the "government can manipulate the majority of the population over time". What does this mean exactly?? Is this some libertarian cockamamy or more of the deep state nonsense? Maybe the COVID has taken away my smell of determining what type of garbage is being peddled here.🤣
  10. I've completely missed your point on this one. 84,000 dead in less than 3 months and you think people are needlessly scared and prone to manipulation by "they" - whoever that is? And your seat-belt analogy . . . . . is that manipulation?, or just statistically proven fact that it saves lives and is a common sense good practice to follow if you value your own life. Are you saying its needless government meddling? By that logic, lets do away with all traffic lights. Why stop there, lets do away with all traffic laws. What are you saying??
  11. C'mon, Mitch. The Trump baby is more funny than your Jim Jones gif.
  12. Anyone see today’s press briefing?
  13. well, c'mon Mitch. Give us the keys to your conspiracy kingdom, and pop the hood. This collegiate would like to see more what the gov-mint and media is lying about, . . . that PLANDEMIC VIDEO was so ummmmmmm, goood, I can't wait for whats next.
  14. Truth is what we all seek. You seem to twist science into an opinion piece, where everyone is entitled to voice their set of facts, no matter how flawed, and that it deserves a voice. It doesn’t! This is Trumps Achilles heel. A man full of opinions and hunches, completely untethered from the scientific method or any of its principles, and we don’t even have to go to that dark corner of his ethical and moral standards. But back to this idea and/or notion of truth. Where do we find it in this administration? It’s been a train wreck of denial, blame, self-praise, attempts at distraction, and fluctuating endorsements of conspiracy theories, absence of any organized plan (Jared), abandonment of their own phased reopening plan, an aborted plan to dissolve the “task force”... only after backlash, and don’t forget abdication of ANY responsibility— afterall, the cupboards were bare in January...., and then the shift to say the states were unprepared. And that is just the last 2 months! Let’s not talk about all the well documented warnings, gutting of the CDC, WAY before January.
  15. “Pro bono attorney seeks work for slanderous internet libel case” —— said no work-wanted ad ever.🤣🤣🤣. You’re joking, right?
  16. https://medium.com/politically-speaking/plandemic-debunked-403a6e7d3ff7 last word?
  17. Nah, there is so much nonsense flying around these days, phony documentaries like this, internet garbage, emails that get forwarded again and again. Who wants to chase down those rabbit holes and pay attorneys big money, especially in these economic conditions, for little hope of payback or reconciliation of reputation. The BS is so fast and furious these days—- why play in the sewer? Mitch drinks from it daily. Rural Missouri drinks from it daily. Orange Satan lovers bathe in it.
  18. Either gearing up, or more likely, not wanting to waste the time with someone who is all but completely discredited and an outright FRAUD. Thanks Mitch!
  19. https://medium.com/politically-speaking/plandemic-debunked-403a6e7d3ff7
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