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  1. Eclipse photo

    Not a bad day laker !
  2. Farm pond action...

    Cornmeal and creole for these guys! Probably some taters as well! Pond fishing is a high ranking matter for me as well. The big one was on the fly rod.
  3. Farm pond action...

    Went at six fifteen this morning to a family pond. Caught a lot of bass in two hours.biggest was twenty inchea or so strong four pounder. Throwing brush hogs and swim baits.
  4. Favorite dry flies for the Ozarks?

    Spring bwo All year griffiths gnat Elk hair caddis and hopper for summer. Fall griffiths
  5. Lake Taneycomo

    Great pics!
  6. Banner Day!

    Again just leave these guys alone if you don't care for there comradery. As you say here it is public and they have a right to congratulate a friend on a good day on the water. I have zero experience with you as a poster and I see these men sharing tips success stories and good times. Please jut leave them alone and find somewhere else to be public with your unhappy banter.
  7. Banner Day!

    Wow.... Is it really necessary to turn peaceful friendly conversation into hostile unproductive condescension ?
  8. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Love that place. It is solitary and peaceful and just plumb full of fish! I miss and scare so many i can't even imagine what a skilled fly fisherman could down there!
  9. August 10-12

    So do you think the commentary about the browns not running as heavy this year is still valid ?
  10. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

  11. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Ill snap a picture of mine that I tie. Its a variation on a version George Daniels ties. Big bead and lead with an orange hot spot and red collar. Works good as a dropper or as a point fly
  12. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Frenchy is deadly. I started using it more this year and found that theheavily weighted version is best down at crane.
  13. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Glorious morning on the old creek! Twenty plus fish and a nice Sucker on the fly. Today's winning combo was frenchie George Daniels style served atop an olive wooly bugger. Fish first cast and action steady all morning. Hit lower access early and then tried above park. Lower access was money. Above park was low and slow did manage to catch three up there but nothing like lower. Got rained on but well worth the soggy gear.
  14. Hitting creek for a rainy Friday.

    Hitting the creek really early Friday with the rains it should be a nice day down there.
  15. Leggy Foam Ant (Sz 16)

    Those legs look great. I always use hackle but this will be more lifelike.

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