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    Addicted to crane creek and fly fishing as a whole. Temperate are really intriguing me these days as well.

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  1. trythisonemv

    Otters terrorize trout anglers!!

    Havent seen a snake on crane either since I started seeing otters. Saw a mink last time as well
  2. trythisonemv

    Good chuckle

  3. trythisonemv

    Trip Tuesday

    No pickeral this time ... Maybe next. Water super low and him clear . Very spooky fish even in the secret spots.🤕 weather was good could've been a little more over cast.
  4. trythisonemv

    Trip Tuesday

    Another for mr folly...
  5. trythisonemv

    Trip Tuesday

    Today was mediocre by normal standards but enjoyed it nonetheless.. . Scud was winner on numbers bugger on size. Managed about eight fish one is a new pb by johnsfolly standards....
  6. trythisonemv

    Trip Tuesday

    Headed down Tuesday after the rains. Should be good conditions . Try not to hit it unless it has rained or isn't too hot and this week looks perfect .
  7. trythisonemv

    Water Temps

    Great question. The best thing to do is wait until its a cooler day , over cast or even light rain help. After a storm can be the best fishing down there. Big bugs and nymphs will get destroyed. Thos time of year be aware of everything. Try to avoid walking in the water and be quick to release the fish. It is cold water all year but If the water is too low it can get warm. I'm going Tuesday I'll report the conditions as they are. Good luck
  8. trythisonemv

    TR place holder for next week!

    Nice work . Wish i could get away from work
  9. trythisonemv

    Longear Sunfish #2

    Id say eight inches I the biggest ive caught. Niangua has some big ones.
  10. trythisonemv


    Love Jon h. Great video . That kid gets around and has a lot of fun!
  11. trythisonemv

    Anybody else getting this spam?

    I get it only when on this site .
  12. trythisonemv

    Night Time Fly Fishing Report - 6/8 - 6/15

    Gotta get down there.
  13. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Been trying to catch one of them for. While but haven't seen any I'll check it out ty
  14. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Wher did you catch the pickerel if you don't mind my asking?
  15. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Those trees are almost the best spot now. Theyve been washed out pretty well

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