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    Addicted to crane creek and fly fishing as a whole. Temperate are really intriguing me these days as well.

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  1. trythisonemv

    Any Recent Reports

    Th is is a great time to hit the creek. It is a little low and spawning will start soon so be extra careful
  2. trythisonemv

    Olliefest XII

    I managed two rainbow a blue gill and two chubs. . . Tough day
  3. trythisonemv

    Olliefest XII

    Should be a good time! Always is! Love that lower access better anyway. See you in thw morning fellas
  4. trythisonemv

    Olliefest XII

    Looks like cloudy and 49 for the high.... usually rain a bit so at least thas not the case
  5. trythisonemv

    Olliefest XII

    Yeah right it's always crap lol
  6. trythisonemv

    C&R This Friday

    Yeah I dont mess with the parks during busy season anymore ... too many people who haven't been taught etiquette required to fish in public lol
  7. Olliefest time!!!

    1. ollie


      Oh yea, that is coming up isn't it! Guess you are going this year? If we don't get more rain it will be a tough day out there for sure this year.

    2. trythisonemv


      Yah I was thinking the same thing. . . It will probably rain that day per usual though 😆

  8. trythisonemv

    TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

    Envy you guys ... I wish I could get down more
  9. trythisonemv

    Best catfish tutorial I've ever seen!

    Its a prominent you tube channel and that kid is a beast . . . His dad keeps a close eye one him
  10. https://youtu.be/1u4jI00LAMQ
  11. trythisonemv

    Pickerel in south west mo

    Thats what im hearing
  12. Any one know where to get into some pickerel of any kind in southern missouri? Never caught one and really want to
  13. trythisonemv

    Trip time again...

    Yeah I failed to follow up on tjis thread... that fly got three strikes and no fish. Mega worm in white caught a brown and missed a few others . Night bite was slow for us. Some guys chucking jerk baits did good with some big Brown's. Once sun came up I started to catch them on Scuds and midges but notjing major. One big rainbow on red midge and lost several others
  14. trythisonemv

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    Never got down to blue springs creek but fish crane a lot. . . Sound s similar. . . Secret is wait for a rainy stretch to muck up the water a little and remember to stay out of the creek if at all possible. Long leader and accurate casts. Hope you get back out there . Nice shiner! Good report
  15. trythisonemv

    Secret trout water

    Tons of crawfish and dace

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