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  1. Wasn't sure with the covid 19 flaring up around here that you were going to be done there. . . i was going anyway now that I have the wife convinced I have A tradition lol
  2. I'm with you on this one rick lol
  3. I have had bad experiences with people down there doing similar thing to this. They are disrespectful to other anglers so the fact that they are treating fish in inappropriate ways is no shock. I have had guys walk right out in front of me and start fishing. I have had guys walk through the middle of an outlet that five people were fishing and not even care.
  4. This is freaking hilarious... who are you? I'm the nerd for sure so is @johnsfolly
  5. This is freaking hilarious... who are you? I'm the nerd for sure so is @johnsfolly
  6. Dad has caught a few catfish out of the niangua above Bennett where that big rock is. Crappie as well. If you get down by tunnel dam there are a lot of catfish and other big species.
  7. . Started out at sunup at ball field and walked down the tracks as the water is super low and clear and the upper and middle would be bone dry. First hole had a couple lookers at the barely legal but too small to eat. Then switched to olive and black bugger and game on. Managed a few here and there but nothing too hot. Switched to double nymph drop shot rig with frenchie and scud and caught five or six dinks in short order . The kid I took with me caught his first trout on this one. Kept moving as water was very skinny and any wrong move ou r loud noise spooked the holes. Made it to the spot w
  8. The hopper wasn't the trick today unfortunately... however, the elk hair caddis got it done thos afternoon and the size 8 wooly bugger in black and olive worked this morning. The frenchie was a good producer late morning when they wouldn't eat. Again had to drop shot to get them to eat . The afternoon brought a rather dramatic little brown stone fly hatch that the size 12 caddis simulated very well. I think a size smaller would've been even better . They were very where
  9. In all seriousness I use the two fly rig mostly at taney. I never get tangled or hook myself though 😁
  10. Solo as a dry. Would make a decent dropper floater if you tied in a hot spot so you could see it. But at crane just as a dry fly since it is so small and narrow. Buggers are the best way to go but cricket pattern will get it done if they are eating dries
  11. I'm heading down thursday anyone is down say hi. White Chevy step side
  12. Not a dry dropper wrench but a drop shot . I tie an double over hand knot where the point fly would go or I use a heavy bead head fly . Then about 12 inches above I tie a blood knot and attach a dropper loop with a perfection loop and put an unweighted fly or lightly weighted dependent on current flows. Crane I use two flies bigger water I use two flies and a split shot dropped off the eye of my point fly. Very effective for short line work. Dry dropper is rare but I will use it occasionally on crane .
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