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  1. Best brown float?

    Nice! I fell in love with that river this year and look to take my brother down soon. He moved back from Chicago. Looking forward to ollie fest this year as well!
  2. 10/10 AM Fishing

    Yep only one kindof rainbow in there and its almost time for them to color up really well.
  3. Best brown float?

    They are always helpful! Wonder if true hangar is stir there? I really enjoyed staying up there
  4. 10/10 AM Fishing

    The trick is to walk as far from access points as possible.then stay out of water as much as possible.then use big nymphs and accurate casts to lies. If you can stand as far away as possible so they cannot see you. Buggers work well down there as do prince nymphs. A hopper with a small dropper will work too. Don't overlook any water. The smallest riffles can make for good fishing. Deep holes hold the bigger ones mostly near trees and high banks.
  5. Creek Level

    Well sir its low but we just got some rain...three tenths so not much but enough to turn them on especially with the excellent cloudy weather and wind stay awAY from upper access. Try from trestle down and the lower access on grisham ford. More deep spots.
  6. Best brown float?

    Floated that stretch in February didn't see but one brown. Ill try it again though!
  7. Best brown float?

    Looking to hit the north again this fall winter and was wondering g the best put in take out for chasing browns?
  8. Headed down sunday

    So report for Sunday.... Lots of freaking water! Got down there to at least a unit moving along fished down from outlet two until dark with only a few fish in the drink range. After dark bite turned on for about an hour with two really nice eighteen inch bows and lost a big brown on scuds. Then nothing until about midnight when o started throwing the big stuff. Managed four or five twelve inch fish on a pattern that resembles a barely legal and lost an absolute monster rainbow when I got excited and lowered my rod. .. Res of the night was tough as the urn sounded in the deep and the water took over the lake. Hit again in the morning and only managed two more fish with one foul hooked to boot. Saw alto of foul hooks on big browns with peopwl snapping photos Lol. Also just s a courtesy I would like to say to all night anglersdont roll up on someone's spot and blast them with your head lamp then walk in and fish therr spot. Not cool mister glowb obber not cool.
  9. Went Fishing

    This redhorse put up q heck of a fight !
  10. Last night 9/27/2017

    Nice work fellas. Hope to get into some Sunday evening on the streamers. Weather looks good moon should be bright a pretty big
  11. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Found a pattern called a dumb bunny im gonna try out today or tomorrow. Really simple but good sculpin imitation
  12. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    That river is full of them ... I've caught a hundred in a day with dad down there. I think they just want to stick something out of need to fulfill some kinda superiority complex.
  13. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Its sort of a double hollow fly but articulated and has more filling
  14. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Articulated crafty bait fish ... It is big...

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