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    Addicted to crane creek and fly fishing as a whole. Temperate are really intriguing me these days as well.

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  1. Ill be down tomorrow... maybe
  2. They love those tiny midges down there. Surprised you didnt see any caddis or Dobson flies yet. Ive wasted at least ten hours trying to catch those fish that are keyed in on those stupid midges. Once on a while they will hit a griffiths gnat
  3. That thing was there sundaay as well.. . . Msot enjoyable part og my day were all the comments people made as they passed it.😅
  4. So saw a few whites get caught yesterday. None by me. One was caught by fellow member @bwcballer first thing. Then nothing until afternoon . Soem boys in a boat throwing tiny white rooster tails started catching males above taylor just a smidge. They boated about six in hour and half. I caught one fish ....
  5. l im going super early tomorrow so maybe have a shot at a Walter. Ill post picture even if just my hands lol
  6. O won't be able to get out there again until next friday or the following Tuesday. Work .... sucks
  7. I always thought they ran quicker up the james....
  8. Two inches of rainnin last twenty four hours. Its moving right along. Bu weekend should be some of the best fishing all year
  9. Dinks and males are here....chasing but only a few commitments! Lol another rain amd warm days its on ...
  10. Keep us updated ... ill be trting tomorrow hopefully
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