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  1. trythisonemv

    Trip time again...

    Yeah I failed to follow up on tjis thread... that fly got three strikes and no fish. Mega worm in white caught a brown and missed a few others . Night bite was slow for us. Some guys chucking jerk baits did good with some big Brown's. Once sun came up I started to catch them on Scuds and midges but notjing major. One big rainbow on red midge and lost several others
  2. trythisonemv

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    Never got down to blue springs creek but fish crane a lot. . . Sound s similar. . . Secret is wait for a rainy stretch to muck up the water a little and remember to stay out of the creek if at all possible. Long leader and accurate casts. Hope you get back out there . Nice shiner! Good report
  3. trythisonemv

    Secret trout water

    Tons of crawfish and dace
  4. trythisonemv

    Secret creek strikes again!

    It's a very small creek. . . But has son springs that dump in and one big spring above it in another creek that runs in. They love the bugger on that creek.. also they like caddis larvae. It's nice having a private trout stream lol😆
  5. trythisonemv

    Secret creek strikes again!

    Thing had a broom tail. . . So I was throwing and articulated sculpin to start with and he whacked that but missed the hooks some how. I rested the spot for a good twenty then went through it again with a black bugger and fish on . He measured 18in
  6. Some bruiser sized fish on this little creek ...
  7. trythisonemv

    Anyone been yet

    Looking at stopping off this week after a meeting wondering if anyone has seen a fish here yet?
  8. trythisonemv

    Quick trip, report w pics

    one hundred percent agree with this statement
  9. trythisonemv

    Trip report

    Water was incredibly low unfortunately. Supposed to get some rain so maybe Better next time
  10. trythisonemv

    Trip report

    Quick trip down from ball fields after nothing in middle section and hooked up. Had three decent fish two on bigger and the best on twelve sized caddis elk hair . Slow day this time
  11. trythisonemv

    Our Buddy Charlie Reading

    Fly fishing to me has been one where you grow and learn continually. I think people tend to associate Conventional tackle with bait dunking and rednecks. They tie it to learning at entry level not bass master status . Some of those guys are just as awe striking as the great fly masters.
  12. trythisonemv

    Our Buddy Charlie Reading

    Charlie is a nice man. Used to get him a pint of black walnut o ce cream at the shop I worked at in high school in Lebanon. Creature of habit and very quiet.
  13. trythisonemv

    Night Time Fly Fishing Trip Report - 10/1

    Size 14 red zebra midge and brassieworked. Caught one Brown over night on mega worm slow bite at night. Some guys chucking jerk baits did well around koaOrange on the belly of the bait
  14. trythisonemv

    Night Time Fly Fishing Trip Report - 10/1

    Your are right here Phil. I broke one off tail snagged this morning across from outlet three . . . Caught same fish three hours later with my fly still in him.. . Mouth this time 😆
  15. trythisonemv

    Night Time Fly Fishing Trip Report - 10/1

    Just made it to hatchery and they are running big water lol time to tie up

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