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  1. Stalking wild trout ...

    So in the last year I have found several spring creeks and rivers that are supporting trout. These places won't be found on a mo con list or in a book. They are hold overs from bygone era trout hatcheries and "failed" stockings of years long past. They surprise you at first then you begin to catch them fairly consistently. Small ones at first then by and by they start getting bigger and begin to peak interest. So you continue to pursue them through systematically breaking down the areas you firs find them. Then its a secret trout cache that only you know about. Then you begin adventuring further and further in search of the small pockets the reside in. I have found a considerable concentration of rainbow trout ranging sizes in some places I wouldnt have thought. So I dug into why and how they got there. Its interesting to hear people and their recollections of how they showed up. Some say old hatcheries others that they were stocked by conservation in the sixties or before. Missouri is a wondrous place filled with surprise after surprise. . .
  2. In search of waders for my son

    Bass pro catalog store always has some cheap!
  3. Fly Tying: Mike Schmidt's Ripple Ice Deceiver

    Just an observation but very similar in profile and action to billethead shuttlecock pattern. I tied a couple of these and I am anxious to try them out. Thanks Brian and wrench. Addicted to ffto!
  4. good luck OAF, everyone else can suck it.. Eh?

    Pissing contests and methodology debates are why we joined forums to begin with. I personally enjoy the debates and suave gotten a lot of good things from the disagreements on here. No one person knows the best method or most moral outlook for all situations so we come here He’s going to talk to here seeking a sort of support for our ideas or an idea good enough to change our existing opinion. Smallies are in Bennett and the niangua and tons of outlets for fishing enjoyment. Not a secret its Missouri
  5. Olliefest XI

    Man it was fun once you pros left. Lol you guys slated them up by the big bridge. I kept wandering off away from the fish. Good times
  6. Olliefest XI

    So took buzz lead today and wet with the Caddis fly and zebra Midge dropper spaced about 12 inches apart thanks for the help Buzz.
  7. Olliefest XI

    So ollie and Buzz I stayed until I got 22 fish most of them were a little brown trout. But I did catch a 3-pound rainbow trout as well
  8. Olliefest XI

    Bringing my brother again ! Maybe he'll catch something this time !
  9. My dad told us when we were kids you had to keep the first one or else it would tell all its friends. .. He would let it go of course .
  10. Olliefest XI

    They do love buggers down there !
  11. good luck OAF, everyone else can suck it.. Eh?

    Have caught some decent small jaws in the park over the years. They get thick.
  12. Olliefest XI

    I'm going to try some big stuff first light that day. Hope to catch a bighun. Haven't been done there any this year yet .
  13. Olliefest XI

    Wonder ice a big brown would take a strReamer up by the darn? I'm gonna try first thing that morning
  14. I instantlly thought of Johnsfolly and Ham

    I catch a dozen different micro minnows a year and never thought to chart them Lol . good fun!
  15. Fished for twenty

    Ca got one First cast then nothing. Fish by the ballpark's just below whistle Bridge done

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