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  1. Inability to get put due to work and kid has lead me to the vice ....
  2. I bought a Tamara angler from wally world Ollie. . . it tracks well weighs 50 lbs and is ten footer. Lots of easy upgrades you can make after market as well. Buya stadium seat from wally world being the biggest. I use the stock seat and it is fine though. Geta milk crate for the back . has good storage but runs whole length of yak. So may need to Velcro some stoppers . I have a dollar store cheap trash can that fits down in the hole. Only cost 250 of the website
  3. Haven't been lately but the stream is in good shape.should start sewing bwo and little stone flies like crazy anytime now if not already. The level is solid and if we geta bit of rain it will be dynamite . this time of year is magic down there. Especially with overcast conditions following a light rain
  4. Can't go wrong with clouser tied in chart and white. Try Taylor bridge on the little sac. Look at that forum as well lot of good advice to be had. Another great resource is @billethead ...he is a very helpful forum member. You're it ia very similar to my own and will slay whites if you do it right. I prefer a floating lin and longer leader with my clouser but to each his own. Small craft fur clouser with bead chain eye under a float can be deadly as well.
  5. Going to try craft fur game changer next with a brush head and dumbbell eyes
  6. This is 4 articulation points. I made the eyes as well . I fashioned it after the barely legal fly but made it with two extra joints for real wiggle. I love barely legal and t and a. The head is laser dub with Crystal flash mixed in.
  7. Tied my first game changer style fly. This one i tied with maribou ans homemade fish spines. Didnt want to waste any money 😁. Seems like it will hunt... Now it just needs to warm up
  8. Personally think masks won't prevent most cases. Think that people not using proper hygiene and stupidity are the most likely culprits. Also it has made my upper respiratory tract so phlegm ed up that i have chronic breathing problems it seems. Who know though
  9. Probably worth noting that crane has been washed out. . ottered out....fished heavily and it still remains full of fish. I think the north fork will be fine.it has tributaries that safe during flood and trout are pretty resilient.
  10. I believe it was the late 20s if not mistaken.
  11. Don't know how I missed this thread. What an exceptional catch. Well done sir
  12. I tie only stuff I ise as well . the deer hair os from a deer we shot and I always have maribou. I work on them in my spare time . I get the simple thing though. Nothing beats a bugger or closer.
  13. I was a bit hesitant to get into the big stuff and complex ties but these are a snap now that I have an idea what I'm doing. I like them mostly because they sink below the surface quickly but don't just drop and they have a lot of movement. Easy to cast and retrieve as well.
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