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  1. Either one rick It would be an honor to fish with you even if it was in a swimming pool 😁
  2. Late July or the first part of October are good for me . July 26 or october 1 and 2nd . ...
  3. Those who would like to be a part of a gathering of the minds this summer or fall should impart there preference upon us here in the thread of gathering.... If you think a group get together at taney sounds groovy add your name and reccomend a time frame!
  4. For sure... I come down every October as well. We should start a thread for this.... I'll start it
  5. Really is a special place... if it were closer I'd be divorced lol nice report ! Think it's time that a gathering of sorts take place on taney with all the regulars ... it would be something special
  6. It's in the books until they come to burn them. . .idly watching the fire burn down the world makes us all complicit in the demise of the best civilization to grace earth. This society has lifted more people out of abstract poverty than any other socio economic platform in history. .. we should all take a long look at bending the knee to despots and wackos whose ideology is fringe at best and dangerous for certain. I rest my case lol
  7. I have heard tales of them in little sac above Frisco trail but have my doubts
  8. I'm still wanting to take the long rod a try the big flies like this. . . If only I had time and a boat '! Great report good questions and glad you had a good learning trip!
  9. Anyone ever caught musky below fellows in little sac?
  10. All of the rivers and stream in central and southern mo have rock bass goggle eye and shadow bass respectively as well as healthy smallies. Where are you located ?
  11. One things seems odd on taney vs all other trout park esque places is that they are not keyed in on dry fly action. You would think being hatchery raised their attentions would solely be facing upward. I have had ok luck on dries down there like you said when they are midging up in trophy area but few and very far between.... too many scuds I suppose 😢
  12. I'm mind boggled that we throw so many jerk baits but never here of anyone chucking meat on taney during this high water .... if I lived down there I wouldn't be pulled off the streamer rod or lake lol
  13. That is a lot of donkey browns ... streamer rod calling my name!
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