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  1. Fish EVERYWHERE at Taylor

    Silver and black lipless crank like a rattle trap worked monday so did clousers
  2. Little Sac yesterday

    By the creek?
  3. Little Sac yesterday

    I was down there and caught quite a few . Were y'all on the bank or boat?
  4. Whites update?

    Nope it was perfect and only gave a nice slow rise and green tint to the water. Got down Round 7am an the bite was steady then shut off around nine or so. Then I walked a ways and had a few follows and picked up a lonely fish. Then walked down far side about half mile or so. Nothing and too steep and brushy. Then on my way back stopped to talk to a guy and we started catching them around noon . Caught six or seven before injuring one beyond release and decided to keep a few . Kept six decent ones. Upon getting home the thought that they were all males but one was proven incorrect. Three females three males. The largest of course being the females. Eggs weren't quite ready for layingb though but close. Two oclock bite turned off after sun went behind clouds and rain started again.
  5. Whites update?

    Hot taylor today with great results in the males. Caught close to thirty all day. Easy fifteen between noon and two. Then bite shut off. Fly rod worked good in the rain in the morning but spin gear won the afternoon . Silver lipless crank and clousers were the right stuff. I'll post a pic later
  6. Whites update?

    Any females in the mix? Or all males? This rain is going to be the right thing for the run
  7. Whites update?

    Headed down Monday in the rain. Hopefully get into some.
  8. Strolled up a few

    cut the red line out and don't eat the real big ones is what dad has always done.
  9. Strolled up a few

    Funny that all other types of drum are sport fish.. red black and the like but our big fresh water drum get treated so unfairly lol
  10. Whites update?

    This gets said every spring but.... this rain and warm weather should get them moving. Only problem will be it's supposed to be nice Saturday and Sunday so the hoards will be out in full force. Good rain Friday and Monday I'd say by first week of April they will be hot.
  11. Whites update?

    This weekend should be ok but the weather is still cool for a full run. If we actually get the rain Friday and Sunday it may trigger them. Supposed to snap back cold though for four or five days.
  12. Fellows lake newbie

    Truth in this statement. . . Tough to fish this place from bank. Now the kayak may have a better chance of you target bring piles and points
  13. Canoe for sale or trade

    Canoe is 18 foot Osage aluminum would like 350 or trade for kayak for fishing. Pm me if you're interested or for pictures
  14. Canoe for sale or trade

    Canoe is 18 foot Osage aluminum would like 350 or trade for kayak for fishing. Pm me if you're interested or for pictures
  15. 3/10 report

    Exactly the point I. Was making. They are very driven by weather. Crappie are same way in spring. If I can I'm going the last week of March and have h add luck this week when weather was decent

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