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  1. # 3 seems to be the answer to your initial scud question.
  2. Another rough day on the farm lol
  3. Thanks for the report. Wonder if the tain will shut them down or push them up. I've seen it go either way
  4. This perfect weather is going to fire them up I'd say. Ten days into the 60 upper fifties... bet the whites go nuts
  5. Yi ou caht beat taney when it's on. And for sure fly fishing is the best way to do it! Night fly fishing down there haunts my dreams. Every time I go I break off a giant due to ineptitude ðŸĪŠ. But this last year put on a clinic and it just reaffirms how much you love the long rod. Excellent report as always!
  6. Concern appreciated as far as you know I could be a total moron lol. I wasn't on ty he ramp but standing on the mud bank. My original intention was to take you our advice and float below Barclay for some smallies and browns but the river is currently blown out so I had to settle for the only access with an eddy known to hi old the occasional smallies and lost assuredly hold trout. The bench is a recent addition to that area to me as well. Not offended that anyone was trying to look out for me. I have fished that river since I was 4 years old and know where when to catch something to dodge a proper skunking. Thanks to all who voiced concern but trust me when I I say I am no moron . 😁 unless you ask my wife ...
  7. That's ok they freaked out even worse in the other thread lol
  8. Wow what an overwhelming reaction. It was outside the park though. Didnt really think it was outside the realm of public knowledge that smallmouth converge on the spring branches this time of year. They do the same in the little spring creek by my house. Lol
  9. Rick wins lol at the mouth of the spring where hits niangua
  10. Need rig was number one bait but lipless crank netted the big girl
  11. Whacked em! Twelve smallies two fourteen in two twelve and one donkey just almost 18 in about three lb. Bunch of dinks and fifteen or so goggle eye. One twelve inch goggleye . Thought it was a large mouth at first.
  12. Donkey smallmouth destroyed a clipless crank! Three pounder just shy of eighteen inches
  13. Was down yesterday and the river was full of good sized rainbows as well as stickers. Caught 6 in seven casts . Just fished an hour for trout though spent the rest hunting smallies.....😁
  14. The temp really determines when they run on the little sac. . Sometimes they run before the James sometimes after. Sometimes long run some time short. By in large the best time is first and second week in April for sure. I had a major good tril end of March at taylor three or four years ago though. It was really warm and good flow slight stain. Clousers flat killed. Then last year it never really got wild at Taylor's but did down river. I probably won't get to go this year since the baby is due April 4th... so good luck also I've learned that evening is best if sunny and clear morning if rainy and murky
  15. Park at the ball fields and walk down the tracks follow creek about half mile all good water
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