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    Addicted to crane creek and fly fishing as a whole. Temperate are really intriguing me these days as well.

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  1. trythisonemv

    Round 2

    I turned at least five that were eighteen inches or better. One was probably five pounds or better. . . The big ones wouldnt completely commit to the streamer. Theyd wack it and then dart. The little ones hammered it. So did the rainbows. One day ill wack one of those biggins like you Ollie lord of capps creek!
  2. trythisonemv

    Round 2

    They are in there for sure!
  3. trythisonemv

    Hitting creek Monday

    Slow day but the streamers were the trick!
  4. trythisonemv

    Bull creek questions

    Not farfrom taney he said
  5. trythisonemv

    Bull creek questions

    Any one know anything about the fishing in bull creek? My brother is looking to purchase a house right on the creek and he doesn'tknow anything about it
  6. trythisonemv

    Slow but Great Day

    Take that back three years ago that fly fishing you tube slash writer Ryan was on the upper end.
  7. trythisonemv

    under wader pants?

    Good old long johns , two pair socks, tee shirt , thermal shirt, hoodie jacket, fleece thermal waders if it cold cold and non insulated if it is just plain cold.
  8. trythisonemv

    Hitting creek Monday

    Looking to take a walk down capps on monday. Taking the streamer rig and focusing on the browns
  9. trythisonemv

    Slow but Great Day

    That is crazy that there were that many people down there. . . Ive never been down thereand seen another flyfisher . Glad you stuck one. Next time you are down let me know ahead a little bit and ill join you
  10. trythisonemv

    Big Browns out to play

    Nice work Ollie!
  11. trythisonemv

    Your first fish of 2019

    Eighteen inch mc cleod crane creek special .... best trip down there in some time. Happy New year to you all!
  12. trythisonemv

    Hitting creek Monday

    Some further downstream. You don't even have to go that far. You can though and no one has ever said any thing to me. I stay in the water and don't mess around the shore at all. If you go to far there is that dairy farm . He doesn't like fisherman
  13. trythisonemv

    Did anybody see this? Mercury in all fish now.

    what was this you say.... faux acid trip? ... what kinda toy... I mean so I can stay away from them 😉😉😉😆
  14. trythisonemv

    Hitting creek Monday

    That section I tough ... if you walk down the tracks to the bridge then walk back up or down you will do better. Also that section is spawning still
  15. trythisonemv

    Hitting creek Monday

    The water level is the best it has been since last winter. I'm probably going to go again before January is over. The post spawn fish seen to really like to eat lol. Threw biggest in olive and black. The big fish came on a jig style bugger inspired by Ollie and his spinning hear jig buggers. The deep holes were no match for the weight. Fish were in heavier current then you normally find them most likely due to the food dislogdment from recent two inch rain.

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