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  1. Yeah four pound line two pound leader. Also bad position in reference to the current. They both ran up then turned and shot down into heavy current where i could not wade.
  2. Well we caught fish. . . Didnt set any record on numbers but we dis catch a few. Had some on midge early in morning before i picked up dad and one good take on streamer. Picked up dad and he wanted to throw night crawlers. So that's what we did. Started down by the niangua and dad caught two largies and aome goggle eye right off the bat. Then he caught a rainbow then notjing for two hours so we moved to Suzy hole . He caught two big sucker and three trout i caught six trout and broke off two really nice ones . One was about six pounds id say and the other about four. Using light line cost me this time.
  3. Thanks for all the help rick tell sandy and the boys i say hi.
  4. Will do Rick! Thanks. You have any suggestions on flies i havent fly fished it much? Where did you go in Texas?
  5. Hope to hit the spring tuesday and try out some new patterns with my dad. Anyone been?
  6. You pictured correctly, and the shot os on the bottom of the Rig. Tied to eye of the scud about four inches between them and aboutsix in to dropper tag with smaller scud above that
  7. Moon valley to Bennett is a good long float with good fishing all the way
  8. Ill try look ahead and set upa tome to go. . . Would be interesting to have someone witness me tripping on slimy rocks
  9. That wouldve been fun John! I can't get anyone to go with me because i havea weird schedule
  10. How about a link in the aoo gor each water that has a few peoplewho fish them frequently so you can ask for advice via message in real time . Not saying we all need to be at the worlds beck and call but maybe a quick message or tip from a pro...
  11. If anyone is interested in learning more about fly fishing crane creek i would be happy to share and to show you the ropes . Its tricky at first but once you get it figured out its hard to go anywhere else to trout fish

  12. The creek is in excellent condition. The water is perfect level for nymphing and i did manage two fish on a dry. Size twelve olive wooly bugger landed the big fish. Majority of fish were on a double scud rig with a drop shot fished czech style. The drywas a caddis sized 16. Fish were stacked in the riffles right as they dumped off into holes. Multiple fish out of every hole and some gave up five plus fish. Best day ive ever had at crane id say.
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