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  1. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Been trying to catch one of them for. While but haven't seen any I'll check it out ty
  2. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Wher did you catch the pickerel if you don't mind my asking?
  3. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Those trees are almost the best spot now. Theyve been washed out pretty well
  4. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    KWhat i need to do is work on my text editing , loads of mistakes! That place seems to surprise me every time I go down. Never the same experience and I think that is what gives it the allure. Almost hopper time now ... I can see the explosions already!
  5. trythisonemv

    Wild trout are the best

    Had a couple hours and hit the secret honey hole again . Only landed one today but still amazed by the fight and furt these fish possess
  6. trythisonemv

    Friday trip June 1

    Mo moSo stopped by plateau Thursday to see if they had something I needed ... 😆 and got to talking to the younger guy that works in there. We got on topic of crane and what we throw and where we go. He said he always fishes the middle off of roundhouse and I always fish below ball Fields and trestle bridge. So I decided to try his spots and see if there were any fish. Made it down at 730 as usual and started walking up stream. Landed five in about twenty minutes and then can up on some soon fisherman who hadn't had much luck. We talked a few minutes and they had put in at the same spot I did. They were throwing spinners and had caught one small fish. I had been throwing scud with a beadhead and managed four small and a decent one. Kept walking and managed a few more small ones before creek dried up and went underground. So I decided to try the upper access as I hadn't fished it in about a year. Good decision s the three best fish of the day came up there. One thirteen inches and two twelves. The thirteen came on olive bugger bow and arrow casted under a tree and stripped. The two twelves were actually both riser in consecutive order under two trees . Flipped a foam body caddis i tie too the first and instant take and acrobatics. The second took about fifteen tries before getting annoyed by it and snarfing it down. Very cool to see two risers like this in a row. Never seen this on lower end. Also more tree cover on this end which have good sport go the bow and arrow style cast. Good day twenty plus fish and perfect temps.
  7. trythisonemv

    Secret trout water

    Yeah I've lost some donkeys in this spot and landed one three plus pounder. Secret is staying with me
  8. trythisonemv

    Committing to a big brown

    Still hoping for. A trophy Brown I have restricted to Oct hunting due to work the last few years. Going to try hitting an evening/morning combo sometime in June. Hope they are still in there after the holiday assault
  9. trythisonemv

    Secret trout water

    Yeah its a hike to get to this spot but sure is fun having my own private trout water lol. Luckily no one around here knows about it
  10. trythisonemv

    Secret trout water

    Hit the little creek near my house again with aims on another trout . It didn't disappoint. Caught six this outing one about four pounder broke me off on a stick after an acrobatic display that would rival that Branson show. These fish are wild as beck and I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface in the population.
  11. trythisonemv

    Friday trip may 11

    Any time sir. Then. Can pick your brain on taney night fishing strategy !
  12. trythisonemv

    Friday trip may 11

    Hit the creek around 730 and water was In great shape! Headed down the track from the ball fields as usual and made my way down to my favorite spot. Caught a few small ones on the way stripping the bugger down and across but was on a mission to Czech nymph some spots I had inspected and had good luck last time around. Man I had a great trip. Fifteen total most on that Frenchie and the rest on a beadhead size 16 olive nymph. Really struggles to move the big ones though. Hooked one about eighteen incher that did a triple flip and ran straight at me dropping the hook at my feet but mostly eight to ten inchers. Tried a few dries with no luck and gave up around one . Love this place
  13. trythisonemv

    5/8 Report - First Time at Crane Creek

    Congrats.! Next time try going down stream from the trestle bridge ... lots of great spots and remember that small fast water holds more trout than you would think. Great trip and hope you get down again soon.
  14. trythisonemv


    Haven't even seen a large mouth bed yet. Was on niangua the other day and don't see any smallie bed either. It's almost time though.
  15. trythisonemv

    Niangua Smallmouth

    I grew up on this river and muddy is not good at all. Falling water can be good at the tail end if the weather cooperates. Almost spawning time as well so that will move them

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