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  1. There are some donkeys in the niangua. Not a lot but they are there. Tons of smaller to mid range fish and the beast goggleye live under every brush pile . Nice pics looks like you fella hada good time!
  2. My now go to rod is an 8 wt as i fish a lot of farm ponds and heavy cover streams. I use it for Euro nymphing and streamers. Never have really worried about the fly line size more worried about leader and fly. I did invest in an intermediate sinking leader for bigger water and for our big ponds
  3. For some reason, they seem to be concentrated here. Now that ive mastered what they like to eat, ill be exploring a littlebit more to see if there are any other pockets of them . This fish was first cast and thr fish the other day was second cast so it seems to me im probably the only person dialed in. There are some juicy spots above this one that will surely produce .
  4. Twenty inches of chromed out fury and smallie as the cherry on top !
  5. Secret creek holds more secrets and a the largest trout i have ever caught by weight on the buggy whip!
  6. Also how do you fish that hibernator?
  7. Ill be down soon so hope the bite stays good.... like october lol
  8. MiSecond drift lit up the bugger moved down stream and caight a fourteen incher moved down again and broke off a probably 22 incher. Im sure there are some donkeys in there. I only catch them in a hundred yard stretch though it is very strange. Two creeks run together above ,one spring fed the other warm water. Then there are some beautiful riffle runs but no fish. Then it dumps into a bucket run ans the action starts.
  9. And now the report.... So started off on the lower end off grisham ford rd and walked down stream. Creek is loaded with small fish. They were super feisty ans eager to hit the bugger. Most fish were concentrated in small pockets of fast water. The usual big holes and slow pools were void of activity. The big fish were no where to be seen on the lower end. Managed twenty dinks though. About ten i moved to ball park for my walk down the tracks. Fished my way down from the trestle bridge to my first good hole. Caught several more small fish as walked. First holebuzzing with life but crystal clear and my offering was refused. Next hole yielded two small fish and so on until i got to the end of my walk. No real big ones caught but the far spot was full of fish. Caught another twenty or so at this access . A beautiful day
  10. So managed to wrangle a day off from the clutches of workdome ! Headed down to my favorite creek tomorrow for a look at the hopper situation ... crickets showing up all around my store so should be interesting! If anyone one would like to join i am goingto start around the swinging bridge access early then move up to middle access above park probably. Good dry fly spots here
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