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  1. Its really nice to be able to go and not stop and spend more money on a tag.
  2. All the parks are that way now. No daily tag as lo g as you have trout stamp during catch and release.
  3. Trout bite best on crummy days for sure!
  4. You tube fly fishing with jeff... he has a lot of insight
  5. This is he line of thought i was following as well...
  6. One would think the niangua and northfirk would be acceptable
  7. So this is a 'kicking and already kicked horse' but why do browns spawn in the white in ark but they cant spawn naturally in mo?
  8. Murdich minnows and some homemade streamer pAtterns
  9. Gonna try my hand at streamer fishing it this winter. Hope yo get a brownie and a bronze back ir two
  10. streamers got a lot of follows including a donkey of a Brown from an undisclosable location😉 Rainbows on streamers as well one on murdich minnow and one on bigger heavily weighted and right on bottom. Big streamers had the follow
  11. Windy day but good to see buzz and ollie! Tied buzz on numbers but he and ollie had best fish. And broke my eight weight
  12. Hows the river after the rain?
  13. Yeah we have had almost an inch here in mt vernon... ill be chucking streamers if its super high lol or just for fun
  14. With rain today and tomorrow and sunny saturday sunday should be great day
  15. Figured when i saw the ruts at the lower access maybe that was what was up
  16. Haskins had the parking lot by the mill closed.... is that because he was mad ? Or does he only open it on certain days?
  17. Ive been down once and only caught two wild par marked fish and saw three or four browns
  18. Already tied my fish to tree lol 😉
  19. What a pretty day yesterday! Skipped over to crane and walked down the tracks to start my day. Creek back to low and clear, not ideal conditions but beggars cant be choosy. Managed about twenty fish all but two were tiny. Most came on elk hair caddis skated through riffles or gently placed on the edge of seams. Fun day
  20. When i was really little our neighbor caught a 54 lb common out of taney. He pressure cooked it and ate it lol
  21. Thos fly wouldbe great at crane creek. Tons of baby rainbows and stone rollers
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