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  1. Spoondog, I really like this post, I find myself reading it over and over. Each time I find it more thought provoking,mind and sole searching Very well written! PhD political science,Educator, or trial lawyer??
  2. Mizzo has been trending this way for a long time. The J school was very radical when I was there in the 50s
  3. Hazbin

    Bo's Posts

    I think I found out what he's been doing , check out their utube video dated 12/15 with Little Jasper, pretty fast and furious!!
  4. Anybody wonder why no recent posts from Bo? Folks we're missing out on a wealth of experience and information here. I've fished with this guy for over 20 years and never known him to over exaggerate on anything especially what he catches. His knowledge here on TR is pretty much unmatchable. I don't know what 's going on here , but I think we're losing out here on up-to-date info.
  5. Hey Man I found it on e-bay, got 40# on the way, thanks again.
  6. GNS, Thank a lot. What did that 150 yrd. cost? You said it's pretty hard to find, like on e bay, can't find it locally- Cabelas or BP? Are you using regular tube blacklights?
  7. I still need some information on Nite iii's (eye's) , it looks very similar to Lunar Xtreme in size and they claim it will show 100' of florescent line. Bo, I understand all the other, but have to get allocations from my CFO.
  8. The advent of fluorescent braid, has in my experience made bulb type blacklights obsolete. Glo Vis braid doesn't illuminate quite as much as mono, thus causing you to miss a lot of hits. I have been using bulb type fluorescent blacklights and the other night I bet I missed nearly 50 bites, especially on the fall. I don't know how we fished in the dark, but I proved to myself I can't to it anymore. I have to see the line at all times since I started using braid. Here's my problem, once I started using braid a1nd feeling all the movement and sensitivity, I just can't go back to mono. Now back to what lead to pick for a poor man who is nearly 85 year old, but still enjoys fishing at night. I have found that Leds are the answer, can't afford $150. for a Lunar Xtreme like some people I know, no more than about have that amount.
  9. Has anybody had experience with Nite iii's Led Blacklight?, like width and beam distance using Glo Vis braid.
  10. Has anybody had any experience with Nite iii's led black light?. Like beam width and distance using Glo Vis braid.
  11. Has anybody had any experience with Nite iii's Led Blacklights, like distance and width you can see your line; especially with GloVis braid?? v
  12. Hazbin

    Pet Peeve

    Throughout all this I think I've learned something in spite of some aire of perpetual agitation. I guess it's okay for satire and ratings.
  13. Steve, What time of day did this happen, we try to patrol those ramps periodically. You are right we all have our low-life around. Was it at the main ramp across from turkey mountain or the one in Viney Cr. ? Most of the time the low-life will be partying on the Viney Cr. one.
  14. Bo, Sounds like you and Linda had a rough day yesterday on the Kings, any Crappie to report?
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