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  1. We went Saturday morning and everything was ice free. The fog on the other hand was brutal. White River arm was super clear water too, temps from 39 to 40.
  2. What are the latest ice reports on Beaver and Table Rock? Last Saturday it looked like dam area of Beaver was all ice free. Monday a buddy checked Prairie Creek and Rocky Branch, all iced up. He wound up launching at Hwy 12 bridge access. Trying to plan where to go for this Saturday. Thanks, Mark
  3. I went fly fishing below Beaver Dam last Saturday. Went Indian Creek Road to Dam Site Road just to run the ridge with views of the lake. It was beautiful with all the snow, and no visible ice on that end of the lake.
  4. My and a buddy are planning to launch out of Big M Saturday morning, if ice is gone. Maybe we can meet up? My boat is white Vexus. If we take his truck it'll be a white Ford diesel crew cab, if in mine, Orange Tundra crew cab(can't miss it!).
  5. Cool drone video on PC's Facebook page. Hickory Creek's FB page had some pictures of ice there posted.
  6. I had my left knee replaced in 1994 at the ripe old age of 33 and had the plastic parts replaced in 2007. Playing football was not so good to my knees. All that said, I just completed my 29th season of officiating football. I'm no speed demon and move at more of a fast jog than run, but there are occasions that require a full on sprint. The football field is the only place I run though. I prep for football season by walking, elliptical machine, or stationary bike. I also continued snow skiing until just a few years ago, and that was more because my right knee is about worn out now. I've done a
  7. We had one for my wife and she loved it. Sold it this fall after we got the new bass boat. I never even sat in it let alone took it for a paddle. She just wanted one that had a seat like my Jackson Mayfly. Traded her previous Perception in on the Pescador Pro 10 at OMTC in Garfield. Sold the Pro 10 on Facebook Marketplace in a matter of minutes.
  8. We fished Sunday from Prairie down to Hickory and zeroed. Talking with guys at PC ramp after a 53 boat tourney and 6 for 17# won it and 10# got a check. Over half of the boats zeroed.
  9. My wife and I went to the visitation last night and the funeral was at 10:00 this morning. Private, pretty much family only. Ted was a really good dude and well respected. Great turnout at our church for visitation. Just an awful tragedy. His wife had to tell the the other children that Ted and John would not be coming home from their fishing trip but instead they were going to Heaven to see Jesus. Tears filled my eyes as I was typing this but so thankful that Trish had that assurance. I think that is the only thing keeping her from totally losing it right now. Please if you don't mind, keep t
  10. Greta fish! Can you imagine the criticism the dude would have gotten if he just let it float off belly up?
  11. Picked up our new Vexus AVX1880 at Branson West Marine last Friday. Spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning breaking her in on TR. Got caught out in the storm that blew up Saturday morning. Found refuge in Kanakuk's dock. The boat handled the waves like a champ while we were running trying to beat the storm. Didn't really fish, too busy breaking in motor and playing with graphs and the Ultrex TM. This first picture is loading up Saturday afternoon to head back to NWA, 2nd BWMPS had her on the showroom floor for our walk-through Friday, and the 3rd is our sales girl Rachael, my wife, and me
  12. I've got a Jackson Mayfly. Super stable with plenty of dry storage and an open deck. They are pretty pricey though. I had a Wilderness Ride 115X I traded in. It's also a tad on the heavy side for loading/unloading and dragging to the water. That's where the C-Tug comes in handy!
  13. If you are looking for a tin boat be sure and give Vexus a good look. I have a Vexus AVX1880 on order. Supposed to start the build on it next week. Can't hardly wait!
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