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  1. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    We had 6 boats show up and brave the rain. 2 boats came in with limits. 2 came in with none. Well 1 of those two boats left early. Can’t hardly blame them with the wonderful rain. 1st-17.0lbs with BB 7.1lbs 2nd-14.94lbs
  2. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    I just remembered to check here. Yes we will be having as long as it doesn’t become snow and ice. Sorry for late response
  3. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    Good ol’ Boys Open Buddy Bass Tournament. February 24, Mutton Creek ramp, 7am-3:30pm, $55 entry, includes $5 BB, pay at ramp, no membership fee.
  4. Good ole boys

    Sorry haven't been on here for few days. Good ol boys tournament is this Saturday December 2. It is an open buddy tournament. $55 entry fee that includes BB No membership fee. Pay at the ramp. 7am-3:30pm.
  5. Lews custom speed stick $75

    Sending pm
  6. Lews custom speed stick $75

    Still have rod for sale?
  7. Open buddy bass tournament

    Good ol Boys open buddy bass tournament, Saturday June 10, 6pm-1am, Mutton Creek ramp, $50 entry fee, $5 optional BB pot, pay at ramp, pays one place per 5 boats.
  8. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    Good ol Boys open buddy bass tournament, Stockton Lake, Saturday June 10, 6:00pm-1:00am, Mutton Creek ramp, $50 entry fee, optional $5 BB, pay at ramp, 1 place paid for every 5 boats
  9. I would be interested in going if the offer is open
  10. April 22nd Bass Tourny?

    I'm sorry, but is members only tournament. We are some open (anybody) tournaments this summer though if that interests you at all.
  11. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    22 boats, 9 limits, 1st-16.87, 2nd-13.50, 3rd-12.01, 4th-11.74. 4th place also had BB 6.00. A-rig, jig, and jerkbait were reported as the baits of choice. There were many reports of catching a lot of short fish. We would like to say Thank You to everyone for coming out and fishing.
  12. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    We will take off from the south ramp.
  13. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    1sk sure hope you can make it.
  14. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    Ya probably need to take my scarf and mittens. But not complaining after getting the great weather we have been having in February. That is the only way I can catch a walleye, bass or crappie fishing. But if I put money on it probably wouldn't happen then either.
  15. Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    Good ol Boys open buddy bass tournament February 25, 7:00am-3:30pm, Mutton Creek ramp, $55 entry includes BB, pay at the ramp, pays one place for every 5 boats.

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