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  1. Bushbeater

    Longear Sunfish #2

    These are beautiful fish, but I'm gonna show my ignorance by asking why they are Sunfish. I thought the difference between Sunfish and Bluegill was basically the mouth size and body shape and to me these are Bluegill.
  2. Bushbeater

    Wiggle Wart Advice

    http://www.hughescustombaits.com/ Get a hold of Tim about painting needs. He goes by Hughesy on this forum.
  3. Bushbeater

    Rod reel combos

    Build your own, you will never buy off the rack again.
  4. Bushbeater

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    You can go to the Springfield News Leader facebook page and leave a comment. There's already a bunch of good ones so I just left a like on on of the better replies. You oughta see the posts on BBC, those guys are ready for a lynching.
  5. Bushbeater

    Line Size Question

    Trilene XT for me, who has the rebate?
  6. Bushbeater

    New Missouri wake law

    As a LOZ resident I'm unsure if this will help the situation. The excessive wake fine is reduced to just $25 with no court appearance, the guy with the 28 ' boat sure isn't worried about the fine.Is a $25 fine enough to help the shortage of Water Patrol we already have? Here on the upper end of the Niangua we could probably get 75% of owners to approve no wake, but our problem is not 40' boats, but 300 HP pontoons and 24' + - cruiser guys trying to pull 6 year old kids on a tube at 15 mph. I hope it helps but I don't see it.
  7. Bushbeater

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament- Part 2

    Larry Gale?I don't think PB2 is Camden County.
  8. Bushbeater

    Right kind of powered boat for float trippin' in MO?

    Years back when I was young and tuff we would put the 16' Jon on roof racks and the outboard and tank in the trunk and go.
  9. Bushbeater

    Wyoming Opportunity for pay?

    Sounds like the deal for me, can someone teach me to fly fish and loan a grand daughter?
  10. Bushbeater

    Golf - Hybrid Clubs

    Whens the Ozark Anglers Bad Golfers Tournament? I sure Johnny Morris would offer us the use of one of his courses and up a Nitro to spice up the deal. As for the hybrids they will surely help your game, although I've had some bigger ones almost pull me outta the boat.
  11. Bushbeater

    Help or Advice on the Meramec

    I was wondering about Greens myself, I had heard it's closed up. I agree, however that the upper above the spring would be the place to be.
  12. Bushbeater


    Just one of the best plastic baits of all time. You probably know it by a different name. https://chompers.com/
  13. Bushbeater


    I might be stuck in the 70's-80's, as I almost always have a Texas rigged lizard in the boat and often 2 rigs usually the second is a Chomper or worm. It's my confidence bait. Cotton Candy in clear water or mossy pumpkin in darker water.
  14. Bushbeater

    Scattered Showers and Thunderstorms

    How about this healthy Black Snake I saw on the water this morning.
  15. We got pounded this afternoon on the Niangua. It appears we got 3" rain here, maybe more. My wife was gardening and the wheel borrow is almost full. I'd expect a slug of mud to be washing down from this end.

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