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  1. "Banner" Day?

    Akers Ferry used to give away Canoe Paddle coffee stirrers, about 6" long. Sure wish I had one to photo my 4 with. Could have really rattled up the forum.
  2. "Banner" Day?

    Got a nice solid 4 today, or should I say it was a 18 incher on the new Rapala 16" DT. Congrats on a nice fish Al.
  3. Favorite movies - 5 only

    My wife and I read thru this tonight and we think a few may have been missed. Our apologies for any repeats. The Old Man and the Sea Bridge Over River Kwai The Great Escape The Dirty Dozen How the West was Won
  4. Fishing & Arrowheads

    I see quite a few artifact hunters at Ha Ha Tonka during low water conditions. The downstream point where the branch enters the lake.
  5. Your first "big" smallmouth?

    I was fortunate enough to grow up with a family that camped and fished as long as I can remember. Grampa always had a jon boat and outboard, and one of those old minn kota trolling motors with the motor on top. We were on the Meramec at the campground run by Onondaga when he offered to take me bass fishing. There had just been a thunderstorm and the water was off color and rising. He fixed me up with a push button reel and a Lazy Ike. We were just downstream of the low water bridge where the canoe landing is now when the fun started. As I recall we landed big fish almost as fast as we could cast. Even in those days, probably around 1960 Grampa said we don't keep the bass. To me they all seemed huge, but my guess is the best were less than 18" and probably smaller. I still have Lazy Ikes in my tackle box. My PB actually came from a small farm pond just off the South Fork of the Salt River. Our thought was the previous owner of the property transplanted river fish to the pond. The pond was to be destroyed and rebuilt so we kept that bass, weighed it at 5 1/2 lbs., and ate it for dinner. I had a photo but it seems it has long since been lost in the shuffle.
  6. Legends Boat Company

    The reverse casting broke on my Mercury Jet 20. The replacement is almost $400 for a 2 pound Aluminum casting. I just don't reverse anymore.
  7. Where to Fish

    Fishing was a bit slow, a few decent bass in the morning, very slow midday and then a good evening bite. Nothing big, 2 keeper size bass, one walleye, one channel cat and several 8-10 inch crappie. Bass were on the deep side of docks, plastic worms worked best. All the bonus fish came on crankbaits thru and around bait balls. One mishap, I buried a DT 6 hook in my leg when I jerked it from a shoreline snag. First time for me. The line loop trick worked flawlessly and I was back fishing in less than 5 minutes.
  8. Where to Fish

    Finally get a day off for a full day of fishing. The question is where? Look for Hybrids and Walleye here at Hahatonka, Smallmouth float fishing on Big or Little Niangua? LM down lake in deeper water? Curious on whose catching , when and where.
  9. Holy rain

    Last night the KOMU weather dude stated we have a Upper Level Disturbance in the Mid Layers of the Atmosphere. Sounds ominous to me.
  10. Hazelgreen to 133 -TR Added

    It looked prime this morning. Not muddy, maybe up about a foot.
  11. Hazelgreen to 133 -TR Added

    I'll be crossing the 133 bridge in the morning. If I see anything unusual I'll post.
  12. Central / Western KS

    Don't forget Kanopolis, I hear the hybrid action can be very good.
  13. whites on the big niangua

    I'm at 15 MM on Niangua, there's not been much surface action. The few boats I have watched are fishing Shad, without much apparent success. All will change now as the area is chocolate milk.
  14. Holy rain

    KY3 news said someone in Camdenton had over 8". We did get a big slug of muddy water that was over the seawalls briefly about 5 AM. Not seeing much current so don't know yet if there will be floating debris.
  15. Trolling motor problems...

    I replaced a motor housing on a Minnkota Maxum because of a broken magnet. The entire part with magnets was only $40 plus freight.

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