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  1. I think it may be those cross breed misfits that inhabit the Gravois. Just kidding, I noticed a bunch of that crap on my boat today. On the plus side there's been a decent green bass bite last few days.
  2. It made the drag on a Shimano Calcutta sing. In fact I ordered new drag washers the next day. I was really rather lucky to land that fish as it got me wrapped around a no wake buoy and I had to circle the buoy with the boat while fighting the fish. Just by luck I circled it the right direction.
  3. I believe a place was found to fish that weekend, anyway let's try to get folks to put another on the calendar.
  4. I want in on the next adventure. What became of the outing we were to have a Boiling Spring?
  5. These sows are hard to get in the boat. 13#
  6. I finally got the install done. Put in a recessed pedal pan, hard wired the trolling motor, used an adapter to hook up to the Hummingbird. Put a 12 volt power plug where the original trolling motor plug was, for phone charging or a light. In the back I installed another battery and a switchable breaker for a disconnect. Still need a couple more battery terminal covers. It's ready for fish now.
  7. I believe Bass are conditioned to not eat on weekends. Try Tuesday evening.
  8. I'm sure you've read all the recent LOZ posts so I'll just add this. A good squarebill and cover alot of water don't worry about being too shallow. I've heard dark spinnerbaits also. If deeper the monster worm.
  9. Don't forget your standard 1 1/2 squarebills fished in the current seams. But don't tell anybody.
  10. The only time I've ever caught 4 or more in a day they were all less than 20". Have caught some nice ones though.
  11. Just watched a CG boat make a check of Haha Tonka. First time I've seen one in the 10 years we've been here. I hope they can make a difference in getting this place cleaned up. One heck of a boat, I'm surprised they could make it under the 54 bridge with all the antennas and radar equipment.
  12. Interesting, don't be scared of the Missouri or Mississippi. I fished alot out of Brickhouse Slew mostly catfish but have caught some nice bass, even a smallmouth off the riprap along highway 3. 16' Jon with a 8 9.5 Hp..
  13. I'm just a half hour from Richland, I could go and check it out if need be. I'm still in.
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