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  1. 2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    Last year they sent a text message every hour with the results.
  2. This weekend?

    The largemouth were active today chasing shad. Several shorts, 1 about 18", 1 channel cat and one unknown bigun that broke off on my wife. Crankbaits over about 20'. Pelicans are everywhere it seems, and they are having no trouble finding fish. Watched a group of them actually herding shad balls and gorging themselves. Water Temp 53 to 57
  3. Better Luck Next Time

    Perhaps two bottles? What kind? I may need to drive down and look.
  4. Blues

    I know this one's just a baby, but it hit a rooster tail on my Crappie rig off the dock. I kept it a few minutes to get a pic.
  5. White Bass Size limit

    No minimum, only 4 over 18
  6. Did they drop the lake?

    You have to really watch it on the Niangua above 54 bridge. The stick ups and mud flats are getting some boaters. I watched a 30+ foot yacht work at getting unstuck for almost an hour last weekend. As a side note some of the smaller resort and community ramps are becoming unusable and the fishing has sucked.
  7. Does anyone still use conventional cameras? I have some nice pieces which were my fathers, all are in excellent condition and have been in storage since he passed several years ago. I'm just now trying to figure out what it all is. It appears the best is a Sinar F 4x5 complete with a Bogen Tripod and lenses from 75mm to 360 mm. I have original receipts and documentation for everything. I see there's not much interest in these older cameras on Ebay, so I am open for offers or to trade. Located in Camdenton.
  8. New from Mississippi

    Welcome, tell us some fish stories from Mississippi.
  9. I had a Pro 17 years back, it came with a 14 but I had to switch to a 13 for the reasons described.
  10. Fall Overnighter

    Any certain part of the area? At any rate some of my most memorable SM trips have been late Oct. and early Nov. If you can deal with the gig boats most of the Meramec always is decent. If you're down south 11 Point is a great float. Good Luck
  11. Fall Fishing Trip

    I fished a bit Friday and Sat. on the Niangua Arm and bass fishing was tough. Lots of Whites around though and if you find a feeding school you can have a blast. Good Luck
  12. "Banner" Day?

    Akers Ferry used to give away Canoe Paddle coffee stirrers, about 6" long. Sure wish I had one to photo my 4 with. Could have really rattled up the forum.
  13. "Banner" Day?

    Got a nice solid 4 today, or should I say it was a 18 incher on the new Rapala 16" DT. Congrats on a nice fish Al.
  14. Favorite movies - 5 only

    My wife and I read thru this tonight and we think a few may have been missed. Our apologies for any repeats. The Old Man and the Sea Bridge Over River Kwai The Great Escape The Dirty Dozen How the West was Won
  15. Fishing & Arrowheads

    I see quite a few artifact hunters at Ha Ha Tonka during low water conditions. The downstream point where the branch enters the lake.

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