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  1. I also found this FERC report from 1981 discussing the Bagnell licensing for that time period. Very detailed info on flow and impacts. Bagnell info starts at page 63-39. https://books.google.com/books?id=V3waAAAAMAAJ&pg=SA63-PA43&lpg=SA63-PA43&dq=bagnell+dam+generation&source=bl&ots=hQ5wucgPe8&sig=ACfU3U0nucZDAldWRysLvtSyQNI_LdHxDQ&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj80-S1vJznAhX6B50JHXAYB0w4KBDoATAPegQICRAB#v=onepage&q=bagnell dam generation&f=false
  2. Here's an interesting article about the design of Bagnell, size of gates and generator openings.. http://www.lakehistory.info/damfacts.html
  3. I'll post this again so you know what you're looking for. Flicker Shad last November.
  4. There's been plenty of Robins around this area of LOZ lately. Had hundreds this morning.We have not had Pelicans this fall or winter, kinda unusual.
  5. I really like a Shimano Calcutta for that type of application. Be alert with the strippers, they can take all you got.
  6. The term Swimbait confuses me. You talking 6" baits that weigh ounces or Kaitech 3" baits?
  7. Will the Eagle Rock campground be open then? If not, which resort or campground is close and good?
  8. We went out on a Marlin trip out of Okracoke, NC. That trip was $375 per person, plus your expected to tip the first mate generously. We caught a limit of Mahi Mahi and you are required to have the official Union fish cleaner prep your catch. It cost 80 bucks to have 2 limits cleaned. We did land a Marlin, about 300# which was released to fight again. I'd definitely do it again.
  9. I'm building 3 on a Rainshadow REVS610 ML XF blank. One is done and I am really pleased. For a store bought rod I hear alot of good reviews on the St Crois Avid series, in ML XF or M XF
  10. We had a rise up here that changed things around. I was gone fishing Taneycomo over the weekend, so didn't get to see the most flow. Several trees and log jams have washed in and appear to be new permanent fixtures. I watched the neighbor today try to move a rootwad out of the channel with no luck. It ended up much closer to his dock. In my opinion you just gotta go with the flow.
  11. Bushbeater

    New Hat

    Buy now pay later.
  12. A square back canoe is great for that purpose too. I used to have one, wish I still did.
  13. I'd like another 3, and the seat moved forward enough to accomodate a 5" straight grip. Gay or not he wants the reel seat moved.
  14. I'd use a Dremel and cutoff and scrap the handle and reel seat. Go back with new installed from the bottom, using tape or split arbors to make up diameter differences. New parts would be about $25 per rod if you go with good cork handles. It's more than a 2 beer project, more like a 12 pack.
  15. I think it's gonna float. I put about 10'-15' in the water (No Weight) to remove a bit of twist and it just laid on top, didn't even get wet.
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