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  1. We have a 1962 16' sitting upside down behind the shed. Good to go if needed. Yep, did the seats a few years back.
  2. Closest is G&G on Little Niangua, Cave View Marina, right at the bridge, may come down and fuel you if you call ahead.
  3. So the realtors put up the 1 thru 15 signs as you go up the Niangua?
  4. Bushbeater

    What's Cooking?

    Pretty good, had a ham shank in there for awhile, corn bread on the side.
  5. Bushbeater

    What's Cooking?

    Black eyed peas in progress for dinner tonight.
  6. Noticed a couple strange things on the water today. The first is I caught about 20 whites/hybrids/stripers or mutts that were about 5 to 8 inches. Several sure had the look of pure striper. Almost like they dumped a truckload in my area. Then, after dark I was moving the boat to a covered dock and there were a couple of huge blowups like schools of whites chasing shad, It was dark so I couldn't really see what was happening but it sounded like all heck and each lasted a couple of minutes. I've never seen that in the spring before. I was lucky enough to be able to clean a nice 20" walleye and 2 12"+ crappie.
  7. Caught a mixed bag of Crappie and Bass yesterday out of the muddy water on the Niangua. Most were small. My son had one nice fat keeper LM. Best action was on a Kaitec or craw colored crankbait.
  8. The hybrid was carrying about a pound of eggs. Look at that belly.
  9. Whites and a Hybrid for dinner again last night. Very tasty.
  10. Reasonably clear, you know where I live.
  11. I don't know if it's a run, but had whites for dinner last Friday and put another sack in the freezer Sat. Tried again Thursday and zeroed. The dang wind has made it tough. Caught all mine on a 1/16 oz. hair jig.
  12. Bushbeater

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Mossy Pumpkin Lizard in the rootwad of an ancient sycamore tree. Ribeye steaks and fire baked potatoes. This is gonna be a fun fishing expedition.
  13. Bushbeater

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Plenty of firewood in the driftwood pile at the end of the gravel bar. Bud Lights' good but I prefer Bud Heavy.
  14. Bushbeater

    Whatchya Drinking?

    I figured with the stock market and the virus it's time for some good Bourbon, or Whisky, or Whiskey. I'm good with all. I'm thinking on the gravel bar after a good steak dinner on a cool breezy late spring or early summer evening. One bottle may not be enough, whatcha bringing?
  15. Bushbeater

    Cast iron

    I took a look at our old Erie, it's quite similar to the one you show, with a bit more of the sulfur damage. Still cooks good though. It's been our everyday skillet for years.
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