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  1. Bushbeater

    Question about Nanofil

    Really casts good, just tie knots carefully and retie often. I use 8 on my Crappie rods and have 14 on a couple of other rigs. I've only ever tried it on spinning reels.
  2. Bushbeater

    What's Cooking?

    Made some Loaded Tater Soup last night. Added a bit of celery and jalapeno for flavor and texture. Turned some of the leftovers to potato pancakes this morning. Just added some eggs and fried. I thought they were even better than the soup
  3. This situation is getting sad. I believe we need government oversite to stop the cash drain.
  4. Bushbeater

    Kudos again to the MDC

    Yep, the only time of year I miss the office, it's tough having to work from home.
  5. Bushbeater

    Winter Time Planning

    Indeed, Ralph was quite the character. Brings back many memories. I believe he was the first outfitter to set up in that area. We were regulars and he would rent and shuttle for 7 bucks, even for the 18 mile float. The shuttle was not always pleasant, as he may have been hauling hogs or cleaning outhouses before the ride. I miss the days of the old wooden bridges, they lasted decades thru multiple floods and were quite interesting when about 6 inches under water. The new concrete bridges ruined the habitat both there and at the Onondaga crossing.
  6. Bushbeater


    Had my best day ever for quantity today on the green bass. Must have caught a hundred or better, almost all shorts to very short. 1 crappie, 1 white. Blue back Lucky Craft jerkbait fished very shallow.
  7. Bushbeater

    The Big Dogs are Out

    Let me explain a bit more. Water temp at MM 15 on the Niangua was 45 degrees at 2 Pm today. at the 54 bridge 43 . at MM 8 (Windemere) 50+. Been getting bit pretty good throwing squarebills or jerkbaits on shallow banks with shad nearby. I think these next few days will be really good. Get out and make some reports.
  8. Bushbeater

    The Big Dogs are Out

    Decided to go out for a bit with my son this afternoon. First spot we stopped at I had 2 whites and he got a nice football Kentucky. After we left fish to find fish it went downhill. Couldn't help but notice lots of pro boats running around, we had 2 come in on us while we were in the back ends of coves. The would fly in to the backs of the coves, throw spinnerbaits about 5 minutes and fly out. We were fishing the point at Windemere about 4:30 when they all were headed for Larry Gale. Had to go by the ramp to see who they were, talked to Jeremy Lawyer a bit and found it was the Missouri Invitational Bass and Golf. Took a couple pics, but for some reason they won't upload today.
  9. Bushbeater


    Hawker Point https://www.google.com/maps/@37.5996936,-93.7771137,567m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  10. Bushbeater

    Wappapelo Fishing Advise

    I haven't been there in years, but. 1. Watch the channel and don't get stuck on a mud flat. 2. Repeat of 1 3. Run upstream as far as you can.
  11. Bushbeater

    Still can't catch a keeper bass

    Well, I finally got a keeper Bass and my better half Becky got a another nice eye.
  12. Bushbeater

    Still can't catch a keeper bass

    #7 Flicker Shad tight to a rocky point.They were in water just a foot or two deep.
  13. Bushbeater

    Still can't catch a keeper bass

    Had 2 off the same spot. The smaller one pictured in the net was maybe about 4 pounds , the second scaled between 12 and 13.
  14. Had a good day trying.
  15. Bushbeater


    On the Niangua yesterday temp was 56-58 and the water milky. Looked like turnover to me. Only fish I got were on a Ned fished super slow. I did catch a small Smallmouth, only the second or third I've caught in LOZ.

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