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  1. Up here on the Niangua the level hasn't changed by more than 3 or 4 inches up and down in a week. Not much flow, we must be getting the backwater. I'd quess the level to be 659.5. I did notice it's a bit dirtier, don't know if the rains or Trumans' water caused it. Water has about 12 to 18" visibility today.
  2. I'll come down Thursday afternoon and help get things setup. I will bring a canoe or kayak or both but hopefully get to fish with GB on the weekend. I'll also bring a stove and some breakfast stuff for those who like a country breakfast complete with sand and ashes included. I do have a jet boat I could bring but it's in St. Louis at my sons place. I don't really want to make that trip if not necessary.
  3. I'm in. Sounds like my kind of outing.
  4. Best I can tell we'd be about 10 minutes from Cooper Creek Access. How would the high water flows affect fishing in that area? I think I'd stay in the lower end and try for bass or crappie and maybe even consider bluegill, as I've heard there's good ones in that area.
  5. My wife has a trip setup to Branson first week of June, with my mom and 3 grandsons for Silver Dollar City. I'm trying to decide if I should tag along with a bass boat. Keep in mind I can step out my back door and fish LOZ. My thought was tag along for a few days and fish the lower end of Taney. Any hints or suggestions?
  6. The Niangua here at Tonka is chocolate milk, lots of current and debris. Up about 18" and rising.
  7. Very muddy up here by Tonka, lots of flow too, as the river rose about 4 feet. I fished down close to the dam last Sunday, WT was 36 to 38 degrees.
  8. I've not seen Browning anywhere but Bass Pro, I figured it was a store brand. I have a 7' Air Stream and it's a bit whippy for me and a 6'-6" may be a better choice. That being said I use it for crappie or a light Ned rig and it's handled some larger fish very well.
  9. If someone has a lot of extra time, and nothing else to do, read this report. https://www.lifeworth.com/deepadaptation.pdf The purpose of this conceptual paper is to provide readers with an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near-term social collapse due to climate change.
  10. Hope it fishes as nice as it looks. The only thing I might change would be the exposed threads on the reel seat. I like the hooded locking nuts.
  11. I also turned 65 last year, so I understand I will still need a Trout tag, and border permit. What about the small game hunting permit?
  12. As of this afternoon, no ice on the Niangua. Water slightly muddy here.
  13. Storming hard now, thunder is rattling the windows.
  14. What's this batch of rain gonna do to the fishing. It's 40 degrees here now with light rain and thunder. I've seen some crazy temperature swings the last few days, I left St. Louis about 3 PM at 37 degrees , arrived in Camdenton at about 55 and now it's 40 and storming.
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