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  1. The wind hit here about 7:40, blew a canoe off the dock and rolled the pergola swing, paddle boat on the swim deck almost went onto the fishing boat.. Beware to the east.
  2. Here on the Niangua it's like a private lake. I've only seen a couple boats in the last week. Water temp yesterday around 44 but the catching is good for both bass and crappie. My 5 best bass would have went arourd 15# in 3 hours fishing. Sunday we had a crappie dinner with the evening catch.
  3. With the holidays coming, it would make a great gift for a child or grandchild. My son got one as a gift from my father when he was about 14, he's over 40 now so has saved what? about $300 plus never having to hassle with buying. He has a nice brass card and some conservation officers mentioned it's the first one they've seen. So grampa buy that kid one.
  4. I've never caught a decent bass off that bluff, but they sure liked it. It's really more of a walleye hole.
  5. Went out walking the dog this morning about 8:30 and 3 of their boats were fishing the Tonka area. One in the spring cove, one on the downstream point and another across the lake just upstream. He then left and went up river. I could hear the guy on the point tell his ref and camera guy to bundle up for a long run. About 3 in the afternoon 2 fishing boats and a camera boat were back both fishing the bluff wall just downstream of the spring cove. I decided to go out and watch for a bit but only saw a couple of dinks caught. It appeared the boat I followed was using a jerkbait, a squarebill and a jig or chatterbait. When they headed back to Larry Gale I followed about a half mile back, those Z18 Nitros are either slow or they weren't in a hurry. My 1988 Stratos (Thanks to help from Wrench) was able to easily keep up. Nothing going on at the ramp, they pulled em out and took off.
  6. Regatta listing shows 8 boat private tourny at Larry Gale Sat.
  7. I saw 64 yesterday on the Pomme side, Lindley a bit warmer around 68. Bass was good, I caught about 50 but nothing over about 14"
  8. I've seen Stripers in 3 sizes. Less than 12", 5-6# and 35#. Last 3 stockings?
  9. It's hard to SM fish in March without a canoe, I think I'd consider 11 Point at Greer, upstream for SM and plenty of trout downstream.. Wading will still be difficult.
  10. My cousin is skilled at weird catches. Last time out on plastic worms he had a large mussel clamped on the worm. A bit later he says he's got a big one and it sure was, a trash can lid size turtle pulling the boat around. I've had owls try to take a top water but luckily never hooked one.
  11. I recall seeing them years back in the St. Francis river drainage. I've not seen any in several years.
  12. Those midwest farm pond Bluegills really make me feel so fine.
  13. We see the occasional small ones also, I suppose if they can spawn in the Gravois they could use the Niangua or Tonka spring also. Does anyone have any info on the stocking programs that have been used?
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