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  1. Must be A Man Thing

    I recall seeing that rig on the river before. We were jealous sleeping in our small tents with no heat. But we did sleep good with no distractions.
  2. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Settle down kids, before you get quiet time. No need for the bickering. We have some Cherrywoods, and Lightning Rods, and both are very good for their price range. But I don't think they compare in weight or sensitivity to any $100 rod. Just my humble opinion. Go catch some fish guys.
  3. What's Cooking?

    Looks delicious, we're having handmade tamales tonight, that Mole sure would go good. Here's the Easter Dinner.
  4. A love of maps

    Here's a link to download topo maps. If you can get access to a large format printer or plotter they come out very nice. https://nationalmap.gov/historical/
  5. What's Cooking?

    Fish is becoming our traditional Easter Dinner. Walleye is preferred but couldn't come up with any this season. Fried White Bass with Roasted Potatoes and steamed Asparagus. And of course a couple cold adult beverages. Sorry, can't attach images this evening.
  6. photo or avatar viewing problems?

    I was missing all photos earlier today, not sure about now.
  7. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    She's not into pink, and if I were to do another build now it had better be Turquoise, with real Turquoise and Silver inlays. Probably have to weave in some flowers too.
  8. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    I got hooked back around Christmas and have completed 4 and working on number 5. I had to promise my better half #5 was for her, but you know I'll be using it at every opportunity. She tells me I'm done for this year and better go use them. 1. MH 7' Mud Hole Kit. Brandon Lester Signature. (However he is.) 2. ML 7' on Existing Handle. CRB Discount Blank 3.and 4. 7' M Crankbait Rods. Rain Shadow Blanks. One to be gifted to a fishing buddy. 5. 7' Medium Spinnning Rod on a MH Blank.
  9. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    I apologize in advance if I am high jacking the thread but I built a rather curious rod recently. I had a broken casting rod with a nice handle I wanted to salvage so I removed the butt cap, sawed it off in front of the handle, measured and ordered a new blank that would fit inside the existing handle/blank. It ended up having to be a medium light. I've been fishing with it this last week and it casts small baits beautifully. Really loads up well with a 1/8 or 3/16 oz. jig and zings em out there. I've been fortunate enough to catch some nice LM and whites on it, and although it's a bit wimpy I've had no trouble landing larger fish with it and wish I had been using lighter casting rods in general. Those medium heavy and heavy casting rods aren't all there is.
  10. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    I read a article in the Rod builders Library about the benefits. They sold me and I'm planning on trying one. Maybe not epoxy it all up till I've fished it a bit, if I don't like it just rewrap. Wrapping doesn't take that much time.
  11. I tried a sample they gave out at the boat show. On my older motor, an 88, and it was too good and started taking off paint. Granted the paint was already oxidized but it was better on the paint than the deposits.
  12. 2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    I'm not sure you want them, I fished it last year and this week I must have received 10 messages telling me I need to hurry up and enter.
  13. What's Cooking?

    Leftover Corned Beef tonight, with Irish Soda Bread, and I must say Becky is proud of the bread which is delicious.
  14. Nothing to do with fishing derbys, but consider fishing a river or stream. Say you're on a 2 day float. You are forced to fish the conditions, muddy or clear, and all you can do is concentrate on the patterns. I fish lakes much the same way and may spend hours on a stretch of bank. I'm guilty of not moving around enough, but I'm usually not fishing for a big bag, but rather a big fish.
  15. What's Cooking?

    We had traditional Soda Bread with the Corned Beef. Probably my first time and I thought it was delicious, ate more bread than Corned Beef.

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