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  1. I saw 64 yesterday on the Pomme side, Lindley a bit warmer around 68. Bass was good, I caught about 50 but nothing over about 14"
  2. I've seen Stripers in 3 sizes. Less than 12", 5-6# and 35#. Last 3 stockings?
  3. It's hard to SM fish in March without a canoe, I think I'd consider 11 Point at Greer, upstream for SM and plenty of trout downstream.. Wading will still be difficult.
  4. My cousin is skilled at weird catches. Last time out on plastic worms he had a large mussel clamped on the worm. A bit later he says he's got a big one and it sure was, a trash can lid size turtle pulling the boat around. I've had owls try to take a top water but luckily never hooked one.
  5. I recall seeing them years back in the St. Francis river drainage. I've not seen any in several years.
  6. Those midwest farm pond Bluegills really make me feel so fine.
  7. We see the occasional small ones also, I suppose if they can spawn in the Gravois they could use the Niangua or Tonka spring also. Does anyone have any info on the stocking programs that have been used?
  8. I've not cleaned any stripers yet, just hybrids and whites. The stripers seem to swim away healthy enough. The one today I worried about cause he floated for a bit, but then swam off apparently OK.
  9. Anyone else been catching Stripers? I've had 5 since 4th of July that I'm almost sure are pure Striper. Is there some sort of stocking program or could they just be mixed in with the Hybrids?
  10. Wow, cut and paste didn't work well.
  11. Tecumseh used to be a favorite. When they closed the primitive camping we gave up.
  12. I've been buying from a guy on Ebay that sells in bulk. The KVD hooks seem to be the best buy, about 5 bucks or so for 20 and cheaper for 50. Here's the guy I've used with good results. mikelmb44
  13. I think it may be those cross breed misfits that inhabit the Gravois. Just kidding, I noticed a bunch of that crap on my boat today. On the plus side there's been a decent green bass bite last few days.
  14. It made the drag on a Shimano Calcutta sing. In fact I ordered new drag washers the next day. I was really rather lucky to land that fish as it got me wrapped around a no wake buoy and I had to circle the buoy with the boat while fighting the fish. Just by luck I circled it the right direction.
  15. I believe a place was found to fish that weekend, anyway let's try to get folks to put another on the calendar.
  16. I want in on the next adventure. What became of the outing we were to have a Boiling Spring?
  17. These sows are hard to get in the boat. 13#
  18. I finally got the install done. Put in a recessed pedal pan, hard wired the trolling motor, used an adapter to hook up to the Hummingbird. Put a 12 volt power plug where the original trolling motor plug was, for phone charging or a light. In the back I installed another battery and a switchable breaker for a disconnect. Still need a couple more battery terminal covers. It's ready for fish now.
  19. I believe Bass are conditioned to not eat on weekends. Try Tuesday evening.
  20. I'm sure you've read all the recent LOZ posts so I'll just add this. A good squarebill and cover alot of water don't worry about being too shallow. I've heard dark spinnerbaits also. If deeper the monster worm.
  21. Don't forget your standard 1 1/2 squarebills fished in the current seams. But don't tell anybody.
  22. The only time I've ever caught 4 or more in a day they were all less than 20". Have caught some nice ones though.
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