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  1. Snowflake? That's funny. Actually I thought I agreed with most of your opinions but apparently tonight you want to stir the pot. Go for it.
  2. 250 pages of arguing and not one person has changed their opinion. We should most likely talk fishing and let this BS go.
  3. I tried a Meramac river Drum once, we grilled it and it was edible. I've never bothered with one since.
  4. The Vernon effect has hit LOZ also. At least it keeps the 30 footers and ski boats to a minimum.
  5. I saw the low one as it crossed Little Niangua at LOZ. Quiet and very impressive. Plus I caught a big ole sow bass about the same time.
  6. Why is it the animal news network should be the gospel? There's about 37 other major networks that are fake news. Right.
  7. Although I've only met Wrench in person twice I'll vouch for him. If his views are off then I'm totally insane. Mostly he just likes to stir the pot.
  8. I've not crappie fished in a week or so and not done well, but the bass are on the banks in the Niangua, try a squarebill as close to the shore as you can get it.
  9. I've been in there a few times off the river. I recall it as a big mudhole with no fish.
  10. A guy who worked in my shop called in, his wife had busted him over the head with a frozen 5 pound block of govt. cheese. I don't believe he's ate any cheese since. As for back to normal I doubt it. No more handshakes, hugs, sports with audiences?
  11. For some reason I thought the 11 Point was in Shannon County, but I just looked at a map and it's not. I'd call one of the outfitters.
  12. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/Non-residents-tourists-prohibited-from-entering-Shannon-County-Mo--569527991.html
  13. I heard Shannon county is not allowing any visitors.
  14. I fished down around Larry Gale yesterday when it was 80 degrees and it was nuts. You would've thought it was 4th of July. Big cruisers, pontoons everywhere and a bass boat on every good spot. There were even people pulling kids on tubes. It appears dawn and dusk fishing from here on out.
  15. I too apologize for my comment. Some things I see or read just make my blood boil and I spout off without thinking about the consequences.
  16. Bunch of idiots and jerks here on both sides of the fence. A liberals mind is smaller than a crappie minnow. FU
  17. Thanks for the offer, but that's not yhe right motor. I need one that looks like this.
  18. Upon closer inspection I found the throttle side case, where the tiller handle attaches is cracked and will need replacement. It also appears the front motor mount must be broke as I can grab the powerhead and it kinda rattles around. Ut looks like to replace those parts requires almost complete disassembly.
  19. I have this motor my grandfather bought new, so it has some sentimental value. It's been setting about 20 years since the pull rope broke. It has quite a bit of wear and abuse as we mostly ran it on the Meramec before jets were available. Anyway I pulled it out of the shed today, got it to turn over and removed the fly wheel. Carb, coil and points look good. My question is basically what should I look for to determine if it's worth the cost and effort to restore the motor. I,m thinking carb rebuild, water pump rebuild and all new fuel hoses and related gaskets. Most all rubber or plastic parts would need replacement. Any tips?
  20. We have a 1962 16' sitting upside down behind the shed. Good to go if needed. Yep, did the seats a few years back.
  21. Closest is G&G on Little Niangua, Cave View Marina, right at the bridge, may come down and fuel you if you call ahead.
  22. So the realtors put up the 1 thru 15 signs as you go up the Niangua?
  23. Bushbeater

    What's Cooking?

    Pretty good, had a ham shank in there for awhile, corn bread on the side.
  24. Bushbeater

    What's Cooking?

    Black eyed peas in progress for dinner tonight.
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