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  1. Shell Knob to Kings River

    Anybody know what the Kings River to Shell Knob water would look like or what the temperatures are running. I was wanting to head down tomorrow not sure where to start though. Thanks
  2. 1st Blown engine

    I'll admit my Evinrude doesn't have the top end of a Mercury but I am fine with that. I don't need to be the fastest guy on the water
  3. 1st Blown engine

    Mine was a 1985 150 horse Merc been a long time been buying Evinrude ever since
  4. Everybody deserves a dog

    I'm so sorry to hear for your loss people call them pets but they're really family. I can't imagine life without a dog everyone should have a dog
  5. 1st Blown engine

    I've only ever had one Mercury and it blew up on me and I won't buy another one
  6. 1st Blown engine

    Sorry to hear about your motor but that's why I buy Evinrude
  7. Walleye

    I can't wait I have cabin fever
  8. I drive a semi for a living I pulled two trailers to Kansas City and back five nights a week. Almost every person that passes me is staring at their phone whether they're texting or on the Internet. I did almost get hit head-on last year by a drunk driver on the 4-lane he was going the wrong direction when the police stopped him they said they were 60 empty beer bottles in his vehicle. I have to agree that a guy drinking a six-pack is not my worry it's the guy staring at his phone cuz he doesn't know what's going on the guy that almost hit me head not had a six-pack he had 60 beers. I do drink beer if I have more than two or three my wife drives or I don't drink but something definitely needs to be done about distracted driving
  9. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    That's crazy mo carp about the cooler full of walleye when I fish Stockton I get checked kind of regularly don't mind at all but when I fish Table Rock I can't remember the last time I got checked
  10. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    I totally agree we need changes maybe only 10 per day instead of 15 on Table Rock or maybe 11 in instead of 10 in or maybe no fishing in the spring to let them spawn
  11. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    Sorry guys copy is supposed to be crappie
  12. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    I just read the Arkansas newsletter on the lower Bull Shoals site if you notice they do annual crappie stockings along with other fish. Don't understand why Missouri can't follow suit and do some stockings besides what they're already doing. Copy numbers on Table Rock are not what they used to be. There's no telling how much money they spend on Stocking those stupid paddlefish Missouri should follow suit stop some crappie some Largemouth and Table Rock on an annual basis and lower the link for Kentucky's two 12in. We all know Missouri has the funding for it to MDC takes in more money than most states do for their counterparts. Everybody on here should call the MDC and let them know how they feel maybe we get enough people calling maybe they'll listen.
  13. Heads up parking at K Dock ramp.

    Wow that's a big chunk of rock they could definitely do some damage
  14. Frozen?

    Too cold for me
  15. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all

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