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  1. Thanks limit out I'll have to give that a try. When you said crawler I guess I was thinking crawler harness. I've never tried jigs for walleye, I tend to catch a walleye here and there while I'm crappie fishing or bass fishing but the few times I've tried walleye fishing I don't do as well. It's kind of like going deer hunting and all you see are squirrels and turkeys LOL.
  2. Don't want to ask a stupid question but what do you mean jig and crawler
  3. Nice eyes RPS, I hate having too much work and not enough fishing going on.
  4. Thanks RPS I've been running my drag tight and probably use too heavy of rods
  5. A buddy and I are coming down tomorrow to try to catch some eyes probably put in at k dock, I'll let you know how we do,
  6. That's a great day congrats thinking about coming down tomorrow or are you targeting Flats
  7. I live south west of Springfield and I can say everything here is brown what little rain has came as went around us. They had a new story on the other day about some ranchers not having enough water for their cattle pretty dry Year if you ask me
  8. Limit Out how's that new boat working out for you just wondering it's a good looking boat.
  9. Awesome day on the water. If I got 40 walleye in one day I think my head would jump up and spin off my body I'd be so happy. I can go bass fishing and catch walleye I can go crappie fishing and catch walleye but when I go walleye fishing I don't do so good don't quite understand that one it's like going deer hunting and seeing squirrels and turkey LOL. But I'm relatively new to it I guess it's just trial and error. Thanks the report love reading them, tight lines all.
  10. flicker Shad makes a rainbow trout
  11. A buddy and I fished from 8:30 till about 2 a.m. was a little slower than a couple weeks ago we both limited out on crappie had a 20 inch walleye and an 18 inch walleye my buddy got a 27-inch walleye biggest one I've ever seen in person. We were fishing in about 26 feet of water water temp is about 84.
  12. It's very sad to hear that that man lost his life but you should never go in the woods without a gun
  13. I went night fishing last night from about 8:30 to 10:45. The crappie were hammering it and I came home with a limit. Water temperature was about 76 degrees and about 23 feet of water under green lights. I couldn't keep a minnow in the water. I also several large white bass but no eyes which I was surprised because I usually catch a few. Some females still had eggs. Tight lines and good luck.
  14. I've been stopped on a float before with alcohol as long as it's in a can and no glass it is legal if you are 21
  15. I never knew that it was illegal to carry a gun on Corp land I've hunted several places and just assume that you could carry because of the Second Amendment I feel like it is a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights and I've shot many a snake with a 22 with snake shot in it while camping or fishing not knowing that that was illegal I had a water moccasin climb on my boat once and that was enough so if they get too close I just shoot the moccasin
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