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  1. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    used to fish down there with my grandpa when I was a kid. watching your video brought back some great memories thanks for the video and that's an awesome awesome fish thanks Phil
  2. How to catch walleye on Bull Shoals

    Great day on the Water Guys way to get them.
  3. personal best walleye

    we were using ledcor to get them deep enough. definitely on the bottom
  4. Bass an walleye

    that's awesome that's a really big walleye for Stockton. all I ever seem to catch up there or shorts or 15 to 18 in.
  5. personal best walleye

    That's the same size we were trolling. Chartreuse seem to be the right color for us. We tried purple fire tiger Pearl but that wasn't what they wanted
  6. personal best walleye

    We went out Sunday morning and trolled flicker shads only managed to walleye they were right on the bottom. One of them is my personal best 25 inch

    I too also put my crappie and walleye on ice it definitely does work wonders. Didn't know they shrunk though thanks Mocarp for the info
  8. Beaver Walleye

    What color works best
  9. Been a While walleye

    Yes I was just wondering the same thing I've grilled it baked it and fried it but never smoked a walleye any information be much appreciated
  10. Labor Day Walleye

    Wow that's awesome
  11. Underwater video of bass feeding on shad

    Thank you so much for that video that was really cool didn't know that it work like that
  12. Good day Tuesday

  13. Indian Point area this morning

    Some people have the common sense of a rock
  14. my kinda weather

  15. fished today

    Nice to see a big one caught every now and then congrats. Went last Friday night and and caught a lot of shorts one was 8 inches. Nice to see the growth potential but would have to agree would like to see a higher length limit

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