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  1. Thanks for the pictures bill. That's amazing, i love watching them when im in the woods.
  2. I believe so, It always seems to look like that 😄
  3. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that hates those little dinky minnows. I think Greenfield has the best size, But you guys are right they literally count them out. I'm always gotten pretty decent minnows from Lakys On the East Side of the Lake.
  4. I use okuma. I haven't had any issues with them.
  5. I thought about doing the same thing. I went from a cable steer to the terrova .there's definitely an upside and a downside to the terrova vs cable steer. Let me know how that works for you pulling off the assist a lift.
  6. I have the same problems with the cables. They wrap around and wrap around. And sometimes the unit will shut off while I'm fishing and I'll look up and figure out its is no longer on spot lock.
  7. Thanks I'll have to try that next time I'm on the water.
  8. I have the same problem. It over shoots all the time. I have a trova as well and a spot lock will be 3 feet off this way or 3 feet off that way all the time.
  9. terryj1024


    Nobody's talking about a 15 inch length limit but if you look at Mississippi their length limit is 11 in. They are known for their crappie and there's more than just crappie in the Lake. Why would anyone want to take home a 9 inch crappie there's nothing there. If you ask me Table Rock would be a great place to raise the limit to 11 in. There's not as many crappie in the lake as other Lakes and it would give the crappie more time to spawn. In the lake is also a large enough to handle larger fish. If the conservation department never tries then we never know what could be.
  10. terryj1024


    I totally agree we need a higher length limit. Can somebody tell me why we have a 9 inch length limit on some of our lakes
  11. Thanks limit out I'll have to give that a try. When you said crawler I guess I was thinking crawler harness. I've never tried jigs for walleye, I tend to catch a walleye here and there while I'm crappie fishing or bass fishing but the few times I've tried walleye fishing I don't do as well. It's kind of like going deer hunting and all you see are squirrels and turkeys LOL.
  12. Don't want to ask a stupid question but what do you mean jig and crawler
  13. Nice eyes RPS, I hate having too much work and not enough fishing going on.
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