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  1. Wonders Of Wildlife Museum

    Took my wife and two kids to the aquarium didn't go to the Museum Part I have to admit it was amazing I felt like it was worth $30 a piece for about once a year unfortunately I can't afford to go more than that wouldn't would not mind
  2. Let someone know where you'll be.

    I'm so glad that turned out the way it did could have been much worse with someone swimming in the cold water after a boat then spending the whole night on a cold bank with wet clothes
  3. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    That's a great bumper sticker just got it thanks Phil
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Thank you and may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
  5. Great morning on Truman

    That's a great day congrats man that's an awesome picture too
  6. Beaver Halloween Walleye and Crappie

    Who needs more time when you can catch them like that. That's an awesome day heading down this weekend can't wait
  7. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    Thanks I think I did it right
  8. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    No how do you PM somebody
  9. Fishing in the rain with Uncle Brother Dave

    Congrats guys that's an awesome day you guys have definitely got it down
  10. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    used to fish down there with my grandpa when I was a kid. watching your video brought back some great memories thanks for the video and that's an awesome awesome fish thanks Phil
  11. How to catch walleye on Bull Shoals

    Great day on the Water Guys way to get them.
  12. personal best walleye

    we were using ledcor to get them deep enough. definitely on the bottom
  13. Bass an walleye

    that's awesome that's a really big walleye for Stockton. all I ever seem to catch up there or shorts or 15 to 18 in.
  14. personal best walleye

    That's the same size we were trolling. Chartreuse seem to be the right color for us. We tried purple fire tiger Pearl but that wasn't what they wanted
  15. personal best walleye

    We went out Sunday morning and trolled flicker shads only managed to walleye they were right on the bottom. One of them is my personal best 25 inch

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