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  1. Someone said, the best striper fishing place is the last 1.5 mile of the lir to the Arkansas river. But I don't find many place to access the downriver for bank fishing...
  2. Thank you, you are really good at fishing. I will try to find some eddys and hope can catch a fish.
  3. You are fine. Sorry for my English, jokes are still hard for me to understand with my English level... Actually, I saw a guy did what you said under the dam. But catch nothing until I left....
  4. May be your father can try 1/8 or 3/16 oz blue fox inline spinner with sliver or gold color. It works better than rooster tails for me. I catch a lot on this lure. Sometimes, I got the limit within half an hour. But sometimes, it doesn't work at all... if it doesn't work, I will change to powerbait...
  5. Thank you. Can I know what baits you recommend and how much weight you use? I tried super fluke with 1/2 oz jighead and 1oz bucktail. Didn't catch any fish. Any striper or black bass is under the dam?
  6. Have no idea about how to fishing when the dam is releasing water. Any big fish under the dam?
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