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  1. I hope my comments did not come off as irritated it was ment to b amazement. I have fished against him in the bassothons for years, his ability to catch the bigger fish is nothing short of probably the best thats ever wet a lure on our lakes. Im 40 yrs old been fishing tournaments since i was 18 im just pointing out that in my lifetime i have never seen anyone dominate these lakes like he has the last 4 yrs or so. Yes time on the water makes a huge difference and his dominance has fueled me to up my game but its tuff to find the time i want with a wife three kids that are into everthing and a full time job. But im not gonna complain wouldnt trade for anything! 

  2. in this tourny fishing above lead hill made since very few competitors up above  there but the short day hurt us on day one had 4 that went 10.10 lost 5 keepers two really nice ones felt like i was pressing all day was in 86th after day one. day two no pressure same locations had 14 keeps best five 14.64 clawed our way up to 23rd with 24.74 never seen another cat fishing in the area all day it was nice nothing like the norfork oi's. but day ones gonna haunt me for awhile!

  3. very nice smallie!

    just curious, how you are fishing the football for those brown fish? are they hitting it on bottom?



    getting about half  of my bites on the fall, the rest ripping it off the bottom pretty good, the fish are scattered some on bluffs, some on long points, the big girl came on a windy bluff to pea transition in about 10 to 15ft. we  caught them from 2ft to 35ft saturday with most being less than 20ft, my partner used a 5/8 oz sat and i killed him with the 3/4 probly around 6 to 1, but thurs he got me prob 2 to 1 on it .  and i am very grateful for that fish i dont catch very many 4plus brownies when i do happen on one feels like i won the lottery.

  4. finished 13th in it,.  won on football jigs 90 percent including myself caught them on footballs. had my 2nd largest brownie on bull at 4.39, lost a 3 and a half lb black on third cast that ended up costing us 3rd place, just couldnt get rid of 2 little kentuckys this ones gonna hurt for a while.

  5. Didnt someone catch a 19lb eye down there a few years ago during a large bass tourney? Seems I heard about that. Also work with a guy who dives down there said there are some eyes bigger than volkswagons there.......

    tim fleetwood did in the flw stren tourny 6 or 7 years or so ago if i remember correctly he also won the thing.

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