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  1. dpitt

    Scud Pattern

    It's SM wire and yes I segment after dubbing, the key is to use a thin wire or needle to pick the dubbing hairs out and keep them from getting trapped as you wrap forward...
  2. dpitt

    Scud Pattern

    Here's a scud Pattern I've found effective on Taney and the White... The Mustad "Little Brassie" size 14 hook gives it a nice "Shrimpy" look.
  3. dpitt

    Leech Pattern

    Here's a pattern I've been dead drifting at Taney and the White, and have . had good luck with, best if there is a little generation going on. The silver tinsel reflects the Grizzly hackle making it look really buggy in the water. 1. Size 12 Klinkhammer or Scud hook 2. Silver tinsel red thread 3. Natural Pine Squirrel 4. Grizzly Hackle Collar
  4. boating...If i where wading I would throw a size 16 scud with the midge dropper, still use split shot, just adjust the indicator a little more shallow.. when I'm drifting with around a unit running, I'll fish indicator to split about 6-7 feet.. I keep this depth the entire run... I like the the split shot to be ticking along the bottom.. or floating the bugs close to the bottom.. when I'm moving across the shallow flats... the split ticking gives the bugs some natural action...you can see the indicator ticking, Takes are obvious, the indicator just jets away... on deeper water the indicator just dunks under water on an eat.
  5. Thanks, I fished Taney a couple days ago... size 14 or 16 gray scud and a pine squirrel leach dead drifted worked really well up in the trophy section. There was about 3/4 of a unit running. In the skinny fast moving water, this glass bead head pheasant tail midge pattern size 16 or 20 also worked well.. I dropped the midge off of the scud pattern or the leach with a split shot and indicator. 5x flouro leader/tippet.
  6. I have a collection of Youtube fly pattern recipes for Taney organized in a fly box here https://flytyerworld.com
  7. I was on the water when these races where going on.. each heat only last for 15 to 20 minutes or so... and you can navigate through the course when they are not racing. Was fun to watch, and did not affect getting to where I wanted to go, unless you want to fish around the docks or the fish house restaurant, it's on the course. Also, at the end of the day Sunday, I was motoring back , and just past the Branson bridge I had to slow down for a HUGE Seaplane taking off from in front of the landing, not kidding, I had to rub my eyes, so make sure what I was seeing. Someone said it was Johnny Morris?
  8. Nice report, I've had luck throwing mouse patterns with a full moon, silhouettes them from below.
  9. really nice fish, Jig "on the fly" or spinning reel?
  10. Thanks, Here's a link to the Carp flybox... https://flytyerworld.com/#/FlyboxTiles/5cc351c1dd8617be200715ca There's a species button when you click the flyboxes table... I'll add a catfish fly box.... and let you know... I caught a 15 to 20lb flathead stripping a black woolly bugger with 350 grain full sinking fly line. It was up here in Kansas city at the KAW. Also, I often catch channel cats when I'm stripping just about any type of bass fly that gets down there, also using fully sinking line. Oh yeah, usually you need to use a slow crawling type retrieve. they don't seem to aggressively chase food. Hope this helps. David
  11. I live in KC area, work for www.keyholesoftware.com, Love to Fly Fish white river system. Spent most of my time fishing Taney, but been hitting the White a bit more. I've combined my love of coding and fly fishing, and developed a couple of free tools... SMS based generation tool.. info can be found here... https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater Just released a web app that organizes you tube fly tying videos into fly boxes... screen shot below. site is . https://flytyerworld.com
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