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  1. I'm a city boy, what's a "thumper" in the world of moonshine?
  2. Bought a fish Thumper. Apparently they simulate, sonically, white bass, hybrids, and crappie pounding bait fish. I've fished with guides in saltwater who will "thumb" the bottom of the boat to get attention, guessing it's the same idea, curios to see if this works. I fly fish Clinton(Lawrence,KS) for these species, will let you know if it works. It's a ball peen hammer hooked to a 12v motor in an Ammo can. Search "fish thumping" on youtube and you will see videos on the idea.
  3. It does thanks, assuming your using a couple marabou plums, with a thread wrapped collar? No worries if it's a trade secret
  4. Thanks for the reports. interesting that the micro jig is out fishing the midge. Love to see your micro jig pattern?
  5. I would not go less than an 8 weight for salt, also drag can come into play, so a decent reel is a good idea, especially if you connect with a big bull red. Salt water fish strength is incredible. Lots of those salt fish have big eyes, so I like longer floro leaders. Floating salt line is best, but freshwater works, just wash it good the same day you fish, same with a non salt sealed bearing reel.
  6. One of my buddies is looking for a Stealthcraft, showed him the info, he's very interested, you can call him at 816.516.4295 his name is Jaime. Or you can give me your contact info and I'll forward it. Sweet deal. Thanks, David
  7. If you are fly tyer, especially a vintage fly tyer, this is a must read. Great true story, and did not realize some of those Vintage guys have some larceny in their soul \
  8. Phil, Thanks for the report. there's a dissolved oxygen and temp meter at the school of the Ozarks down from your place. I added it to the SMS app. If you text. "g taney" ,without the quotes , to this number 913.270.0360 it will report current readings. Does this gauge provide accurate enough reading? What levels of D/O are considered good? Thanks, David
  9. Was out today and missed this, will try and make the next one.
  10. Fished trophy section this evening with 200 mhw generation from cable to ramp. Fly fished with a deep rig, 4 bb, big indicator, about 10-12 foot leader, scuds and san juans, did pretty well, most of the fish where big and fat, however they appeared sluggish and a couple took a bit to revive without a long fight. Could this be the DO level? Not sure what is considered good or bad? Here's the current DO level at the school of the ozarks sensor. You can get the current level by texting "g taney" no quotes to 913-270-0360
  11. K, this might not suite everyone, but maybe folks that have a sense of humor, likes Led Zepplin, Elvis, Reggae, and appreciate tight good musicians..
  12. Pretty sure you can't just order a segment, they have to match it up. Contact Hobb's creek, I think is Bass Pro model? I fish TFO, Orvis, and Sage rods and embarassed to say broke them all, not on fish. Only excuse is I fish a lot, but mostly careless. They all have pretty good repair policies, varying prices.. Orvis is 60 dollars, Sage 30, and TfO 30.. Send in the remaining segments, they repair and send back.
  13. Thanks that's good info... will try and avoid the "canoe hatch"
  14. Yes, just a day float, going last part of June sometime. Thanks, David
  15. I've never fished the James, planning a trip floating in a raft and flinging flies for Smallies. Any suggestions where folks like to drop in at? Also open to any suggested streamer patterns. Thanks in advance.
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