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  1. I fish out of a Towee micro skiff, not a ton a room especially when throwing integrated sinking line. So, i bought a collapsable leaf basket on Amazon, cut all the extra handles off, and put a floor in it for stability. Works well, My son just tried it out...see pic below.
  2. Sounded like they where doing some kind of excavating or earth moving, not at outlet three but behind it just north of it where the pond is. I could see, hear, and smell the dirt being moved.
  3. I also smelled that yesterday, thought it might be lake turnover, but then heard all the construction equipment and land movers, so i think its turnover, not lake turnover, but earth turnover around outlet three.
  4. Black 47 on Netflix is worth a watch, tyrants, revenge against the brits during the potato famine times
  5. Not sure I've seen Red Rock West, will try and find. Thanks
  6. Quote from the movie. "Zee Germans"
  7. Brad Pitt was Hilarious in Burn after reading, love the Cohen Brothers. How about Mr Pitt, him not me, in Guy Ritchie's movie "Snatch", as a "Piker"?
  8. Yea, a lot of those movies in the late 60's and 70's did not have the feel good theme. I like that they had to rely upon good acting, directing and cinematography, less on the special effects and flashy editing.
  9. I'm sure this is in a lot of top 5 lists, but the "The Deer Hunter" just started on FLIX and i'm watching again. Good movie
  10. Text "g taney" wihout the quotes to this number 913-270-0360. you will get temp and dissolved oxygen.
  11. I fished Friday from 11:00 to 2:00 drifting up and down the Narrows, started really good, lots of actions drifting scuds and san juans, then water turned off, and wind shifted directions and colder front moved in, turned off like a spigot for me.
  12. Here are some text instructions... 1. Click the upper right red/white icon and select settings 2. Scroll down to site settings and click 3. Scroll down to content section and make sure javaScript is allowed and images indicates "show all" 4. If that does not work, then make sure your Anti Virus and Ad blocker settings are'nt to restrictive, to test turn off and see if it resolves issues, if does, then you should be able to fine tune or whitelist ozark anglers in these settings.
  13. So i saw your previous screen shots.. try this... follow the steps below, the goal is to see if javascript is enabled and loading images is allowed in your browser settings. Also, check these settings, but if you have any antivirus/ad blocker software running, make sure it's not turned up to much, that could also be the problem, To test you could turn off, then see if it resolved, but don't leave it off, you might have to fiddle with settings.
  14. Also, are you seeing any images in adds or profile images of users?
  15. What do you get with images? can you share a screen shot of your browser?
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