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  1. If you get a chance watch the new documentary "Live the Stream" about Joe Humphreys. Fantastic movie, very cool guy, and they fish the Little Red in the movie. Don't have to be a fly angler to enjoy, great for the whole family. It's available on demand.
  2. Ty these all the time fishing the white system. San Juan Worms, Scuds, ruby midges, zebra midges, double deceivers, chubby Chernobyl... For out West. pat's rubber legs, copper johns, pheasant tail nypmhs, sparkle midges Warm water - Clouser's, buggers Love tying the big articulated stuff, have more than I really need do it because it's fun. I never have enough small stuff, maybe I should use bigger tippet Oh yeah, don't do a ton a dry fly fishing in the midwest, but out west ty adams, griffiths, sulfer and mayfly pattern
  3. Wishing you a quick recovery
  4. Makes sense, they where nice size too, thanks
  5. Saw a couple of big browns cruising upon by the cable on river right, came back the next morning really early and threw fly rods with sink tip link and large articulated deceivers, no browns, but multiple crappie, white bass, kentucky bass, red eye's, and smallmouths, did they get sucked through the flood gates, or is the warmer water making them active? seemed like a bio mass of fish there, curios why?
  6. Going to try this on the White soon, so see if it will entice some pre spawning browns. Rear Hook Size #4 Gamakastu front #1. Tail, Saddle Hackle Bodies tightly palmered grizzly hackle, Front shank lead wrapped to offset the grizzly Hackle Head, dumbell eyes with Lazer Dubbing.
  7. Love the format of MLF, very impressed at how those guys almost always find lots of fish, the comebacks are fun to watch also.
  8. Good info, and video is great, thanks!
  9. Like it, what about trailing hook with the articulated shanks in front? rudder might help swimming and avoid short strikes.? Thanks for sharing, nice pattern
  10. Drifted Cable to the Narrows Sunday with 4 flood gates and 4158 cfs, temps upper 60's to 70, water was a touch clouded, but pretty clear in some places, had lots of action. Rig was indicator to SG split shot about 8 feet with a point and dropper fly. Attached are images of bugs they liked, little mangled, fortunately fish mangled.
  11. Added a world map to https://flytyerworld.com for fly tying video boxes. It organizes all of those youtube tying videos by body of water and species. Taney and the White are included. Also have a box for Christmas Island GT's, which is on my bucket list. Not sure how to get there though
  12. dpitt

    Scud Pattern

    It's SM wire and yes I segment after dubbing, the key is to use a thin wire or needle to pick the dubbing hairs out and keep them from getting trapped as you wrap forward...
  13. dpitt

    Scud Pattern

    Here's a scud Pattern I've found effective on Taney and the White... The Mustad "Little Brassie" size 14 hook gives it a nice "Shrimpy" look.
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