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  1. Was out today and missed this, will try and make the next one.
  2. Fished trophy section this evening with 200 mhw generation from cable to ramp. Fly fished with a deep rig, 4 bb, big indicator, about 10-12 foot leader, scuds and san juans, did pretty well, most of the fish where big and fat, however they appeared sluggish and a couple took a bit to revive without a long fight. Could this be the DO level? Not sure what is considered good or bad? Here's the current DO level at the school of the ozarks sensor. You can get the current level by texting "g taney" no quotes to 913-270-0360
  3. K, this might not suite everyone, but maybe folks that have a sense of humor, likes Led Zepplin, Elvis, Reggae, and appreciate tight good musicians..
  4. Pretty sure you can't just order a segment, they have to match it up. Contact Hobb's creek, I think is Bass Pro model? I fish TFO, Orvis, and Sage rods and embarassed to say broke them all, not on fish. Only excuse is I fish a lot, but mostly careless. They all have pretty good repair policies, varying prices.. Orvis is 60 dollars, Sage 30, and TfO 30.. Send in the remaining segments, they repair and send back.
  5. Thanks that's good info... will try and avoid the "canoe hatch"
  6. Yes, just a day float, going last part of June sometime. Thanks, David
  7. I've never fished the James, planning a trip floating in a raft and flinging flies for Smallies. Any suggestions where folks like to drop in at? Also open to any suggested streamer patterns. Thanks in advance.
  8. I've heard this called a peg egg... wrap the line through the bead twice, push a toothpick in and break off the end. I us a marker to color the toothpick stub red or pink. They make plastic pegs for this, but toothpick works well. Then about an inch below, tie on a hook, size 12 or 14 works. Then drop your scud off the hook bend. I've had luck with this at Taney. I know guides fish this type of bead rigs in the winter at the White chasing big browns, they vary the egg/bead color and fish them two at a time. Also, not sure on the regulation, in Missouri, seems like I heard they require some kind of thread wrap, can't have bare hook, but not sure, might be illegal in Colorado. It's legal in WY, where they fish this type of rig.
  9. I would hit all the fishy spots... riffles, pools, riffles into pools, seams, etc... by starting down stream or below them don't just wade into the water... stay on shore and systematically throw up stream and drift down and past, do this a few times, then move out a bit and repeat... then move up stream some more and repeat again, this way you are covering all the water. Also, you'd be surprised how camoflaouged the fishies can be..that's why it;'s better not to just charge in the water to a nice looking pool you see. They are typically facing up stream fishing so coming in behind there vision helps a little sneaking up on them. Sounds like you can sight fish them, so observe what they do when your bug drifts by, if they spook when your indicator hits the water, then you think about removing it and kind letting the bugs drift without an indicator, if your fly line moves at all, hit it. I have not fished BSC, but have fished similar waters. Thanks for the beer offer
  10. Yea, I think you leader length is perfect, I will typically give them a choice a little bigger bug on top, point fly, and drop a smaller bug off it . Also, weight is really important, they may not move much for. food, so it's important to make sure it get's down in front of there snoots, I use a tugneston bead head bug for the point fly, then it's a matter of judging the length from the float to the leader depending upon flow, the general rule of thumb is 1.5 x the depth of the water, but you kind of have to observe and experiment with the depth. You can also use a split shot above the first fly. I'm moving shallow water, it's ok for the split shot or point fly to tick and bounce along the bottom as it drifts
  11. In these small clear waters, I'd use 6 or 7x flouro leader and tippet, along with the smallest indictor possible, like one of those small foam pinch on indicators. Small bugs size 18, 20 or 22, and probably the most important thing, a drag free drift through the hole, which can be hard in tight quarters.
  12. Just added total cfs and spillway release cfs to the sms text utility. text gen table to 913-270-0360 here's a link for more info https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater Hope folks find it useful.
  13. Nice, you throwing floating line with leader to the Crackleback? Apply any weight or use sinking leaders/line?
  14. I created a free sms "text" app that reports USGS and Core gauge and generation values for the White River system. just text g table to get this number. 913-270-0360. if you text just g you will get a list of all the sources. also gives you quick links to the sites. This eliminates having to install an app. Here's a link for more info. https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater I fish Taney and the White a bunch, makes is quick and easy to find out current generation and schedule, especially while n the water.
  15. Added newport gauge to our SMS texting app. text "g whitenewport" to 913-270-0360 to get current cfs and gauge height It uses USGS api feed. Here's a link for more info... https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater
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