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  1. eBay is your best bet...and you will get $50-$60 each there. BUT please let me know if you get $100 each!! I have 50 or so phantom green warts NIB that I would price out at $200 each!!😂😂
  2. On Sam Rayburn....Thought I had busted the 10 pound mark but fell short. Weighed her twice and she hit 9 1/2lbs on the money both times. Need a couple like this next weekend in the Texas Team Trail championship!!
  3. Made it up from Texas to see my family this weekend and jumped in the NWATT (formerly Everett Team Trail) with my buddy Teddy Holt. As Dan said with the crappie, the bite is hot right now for the bass too. We easily had over 30 keepers on pretty much whatever you want to catch them on..problem was that only 4 of those 30 were largemouth, the rest were Kentucky’s. Our best 5 weighed 13lbs and change. Finished in 16th place and also had big bass at 5.53lbs. If you like to sight fish, head up in the clear water and you will see spotted bass all over the beds. A few smallmouth still up too. The full moon really brought them up!!
  4. Are any of these warts still available?
  5. The crappie fishing down here is insane right now!! We caught over 200 total and kept 50 big girls..and here is the kicker. It was all off of one spot!😳
  6. Fishing is getting pretty good down here on Rayburn. Bass are shallow in the bushes and you can catch’em about any way you want to. It’s been fun!! I’m gonna lay into the crappie next trip over...saw a guy catch a 15 1/2” fat female Saturday off a hwy 149 bridge peer. From the number of boats fishing the peers, they must be chewing out there. If anyone watches the Texas Team Trail, check out the Sam Rayburn tournament from this year.
  7. This was a rare but magical day for chevyfishing and I on Beaver!! One of the bigger bags that have been weighed in a tourney on Beaver this year!
  8. It's insane down here men...our house in Orange flooded Wednesday morning around 3AM. We picked stuff up off the floor, took our generator to the elderly neighbors house and then headed out to help. My buddy and another guy jumped in a boat and were reducing people and I was shuttling them back and forth to shelters/churches. It's really mind blowing. And every boat you can imagine was helping out!! Heck, I saw a salt water boat with a 400 Merc on the back!! Hover boats and canoes...anything that floats!!! Army helicopters are now doing massive patrols of neighborhoods looking for remaining survivors and keeping a watch out for looters. But overall, the amount of love and kindness from Texans and fellow Americans is mind blowing. I've only lived here a couple months but I'm a proud Texan! All the pics below were taken from interstate 10.
  9. Toyota dealership in orange.
  10. Driving down interstate 10, these are just a couple of the vehicles that are flooded everywhere!
  11. Just the roof tops showing...
  12. Hello gentlemen...south Texas has been...interesting! Orange, TX didn't get hit with the meat of the hurricane/tropical until Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Our house in Orange started flooding around 3AM...we moved stuff up off the floor, went and hooked up our generator at the elderly neighbors and then headed out to help stranded folks. Words can't explain and TV doesn't do it justice. It's jaw dropping. So I ran up here north of Houston to see my family and am heading back early in the morning to help out again. BUT just found out that Rayburn and Toledo Bend opened all their flood gates which will again flood Orange. Orange is now under a mandintory evacuation due to the upcoming 2nd flood in 2 weeks. I'm going back tomorrow to help out as long as I can, grab my clothes, Loomis rods and most importantly, my wiggle wart collection and then get back up North before the water gets there. Peace out NWA folks and keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.
  13. If you consider looking in Fayetteville, let me know. I have a nice house for sale in a great neighborhood!
  14. Rumors were swirling last year about this when FLW was in town. The guys knew this was coming. Sucks for the $$ lost for Rogers!
  15. ??? Its no big deal.. what happened in the past is over and done. Haven't been able to sneak away and fish much yet down here...did a little salt fishing in the gulf the first day I was here.
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