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  1. FrozenFingers

    Weekend trip of the 29th

    Well things changed and wont make it down this weekend. Hopefully will have time during catch and release i November. Thanks for the info.
  2. FrozenFingers

    Weekend trip of the 29th

    I haven't been to Montauk for probably 7 years. Plan on tent camping. Are there plenty of camp sites available usually? If i remember right the power bait section is fairly large unlike bennett. I plan on fly fishing but would also be interest in using power bait to because i never do. Last concern is the water level. I know with all this rain we have had everything has been flooded out good part of the year. Any advice tips or information would be helpful. I will post a report if we end up going. Thanks
  3. FrozenFingers

    Taylor Bridge

    Would it even be worth a trip to Taylors today after all the rain? I just don't want to waste a couple gallons of gas if its not even fishable.
  4. FrozenFingers

    fellows bass tournament

    Ask the OMTC fishing club about how they run their tournaments it would work good for this.
  5. FrozenFingers

    fellows bass tournament

    What is the biggest motor you can run out there. 40 or 50 i believe?
  6. FrozenFingers

    Spired 2500 Rd

    What pound line will it hold?
  7. FrozenFingers

    Where To Start

    KC is very rough in the summer with all the boat activity. I have caught several bass on the big rocks just east of the bridge there. Thanks for the help guys i will check it out and try and learn as much I can about the area. Much appreciated!
  8. FrozenFingers

    Where To Start

    We mainly camp at kimberling city sometimes at the state park if we are going to trout fish too but mainly kc
  9. FrozenFingers

    Where To Start

    I recently just bought my first fishing boat. Nothing big and fancy but it will get me on the water. I've always wanted to fish Table Rock from my own boat. Now that i can I have no idea of where to begin. I'm not looking for anyone's secret fishing spots just a good place to start and learn the lake.
  10. FrozenFingers

    Need Advice

    Looking at a 1989 Stratos 289 fs with a 150 evinrude on it. Just wanted to know if anyone has any reviews, pros, cons on this boat. Thanks.
  11. FrozenFingers

    Mounting A Transducer

    Thanks for all he help guys!
  12. FrozenFingers

    Mounting A Transducer

    moguy1973 I have a Lowrance Elite-4x. Under my seat is the flattest place but it still has a slight curv and i didnd know if that would mess with the reading much or not. I have some marine goop but im not sure if want to set it in permanentor not. I guess any way would be permanent for a kayak. jdmidwest do you know the site name I could see how they set it up? thanks for the info.
  13. I have an Ascend Fs10 kayak and im trying to figure out the best way to mount my transducer in the bottom to shoot threw the hull, the only problem is it is slightly curved on the bottom even in the flattest part. Will this effect the reading much? Ive had trouble finding a good way to do it on the internet. Seems like alot of weird ways to do it and they seem just a little...rigged up i guess. If ayone knows how I could do this or know of any websites that show how that would be great thanks.
  14. FrozenFingers

    What To Do With Carp

    Thats why im asking what I should do with them? Beause I dont want to waste fish. And if I could help people out that wouldnt have much food otherise why not shoot them and help someone out.
  15. FrozenFingers

    What To Do With Carp

    Thanks guys. I would try to eat them but i dont like to eat any fish. I know thats probably weird since I fish so much but oh well. Ill try to find some place to give them away. I think that would be best. If you know of anywhere let me know. Im located in north Springfield.

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