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  1. JF660R


    Don't need the full treatment, just looking to get the carpet in our old Champion shampooed out. Saw one too many spilled energy drinks this season. Suggestions on where or typical cost?
  2. JF660R

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-4-18

    Bill, have you ever considered writing a book? I mean, I realize that's kind of like asking to buy a sports teams playbook... but on the other hand... it would sell.
  3. JF660R

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    I guess many would see it that way. Like two buddies would when fishing recreationally, or fishing a buddy tournament. But in this instance you're not buddies, you don't split entry fees, or winnings, and you're not getting carted around. He's required to have a co, can't fish without one...
  4. JF660R

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    It's funny you mention that, because several of the FB comments were about the boater wanting the co to kick them some cash for fuel and whatever. ... I mean it's not like I can't afford some extra cash for fuel, it's just strange to me...like isn't that part of you choosing to be the boater? But to your point yes, doing it as a Co really wouldn't be any financial burden. Which is why I'm considering it. Doing it as a boater would however take a lot of the fun out for me just from the additional expense.
  5. JF660R

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    So, in reading the thread about MLF vs FLW (and watching Scott Martin) talk about it... I got to reading about the BFL, and I'm pretty intrigued. I've never really followed the different tour setups, basically always considered them to be too expensive and far away for me. I only just read and realized the BFL is divided into divisions, with 5 stops in the Ozark division. And $150 a pop to co-angle. All within driving distance. That, for me is really do-able. I've only ever done some club style buddy tourneys, and the BBT on Table Rock. Both of which I really enjoy and would do more if I had a buddy that wanted to consistently participate. I'm drawn to the amateur option because of the affordability, no wear on my boat, and... I'm just not that good. So, all that said, I checked out the FLW Facebook page and the 2019 BFL post comments are almost all complaints... About the entry fees, how rude the boaters are, payouts, etc... Now I'm not sure what to think. I mean 5 stops is $750 (plus food etc. I get that) not terrible. I'm not in it with big expectations of winning so the payout deal doesn't really bother me. Really just thinking it would be a fun experience. Am I wrong? Are a large portion of the Pros hard to spend a day with?
  6. JF660R

    Hummingbird 767

    Anyone want this? I put it on Facebook with minimal interest. Worked fine when pulled off our boat, some wires were snipped (see pics) but could easily be soldered and everything is there. Was asking $50. Make any offer, or trade.
  7. JF660R

    summer has them grouped back up

    OMG, if I could pull off one trip that good.... probably quit my job and "go pro". (From over confidence)😮
  8. JF660R

    double trivecta

    Just cut the rule and let people troll if they want to...I've never stacked up the large mouth trolling. Mostly whites, with some short LMs, and an occasional walleye...maybe I'm trolling wrong.
  9. JF660R

    AGM Batteries

    So, much like the Oddessy and Deka AGMs... I'd love to have a set, but since I don't run my boat for a living it's more of a money pit than a money maker. Don't think I can justify the cost difference in my case.
  10. JF660R

    AGM Batteries

    I'm definitely looking at the Duracell Sam's batteries. Some not so great reviews though. 18 month warranty though... Also, looks like they're made by East Penn, who makes Deka. I've almost sold myself already.
  11. JF660R

    AGM Batteries

    Anyone spotted a smoking deal on deep cycle AGMs? My trolling motor batteries are about shot after 3 years or so...time to upgrade. Checking around for sales before I just go BPS on the next triple points night.
  12. JF660R

    Tracman86 Steering Mod - Fail Safe

    Pinned it too. No hardware required, had enough thread showing to drill. Here it is before drilling.
  13. JF660R

    Tracman86 Steering Mod - Fail Safe

    Now that we have test fitted this solution I will source a proper stainless bolt, as stainless was not available in this thread pitch locally. The grade 8 will do fine for quite a while. And while the nut and bolt may never have vibrated loose, I feel better knowing it's pinned in. I also feel better with my life jacket on, and my tether attached these days.
  14. JF660R

    Tracman86 Steering Mod - Fail Safe

    As a preventative measure I have sourced a slightly longer bolt and drilled it for a cotter pin. When doing this it helps to thread a die up onto the bolt first, so that removing the die cleans the threads after drilling.
  15. If anyone hasn't seen Jared's post regarding boat steering, boat prep, kill switch usage, and PFD usage.... read it. It just might save your life. Jared is my cousin and good friend. We regularly fish together, and I have been in his boat many times. Even in that same tournament. The call I received that night following Jared's boat accident was easily one of the most stressful I have ever dealt with. I can assure you it is not a situation you ever want to face, or put your family through. While I am lucky that I wasn't in the boat that evening, I also wonder if I might have noticed the steering issue ahead of time...and could have prevented this ordeal for him. Preceding this incident I rarely wore a PFD, and essentially never wore my tether. Like many others, I grew up riding motorcycles without a helmet, gear or sometimes even a shirt on... so needless to say... not too concerned about water safety. Following this incident, and reviewing how the steering failed. I planned to make some changes to my boat and his to prevent this from happening again. You can see that the nut on my steering linkage is also top side. The arm is threaded, so the nut is acting as a jamb nut.

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