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  1. See, that's one thing that I changed also. Definitely not a new boat but an upgrade for sure. Boat game, best it's ever been. Fish game, terrible. I have went from an aluminum boat with no graphs or trolling motor, to an actual bass boat.... with an iPilot trolling motor...same thoughts about selling out and maybe going flat bottom.
  2. So, once upon a time I caught fish. Pretty regularly, and even had a tendency to out fish my friends and family. But for the last ...idk..year.. my fishing had been terrible. Couple small ones here and there, but mostly skunk days. Like lots of consecutive skunk days. Even when others in the boat might be catching fish...on the same lure. I'm not generally a superstitious person, but at this point I'm questioning which piece of clothing might be "unlucky". Even my fishing buddies will be like, "did you bring a banana today?". It's to the point where I feel like their fishing suffers when I go. Yet, I'm probably at the peak of my fishing knowledge and interest level. I'm reading every report, I'm watching videos, I cleaned out and organized my tackle, I have 3 poles instead of one now... I know about the ned rig. 2014-2015 I slayed em on the ned rig. This Year I think it's got me one dink. Some how I have wronged the fish and they have jinxed me. Or, all my days off happen to be rain or high pressure. Maybe they can smell my desperation. Have you ever escaped the JuJu? Is there a particular mountain I need to climb? Or lucky charm I need to obtain?
  3. I vote clear coat. More like that barrel back you posted.
  4. And hey, if that's your look then great. But don't waste your life energy being upset that someone else isn't trying to meet your expectations of how people should dress.
  5. Some of you guys are a little too caught up by the flat bill hat. Just because it isn't "your style". I hate to break it to you but your style probably isn't exactly trendy or appealing to much of today's youth. And if you don't realize how that's important to a sport ... to draw in new fans each year ... they have to see athletes they can identify with. There is a real marketing strategy within simply not looking like every other dude on the tournament.
  6. Sub'd
  7. This has been on my mind alot lately. I've never been great, but I've been "on the fish" at least occasionally in the past. The last couple years it seems I've developed a jinx. Can't seem to have a good day, couple shorts, several skunk days. Sometimes I think it's just how the weather and my days off align. Even my fishing buddies have asked me if I brought a banana with me etc. And some of it may be the frustration. I'm reading more, buying more, and watching more videos than I ever have trying to become more knowledgeable. ..and yet I did better back when I was winging it. Idk, I try not to think on it too much.
  8. I swear mine showed up like day 2 after order. Didn't take long at all.
  9. SOLD Few years old, in great shape and lightly used. Throwing in the Pinpoint fish finder and transducer. $400 45" Shaft, 24v, 65lbft. Bought a Terrova setup, only reason why I'm selling. Text if you like. 417-766-8010 Trades? I like guns...been looking for an aluminum flat bottom...
  10. It's a 45" model. Like this BPS Minn Kota Edge 65
  11. Old pic. Use the gel super glue.
  12. I'm about to list my 65lb Minn Kota Edge 24v. With Pinpoint Sonar and transducer for $400. It's in great shape, only a few years old. But I bought a Terrova so, it's for sale.
  13. Yeah, that Hellbent no.8 might be on my short list. The 20 year old rod in the corner was actually a Zebco that originally came with a Shakespeare reel. Now it's got a brand new President... strung it up with some 10lb braid to fluor leader tonight. Gives me a dedicated ned rod for now. I always hate cutting off a ned to tie on something else, I know I'm gonna tie it right back on.
  14. No affiliation, just sharing what I thought was a good deal. Picked up some Startron for $6 a bottle today at Orschlens in Republic.
  15. So, got an email about my points were going to expire...had to hit BPS. Turns out I have enough that this was free.