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  3. Legends Boat Company

    It's the same way with trucks being $70k+. If the American people would buy half as many trucks next year, you can bet the prices would drop. But, we buy up every one they produce...so why wouldn't they keep growing the price every year? People are easy money.
  4. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    Well, 40-65 is a common recommendation when reading about jig fishing setups. Figured I'd try it and see. Definitely rips the jig out of sticks, rocks and trees better than the fluro... but that's about it. I'm cheap so I hate losing lures. http://www.bassfishin.com/blog/fishing-line-guide/
  5. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    Well I fished a night on the Tatula. Definitely better on the bigger Lew's Speed Stick MH. Couple times had the same dig in issue. Mostly from me getting greedy and continually loosening the tension / brakes. Someone else mentioned the spool tension adjustment on the Tatula being their main gripe. And I would concur. It works, but there's no click or smoothness to the knob. You kind of have to break loose the stiction on the knob each time you touch it, putting you past where you wanted to be. I'm interested in going back to the 15lb fluro and see how much I like that. So far, not a fan of the Spiderwire Glo Vis braid.
  6. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    Well I just ordered the Tatula CT 7.3:1 LH off BPS.com since the actual store didn't get any in. Only an extra $3 to ship to my house so.... I've never used heavy braid before. Seems to be pretty common for guys to list 40-65lb braid when detailing their jig set up. So, figured I'd give it a shot. I've got like $12 in it so I could ditch it and be ok. Read about as many heavy rod as MH setups ... thinking I should have went heavy. Again, I'll end up with at least a couple more setups before it's over. So, this rod will fit in somewhere eventually.
  7. Bought a new set up- Buyers Remorse

    The more I read I think some of the issues were: Too much line on the reel. Rod too soft / lure too heavy (too much whip) ramping the spool speed on release. Casting too hard. Didn't really know that was a thing. I often rip the Lew's setup hard as I can... Anyway, I'm not upset that I'll be getting the Tatula instead. I am constantly changing my mind on how I plan to rig them. Ones gonna get the 40lb braid and go on the Speed Stick, and the other will go on the Favorite with....15lb fluro again...but not sure which. It's easy to see how so many people end up with so many rods and reels.
  8. 7/9 and 7/16 report

    80 fish, omg. I'd be having a good day at 8. Sucks about the trailer but people are mostly idiots on the loose. I suppose I'd rather take it on the trailer than on the truck or the boat.
  9. Ok, so here is another what rod/reel set up thread. What I've already got: 1) Favorite ML w/ Pflueger President dedicated to Ned / finesse stuff. 10lb braid to fluro leader. -Like it 2) Ugly Stick MH spinning that's getting a Pflueger when they're back in stock at BPS if they're still on sale from Cabela's for $40. Has 12lb fluro. Been mostly dragging a wobble head with a 3.5" craw/ creature lately but does whatever. - It's alright, not a forever thing. 3) Lew's casting reel on a Lew's MH Speed Stick with 15lb fluro. Pretty good. Use it as a do all. Basically never gives me any backlash or tangle issues. Hard hook sets leave me thinking the fluro is too stretchy. This is why I was looking to add another setup, more dedicated to jigs and such. The new set up: Favorite White Bird MH casting w/ a Revo SX and 40lb Spider Wire Glo-vis braid. Initial impression, the Favorite MH is softer than the Speed Stick MH... immediately started thinking about swapping the reels over. Second use, I started having issues with hard casts. Would jerk to a stop mid air. Not so much a back lash as overrun and dig in... I couldn't really say if this was more a reel or a line issue. Or my issue from only ever using the fluro...but with the braking turned up this far I really wasn't impressed with the casting distance. Today I returned the Revo. I've done enough reading to convince myself that a Tatula would be a better choice. Once I obtain a LH retrieve Tatula CT (which BPS doesn't have) I am undecided which reel should get the braid and go on the Speed Stick for mostly jig duty. And which should get the 15lb fluro and go on the Favorite for blades and maybe cranks.
  10. Dinger vs Senko video

    So, the Ned is about the extent of my finesse game and I'm looking to add some wacky and drop shot to my skill set. I looked at Stick-Os yesterday at BPS but couldn't make a 50 pack commitment to any of the colors I saw. I've become pretty attached to PBJ, but in the back of my mind know that throwing everything in a single color can't be a good strategy. Does Wally World carry Yum Dingers? Or anything that would save me another BPS trip worthy of wacky rigging? Or maybe I can hit the Lew's store today... sounds like watermelon red flake might be a good option?
  11. Rod question.

    I just picked up an Abu Revo SX and a Favorite rod. The Favorite White Bird MH is a little soft considering I want to throw jigs with it. But, I really like the Revo. Kinda surprised no one else brought that suggestion.
  12. inflatable life vest

    One of ours decided to inflate inside the storage bin. $20 refill just for... humidity I guess.
  13. Looking at the MDC app it looks like many of them are on my Garmin map, they're just labeled as "hardwood" or "cedar". Where as my cousins Hummingbird shows "Fish attractor" and "brush pile".
  14. For those that got the Garmin with the Lakevu maps... are there any brush piles on your map? I've noticed mine has rock piles, evergreens, hardwoods, and rock and stump fields. But not brush piles...

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