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  1. JF660R

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    He looks familiar... I feel like I had him as a college professor. He's obviously a whiner. Most people are. Go to fellows lake if boats make you cry. It's the same as everyone on here whining about cabin cruisers and wake boats. Everyone else's interests should be banned, because they're not my interests...etc.
  2. JF660R

    6/4 Shell Knob

    Put in late at almost noon. Spent way too much time dealing with boat issues, and therfore only fished about an hour and didn't get far from the bridge. We caught about 6 with 2 keeps (pictured). All turned back to fight again. I fished a rage craw and my buddy fished a jig.
  3. JF660R

    Carpet & Seat Covers

    Gibbs upholstery and bedliner in republic mo. But everywhere that's good will be stacked this time of year.
  4. JF660R

    Shell Knob

    I fished up mill creek for about 2 hrs last Saturday and caught a couple. Rock crawler and A rig.
  5. JF660R

    Pflugers and Fenwicks

    Yep. It was double points night so I had resolved to just buy one full tilt as they sold out last time before I got up there. I went to the counter and said gimme one. Dude pointed to the discount table behind me and .... It was suddenly a good day. Kinda wishing I'd have gotten a Fenwick too. This ugly stick is uglier than ever with the president on it.
  6. JF660R

    Pflugers and Fenwicks

    I hit up the BPS double points night tonight. Was pleasantly surprised to find Presidents on sale. Almost snagged a Fenwick too. Just sharing the savings.
  7. JF660R

    Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Yeah, if BPS runs them on sale I cash in my points and get em under $100. I like being able to go back if I hate it. Returned the Revo I bought and got the Tatula. And I have rared back, unknowingly hooked my partners line, and flung his rod and reel into the lake. I was glad $100 covered it. And, I personally cap my rod budget at $100 and will go less when I can. I'm not saying there isn't a difference in feel, but I can't feel it. It's just not worth it for me. Also, I don't get to fish enough to have thousands of dollars of gear just chillin in the garage.
  8. JF660R

    Merthiolate Worms... ?

    I heard a youtuber I watch mention merthialate worms. I'd never heard that term so I googled it. And found this specific to TR. https://www.bassmaster.com/tips/tricks-trade-table-rock Never really see this mentioned on the forums. Mostly green watermelon, PBJ etc. Anyone had success with this on TR they don't mind sharing?
  9. JF660R

    Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    I have a Tatula. I like it. It does occasionally herk to a dead stop mid cast which enrages me. But it's usually after I've been snagged and likely pulled too hard, digging the braid into the spool. I usually spool it out behind the boat and reel it back in with heavy tension on the line and that helps. I probably equally like the Lew's I have which is why I went ahead with another one. Does really well with fluro on it. I'd buy another Tatula if they go on sale.
  10. JF660R

    Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    That's part of what makes the BBT fun. Many of us know we're not really qualified to put together a "Monster bag". But we can all hope for that one chance bite.
  11. JF660R

    Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    Idk either. That's what the guy said on stage. I really doubt he would bother to lie about it. Half the field threw the RC, it's not critical information. The terms "Rock Crawler" and "Cape Fair area" still leave a lot of variables for the typical angler to be able to recreate his results. Also, I picked up some stuff at the Lew's outlet and they have plenty of RCs on the shelf.
  12. JF660R

    Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Really appreciate the input fellas. I kinda lost interest in the Duckett after reading more about the eyelet issue. I'm too rough on rods for any delicate parts. Had to swing by the Lew's outlet today to compare reel prices etc. Talked myself into one of the $179 combos... they'e just a good deal. And I'm a sucker for a deal. More $ for lures. They've got 7' medium Speed Sticks in In barrel for $25ea! If they'd of had a MH I'd have done that... Still want to add a Falcon to the mix. I've still got an Ugly Stick to cull eventually.
  13. JF660R

    2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    I heard someone mention 900 entrants as well. But can't find any numbers in print. 12th place doesn't seem too bad if there's 900+ contestants.
  14. JF660R

    Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    Thanks for the input I'll definitely look into the Christie rod. I realize a dedicated a-rig rod would be optimal but I don't throw it much, basically just wanting to start. And the ones I have are the three wire at this point. I'm trying to limit myself to six rods total, adding one a year.
  15. I have a Ned setup, a jig setup, and a crank setup that I'm happy with. Looking to expand the line up. I'm thinking of picking up the Lews Team Laser SLP that's on sale at BPS and pairing with a rod that would probably do mostly spinner bait and some a-rig duty. Looking for opinions, here are the three I'm primarily considering. One consideration, I tend to avoid rods over 7' as they don't fit well in my vehicle or rod box. Thanks,

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