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  1. Creek Levels

    I haven't floated from brown branch to Bradleyville yet this year, but the flooding earlier this year has widened the channel a bit from Rome to BB. We were dragging in some places we never had to at 100 plus CFS. You might want to give Barry at Beaver creek canoe a call. Just read Griz's post and he's right at 57 CFS your boat would be there to float your gear only.
  2. Jacks advice

    Thanks Al! I appreciate the info.
  3. Jacks advice

    The Girlfriend and I are wanting to float the Jacks this weekend for our first time ever(If the rain does not ruin it for us). We have 2 floats we are considering and was hoping someone could point us in the right direction. We are considering either doing Bay Creek to Alley or Alley to Eminence. I am fine with either, but I have heard the water can get a little harry above Alley. We are looking to fish a lot and have a few beers while we are doing it. Any advice or insight into these 2 floats is greatly appreciated.
  4. Water condition

    Thanks for the response. That will save me a trip. Beaver Creek it is then!
  5. Water condition

    I was just checking to see if anyone has seen what the water looks like on the Osage in the last couple of days. A friend and I are looking to float Hull to Hazelgreen, but the gauge at Hazel green seems a little high to me. Thanks
  6. Beaver Lake Alternative During FLW Weekend

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. Beaver Lake Alternative During FLW Weekend

    I'm gonna be camping on Beaver south of Eureka this weekend. Like to take my Kayak out and fish the bigger coves. Should I be concerned about a lot a traffic?
  8. Delaware to Shelvin

    Didn't catch a lot but they were all between 13 and 16 inches. 6 SM, 2Lm and one goggle. Water was up and the paddling was easy. Saw quite a bit of wildlife: 3 eagles, 2 mink and several deer. Good day on the river.
  9. Delaware Town Access

    If you paddle up several riffles you will hit some good water. I've done well paddling up or floating down to shelvin.
  10. Long Ford To Davis Ford, August 2014

    My dad and I used to put in at J highway and float down but the same friend I went with on the hull float told me there are no trespassing signs there now. Anyone else seen this?
  11. Long Ford To Davis Ford, August 2014

    A buddy and I did Hull to Hazelgreen a couple weekends ago and it was great. Lots of dragging but very good fishing in between and didn't see 1 person until we got to the Gasconade. Think we might run it again in a fews weeks.
  12. Good Put-In For A Kayak

    That is how I found the high banked access. It has been years since i have done it, I should probably give it a try again. Guy had an attitude with me from the start even though I polite and curtious for the entire ordeal. He seemed to think my boat was too small. Whites were running and there was some larger bass boats up there but that little bantam was fine as long as some one wasn't trying to swamp me on purpose. In all my years of fishing Pomme that is the first time I have seen Water Patrol that far up.
  13. Good Put-In For A Kayak

    Does anyone know of a good place to put in that is down from Francka Bridge, but well before PP bridge. I have found a spot a few years ago off of PP before you got to the bridge, but it is fairly steep banked and I don't think it would work well for kayaks. I am wanting to fish what I always called "the Cave Hole". It is where the current starts to pick back up and I always had good luck fishing there in my Tracker Bantam. I used to put in at PP and head up the river until a Water Patrol Officer advised me to get off his lake. On a side note I have been thinking about floating from Francka to PP and if anyone could give me an estimate on how long the float takes I would appreciate it. Thanks -Bill
  14. Hello

    Hello all. Joined a couple of weeks ago and decided to introduce myself. I'm Bill, I live in Springfield and have been fishing my whole life. I mainly enjoy fishing rivers and streams, but will hit up a lake on occasion. I usually stick with the Upper Pomme and the Upper James, but have been branching out more since buying a kayak last year. Which was the best money I have ever spent as it has opened up many new places for me to fish. Everyone seems very friendly on this forum and I am very glad to have found it. -Bill

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