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  1. JamiePatterson

    Painting a riverboat

  2. JamiePatterson

    Painting a riverboat

    Yep, the unloading auger’s have to be big to match the width of the header got the trailer done, now just have to get some nice weather to paint it. Thanks, I’ll google west marine 👍
  3. JamiePatterson

    Painting a riverboat

    Here is the rig. Bad pic, but you get the idea. In the process of building a trailer for it right now. Should have it done tomorrow and then on to freshening up the boat.
  4. Hi guys and gals, needing info on painting the inside of an older riverboat. Any recommendations on what kind of pint to use? Oil base, acrylic enamel, etc? Might even do the outside. Boat sat in a dock for years and I’m trying to slick it back up. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  5. 20 long (heck, maybe 21???) with a 60 inch bottom. 60/40 merc jet. I do run 2 group 27 batteries up front. Save 10 or 15lb over group 31s. Never have ran em empty in a days fishing. Got a cheapo onboard charger up there to top em off.
  6. I’ve got an 80 pound thrust Minnkota riptide on my 60 inch bottom topwater. I love it! Batteries are under the front deck. No big deal at all, but it’s also a big boat. I used to have a 36 V on an aluminum tunnel hull. In the Louisiana marsh the thing acted like a dang mud motor. 12 volt trolling motors make me cranky lol.
  7. JamiePatterson

    So, I need an outboard.. or, boat for sale lol

    Hmmm, tell me more Ham I might even be interested rested in that 20 wrench. I just keep hearing about people hopping up 9.9s for the buffalo. I honestly just want to be able to run down the white, turn up the buffalo, and take the kids fishing. Can’t do it with my big boat.
  8. Bought a neighbors riverboat. Kinda interesting rig -a “pappys river sled”. It’s got no motor, so in the market for a 9.9 so I can run it in the buffalo -my 60/40 jet isn’t welcome there lol. I’d be interested in other size motors as well. Figure this will be an “overflow” boat for when we have to many guests at our lodge. Thanks, Jamie
  9. JamiePatterson

    So, we went fishing...

    A 24.5 brown out of a feeder creek 2 weeks ago. Look how washed out and thin she is. Spawn must be over?
  10. JamiePatterson

    So, we went fishing...

    A couple came from Rattlin’ Rouges, everything else was on the jig. The browns were definitely ready to eat with all the high water. A majority were females who were long and slender -spawned out maybe? Sunday’s total was 121 fish. We worked for browns, catching 20 or so. The rest of the fish were welcome accidents, lol. Was really trying to get my buddies on fish. They needed up getting several “picture fish” -anything over 20” (a sort of holdover from my time fishing Lillys tournaments on Tanycomo when I’d hit the trophy area )
  11. JamiePatterson

    So, we went fishing...

    Oops, double posted one fish... the boys fishing with with me got on em too.
  12. JamiePatterson

    So, we went fishing...

    Fished the White. Great big water! Had an awesome day! The Browns are out to play
  13. JamiePatterson

    River jon boat owners

    I am super interested in hearing about this. I almost bought a talon last week to put on my river boat. I was hoping I could use it to quickly anchor up for a few more casts in prime spots while working my way down river. Can anyone chime in with hands on feedback?
  14. JamiePatterson

    G Loomis SR720 wanted

    Lol, the one I got from you is the last one I have found. Closest I can find is a tfo 6' rig. Actually, its super close to the loomis -just don't like the handle. Tried ebay, struck out. The sr720 one piece rod has been out of production a while.
  15. JamiePatterson

    G Loomis SR720 wanted

    Hey, that's not a bad idea. Thank you

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