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  1. I’ve seen it so many times. Not running water until it’s too late and then having a major catastrophe. On my pool of the Arkansas River they decided to reclassify “flood pool” or whatever. They raised it 4 feet. I’ve got bottom land flooded way before we are in an official “flood”. To be fair, some of this land has flowage easement on it. When this was done it was for “occasional” flooding. If something is flooded every year to the point that it’s unusable is it really “occasional”? Sorry for venting, just frustrating having to make a living to pay the taxes to provide an operating budget to these goofs...
  2. Because the Corps does whatever they want with zero oversight -met with a senator who told me those exact words after our devastating flood last year. If there is a problem they blame it on the events, not their inability to plan ahead. I wish that everyone working for them lived along the waters they “protect”. Let their houses get flooded. Sorry, I’m bitter lol.
  3. I’m not usually one to spread something like this, but I was just alerted that volunteer fire departments around Flippin were telling residents to get ready for 60,000 cft per second on the white. Supposed to be releasing that flow Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock. Again, I believe this to be true but didn’t hear the words myself.
  4. We fished 24-25k a bunch earlier this year. I liked it! Numbers were down, but caught some pigs! Just pay attention to your surroundings.
  5. Oh gosh, I’m not sure. 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch ID I think. It’s schedule 40 pipe
  6. Took my dad’s ancient river boat out a couple weeks ago and managed to catch a few good Browns out of it. I bought this boat 22yrs ago and it’s had a zillion fish in it. Hadn’t fished out of it in about six years -that’s when I bought my first Topwater LOL. Caught all these fish on D2 jigs 👍
  7. It’s just an all minimum pipe with a point welded/ground on one end and a “T” capping the other. Wish I could post a pic 🤷‍♂️
  8. Well, I’m trying to post a pic of the pole setup, but I think I’ve reached max data usage 😩
  9. It’s a pipe welded into the front deck. The spud pole (or whatever you call it lol) stabs through and into the bottom so you don’t have to use a rope as often. Poor stays stowed under one of the catwalks down the side of the boat til you need it.
  10. Ran 4 adults, 3 kids, 3 kayaks, and 2 coolers up a creek in the boat so we could swim and play today. Handled it like a boss. This thing will float on a wet sponge lol!
  11. Oh my goodness, that’s awful. Hope you come out ok. I haven’t had good luck with that sort of thing 😩
  12. 25gal. Seems about right. Might should have used 30 but most days I won’t burn 6-9.
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