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  1. I've been down since the mudslides.....boat has been off the lift 4 times in 10 days. I power washed the house and bladed the driveway today. Tomorrow, going to clean the garage. The channel had a lot of big logs floating today. 25-30 mph gusts tomorrow? Have no desire to go. Hard to see debris in 2 footers. Not worth a lower unit as bad as the fishing is.
  2. 2 days on mid-James.........2 fish.
  3. Mid-James is still completely blown out and the catching is nonexistent. Still A LOT of debris everywhere and maybe worse than Sunday. I've gone out three days and have 3 fish to show for it. Jigs, spinnerbaits (shallow and deep), square bill's, deeper crankbaits, chatterbaits......fished in all types of banks. The debris is bad enough it makes you pucker up while running. Muddy is still an understatement. Headed out to clearer water in 30 mins. It was interesting to watch the mud lines actually go into what was clearer pickets n coves. Guessing Beaver must have pushed it. The debris stopped going down river.
  4. If the high water continues or gets worse.....what will happen when the wake board and tuna rig crowd arrives? A cooler and lawn chair to sit n watch the chaos sounds like a fun afternoon. It's fun to watch at normal pool, let alone removing 1/2 to 3/4 of the ramp and parking. Maybe the lack of winter draw down has a bright side after all. 🤔
  5. Amen. Rock Chalk my friend. KU #1 2020. It never gets old.....winning and all.
  6. Mid-James is completely blown out and the big stuff is floating down now and more coming down by the hour. Muddy is an understatement. Another 1-1.75" of rain tonight n tomorrow. Seen a couple neighbors pushing logs off their land. Be careful running if you're brave enough to fish around here.
  7. What are you doing on here? Don't you have a ditch to dig Spoony?
  8. It would be interesting to see a correlation chart comprising of the lake level winter draw down vs spring rains high water levels and the after effects over the past 45 yrs (dang did I just say 45 yrs?). Grown up down here and have seen it at 931' and 889'. Probably a happy medium in there somewhere. Vernon....ur not that old r u? On a bright spot KU is the 2020 National Champions. Finishing #1 in the polls and all. Missing March madness!
  9. Slot limits? Limit/no tournaments mid April-mid May and hot summer months? Tournaments allowed every other year? MLF is an awesome format, but not feasible for most tournaments unfortunately. EVEN better thought......no wake board boats longer than 14' and cruisers bigger than 22' have to be used in reverse only unless putting on a boat lift or trailer.
  10. It's not the local Corp folks. They simply turn the switch on & off when Little Rock tells them and they do what the politicians tell them to. When the hangers are full at Branson West airport w/ private jets and planes along with a $26,000,0000 parking lot going in it makes me believe there's more than just selling electricity. No doubt $ for electricity plays a part also, but "vested interests" play a role also. Flood control? We don't need no stinking flood control.
  11. I remember the good old days when flood control was the focus of the white river chain. TR used to be brought down to 905-907 during the winter in anticipation of spring rains.TR up 7' in one week, so at 907 (aka 'good old days') to begin........Wonder what's changed? Hmmmm.........wake boarders & 40' cruisers?
  12. Haven't been able to find when MLF Tablerock will be aired. Looked on MLF website to no avail. Anyone know or point to a link?? Thx.
  13. Any KU fan is a friend of mine. You have a place to stay anytime Vernon.
  14. He seemed a bit busy, but I should have asked.
  15. Was moving the dock and Jacob Wheeler pulled up and fished around it. A machine. Very nice to talk to. Reports a lot of Kentucks. Throwing shad baits. He thought the color in mid-James was pretty stained (2'-3' vis). Too clear for my liking. A lot of other MLF boats here today. TR show will be live streamed and then shown on t.v. later this fall.
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