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  1. Mid-James about 5 weeks ago.......... dock cam took two pix, one going up river, one going down.
  2. She's getting better every time we go out. I posted about things Ally says in the boat a week ago......this week she asked "when are we going again?". A fun day on the water.... 30+ with 15 keepers including several 3's and a couple 4's. Ned rig (there I said it Spoony), but small swimbait caught the bigger fish. By 10:30, Ally was napping on the back deck and I had to take a selfie several times. Bite was over by 12:00. About catch and release......it works. One fish spit up a shad and crawdad coming to the boat. Lipped it and looked in its gullet to find a ned rig deep and another sha
  3. Our 5th 100 year flood in 15 years or lack of foresight??? 905'-907' in the winter was the norm in the 70's n 80's. The forecast for next week may not be of benefit. Spoke to three different guys recently........said they are holding water for the rice farmers in Arkansas???????
  4. Yep, same day. With the water in the bushes and trees........she's going with you. She's learning to use a baitcaster.......I suggest getting at least 500' from the closest tree or bush. If you have Valium........TAKE IT!
  5. Need to look close in one of the photos.....you and your beautiful bride are fishing in the background.
  6. The things my little girl comes up with in the boat........ "Dad, that's a fish landing violation. 2 minute penalty." "Dad, how close to the dock are we? I need to pee." My response....."we just left the house". Me: "Hey Ally....do you know why the fish get under the docks when it's raining? So they don't get soaking wet!". Ally: looks at me like I have 7 eyes. Such a blessing to have her ask......"can I go" before I have a chance to ask her.
  7. Cloudy, rain and a LITTLE wind is usually the ticket. The 25+ wind in the afternoon sent me to the dock after an hour of it. Its been a very good spring overall w all of the rain. Suspect the James is going to get blown out the next couple days. A lot of debris yesterday w lake coming up.
  8. UPDATE - found the website. Table Rock Lake Water Level History http://tablerock.uslakes.info/Level/Calendar/2020/05/ very useful for fishing and dock owners. Updates fairly quick. I like the weekly/monthly history format. Good work Vernon... even though you weren't involved you get the credit. Rock Chalk. Switched to a new phone and lost a link to a lake level site w TR lake levels in calendar form. Very useful as it was updated in real time and archived so you could see previous days/weeks levels. Helped in determining if I needed to move the dock. The COE has a page, but calendar for
  9. On the water at 9. By 11......7 keepers to include two 4's, a 3 and 4 other keepers. Probably 20 fish total. Knocking the rod out of your hands on a spinnerbait. Automatic bilge running every 3 minutes. At 11 heard thunder and a bolt of lightning so I put it on the lift. Back out an hr and a half later and couldn't catch a fish with a stick of dynamite. Wind blowing 25+ and maybe 3 fish in 4 hours. I love this lake.
  10. Back to the rod question.....Ark Rod in Harrison, AR. Jim made the Falcon Rod line........Cara, Low Rider and everything in between. Then......Falcon went to China. He's still building rods!. He can do all of the same rods he's built for years and customize for you. I bought 14 rods from him last December and love them. Fantastic quality and better pricing and made in Arkansas. Please consider supporting Jim. Hope this virus thing hasn't forced him to close. PM me for his contact info.
  11. I've been down since the mudslides.....boat has been off the lift 4 times in 10 days. I power washed the house and bladed the driveway today. Tomorrow, going to clean the garage. The channel had a lot of big logs floating today. 25-30 mph gusts tomorrow? Have no desire to go. Hard to see debris in 2 footers. Not worth a lower unit as bad as the fishing is.
  12. 2 days on mid-James.........2 fish.
  13. Mid-James is still completely blown out and the catching is nonexistent. Still A LOT of debris everywhere and maybe worse than Sunday. I've gone out three days and have 3 fish to show for it. Jigs, spinnerbaits (shallow and deep), square bill's, deeper crankbaits, chatterbaits......fished in all types of banks. The debris is bad enough it makes you pucker up while running. Muddy is still an understatement. Headed out to clearer water in 30 mins. It was interesting to watch the mud lines actually go into what was clearer pickets n coves. Guessing Beaver must have pushed it. The debris stopped g
  14. If the high water continues or gets worse.....what will happen when the wake board and tuna rig crowd arrives? A cooler and lawn chair to sit n watch the chaos sounds like a fun afternoon. It's fun to watch at normal pool, let alone removing 1/2 to 3/4 of the ramp and parking. Maybe the lack of winter draw down has a bright side after all. 🤔
  15. Amen. Rock Chalk my friend. KU #1 2020. It never gets old.....winning and all.
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