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  1. Legends Boat Company

    August 9th. Just a few more and he has it all.
  2. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    "I will have kids in the Classroom on Monday" God bless and thank you. No where close to an easy job, thankless most times, but kids are our future and you can and will make a difference in their lives. My wife and I are very involved in our two kids school and believe that we are obligated to stay engaged in their education, providing the foundation, confidence and responsibility. Now..... you need to figure out a way to get them on the water fishing during "class time" this fall, winter and spring. The outdoors has so much to offer in learning. Thank you again RPS.
  3. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    On the money and Absolutely right Bo. Rolling over and taking it isn't manning up. You've been on TR for a lot of years also (43 years for me) and can remember what the lake used to be like before the 40'ers, surf boats and wake board boats. Things can be done legislatively if everyone voices their concerns. If that wasn't the case, two separate Corps reps wouldn't have basically begged me to contact my reps and let my friends know to do the same. The Corps knows they have problems, but need us to help them. As an example of power in numbers...... I've been fighting the Water Patrol removing No Wake buoys for nearly 2 years now via Facebook, Twitter, OA, letters and phone calls. When I spoke with the Corps at the Reeds Spring meeting I mentioned to the Corps rep about the Water Patrol removing the buoys...... the Corps rep said they rec'd a call from WP Captain Matt Waltz asking "what in the world the Corps was telling people" about the buoy removal. According to the Corps rep...Waltz said they have received so many complaints via phone calls and letters about the removal and that the WP was upset with the Corps for basically stirring people up. I requested the names and contact information for those with buoys nearly 3 weeks ago, was told it would take 2-3 days, then told 5-6 days and there would be charge for the information, 3 weeks later and still waiting. There is a reason for the delay and I will explain later (it's a good thing). Contacting and letting them hear from us makes a difference. Until they figure out how to put a 400# thrust trolling motor on a 40' cruiser, our summer fishing will be negatively affected until they enforce or legislate some sanity. There's always "we can't" and they usually reap the benefits from "we can". Never an easy task, but can be worth the while. We left fish biting yesterday and from my 12 year old boys perspective "this sucks" (that we couldn't stand up in the boat and had to leave).
  4. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    Was out until 11:45 ish this a.m. just below Piney. Couldn't stand up in the boat any longer and decided to put it on the trailer before my 12 year old or I got hurt. 43 years of fishing TR and I've never seen it like this summer. Written my letters to $Long, $$McCaskill and $$$Blunt along with making my views known (politely) to the Corps and Water Patrol. Hoping everyone else has also. How in the world they allow massive cruisers on a lake like TR is beyond me. The wake board boat chaos was down right nuts. Cutting in front of one another, not paying a bit of attention to what was going on around them. NOT one sign of the Water Patrol. Fishing was fairly good on 3.5" swim baits and spoons. 4 nice keepers with a total of 16-18 fish on flat points near deeper water.
  5. no more fishing lessons

    Looks to me that she's giving you fishing lessons.
  6. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    State Legislative Representative Look up - http://www.senate.mo.gov/LegisLookup/ZipLookup.aspx Claire McCaskill - https://www.mccaskill.senate.gov/contact Roy Blunt - https://www.blunt.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/home Billy Long - https://long.house.gov/ Find your U.S. Congressional Representative - https://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ I will post the letter I sent to my Reps next week along with the info above. Most likely on a new sticky as to refresh the conversation to more of "the next step of call to action". From what I heard at the Reeds meeting the COE is well aware of the massive boat wakes, but are limited to their "leaders" in D.C. The Corps official I spoke with politely said that "folks need to voice their concerns to Washington" if they want to try to stop the chaos. In the conversation, I felt as though the Corps rep was saying..... please help us. Contacting the State of Missouri Reps wouldn't hurt, but it is a Corps lake. Another thought would be to try to get KY3, KOLR 10 and KSPR 33 to do a story on the shoreline erosion, dock destruction and safety issues of having massive boats and wake board and surf board boats on a lake the size of TR. Any leads on that process would be great. Looking at the Water Patrol stats of accidents and deaths / history of.......... would be a good thing to introduce to the media.
  7. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Now we're working on ideas and thinking through various options to try to at least slow the chaos. Thanks for the input DTRS. I've been thinking the same on the enviro angle, but unsure where or who to go to. The last thing a politician wants is a record of not protecting the environment or any headlines showing he/she's record of destroying the environment.
  8. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Just mailed my three letters (took all of an hours work) and will send one to my State about the buoy removal. Johnny maybe an idea and will most likely send something to his keepers. No doubt a way up uphill battle, but at least I can say I tried to make a difference. After attending the presentation last night, I get the feeling that there are many folks not pleased with what is happening and I will stand with them and hope.
  9. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Vernon, spot on. I went to the Reeds Spring meeting last night. The Corps was professional and cordial as was I and most I saw. Without naming names of who I spoke with..... the Corps is well aware of the SIGNIFICANT problems caused by the ocean liners, wake board boats and surf boats. They are also aware of the anger caused by the Water Patrols push to remove the buoys from the lake. According to the Corps representatives I spoke with, the two MAJOR concerns being expressed by the public is the massive boats, dock destruction, bank erosion and removal of buoys. They documented my, and others, concerns in a very professional manner. I mentioned that TR is being turned into Lake of the Ozarks south. The two representatives both said it will get much worse if Washington doesn't hear from us (the general public). One Corps official said that money is trying to outdo money on the lake write now and that I was correct in comparing LOZ and the new TR. With this said.............IT IS NOW our responsibility to send our concerns to Claire McCaskill, Roy Blunt, Billy Long AND our State Representatives. Some on this board will say "it won't matter if we write our Representatives" and unfortunately the self defeating attitude will lead to bigger boats, more damage and the inability to use the lake by us during the summer months. Love or hate Ms. McCaskill.... she is facing an uphill battle for re-election next year. We have the opportunity to ask her for help in this matter and maybe she is looking for more agenda items to sink her teeth into. My letters have been written (after speaking with the Corps last night) and I will be assisting others in writing their letters. I encourage everyone on this board to take a few minutes and write the Corps before August 30 and write each of their Representatives. As I said when I started this thread.....speak now or forever hold your peace. 43 years of fishing Table Rock Lake and I have never seen a summer like this.
  10. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Bobby, I will be at the Reeds meeting around 5:30. I will PM you with my #. Would like to meet you. Thanks.
  11. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I believe there should be a water displacement law for Tuna Rig / Ocean going vessels. Sure, you can have your 30'+ boat on TR, no problem. You just can't put it on plane at anytime. Why? 1) Safety to all others. 2) Bank erosion protection. 3) Prevent damage to docks. 4) Prevent damage to other boats in docks. Massive boats on an inland reservoir like TR is wrong. Not sure which location would be closest for you, but let Corp and Water Patrol hear from you and share your concerns and experiences from the affects. Shell Knob at the Methodist Church (I think) this p.m. from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. or Reeds Springs tomorrow (Wed.) 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. or write the Corps and cc the Water Patrol BEFORE AUGUST 30,2017. They are asking for input. Share your experiences and concerns.
  12. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Thank you for the update and thank you for going. I will be at the Reeds Spring meeting Wednesday.
  13. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Reading page 37 of the current proposed "Shoreline Management Plan".....Under the Carrying Capacity section... "One of our priorities is the safety of the public." The proposed plan quotes from The Recreational Boating Use Study, Table Rock Lake, completed in April 2010, section 4.2.. "management should strive to conserve use levels to prevent these levels from exceeding (60+% increase) this threshold. Without this type of management strategy, opportunities for other classes of experience on the lake will be eliminated and those boaters looking to fish, swim, or relax quietly will likely be displaced elsewhere to seek out their recreational experiences." (ya, they really put that in there) The good news...... "based on the slip numbers counted in 2009 and 2017, Table Rock has been experiencing a 6.9% growth rate. It is calculated , based on historical growth rates and these capacity calculations, that Table Rock Lake may not reach maximum capacity for another 61 years". I will be dead and gone by the time you can walk across the decks of boats to get from Pt. 9 to Joe Bald. Current calculations in the Shoreline Management Plan states that an additional 1,253 boats and an additional 10,221 access opportunities WOULD NOT breach the recommended maximum 60% increase in boats." With that said and with the full faith and confidence of Government number crunchers I feel that we are in safe hands knowing that the Federal Government has studied the nearly out of control situation currently being played out on TR.
  14. 7/28 night fishing kimberling city

    Watch the shoreline.... in the a.m. 2' visibility at best, by afternoon............8"-10" visibility. Meetings about the Corps Shoreline Management plan tonight at the Chateau on the Lake 4:00-7:00, Shell Knob Methodist Church (I think) same time tomorrow night and Reeds Spring High School Wednesday night. Tell your neighbors and fellow fishermen, attend and let the Corps and Water Patrol know.
  15. Walleye galore

    Please provide the GPS coordinates so that I can sit on the point for you in your absence. I will protect it so that no one else (but us) fishes it.

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