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  1. Any reports on crappie or whites?

    A friend caught a few small males from the 86 bridge and down a mile or so. He said there weren't any large females there yet. Maybe another week or so. A little rain / minimal river rise would help.
  2. Anyone else see this?

    Pop ups are one way of keeping up with what your teenage sons and daughters are looking at while you aren't watching. "Son, you have some splaining to do......". I like cookies as much as the next man, but dang. I am certain I couldn't eat those no matter how good they are.
  3. February 8, Eagle Rock to Big M

    AirNed of course.
  4. Shutdown

    Unfortunately, in my Federal job, we're deemed "essential". Always wanted to pack my bag and even volunteered to go in 2013 but to no avail. Meanwhile, non-essential eventually rec'd a paid vacation. You darn "non-essentials"! Glad I found this place, but more than happy to be leaving in December. Morals, ethics, honesty, principle not required.... apply within.....wish I would have kept a notebook on the stuff I've seen.
  5. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    If you watch the video after...... they are using swim noodles, cutting them to fit and float in the tops of the live wells so the fish don't get beat all to pieces in rough water. The noodles float at the top of the waterline in the live well providing cushion.
  6. Shutdown

    Fox News is reporting Federal Parks will remain open this time. If true, the ramps shouldn't be affected like the last shutdown in 2013. I hate to use common sense and government in the same sentence, but maybe we escaped complete stupidity this time. Let us know if they're open.
  7. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    Bass Tournaments - 2 or MAYBE 3 bass weigh-in per team. Large mouth slot length limit? or increase to 17" every odd year. Crappie - enforce the 10" length limit or increase it to 12" every odd year. Have game cam photos/videos from the dock showing crappie being thrown in live wells that CANNOT be 10". I can't remember the last time a game warden stopped me to check live wells. Catch & release for us generally, but if a Walleye or decent crappie come along we keep JUST ENOUGH to have a fish fry for our family of four once or twice per year. More and more consistent game checks on the water and at the entrance of the parks as folks are leaving. No offense to residents on TR, but in the 80's there were folks that lived in Buttermilk that if it had gills it went in the grease. Size limit? We don't need no stinking size limit! was the attitude. With all of the work of "catch n release" there's just as many that take more than needed. The excuse not to enforce or be more involved in building a fishery...... not enough money.
  8. How tough are you?

    Fished a Central ProAm waaaay back when Ernie had it in the late 80's. A late February tourney 8° with 12-15 mph wind. Thankfully on the first day I drew a guy who went about 1 mile from take-off and stayed in that area all day. Next day? drew a guy who ran from Port of Kimberling to just above the Shell Knob bridge, but the temp was clear up to 12° that a.m. with a high of 19° no windshield and his Gambler something or rather ran 78-79 mph and he made sure he didn't let off until we stopped. He was jerking the wheel like a mad man as the front end whipped back and forth like a dogs tail....... IT SUCKED doesn't even begin to describe what I went through on that day. Neither of us had a bite and it was 79 mph everywhere we went including back to weigh-in WITH NO FISH. Almost sold all my tackle after that. Anything above 20°-25° and very light wind is o.k. with me. I think.
  9. Table rock

    My hands, ears, face, arms, legs and finally torso get extremely, EXTREMELY cold as I'm hooking the boat up then I stop hooking the boat up and go back inside. Was down less than a week ago and found 54 degree down to 51.3 water temps. Bet that has changed a bit this last few days.
  10. New brand of bass boat??

    Spoke with a gentleman about a Ranger 198P aluminum for my kids to start learning to run.... He's seven miles from the Ranger factory and as he was pricing a boat I asked him about the "rumor" of a new company and he said "they're doing the ribbon cutting as we speak". I wondered aloud how many current employees at Ranger may jump ship and go to the other side and he said it's already happening. Not sure that means much to Ranger, but.......Should be good times around Flippin. I hope they are successful and open the market up. Never was a fan of complete control over any one type of product. It will be neat to see another brand and style.
  11. Fizzing?

    Not seen this before. Interesting. Does the hook just pull free after he fights or line break? No doubt been used many times, but in my naïve state hadn't seen or heard of it. Whatever method as long as it's effective. Wonder if you could use a small crappie hook and bend the barbs down? As far as tournaments.... fished many in my life and have come to conclusion that a two or three fish limit might be the best alternative other than going MLF at the boat.
  12. The lake be dropping

    Hope they drop it to 900'..... makes for better arrowhead hunting, err, uh..... I mean looking for lures with the kids. Ya, that's what I meant, lure hunting. It also helps those of us who put out brush piles and rock piles. Hoping to set up a "dump bed" on the beater pontoon I have for putting piles out. It would be nice to have a hydraulic set up somehow, just need to figure out the mechanical side. 906' last year for sure. Google earth has a photo from space with us putting piles out on the James. The lengths people will go to in order to find your brush/rock piles! Down and side imaging isn't enough they have to monitor you from a satellite now.
  13. Fizzing?

    Curious...... with all of the reports of fish being 40' + deep..... how well do they do after bringing them up from those depths? I know the deep crappie right now swell up like a football and can hardly get back down even with immediate release. I've always tried to bring bass/crappie up slow, but even with my best intentions they often swell up and have to resort to "fizzing" if needed. Curious what you folks are experiencing with the deeper fish.
  14. On the edge.

    Baseball, soccer, Girlscouts, and now basketball with two kids........ I haven't been since May or June. Not sure I can back one down the ramp at this point. I dearly love my kids, but dang Tomorrow? get off the ramps I'm coming in and I'm off ALL next week. Do I pass on the left or right of oncoming boats? What's that switch thing I'm supposed to wear? and most importantly..is it stick bait season?
  15. What's up with that?

    I use the SuperGlue Liquid and have the same issues, but...... I open it put a drop on without touching the tip on anything, tap the bottom of the bottle several times on a hard surface, put the lid on as quickly as possible and keep it upright. Seems to help. I've been told Gorilla gel works well and I've used it and not had many issues. I keep 2-3 brand new bottles of Super in the boat at all times.

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