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  1. Haven't been able to find when MLF Tablerock will be aired. Looked on MLF website to no avail. Anyone know or point to a link?? Thx.
  2. Any KU fan is a friend of mine. You have a place to stay anytime Vernon.
  3. He seemed a bit busy, but I should have asked.
  4. Was moving the dock and Jacob Wheeler pulled up and fished around it. A machine. Very nice to talk to. Reports a lot of Kentucks. Throwing shad baits. He thought the color in mid-James was pretty stained (2'-3' vis). Too clear for my liking. A lot of other MLF boats here today. TR show will be live streamed and then shown on t.v. later this fall.
  5. Targeting spawning fish is a sore subject for me. They are a quick easy way to fill a limit, but often times only a 10.5-11.5 pound sack. Those bags don't get you to fish Saturday, but it does take away from the future of the lake. I've contacted both the Corp and Missouri Conservation asking them to consider a hold on tournaments for 2-4 weeks every other year during the spawn. Surely, as anglers, that wouldn't be much of a sacrifice to make for the future of TR. The James is definitely dirty and not easy to fish. I suspect Long Creek and Kings are the same. Lack of Costa guys up the James........they may think the spawn is ahead of the lower end and not as productive????
  6. Wait. What. You mean even more debris is headed to our dock? I may not be able to use our lift. Rained hard last night south Springfield. Suspect you'll see even more junk soon.
  7. We're you able to get your boat on the lift? If not, put it on ours until it clears.
  8. Mid/lower James. Suspect King's and Long are the same.
  9. Coming your way. When the wind picks up, pulls this stuff off the banks and then gets camouflaged by the waves. Be careful running.
  10. Fishing was incredible the last couple weeks and awesome the day the storms were rolling in. Went back yesterday a.m. and the banks I was catching them on were trashed and fish were on strike. Fluke bite died. So much current the fish on the banks must have hid for a bit. Water clarity wasn't muddy yet. Went down this a.m. and there was so much stuff (big stuff) floating I chose not to load in. Almost couldn't get to dock to move it. Obvious mud in channel today where we had 6'-8' visibility. Current was hauling even more this a.m. Maybe the lake will stay up and the wake boards and ocean going rigs will stay home a little longer this summer. Hopefully this high water will help the fish that haven't spawned. Be careful running out there.
  11. EF2 1mile from our home in Rogersville. Same tornado that hit Waterford. Grew up in Kansas and saw many, but never that close. Worked this p.m., working tomorrow and Saturday helping friends and others clean up. If anyone would like to assist, many Churches are organizing crews.
  12. Funny story...... I put up two game cams on the dock. Have pix of guys tying up, getting out and fishing off the dock....... I printed the pix (good quality pix..), laminated 8-10 of them of the two sets of fisherman and put them on the dock. Few weeks went by......... same guys came back, but only one got out of the boat to fish. Have video of him fishing and finally making his way over to the laminated pictures. His reaction was priceless. Saw his face on the pictures, looked up at the cameras and immediately bolted for his boat. By the way, the camera pix were good enough that we have a perfect description of the boat and the boat numbers. For anyone thinking of or getting out on docks without permission, be careful, big brother maybe watching you.
  13. My father has a dock. He has no problem if folks get underneath or tie up during a storm. He does have a problem if they get out of the boat and get in his lockers, fish off the dock and look under boat covers. If you get out of your boat for safety, be respectful and do nothing other than stand or sit on the dock. The Corp looks at docks as personal property, but water beneath and around is public property and the dock owner has no say regarding swimming or fishing around a dock. Just be respectful and don't treat the dock as if it were your own.
  14. Diachi D Traps or KVD for me. Both worked well when I had time to fish. How many on here remember when Storm was going out and Bass Pro Shops ran them for $1.99 each? Probably 15-18 yrs ago now???? A buddy at BPS called and told me they were going on sale. Went in the first morning and bought them by the box (of 12 I think) as they were getting ready to open them and dump them. My cart was running over with boxes of them. Another buddy was in there doing the same. Went in the second day and bought more. Stopped by 4th or 5th day and they put a 10 per limit on them. Boy was my wife mad at me. Glad she didn't see half the baits I paid cash for. E-bay was going crazy for them. Steelhead guys were paying $75-$80 for some of the metallic colors. Never hated the fish that much.
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