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  1. Tournaments galore

    With so many tourneys it looks like the Missouri Department of Conservation would consider enforcing a three bass rule. There are a few tournaments that have a ten fish limit! Not a 100+ boat tournaments, but even if it's 30-40 boats......ten fish, really? Three fish would be a step in the right direction.
  2. Table rock help

    For 30 pounds of fresh gulf shrimp and 6 doz oysters, I would let you use all of my tackle, boat and have my wife cook you lunch and dinner while you're here...................on second thought.....you can't use the boat.
  3. Ski boat encounter

    Good for him and you. Courtesy goes a long way in all of our lives. If everyone would take a breath, be grateful and courteous we could all live better lives. My petty problems are nothing compared to what others are experiencing. Sounds like a boater who is trying to do the right thing.
  4. Launching in Eagle Rock area question

    Do it one time, ONE TIME, one stinking time and you're remembered FOREVER!
  5. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I just clicked on the link and it brought it up.
  6. Buzzbait prep.

    We make our own with a do-it mold that has a keel on it. They track fairly straight and surprisingly don't roll too bad when you hit cover. We use a couple different blades, but the blade with the holes seem to work well. My 12 year old and I have a blast fishing them on Stockton and TR. MAN I LOVE FALL FISHING and it's just around the corner.
  7. Buzzbait prep.

    In the 70's, my dad taped them to the top of the tailgate. People used to look at us like we were nuts. Lost a few to the tape coming loose and you had to pay attention to how long you left them on.
  8. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Two things that stick out in the article..... and both, OF COURSE, involve money in the pockets of both Blunt and the Tri-Lakes Board of Realtors. 1. "The Tri-Lakes Board of Realtors is leading an effort to halt the shoreline plan revisions." 2. Per $$$Blunt.... "The plan imposes, with little justification, excessive restrictions on the use of the lake. These restrictions will have long-term, negative impact on the community and the lake economy." Mr. Blunt, what do you say to the people who live on the lake that have their property destroyed because of the chaos that your "policy" of LOZ 2.0 is and will cause? What do you say to the families who can no longer use the lake because they can't afford a $120,000+ cruiser to keep up with the chaos? What do you say to those who have been injured or will be injured because of the massive wakes your LOZ 2.0 policy has and will bring? What do you say about the actual shoreline being destroyed by the massive wakes? What do you say to the Missouri Water Patrol who have their hands completely full of rude, drunk, obnoxious fools in their $120,000+ cruisers and wake boats? Mr. Blunt, in 2010 a study was completed stating that TR would soon be overrun with chaos if restrictions are not placed on the lake. The study told YOU in 2010 that your policy would endanger and restrict many people from enjoying the lake. The Corps of Engineers is paying attention to the chaos that is LOZ 2.0 and they read the study from 2010. Where are you in regards to the chaos? That's right, filling your pockets! Mr. Blunt, I would like to personally invite you to share in the beauty of TR lake on July 4th, 2018 and treat you to a boat ride in a 22' (because 21' just isn't big enough anymore) Ranger bass boat. I will pick you up at the Chateau on the Lake at 11:00 a.m. A light lunch will be provided. We will cruise past Indian Point on our way to Shell Knob so you can understand just how meaningful your policies are. YOU can enjoy the tranquility, beauty and peace that has become TR. I will provide wine, cheese, crackers, caviar, cigar and a barf bag so you can get the full effect. We will be stopping on several points along the way to fish a drop shot, jig and topwater (if cloudy enough). I suggest you wear a mouth piece and a cup (or at least a jock strap) for the cruise. Thank you again sir for leadership and I look forward to a wonderful day on Table Rock Lake with you. I encourage EVERYONE TO SHARE THE STORY ON FACEBOOK and include your comments on just what a "hands off policy" will do to TR. Encourage and praise the Corps and Water Patrol for trying to restore some sanity as they work so hard to prevent TR from becoming LOZ 2.0. Facebook it and share your thoughts!
  9. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Sorry Vernon....he was a short stop not an outfielder. He played a short time for KU before getting picked up by the Dodgers. Will be up your way this October going to Midnight Madness. Some of the best memories I can't seem to remember were spent at KU. I think. Thankful/lucky I didn't get any "seed tics" then, or did I, I can't remember. What happened at Watkins Student Health Center stayed at Watkins.
  10. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Says to cook at 140° for 5 minutes. Not good enough. 175° for 10 minutes is my new policy when I DON'T see any of these things. It will be as good as burnt toast, but......... Thanks for sharing.... I think.
  11. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    If you need a place to stay for awhile let me know. Gotta feeling the couch at your house won't be offered.
  12. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait............ grubs? WTH are we talking about? Yellow grubs? I have a friend who eats A FEW Kentucky in the winter and I may have participated in eating SOME when I wasn't thinking as clearly back then (2 years ago). Can somebody please explain yellow grubs? or maybe I don't need to know.
  13. Water Patrol Rescue

    Recreational Boating Use Study, Table Rock Lake, completed in April 2010, section 4.2.. "management should strive to conserve use levels to prevent these levels from exceeding (60+% increase) this threshold. Without this type of management strategy, opportunities for other classes of experience on the lake will be eliminated and those boaters looking to fish, swim, or relax quietly will likely be displaced elsewhere to seek out their recreational experiences." Those "studying" the boating use of TR knew and understood then, but the policy makers are willing to risk pontoons being sunk, bass boats and other smaller vessels to be sidelined or risk damage/safety by allowing others to destroy property with oversized boats intended for the Gulf and Great Lakes. Watching the OMTT fisherman going back to weigh-in a couple weeks ago....... any one of those guys could have been seriously hurt by the massive waves near Aunts. I no longer have interest in fishing summers on TR so I guess my family has been "displaced elsewhere to seek out our recreational experiences." Years ago the draw to TR was family themed, quiet, fishing, relaxing and swimming in clear waters. Now.... you just have to have $120,000+ in a 40'-50' cruiser and wake/surf boat to enjoy. I've written $Long, $$ McCaskill and $$$Blunt, I've called the Water Patrol (idiot driving the "surf boat"), I've attended the Corps public forums, I've spoke with and written Capt. Matt Walz with the Water Patrol and I've written my State of Missouri legislators. Hopefully many of you have or will do the same. The genie needs to be put back in the bottle.
  14. Missouri Water Patrol

    I think a 1 oz. sinker on the end of 20# test on a 7'3" stick teaching my 8 year old how to cast using a Shimano Chronarch. Whoops! Did I do that?
  15. Missouri Water Patrol

    Red n White small amount of black on side, black top. May answer to "hey dumb a$$".

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