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  1. BrowningCollector.com

    communicating with the mdc

    Something else to consider..... what as fishermen are we doing for TR as far as habitat? I for one bought an old beat up pontoon, stripped it down to a couple seats and a steering wheel, put a new 50 HP Merc on it and we put out brush piles. Special thanks to MagicWormMan for his help in the past. To date, 243 and counting. Not always easy, not always fun, NOT very expensive, a bit gratifying to know you are working to give back as a fisherman. Does this mean you all should run out and buy a pontoon? No, but in years past, the conservation would loan out their brush boats to fisherman. When they pull the lake this winter........... find a cove or two and pull some float-ins to the waters edge and tie them down. VERY easy to do and gives the fry a place to grow a bit. Some years 12-15 feet deep and you can do a bunch in a day..... Maybe we can rely on ourselves to do the work MDC doesn't or won't. Just another option to consider.
  2. BrowningCollector.com

    Lost Thermocline and High Blue Did Me In.

    "Good Luck and get ready for the bombardment this weekend"..... 573 boats allowed for in all of the tournaments on Saturday. Think I will sit this one out and watch from the house. On the bright side..... the 40' ocean going vessels have been pretty much put away for the winter.
  3. BrowningCollector.com

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Sorry Vernon, set him up for this one. My bad and my apology. I will have to send you some baits to make up for it, but you have to admit...... it is funny!
  4. BrowningCollector.com

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Vernon, this one is for you. She slept in my KU shirt, put baseball/football eye glare on first thing after waking up and came to the dock to fish. I love my job as a parent. Eight years old and loves to fish with me. Such a blessing to live in the Ozarks and in a great Nation.
  5. BrowningCollector.com

    Invasive Species Redux

    I'm looking at the photo you have under your name as I try to figure out what it represents other than a beautiful campus, incredible basketball history with the only place in the world to truly enjoy watching a basketball game, fantastic pharmacy school and some of the best bars in the mid-west. Rock Chalk.
  6. BrowningCollector.com

    Tragic Event

    As fishermen and boaters, life jackets, cell phones with radar/weather warn and check the weather prior to getting in the boat. Make it second nature. If a storm is coming in and you know it, don't always think you have to get to the trailer during the storm. Find a dock, a deep pocket to tuck into (did that in a CPA tourney years ago) or beach it as a last resort. The facts will come out, but we can learn and adjust our practices in the aftermath of this tragic event. God bless the victims, families and first responders.
  7. BrowningCollector.com

    Minor Boat Ding Repair

    Calling all experts, except for RW (you know who you are :-).... I have 3-4 small (pencil eraser size chips) dings in the gel coat. Any thoughts/advice on the best repair kit to use is appreciated.
  8. BrowningCollector.com

    Invasive species now in Beaver

    There is good news coming soon regarding these invasive species....... they only come out during summer and soon will be migrating back to their caves and stay there from Mid-August to Mid-May of 2019? Let's call it a fall migration....... I was down at TR this past weekend and the boat numbers were down a fair amount and relatively quiet compared to the last few weeks. School can't get here fast enough.
  9. BrowningCollector.com

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    I bet in this case.... if you put a "350 HP" on its arse it would be considered inclusive and appropriate to fish out of in bass tournaments. It might actually run 100 mph if you could keep it straight (still traumatized over the Springfield News MisLeader article). Tough to roll cast with a neck and head that size. BAM!, spinnerbait hits the top of the unicorn horn and your reel blows up, wire gets bent three different ways....never to be tuned right again.
  10. BrowningCollector.com

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    If big pink blow up flamingos keeps them busy and not running up and down the lake........ go for it.
  11. BrowningCollector.com

    6-27-18 Table Rock Lake Report Point Five to Big M

    Bill, thanks for the details. Between baseball, softball, building a house and oh ya, work.... haven't been on the water since Late April. Off tomorrow and taking the 8 and 12 year old down this p.m. and putting the boat on the lift ready for tomorrow a.m. I've been hearing similar details from a friend who's saying he's doing well also. Between the two of you it is much appreciated. Need to get the kids into them.
  12. BrowningCollector.com

    Kimbering Docks?

    We could all fish from the bank like we used to and not from a "350 HP bass boat" (poor guy- can't believe he said it), but we don't. Different strokes for different folks. My dad used to float the Kings and White before the dam went in, but things have changed to accommodate more and more interests. Looking at the bright side of the current situation of LOZ (or TR)........... as I see 1000's of tiny fry thrive around my fathers' (two stall dock) makes me believe docks play a significant role for increasing the fish population, thus helping fishermen catch more fish. Knowing the spot his dock sits over isn't special and lacks any meaningful natural structure that would normally hold fish. Thankfully, his dock makes for a fantastic place for his grandchildren to learn to catch fish and for him as an aging 77 year old to sit and watch them do so where a boat is no longer feasible. Docks are here to stay and adjustments are made to fish around them as different techniques for catching are implemented just as we see with Watson vs. Sprague.
  13. BrowningCollector.com

    Kimbering Docks?

    16' x 20' now and adding "No Ketchup" to it!
  14. BrowningCollector.com

    Kimbering Docks?

    Coming from a dock owners standpoint......a boat dock allows families hours of entertainment, fishing, swimming, relaxing, boat storage convenience, etc...... my two kids spend hours on their grandfathers small two stall dock with swim deck. He feeds the bluegills and catfish so it's a little like shooting fish in a barrel (bending the barbs down of course), but they have a blast and they have learned to fish and make fantastic memories. Has a huge one eyed carp that has hung around year after year. Have we had those uninvited fishermen get out and fish off of it? hang baits on it? tie up to it? get into lockers and look around? Absolutely and we have the game camera photos to show it, do we own the water beneath or around? Absolutely not. It's part of owning a dock on public water....... I've been on TR since 1968 and can remember back when also. It was a lot prettier lake then. VERY few docks, very few fishermen and ultra-clear water. Times have changed. Bigger boats, bigger wakes, bigger and more docks, more foolishness than ever before, but many types of fun for many types of people. Bottom line.... a little respect for one another goes a long way. As the lake gets more and more out of control the respect level diminishes. TR has began its transformation into LOZ south. I would like to see Congress/COE limit the size/type of boats on the lake. Wake displacement would be a start. 30'+ and wakeboard boats do more damage to the docks, environment and endanger other boaters more than bass tournaments with "350 HP engines" on the boats. Those who keep their boats in the commercial docks are the first to scream foul and laws are enacted on their behalf to prevent fishermen from fishing around their 30+ and wakeboard boats. Meanwhile, all heck breaks loose for the public when those same protected folks take to the lake. I hate to see the large and commercial docks and believe anyone has a right to fish around any dock. With this said, I'm ordering a new sign for grandpa's dock.... 8' x 10' - NO Fishing within 1000 yards.
  15. BrowningCollector.com

    You can't make this stuff up

    Thank you Water Patrol. NOT an easy or safe job. PLEASE spend some time down from Cape Fair around Piney. Never seen ignorance/arrogance like this past weekend. Where is the Corps of Engineers on limiting boat size on Federal land/waterways? I'm generally a low tax/limiting tax kind of person, but I'm starting to think an Environmental Impact Tax on wakeboard boats and anything over so many feet that displaces a certain volume of water causing environmental damage to our public waterways maybe in order. If you don't want to be taxed, take your stupidity to Lake of the Ozarks.

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