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  1. Blll

    Dam/Indian creek area 10/16

    Just jumping in, I was out Wed am and it was flat calm. Zero topwater on whites or anything else. Pulled out ned and caught 2 keeper largemouth in about 10 minutes. Saw both of them eat it as it came off wood in about 3 fow. Fun. Wind came up so I went to PC and trolled for whites. Caught 5-6 spots up to 12" and less. Time to go in as watching these little guys skim across the water is my least favorite fishing. All by myself in PC. Many shad balls. WT 67-68.
  2. Blll

    New Shad Regs

    Has there been any feedback/discussion about the shad regulations that were supposed to start Oct. 1st?
  3. Blll

    Indian Creek 9/17

    Hey Quill, how deep was the water under the dock? Great how being observant can improve your day.
  4. Blll

    Sheechi Day?

    I saw on the news that tomorrow is Sheechi Day on Beaver Lake. Anyone know what that is?
  5. Parents blessed me with the name Walter Harry Borg 3rd. My grandpa lived until he was 92 so there were plenty of times Grandpa, Dad and myself would be together. If someone called "Walter" all 3 of us would respond. Just became easier at family functions to be called "B3" or Blll. Lots of guys think I'm just mis-typing Bill but nope, its Blll. Proud of my name but it did cause issues in the past. Carried on the tradition and there was a B4 but sadly he's gone too. Just me, Blll.
  6. Blll

    Indian creek area 7/24

    Pretty slim pickings for me lately. Trying to learn from the Table Rock threads but can't really find those concentrations yet. Evening surface action has been zero for me. WT holding around 87-88.
  7. Blll

    Missing bouys

    Just a heads up. At least 2 bouys gone from Rt12 bridge sandbar. Still at least 3 fow but dropping.
  8. Blll

    Striper rumor?

    Nice fish. I hope it's still swimming.
  9. Blll

    Wednesday morning

    The last few times I've been out, bass fishing, I was surprised by the number of striper guides coming out of PC and fishing between Shaddok hollow and the bridge. So i tried pulling brooders this am, 6-8 and got two stripers. Not giants, a 9# and a 10#, but fun to feel a real pull again. Basin north of Bear island. 50-65 fow, , 90-100 ' of line out with 1/2 oz weight. Trolling .5 mph. Saw another one landed, and I missed at least 2. WT cooled back to 80-81.
  10. Blll

    Striper rumor?

    I heard of a 45# plus striper caught on Beaver last week. Largest one I've heard of this year. Any info out there?
  11. Blll

    Quick trip this morning

    Nice trio. To me, Beaver walleyes have always seemed less stout than the ones I've caught up north. Catching quite a few in the 10"-12" range so year classes seem in tact.
  12. Blll

    Cabela's reels.....extinct?

    Pretty much agree that clothing is the money maker at either store. I do say that BP has the largest inventory of both rods and reels anywhere that I've seen. Sure they have often been out of the exact one I've gone there for, but they also have more brands, sizes and styles than anyone else, at least as far as being on the floor. I have had good luck with either clothing brand with several items 10-15 years old and going strong. There actually seems to be more help at Cabela's lately.
  13. Blll

    Cabela's reels.....extinct?

    Went to the Cabela's in Rogers today. Clearance cave is 75% off and just about bare. I don't see it coming back...ever. I don't mind BP but Cabela's had enough different products to make it noticeable. I've ranted before about Cabela's in Rogers lack of stock. No different today. Plenty of empty hooks. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  14. Blll

    Cabela's reels.....extinct?

    Diawa made Cabela's bait cast reels. BP currently has no relationship with Diawa so right now there are no Cabela's branded bait cast reels. End of story.
  15. Blll

    Cabela's reels.....extinct?

    You're correct, the depth master reels (3) show up today. Weird but still no bait casters.

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