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  1. New to the Forum!

    Welcome! Lots of great info and some fun too on this site.
  2. Nice set-up! Do you use the same basic set up for minnows and cranks?
  3. Bass fishing

    Awesome. Our whole dock tore away again with the gale last week so no power to dock. But I will figure out a way to get at em this week for certain.
  4. Bass fishing

    Hey Dan, did that striper hit the jerk bait? That must have been nuts on bass tackle. Any size to the whites? Nice day!
  5. Rod Building Hobby

    Started in high school 50 years ago when Herters was "the" catalog to buy fishing stuff. Got out of it during the KIDS years but have made 20 or so the last couple of years. You really have to make them a labor of love and customize them for yourself. You can buy a serviceable graphite rod for $25. Can't come close to that for just a blank. Great for the winter months. Just finishing a new drop shot rod for myself. Its a real bang to catch that 1st fish on something you made. Enjoy!
  6. Oooh got that fever

    Lance, don't ever stop those reports! Itching to get out and see if that technique works mid-lake. Water 4-6 degrees colder mid lake. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Everybody deserves a dog

    Really sorry and makes me think what it will be like when our "Duke" (14 lbs wet)heads out. 12 years old now and slowing down. But just picture your dog up there running flat out with his ears back and grinning. He'll be waiting for ya. Wow, can't see the screen now.
  8. Mike Iaconelli.....OH SNAP!

    I used to fish rivers around the Chicago area for carp and have a 22# as my personal best. Made my own doughballs, made hair rigs and sold them, I was pretty into it. Here on Beaver, I've seen several carp that dwarfed my PB. With so many other options I've not targeted (or caught) any carp. I'm kinda intimidated by the big lake and would not know where to even start looking to catch carp. Would baiting a small area with corn be worthwhile? I would love for the grand kids to catch some without having to cast much. Isn't it odd how some fish pictures are so presented to distort the size of the fish. JMO
  9. News Flash - Shoes / Boots and Fishing Gear

    "Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission" This has served me well.
  10. South of 12 Bridge

    Welcome to the forum Duke. Just finished my 4th year on Beaver and learn more every day. Missed out on the most of the first season of winter fishing because of the unreliable marina schedules. I'm blessed to have a nice slip and it seems as you may too and my 150 Merc is too much of a gas hog to rely on what I can carry. So my advice is: Have all the marinas on speed dial. Call first and wait for a real person to answer. Too many messages that list winter hours just aren't true. For my money PC is the most reliable and the most expensive. HSB usually is a lot less but they are the worst on being open. I'm amazed at the lack of slip based boats that fish in the winter. Most Important: NEVER get below 1/2 tank. I never worry anymore as I can fish easy all day on a half tank. When you do find an open marina...fill up. Beaver is a great lake and shines in the winter. Plan ahead and go get em'!
  11. Kim. City 12/29/17

    You guys crack me up with the wife tales. I too am always surprised that my neighbor Jim knows more about my yard than I do. Best plan is get to him first. LOL
  12. Best way keep hands warm?

    Old school fluid hand warmers like Jon-e and newer ones made by Zippo really do work. A little work involved in prep has made these less popular than the chem ones but I think the fluid ones last much longer. Unless I'm trolling, I don't fish that well with gloves. Those winter golf gloves sound interesting. Just another thought on staying warm. Those fleece face gaiters from S.A. that are advertised everywhere online really do work. Much better keeping the wind off your neck than hooded jackets that don't move. JMO
  13. Feathers and Fins where is he?

    Scotts posts were the most detailed info anyone put on here. He taught me how to striper fish and I miss his input and wit. I know for a fact he actually got followed and hounded and just got tired of it, especially when some guys would call "BS" on his posted success. I watched,from 100 yards away, and saw him draw a crowd while he sat and ate lunch. See ya on the water Scott!
  14. Finally scored my 1st striper of the fall on my 3rd brooder pulling trip. 31", PC, wt 57. Several guide boats in PC, did not see any hook-ups, except white bass. Here is my question and I've gotten mixed answers so far. My typical brooder trolling set is 4 rods off the stern. Usually 2 free lines and 2 split shot rods. Do you guys put the free lines to the outside or inside of your set? There must be a preferred way to make turns and land fish without a big tangle but I have not heard a consensus either way. I marvel at the 12 rod sets on guide boats with tight turns and no tangles.
  15. Veterans Day

    To all my fellow vets: "Welcome Home"

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