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  1. Best way keep hands warm?

    Old school fluid hand warmers like Jon-e and newer ones made by Zippo really do work. A little work involved in prep has made these less popular than the chem ones but I think the fluid ones last much longer. Unless I'm trolling, I don't fish that well with gloves. Those winter golf gloves sound interesting. Just another thought on staying warm. Those fleece face gaiters from S.A. that are advertised everywhere online really do work. Much better keeping the wind off your neck than hooded jackets that don't move. JMO
  2. Feathers and Fins where is he?

    Scotts posts were the most detailed info anyone put on here. He taught me how to striper fish and I miss his input and wit. I know for a fact he actually got followed and hounded and just got tired of it, especially when some guys would call "BS" on his posted success. I watched,from 100 yards away, and saw him draw a crowd while he sat and ate lunch. See ya on the water Scott!
  3. Finally scored my 1st striper of the fall on my 3rd brooder pulling trip. 31", PC, wt 57. Several guide boats in PC, did not see any hook-ups, except white bass. Here is my question and I've gotten mixed answers so far. My typical brooder trolling set is 4 rods off the stern. Usually 2 free lines and 2 split shot rods. Do you guys put the free lines to the outside or inside of your set? There must be a preferred way to make turns and land fish without a big tangle but I have not heard a consensus either way. I marvel at the 12 rod sets on guide boats with tight turns and no tangles.
  4. Veterans Day

    To all my fellow vets: "Welcome Home"
  5. Circle hooks

    Stripers & whites seem to hit a bait and turn so they are moving away and get the circle hook properly. My problem with circles is bass as they seem to inhale the bait from the rear. almost impossible to remove a deep circle hook. When I lose a striper i usually figure the hook just pulled out of tissue and that is caused by too small of a hook with not enough gap to get in the grisle. Like Stump said, at least a 3/0. JMO
  6. 11/2 report

    Started way too late and missed the morning calm water. Fished in a gale most of mid-day. Scratched up a dozen fish, between the islands. Kept 7 crappies, 11"-12". All on deeper brush piles on shiners. Boat control was a pain. Fish were there, just hard to stay on them. Beautiful day, almost too warm. WT 62.
  7. In the Midst of it all

    Mo, We used to live on a small river just outside of Chicago. Learned to carp fish with my home made doughballs and hair rigs. What a fish to hook in 3-4 fow . Not quite a striper run but surely more fight than most anything else swimming. 25# my best. Live on Beaver now and see monsters every day. I've not tuned in to any Ozark carp fisherman and I'm at a loss as how to target them on this great body of water. Any carp clubs around?
  8. so-so week

    Out 3 times in the past week. Not hard to catch lots of spots but not much else. Wasted a # of brooders. No striper action mid lake for me. Can't find any white bass either. Did see a guide boat twice last week in PC. Hate fishing brooders and having bass eat them. Even with circle hooks, they tend to swallow it. Foggy mornings will slow you down. Fished with OA member vinscott last week. He caught a nice 3# largemouth. We saw a couple flocks of Pelicans which neither of us had ever seen in freshwater. Water temp over the week went from 73 to barely 70 yesterday. Blessed to watch ospreys and an eagle fishing' too. They had no better luck than I did.
  9. When my Dad retired we talked about all the fishing we were going to do. Right about then my wife dumped me and I also lost my job. Kids to deal with, finding a new career and eventually a new wife all took time, about 3 years. Just when I got my act together and he told me he had the big "C". Don't let life get in the way of what's important. Now I'm retired and moved south to Arkansas. My wife wanted to move where I could go fish any time I wanted. 2x per week, 11 months a year. (no one should fish in February). Getting a little more wobbley than I used to be. She won't let me night fish alone anymore. I'll know when it isn't fun anymore. Maybe then I'll have time for all those projects in my head.
  10. What happened to reports ?

    Thanks again for your reports. Hoping the stripers start to filter down toward mid lake with the cooler nights coming this week.
  11. Browning Air Stream Rods

    Since we are being self depreciating, anyone want to fess up how many rods they have just dropped/kicked overboard? I've fished a long time and can notch 3 overboard. My worst one was a terrific bait caster I made on a Loomis blank. But I've also snagged up at least 4. So I guess I'm ahead.
  12. What happened to reports ?

    I hear you Yak. In my few years on Beaver, I've found the most frustrating thing is "what worked today may not work tomorrow". I try to adapt for weather wind etc, but each day seems like a new adventure. I've had plenty of great days but rarely back to back. That makes it more special when you do figure it out. Go Cubs!
  13. What happened to reports ?

    I hear ya Stump! We used to have many more posters 4 years ago when I started. Learned what I know about Beaver from them. I got out on Friday. Had most of the lake to myself. Spent way too much time in Joe's creek. The back half of the creek, several acres, was alive with surface feeding. I finally downsized my bait to find it was 4"-6" spots. Thousands of them. I kept hoping to find mama or something under them. No luck. After about 15 of them, even on U/L tackle, it was enough. wt still 76. Spent some time at a crappie spot, caught a few keepers for lunch. Pair of osprey kept me company.
  14. Ned jig heads

    Dave may have them listed on ebay now too.
  15. Bait Regulation.

    I think that's right on. It's the Arkansas river that has plenty of gizzards to net but also the silver carp and zebras.

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