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  1. 1st time out this year. 8:30 am, started setting brooder rods while idling past PC. Watched 5 guide boats leaving as I made the turn into PC. Well, I had no plan B and it was beautiful so I kept going. After a quiet hour, boom! 41 inches, guessing high 20's. WT 41-42.
  2. Certainly not an expert but I have gone through the learning curve and have a few thoughts on these reels. I use the smallest Okuma Coldwater reel. Good clicker, drag, and counter. Looks good too. I started with the Magma to save $$ but they were not as smooth. I use 12# floro. More than strong enough. I got away from braid only because most of them float and at slow speeds with little or no sinker, it made a difference. Yes I get it that braids smaller diameter should overcome this but I've actually had the braid floating at slow speeds. I never tried 10# and might be wrong. I use the transit
  3. Agree with Lance on Okuma reels. I use Coldwater line of reels from Okuma in the smallest size. Around $100. I had a Magda but really prefer the Coldwater. 5 years, zero issues. JMO
  4. Blll

    10/22 - 10/24

    Had my buds from up north for their fall trip. Beaver was not easy, 3 guys, 3 days, 15 crappie, drop shotting. Good news was they were all over 12". Ah Beaver...you are a tough b...h. Mid-lake wt65 Could not find any shad or whites on top.
  5. A new G2 was on my bucket list for a repower this winter. 15 year old Nitro is ready. It will be interesting to see what existing inventory of G2s are available at what cost. Maybe it would be stupid to buy a discontinued motor at any cost, but I sure like the reviews on the G2s. While BPR says parts will continue to be made, does that make sense? Didn't need to be more confused. Could someone buy just the Evinrude company? I thought the G2 was a big hit.
  6. Wow, nice! Even a hybrid which have become rare.
  7. Stopped for gas at PC this morning. Sheriff boats filling up, still searching for this man.
  8. Isn't Bass Pro a sponsor of MLF? No live wells.
  9. Blll


    I've been able to get out often the past 3 weeks. I've watched the WT climb from low 50's to low 60's. I've caught plenty of bass but almost all smaller males. Have I missed the females coming in? Just when I think I'm getting a handle on Beaver, it makes me feel like I just moved here. Have they spawned in so shallow I can't get to them? Still catching most fish on ned with a few on Keitechs. No steady spinnerbait bite that I've found. Water temps going up & down more than I've seen the past few years. No complaints on just catching fish but after several years with no FLW and high water
  10. Blll

    March trips

    Quick report. Out 3x last month. March 15th pulled brooders in PC. Screen full of bait & fish. 3 guide boats kept me company.1-14# striper. Nothing else. didn't see any other hook ups. Brutal wind, wt 48. March 18th, back in PC North wind even worse, Marked nothing. Out yesterday. Water temps skyrocketed to 55-58. Muddy water. scratched out 3 bass, 2 eyes, (1-14" crappie, still prespawn). All on 3.3 Keith, white w/ chartreuse tail. All caught 1st 100 yards in Ventris. Glorious day to be out inspite of stiff wind.
  11. Not in love with BP but mostly because of out of stock issues. That said, the Cabela's in Rogers was much worse before becoming a hybrid. BP has doubled the size of the fishing area and yes plenty of it is their own brand but many more rods and reels than before, and the electronics selection is much greater. I agree the fly dept. is lacking. I tie flys and they are out of most everything I go there for. How can they not carry Spro? Cabela's never carried Dixie spoons. I guess the days of the $50 Pro Qualifier bait cast reels are over too. Any thoughts on the BP brand outboard oil? Half the
  12. I've been on the forum for 5 years. I live on Beaver with a slip so that is where i fish. Certainly not an easy lake but this forum taught me a lot in the beginning. Most of the frequent reporters are gone. I learned how to striper fish from Fin&feathers and his antics with doc were fun reading and informative. DanTF was another I learned from. I'm not sure why they have stopped posting but perhaps they got dogged for their reports. Anyway I try to report as I can. October tornado took a lot out of me and I haven't fished since. But trying to get the fire started again. Good luck to all an
  13. No Kobe hate here. Sad he went so young, seemed like a good guy. Just commenting on what makes you famous. Two of my favs were Ernie Banks & Walter Peyton, just as great players, just as good men. Memorials didn't fill a stadium with singing & dancing. Enough from me, lets go fishin'.
  14. A real hero and yet no fan fare, no celebrity posts, and sadly no mention on the news that I saw. If only she had played for the Lakers too. Our priorities sometimes seem odd. Just sayin".
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