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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Crappie 8/22/20   
    Got going about 6 Saturday morning...  They’ve been finicky here for awhile.  Took a break from Beaver and hit other lakes the first part of August.  Boat crowd was getting old
    Last week they were mad and it didn’t matter what size the bait was.  This week it started off like that and then once the sun got up it was back to finicky...  Like they just come up and nip at it but not commit to it.  Buddy of mine fishing with livescope would say they just come up and look, then swim away...  That would drive me nuts.
    They were hammering it on a 18 foot contour at about 15 to 13 feet down.  Minnows and a Crappie Magnet split tail jig in a color called Sho-nuff...  Looks like Monkey Milk...  Most came off a jig than meat.  Crazy how that is.  They haven’t wanted jigs all summer and now they do...  I guess because it’s a small profile and not much of any action.  Just a little vibration that triggers that horizontal line just enough I guess.   Had 8 on my first past in about 45 minutes.  Flipped around and picked up two more.  Then gave it a rest.  Went searching for roamers on a big flat but couldn’t keep bass, gar, and cats off my line.   Picked up a few shorts but no keepers.  So made my way back into that pocket and went to the same contour.  Picked up two more but the bite was nothing like at first light.   
    I quit around noon about the time it turns into an ocean.  
    Really gained a lot of personal confidence sticking with Beaver throughout the summer.  I struggle the most in the summer.  Just had to keep dragging my boat out there and plug away at it.
    God bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Blll reacted to fishman783 in Beaver Lake July 26-Aug 2 Report   
    I made a post a week and a half ago asking about fishing Beaver Lake this time of year and several people responded to my post which I greatly appreciate.  Just thought I’d recap my trip (down from Iowa visiting my dad for the week).
    Basically was able to get out on the lake from around 6am-10am for most every day while I was visiting.  My dad lives around point 5 so we basically stayed down on the lower end of the lake and I primarily targeted deeper offshore fish since it was easier for the other people who I took out each morning to have a chance at catching fish equally.  I also wanted a chance to work on dropshotting fish I could see on my electronics that were suspended in tree tops as it is a technique that I don’t get to practice fishing the Mississippi River.
    My most productive pattern was finding timbered points at the end of bluffs right off the main river channel.  These areas seemed to have the largest concentrations of bait and also spotted and smallmouth bass.  We were able to catch them suspended in tree tops from 25-45 ft with 3.3 Keitechs counting them down and also dropshotting 3” Berkeley Power Minnows and Strike King Baby Z-Toos.  We did not have too much luck on topwaters unless we were able to cast immediately on fish that came up busting bait which we did not encounter too often.  When we were able to capitalize on these opportunities a Pop R style bait, small buzzbait, and the small size 90 Whopper Plopper would get bit.
    When I did sneak up a bit shallower I was able to catch a few largemouth on a swing jig with a zoom UV speed craw.  I did not devote a lot of time to try to figure out what exactly the largemouth were doing do to limited time on the water, but I suspect they were a bit shallower than the spots and smallies.
    I will say that I saw the most bait at Beaver than I have seen in the last 4 years of coming down to visit this time of year....tons of 1.5-2 inch Shad pretty much everywhere we went.  I suspect that if I tried to Dropshot even smaller 2” baits (which I did not have with me) that I may have been able to coax a few more bites than I did on the suspended fish.  Seemed like I’d be able to catch 3-4 fish out of a school and then they’d quit biting even though I could still see them on my graph.  I’m attaching I picture of some of the baits I had success on as well as a few pics of fish.  I will say my brother did catch the largest fish of the week, 3.08 lb Largemouth on a buzzbait.
    Thanks again,

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    Blll reacted to Quillback in Indian Creek, July 20   
    Got there at first light again today, as I was walking down to the boat, saw a striper about a long cast away from the dock, knock a few shad in the air.  Would've dropped the TM and made a few casts but there was a guide boat maybe 50 yards away from it when it came up and they were on it.
    Motored about a 1/4 mile away and started fishing.  Stripers and black bass would come up on top chasing shad, no schooling action and pretty scattered but it lets you know they are in the area, along with some shad.  
    Spend the morning throwing a 3.3 Keitech on a 1/4 oz head.  If I had one come on top I'd cast at it, otherwise I would fan cast around the boat, moving a little every once in a while on the TM.  I caught 3 stripers and a couple of smallmouth.  Saw the guide boat one (they were pulling bait) and lose another.
    2 of my stripers were in the 3-4 lb. range, however the last one I caught went a little over 10 lbs.  
    I fished a gravel point and decided to move over to the other point across the cove.  Rather than fire up the big motor, I ran on the TM and slowly trolled the Keitech.   Had a little bump, didn't think much of it, moved about 20 feet and that striper hit that thing and just about pulled the rod out of my hands.  
    So the boat was going forward, the striper going the other way, drag was just singing and before I could get turned around, my 50 yards of braid and leader where gone and I was into the backing.  Made me a little nervous as I don't spend much time testing the backing to leader knot as this setup I primarily use for black bass and no bass is going to pull 50 yards of braid on me.  Well I was able to catch up to the fish and get back some braid on the spool.  Just as I did that fish got hung on something, don't know what it was but it felt like a piece of line, had some give to it, well all of a sudden I felt a little thunk, the line went weightless just like it does when you break off, so feeling somewhat dejected I started reeling in my line, the slack came out and the fish as still on.
    at this point the fish was done, came to the boat, laid on it's side, and I slid it into my somewhat inadequate net for a fish this size.  I did keep this one as I doubt it would've survived.
    This guy was on the water before me:

    So top picture is one that's 10 lbs..  Next pic is one of the 3-3.5 lb. fish I caught,  but they both look the same - bad camera work.  


    And my best smallmouth:

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    Blll reacted to Bgctrading in 7-13-7-16 report   
    We fished the Indian point area every morning from daylight till about 930-10 am. We only dropshotted night crawlers I had my 6 year old with me. We scratched out 6-8 keepers probably caught 12-15 each trip mostly spots every morning and several nice walleye. The last morning we hit the mother load of GIANT blue gills. All fish were in the 24-35 ft range off points. I found several on my livescope in tree tops but I never could get them to bite. Most fish I found either hit it right away when I put it in front of them or if they didn't. it took a lot of jigging the nightcrawler in their face to either spur them to bite or another came racing in off the screen to nail it. I hope someone can use this info.
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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Crappie 7-12-20   
    Got started a little before 6am yesterday and fished until about 11.  The wind picked up about then and plus the boat traffic gets to going and it’s over....   
    WT was 84-85 and clarity was little stained or silty...  That seems to be were I’m finding them is in a little off color water line of water.  Goes from clear to stain in the area I’m fishing and that’s where they are.  Been like that the past two trips...  Water Dept too might play a factor..  17-20 fow and about 13 feet down.  I would go down to 15 feet and my minnows would get a little weak or die eventually..  Rule of thumb to me is to fish above that or put my boat in 15-16 feet of water and put my baits a foot off the bottom...  That still kinda iffy with current level...  
    It stayed pretty steady...  Shorts, Catfish, and gar keep you busy...  Ended with 12...  You find bait, you’ll find the good ones roaming slowly eating...  Move slowly... It’s a grind but worth the effort. 
    God bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Blll reacted to Quillback in Striper stocking   
    Staff from the Andrew Hulsey Hatchery stocked 35,880 fingerling Striped Bass in Beaver Lake last week. AGFC had to cancel the annual Striped Bass Project due to Covid-19, but was able to acquire donated Striped Bass fry from Keo Fish Farms in England, Arkansas. The fry were held in ponds at the Hulsey Hatchery to grow to an average size of 2 inches. Striped Bass in Beaver Lake have very fast growth rates and can get to 28 inches in 4 years; the newly stocked fingerlings should do really well in Beaver Lake! Thank you to Keo Fish Farm for the donated Striped Bass fry.
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    Blll reacted to Greg B. in Another!   
    Went back for more this afternoon.  Started at 5:30 and quit at 7:30.  Kept 15 crappie and released a few keepers after that.  Had my son with me this time and he wouldn’t let me break off the cats (intentionally anyway).  Broke off three cats that I just couldn’t handle.  
    Again, fish were very active.  Caught most of them from about 7-10 feet down in 13-20 fow. jigs at about 1.4 mph.   Close to deep water.  Not as many shad on the sonar today but still plenty in the area.  

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    Blll reacted to Greg B. in Finally Caught a limit!   
    Long line trolling jigs this afternoon was crazy.  Fish of all species were super aggressive.  Trolling around 1.5 mph over 15-30 fow close to channel edges.  Caught over 30 crappie and kept my limit.  Also caught 7 blue and channel cats between 5-7 pounds and turned em loose.  Lots of fun on a 14 foot rod and 6 pound test.  Broke 3 more off.  Wound up with 5 species!  Many many bait balls on the sonar.  
    I was trolling 1/8 oz jigs and color didn’t seem to matter.  Watched two guys trolling cranks and I believe they limited as well.  Today was pretty unbelievable considering how many days I’ve been after em this year.  
    I believe it was Lance who said the time was right for trolling channel ledges.  I appreciate his posts and have learned from them.  The time was definitely right this afternoon.  

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    Blll got a reaction from vernon in Evinrude discontinued   
    A new G2 was on my bucket list for a repower this winter. 15 year old Nitro is ready. It will be interesting to see what existing inventory of G2s are available at what cost. Maybe it would be stupid to buy a discontinued motor at any cost, but I sure like the reviews on the G2s. While BPR says parts will continue to be made, does that make sense?  Didn't need to be more confused. Could someone buy just the Evinrude company? I thought the G2 was a big hit.
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    Blll reacted to Quillback in Some more Indian Creek stripers   
    Called my buddy Ken yesterday after I got home and we decided to get out early and see if we could find the stripers again today.  I always worry when I run into some fish and invite someone to go that we'll get there and won't be able to find them, but they were in the same spots today that they were in yesterday.  We had some really good top water action early, from daylight until about 8 or 8:30.  We boated eight stripers, and had a couple others to the boat that got off.  
    Shad appear to be spawning, the stripers herd them up near the bank and go to work on them, they don't stay up long so you have to get on them when they do come up.  When they get going on those shad, they lose their minds and will just destroy a top water.  I was using an Evergreen SB 125, and Ken was tossing a spook, but I believe any walking type bait will catch them, the key is being there when they blow up.  
    No really big ones, our fish were in the 4 - 10 lb. range.  Ken kept several for the frying pan.



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    Blll reacted to Greg B. in Slow Trolling Crappie   
    Took my FIL and my son out this morning.  Slow trolled jigs at .8 - 1.2 mph.  Found most fish at 15 fow out to about 30.  Fish were mostly suspended around 10-15 feet deep.  Water temp was 67 this morning.  Kept a nice mess but not near a limit!  Biggest fish were all right around 1.5 

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    Blll reacted to Quillback in Some beautiful weather...   
    But for me the fishing has been tough.
    Caught just a handful Monday, caught some today, but almost all were sub-legal bank running males, mostly spots.  Today's sun moved them (again) up onto the banks, Ned rig off the buck brush would get bites.  Once it came off the bank and got into water over 5 feet deep, then they would not touch it.  
    Keitech has gotten a few but it isn't working like it did last week.  There have been some early morning shad chasers in a pocket and some are even out into the main channel, but it's a brief bite.  
    Weather couldn't have been much better than it was today, no wind, bright blue sky, air temp 74 degrees when I left.
    Lots of fishermen, I counted 19 rigs in the Big M lot and 2 more came in when I left at noon.  In ordinary times you might see 6-8 rigs in the lot on a nice weekday in April.  
    Did catch a keeper walleye on the Keitech.  I have a couple of bags of walleye fillets in the freezer so this one got to live to fight another day.

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    Blll reacted to TrophyFishR in I'm back   
    I took a lengthy sabbatical from social media. 
    I've missed this little corner of the internet 
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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Crappie Saturday 4/18/20   
    Got started about 9:30 yesterday morning.  WT 54 and got up to 60.  Slightly stained water clarity.  Got one right away in 20 fow at 17 feet down but shortly after I hooked into a 24 inch striper that went through 4 of my other lines.  After about 30 or so minutes of tying new rigs on and running line back through eyelets of 3, 16 foot poles I was back to fishing.   But geez it wasn’t much after that I got into another 24 inch striper.   It was 10:45 then.  It was quite for about 45 minutes.  Caught a few dink crappie but no keepers.   Then boy it happened again another 22” striper!!  It got into another line so spent about 15 minutes tying a couple more rigs on again.  It was getting close to about noon and haven’t really put a pattern together yet.  Had one crappie in the well and dragging striper on a stringer when it started I caught a crappie at 10 foot down in 20 foot of water.  Then caught another at 10 foot down.   They were on the bottom but didn’t want it there.  Wanted to shoot up to it I guess.  Either that or they came to life around noon.
    Got a limit pretty steady and fished to about 3:30.  Ended with striper and 5 big female whites that I gave to fellas out there fishing.
    At the end of the day through all the stripers and white bass tangles I think I tied up rigs 10 times.  Been awhile since that happened.  
    God bless and good fishing Lance

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    Blll reacted to Brian D in Great day today   
    So my 16 year old is NOT an avid fisherman. He likes to go here and there. Well we out late this morning. Turned into a special day. First day to drive the boat. He did a good job as I knew he would. Then fished for a few hours. His best day fishing since relocating up here 4 years ago. He caught his first Smallie that went 3lbs, then his PB at 3lbs 7oz. Every fish he caught today was over 2lbs. And he out fished me. I think I was more excited than he was today.  Gotta love making these memories. Today we keyed in on the Shad. All of his were on Underspin swimbaits. Size made the difference. 2.8s. I caught a couple on tandem willow Spinnerbait and a couple on swimbaits. 

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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Good Friday crappie 4/10/20   
    Got out earlier than usual.  Started at spot 2 were I finished off previous trip.  Knew it was going to be slow but them big fish caught last week had to be still there roaming around. Caught two toads right away in 14 fow 12 feet down on a steep ledge and then it went quite.  No consistent pattern all day like previous trip.   Scattered bad.  Had to move all over the place.  Deeper water, channel edge, shallower clean trolling water that’s not in the bushes but has a pea gravel bank and steep ledges.  Every move caught a fish but never another one. Caught one hammer in 20 foot just roaming out in the middle while just crossing back over to a shallower ledge.  With how all it went every fish caught was a SOW!!  Sure made the effort a rememberable day.  Caught 10 pigs and two squeakers.  Tossed 5 back and kept 7.   Man this weather.  Next week forecast doesn’t look stable at all.  Good fishing and god bless Lance

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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Sunday crappie 4/5/20   
    Got started about 11 Sunday and fished to about 4:30.  Spot one was 58 degrees water temp and more on the clear side than stained clarity.  Was catching fish constantly in about 14 fow and 10 feet down but not many the right size.  Gave it about an hour with 7 fish in the box and decided to head to spot 2.
    Water had a little more color to it and was also 58 degrees.  Put my boat there too in 14 foot of water and could tell that fish were just off the bottom.  Put a couple lines down to 12 and bam right away it was on.  SOW after SOW...  Made one pass on about a 30 yard stretch of bank and picked up 6.   Flipped it around and let the wind push me out a little deeper to not disturb anything for the next pass.  That pass wasn’t as good.  One was moving faster like .5 to .7 and boat waves had the poles pogoing.  Just mainly used it to bait up again and let the waves settle...  As I got back to the start to flip it around had 2 poles go down and that fished out the limit.  
    Hung around a little more and culled a few and then headed to the house
    Minnow rigging 14 fow, 10-12 feet down.  Moving .1-.3 mph was the pattern
    God bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Blll reacted to Quillback in Indian Creek Area March 30   
    Put the boat in the water about 0645 just as it was getting light.  Not much wind and a cloudy morning.  
    Saw a little surface activity early right out in front of the launch, thought there might be a striper or two out there, tossed a pencil popper at them, but the only taker was a 13" spotted bass.  Gave up on them after a bit and headed for the bank to toss Keitechs.
    It was a tough slog for most of the morning, by noon I had 5 bass and 2 walleye, 2 of the bass were keepers, 15-16" fish, one largemouth and one smalls.  Both of the wallies were keepers, one being a solid 20" fish.
    About noon the bite picked up a bit, caught 4 more bass, 3 of them being keepers smallies and added another keeper walleye.  I don't know if they started biting or I happened upon the right place to fish, but it was nice to find a decent bite to close out the day.
    I'm slow rolling the 3.3 Kietech on a 1/4 oz head.  I like to roll it for a few feet, then kill it for a second or two, then repeat.  Most bites are coming when it drops, or right when I start swimming it again after the drop.  Points, rocky banks, and secondary points inside coves were the best places to have a chance at a bite, hard to know where those places are going to be, no sign of fish or bait, but every once in a while you'll run into a bite.  
    WT 54-56, water pretty clear with a little bit of a green stain back in the front of Indian creek.



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    Blll got a reaction from Lance34 in March trips   
    Quick report. Out 3x last month. March 15th pulled brooders in PC. Screen full of bait & fish. 3 guide boats kept me company.1-14# striper. Nothing else. didn't see any other hook ups. Brutal wind,
    wt 48. March 18th, back in PC North wind even worse, Marked nothing. Out yesterday. Water temps skyrocketed to 55-58. Muddy water. scratched out 3 bass, 2 eyes, (1-14" crappie, still prespawn). All on 3.3 Keith, white w/ chartreuse tail. All caught 1st 100 yards in Ventris. Glorious day to be out inspite of stiff wind.
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    Blll got a reaction from Quillback in March trips   
    Quick report. Out 3x last month. March 15th pulled brooders in PC. Screen full of bait & fish. 3 guide boats kept me company.1-14# striper. Nothing else. didn't see any other hook ups. Brutal wind,
    wt 48. March 18th, back in PC North wind even worse, Marked nothing. Out yesterday. Water temps skyrocketed to 55-58. Muddy water. scratched out 3 bass, 2 eyes, (1-14" crappie, still prespawn). All on 3.3 Keith, white w/ chartreuse tail. All caught 1st 100 yards in Ventris. Glorious day to be out inspite of stiff wind.
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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Sunday hall pass 3/15/20   
    Got out Sunday after church services...  Fished from around 11-5...  Water temp was 51-53 rolling mud but found better water in the back of a creek arm.  It was stained but not brown....  Searched around for awhile catching fish here and there but put it together to stay on the flat side of the channel edge 10-12 fow... That was best consistent steady bite...  I don’t know how many I caught...  Just got to 10 and then started tossing back...  Black crappie were on the move...  Don’t hardly ever get into them rigging but I guess with the brown water they got to get off brush to eat...  Plus they getting ready to do their thing...  
    God bless and good fishing Lance

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    Blll reacted to Lance34 in Crappie 3/6/20   
    Got started yesterday about 11:30...  WT got up to 51 and clarity was pea green...  Wanted to fish a new areas that I know holds fish that just haven’t been bothered...  But when the wind and boat waves keep bouncing my tin can around it can get frustrating...  So pulled out and trailed elsewhere...
    Launched again at 2 and got started back at it at 2:30...  Found them right off the bat but they weren’t ready to eat yet...  Said to myself I’ll come back to them at 4:30...  So moved to go find other fish...  Found them deeper at like 19 fow about 15-16 feet down but they were just little keepers and shorts...  Stayed at it with them until 4:30 then went back to those earlier fish marked...  Put myself in 10-12 fow and 8-10 and bam the madness started and it got better and better as it darker...  
    Fished until I couldn’t see my rod tips anymore...   They were hitting still as I pulled up...  Just kept 10 slabs...  
    God bless and good fishing Lance

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    Blll got a reaction from Lance34 in Anyone bass fishing beaver this weekend?   
    I've been on the forum for 5 years. I live on Beaver with a slip so that is where i fish. Certainly not an easy lake but this forum taught me a lot in the beginning. Most of the frequent reporters are gone. I learned how to striper fish from Fin&feathers and his antics with doc were fun reading and informative. DanTF was another I learned from. I'm not sure why they have stopped posting but perhaps they got dogged for their reports. Anyway I try to report as I can. October tornado took a lot out of me and I haven't fished since. But trying to get the fire started again. Good luck to all and thanks to Lance & Quill and those who do report. 
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    Blll reacted to Quillback in March 3, Big M area   
    Well I could not match Bill and Docknit, but I did get a few today.
    There was an early bite then things tailed off considerably about 10 AM.  I caught 15 bass today, 13 of them before 10 AM.  Thought I was going to have a 25-30 bass day, but it didn't happen.
    Last time I was out on TR, about 2 weeks ago, I could not get a bite any shallower than about 20 feet.  Today, I could not get a bite any deeper than 15 feet.  Things have changed, even thought the water really hasn't warmed up much - I saw a temp of 48 when I left.
    Fish were on the Ned rig, I did try some cranks, jerks and a spinner bait, but no joy there.
    Had several solid keepers, but nothing really big.  No smallmouth today for me either, just K's and largemouth.
    My buddy the ramp goose:

    Couple of fish pics from today:


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    Blll got a reaction from big c in Off Topic Kathrine Johnson   
    A real hero and yet no fan fare, no celebrity posts, and sadly no mention on the news that I saw. If only she had played for the Lakers too. Our priorities sometimes seem odd. Just sayin".
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