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  1. Jay, I've had luck with them in the past. I've fished them on 1/8oz ball jigs. You can adjust that for depth and current. There used to be some sculpin head style jigs but I'm not sure if they're still around. I generally bottom hopped them but you can also swim them.
  2. You pretty well hit the nail on the head. I generally will only fish poppers those situations and don’t use them much in swift water. I’ve used baits like the Dog X and buzzbaits in the swift current with some luck. I’m still learning the tricks though. I’ve always been a more Low and slow type fisherman. I’m always looking to add to my skill set though. I know there’s lots of guys on here who are top water aficionados. Hopefully they can give you more detail.
  3. I used some megabass Dog x and pop x and have caught some nice fish from a few of the small local streams. Your numbers will go down but quality will generally go up. The hooks on those megabass baits are freakin sticky!
  4. Welcome to the forum! I believe they tow your vehicle on F hwy bridge now. Last time i was i checked they have signs posted about parking and river access. Anymore, unless you know someone who has property on Mineral Fork your only access would be kingston off dugout rd. I haven't got to fish any stretch of it much this year. I'm hoping to change that soon. If you're ever down that way shoot me a message on here i'd be happy to join you.
  5. Those are some great looking jigs man!
  6. I haven't been on here in awhile...Ugly Baby Zone!?!?
  7. Thanks! Yes its easy wading. The area i caught that fish in wasnt more the 12ft wide believe it or not. It was in about 4 foot of water though there was a lot of chunk rock in that particular area.
  8. Me and a good fishing buddy got to fish a stretch of upper huzzah about two weeks ago (sorry late report) this was the first time i have ever fished this stretch and it get fished heavy all spring and summer so i wasnt sure how ideal the fishing would be. We fished a stretch about a mile long give or take. Total tally for me was 25 smallmouth and three goggle eye. The bite came on watermelon and green pumpkin 2.75' madman craws on a light texas rig. Here is the big boy of the trip.
  9. Nice smallie Aaron! Did you see an indian taking pictures of mermen while you were out?
  10. So if you're new to the forum or wanting to fish the Meramec: yes the ned rig will catch fish, The HD craw will catch you fish, Yes there was an Indian who claimed to have saw a seductive merman but those sighting are RARE. Keep an eye out for the potential spotted bass being chucked onto a bank or gravel bar and most of all JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME.
  11. who has the biggest pecker, the ned rig and suggestively seductive mermen all in one thread that started as a nice smallie caught on an HD craw. What the heck is going on?
  12. He pulled one from the ol personal collection. He sure was a looker back in the day wasn't he. albeit a strange choice of prop lol
  13. well i have a snoopy pole and some beetle spins.....
  14. Nice to see a grub thread pop. I love that bait. jig it, swim it, use it as a top water, pitch it, flip it, It will flat out work. There's really nothing ground breaking to it its simple and works really well. I think the addition of the Elaztech plastics could teach an old dog a couple new tricks but while i do have my favorite colors and brands i don't think i have found a grub that won't work.
  15. Then this just needs to be settled with a fish off. Get Chief, Aaron, Smalliebigs, The Ever Mysterious MR an- Cap, flysmallie and who ever else and just fish. we can throw spots on the banks, Chief can use his favorite ned rig, Aaron and Smallie can bust out the HD craw, I'm guessing Flysmallie will be using Fly gear( not to limit you or your skills fly ) and the caped crusader An-cap will just be a mystery!
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