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  1. Hello fellow fisherman. I haven't been on lately. Primarily because Ive been too busy to fish. However, I did just fish a MSHP tournament on the 18th at The Rock! Fishing was great! Started off on north facing banks throwing a red custom painted rock crawler just inside secondary pea gravel banks. Immediately caught two smallies almost 3lbs each in about 8 fow. So we had almost 6lbs in the boat by a little before 7. Fished a couple more hours with only a couple shorts. My buddy didnt dress appropriately for the weather. He got too cold so we headed back to the truck to get some dry clothes for
  2. Happy hollow near the dam or four seasons in the James river/aunts creek area
  3. Hi everyone. Hadn't posted in a while but for good reason. I have been there in a while until mothers day weekend. Caught several good fish and quite a few keepers and shorts. Here are a couple of them. Me and my daughter went out Sunday morning for a bit and had a blast. Too water was great as well as the swim bait. I can't wait til memorial day weekend as we are heading back down. I wish I could tell you a definite pattern I developed other that they were caught anywhere from 2 fow to 50 few under the boat.
  4. Sad day when good men die. Mr. Bill Beck will be missed. Please pray for Mary and his family.
  5. Old plug, I don't believe anyone supports the philosophy of taking advantage of the consumer. If you are suggesting Johnny Morris with bass pro does based on his retail. Your simply wrong! His prices match, or are lower than many of his competitors. Now to rebuttle wether or not a business should take advantage of other businesses. Again if you are referencing Johnny Morris, I do believe the businesses in which he has purchased over the years have not been taken by hostile situations. (Agreed upon by others members of this site who have stated the same thing) In fact I would suspect there we
  6. I don't get it either. The hate on JM. He has done incredible things for many areas and continues to do so. I personally know one of his head accountants who has worked for him for many years and has absolutely nothing negative to say about the guy. In fact she only speaks wonderful things of him. Additionally I know some of the store workers and have asked them personally how they like working for him. Even one of the horse drawn carriage drivers and a waitress who LOVE working for him. So yes I know personally or have talked to employees from the top to the bottom. (If you will) all of whi
  7. Scary story. No fish is worth risking your life for. I know we all live by that philosophy but sometimes excitement takes over. This is a reminder for all of us. Thanks for sharing that story and thank God nobody was hurt.
  8. My uncle is looking at putting a helix 9 on his boat. He currently has an 899 hd si. Does anyone know if the transducers are universal to each other. Hes trying to avoid pulling the current transducer off in lieu of not swapping them out.
  9. Awesome. I am heading down tomorrow with my squad. Looking forward to it. Thanks guys.
  10. Just wondering. I havent been down in a while. Is the water starting to clear up near the dam?
  11. Lol. Just messing with you. I enjoy your content. (Most of the time) LoL.
  12. Old plug, one of three things. You either need to trim your fingernails, you have giant fingers (unlike Trump) or you need to start using spell check. Lol. It takes me a bit to figure what your saying. Just kidding. Just having fun
  13. Dan this is a technique I do at loz. Thought I would try it at the TRL. It worked for me. I wish I had caught some wall eye.
  14. Wrench, my thought is the fish follow the old river/creek channel. On the way they find a nice hotel/motel to hang around and swim in the hotel/motel pool for a short time. We can only hope they'll keep the light on for us. Lol. This pattern typically will stay pretty decent throughout the summer. I like it again come winter with an a-rig, jerk bait, grub or a spoon. Look for those cut/pockets in the bluff walls. If you find a lay down or falling rocks, fish those spots really well. Also experiment with the half ounce, three quarter or one ounce jigs. My best was a toss up between the half a
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