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  1. mojorig

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    For TR, I'm guessing (could be wrong) it is closer to 35% for estimated total natural mortality (percent of fish dying annually due to natural causes). A high percentage of the annual natural mortality occurs post-spawn. Total natural mortality is combined with total fishing mortality (percent of fish dying annually due to fishing) to estimate for total annual mortality. A peer-review article (Beamsderfer and North 1995) looking at 409 LMB and SMB populations throughout the United States found an average total annual natural mortality of 35%. They found natural mortality decreased with increasing latitude and increased with increasing temperature and degree-days. Another peer-reviewed article (Sass et al. 2018) stated "Further, our mean total mortality estimate (43%) was similar to natural mortality estimates for Florida, largemouth, and smallmouth bass (29-46%)." I am waiting to receive a better copy of this peer-review article mentioned on this site (link) which talks about TR.
  2. mojorig

    Twin Lakes Walleye Club

    I would agree that this is a good club made up of excellent fishermen and people.
  3. mojorig

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    Yep, high water does wonders for these fisheries. We try to tell everyone to enjoy these good times because at some point the high water could/will stop. This will result in these fisheries reverting back to how they were in late 90's and early 2000's when winter and spring tournaments were won with 10-11 pounds. Same goes for Crappie and Walleye too.
  4. mojorig

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    Dustin definitely has it figured out for sure.
  5. mojorig

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    It took 24 pounds to win Joe Bass on Saturday.
  6. mojorig

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    I'm betting that an individual tagged this fish and it hasn't been tagged long. Typically, tagging studies include tags with contact info on it so the angler can report the catch to the researcher. Also, the tags tend to become covered with algae after several months.
  7. mojorig

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    It isn't from us (AGFC) either. When we tag fish, the tags say AGFC with contact info on it.
  8. Over the past two weeks, 40 AGFC and 3 USFWS employees participated in a large-scale habitat project to replenish existing natural brush piles throughout Norfork Lake. Due to the hard work of these men and women, 155 of the 169 existing sites were replenished and 4 new sites were established. The remaining 14 existing sites, which are all north of Cranfield except for one in Pigeon Creek, will be replenished after the first of the year. Also, we anticipate establishing new sites in a couple of the major creek arms (Pigeon Creek, Bennett’s Bayou, and Big/Brushy Creek). These sites will be placed in shallower water than the existing sites. The brush pile coordinates for Norfork Lake are currently available at https://www.agfc.com/en/fishing/where-fish/fish-attractors/. After the first of the year, you can also contact me in the Mountain Home office (1-877-425-7577 or Jeremy.Risley@agfc.ar.gov) for assistance with obtaining this data. I can load this data onto your SD card or directly to your sonar. I want to express my gratitude to the participants for their hard work and for sacrificing as much as a week away from their families to improve the fish habitat in Norfork Lake.
  9. mojorig

    communicating with the mdc

    We continue to ask our IT and Communication Divisions to make this information more readily available. They continue to tell us "they are working on it."
  10. mojorig

    communicating with the mdc

    On the Arkansas side of TR, we (AGFC) have stocked the following since 1983: Channel Catfish (Catchable and Yearlings): 157,776 fish (Years stocked: 1988, 91, 99, 2000, 02 - 15) Black Crappie finglerings: 48,500 fish (Year stocked: 2003) Walleye finglerings: 849,264 fish (Years stocked: 2003 - 16)
  11. mojorig

    Sheechi Day?

    More on secchi readings: https://www.rmbel.info/training/how-to-use-a-secchi-disk/ Here is more info about the event: https://www.bwdh2o.org/education-outreach/secchi-day/ I'm not sure how successful they will be with the recent rain.
  12. mojorig

    fish kill

    I need to update my original post on Page 2 after talking to the Trout Program as it appears I wasn't completely correct. Here is the correct information provided to me. The AGFC Trout Program investigated a fish kill on 7/30/18 that was reported in the lower portion of Beaver Tailwater. The following dead fish were observed between the Houseman Access and Spider Creek: 1 Brown Trout, 1 Rainbow Trout, 22 Gizzard Shad, 8 Threadfin Shad, 28 Sculpin, 2 Common Carp, 1 Bluegill, and 1 Logperch. There were no observed dead fish between Spider Creek to 1/2 mile above the Bertrand Access. They took dissolved oxygen readings and found low readings toward the bottom of deeper pools. Since then, water releases through either Beaver Dam's conduit or generator have increased DO levels and cooled water temperatures in the tailwater.
  13. mojorig

    fish kill

    AGFC Houseman Access is considered the end of the tailwater.
  14. mojorig

    fish kill

    The AGFC Trout Program has been spending time over the past two weeks on the Beaver Lake Tailwater monitoring water temps and looking for dead fish. They have only been finding dead Common Carp and Gizzard/Threadfin Shad. However, they haven't gone past were the tailwater ends.
  15. Mojorig - a modified split shot rig. While in high school, I worked for a local resort on Norfork Lake. On my spare time, I would take people fishing from the resort to show them how to fish Norfork Lake. My most successful trips involved using the mojo rig. So I just adopted that screen name. Avatar - is my current boat - 2018 BC Caracal

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