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  1. BS is getting to the level that it takes a lot of water to raise the lake level vertically. As of right now, (6/25; 8am), BS is 686.47 which 24.8 ft into the flood pool and 8.5 ft. below top of flood pool. However, BS is at 70% storage. So 30% of BS flood storage occurs in the remaining 8.5 ft.
  2. They (USACE) are predicting BS to crest at 688.0. As of now (6/24; 3 pm), it is 686.26 ft.
  3. Members of the Twin Lakes Walleye club have been catching Walleye for several weeks now. Walleye are being caught around 30 ft deep near points in most cases. Most have been bottom bouncing, trolling crankbaits/jerkbaits, or trolling with a Carolina rig.
  4. The high water ramp at Lead Hill is open. I was at the Tucker Ramp last week. You can put in there but there isn't much parking.
  5. I once had two of the Jointed Unicorns.... noticed I said had..... They were awesome. You could reel them at any speed and they would wake. Im still searching for more..
  6. Do you always use the regular Redfin and not the jointed Redfins? I wish you didn't have to buy 10 to 20 just to get one that runs right.
  7. Here is the CR 15 Access (Regular Ramp and High Water Ramp)
  8. Here is the Oakland Access
  9. The AGFC Ramp at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock will be closed soon. I can get pictures of Oakland and CR 15 if anyone is interested in those.
  10. Here is the Fairview Access
  11. Here is the Point Return Access
  12. Here is the Lakeview Access
  13. Here is the Howard Creek Access
  14. I would say the water is about 1/3 of the way up that ramp. It would be usable if there aren't a lot of people using it because there is little area to turn around.
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