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  1. I wondered if any of them were going to come up our way. Thanks for the pic.
  2. InPiney

    Old Maps

    Glad to hear more about this map, I found one tucked away in our cabin after we purchased it and framed our "section" and the cover page but didn't color it which is great idea. I need to learn how to read it better as merc1997 did. Very cool piece of lake history. It shows a cemetery right at the mouth of our small cove but I've never been able to locate any structure from it.
  3. This worked perfect! I was out Sunday and it was almost like a mid-summer weekend. Another big boat came by so I pulled up the troller and fired up the big motor and drove right into the wake.
  4. Thanks for your insight crew, I'm afraid things are a changing on our beloved lake.
  5. That might have been the same one headed back because it was headed up toward pt 12 when it got me. Looked brand new too as I had never seen it on our end before.
  6. Bring on the quiet days of fall! I was able to get out for about an hour this morning from 9-10 (in between tube runs) and thought it wouldn't be too busy which was true except for the 505' cruiser that came by at half speed pushing a 15' wave (it seemed) as i was drop shotting about 50 yards off shore and he was about 75yards further out from me. I turned in to the wake and was able to surf (literally as I didn't have my seat in) out the first breaker but as i hit the second a wave of water came over my bow and knocked me down to the deck, luckily I stayed in the boat! So my question is this - How do you guys handle the big waves that are becoming more common on TRL? Should I have hit the deck before the first one come up? Have been paying more attn and tried to fire up the big motor? Or just not be out on Labor Day 😂 ?! I did catch one kentucky that measured....14 1/2 but put up a nice fight.
  7. Nice! I was out for a few hours and caught one, but didn't throw the buzzer! Thanks for the report.
  8. Me too, had one bite and that was it so went back in and did yard work.
  9. I think I had the same boat come by us Sunday morning in the same area and I too did the hands up "WTH are you doing move". I had never seen this boat on our end before as was the case with 90% of the other boats this past weekend. He was so close that I thought he was going to take my buoy with him. Glad that "summer" is over.
  10. InPiney

    Boat clean up

    Lews has a descaler that works great but it takes some elbow grease, I forget the name of the product though.
  11. A lot of floaters Sunday morning from Cape Fair up to Hideaway.
  12. Yep, noticed that yesterday too. Lots of floaters and one wake boat going right through pulling a boarder, crazy The debris ends up like dtrs5kps said and on the bottom from getting water logged. Seems like this is a yearly norm now.
  13. That would not be good. I was down today preparing our dock for the potential flood, sure wish I could have been fishing instead. Thanks for the update and good luck to you and everyone else that have lake assets.
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