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  1. Price has been lowered and post has been edited since original post to reflect hours and additional information. Thanks for looking.
  2. Price has been lowered. Thanks for looking!
  3. Since this boat is local to Beaver Lake, I wanted to share here. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks for looking. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/ranger-rt178-super-clean-2014/6768930852.html
  4. Please see below for information. Feel free to message me on here or via Craigslist. Thanks for looking. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/ranger-rt178-super-clean-2014/6768930852.html
  5. Found in the middle of the lake near Lost Bridge. If it yours, message me the type of rod and reel and I will be happy to return it.
  6. Good points by all. I am 6’5” and so that difference could be substantial when talking about rod lengths. Forgot to mention that part. Keep the suggestions coming! Thanks.
  7. I recently got the Helix 9 G2N SI with the mega imaging. It blew my mind within minutes of being on the water! I know the 12" will be awesome!
  8. I am looking to replace a topwater setup, in particular the rod, that unfortunately is no longer with me. My main topwater bait that I use for bass and stripers is a Spook, and mainly a Spook Jr. I always have one tied no matter the time of year as we all know its a great lure and you never know when a fish will blow up, especially when striper fishing. Therefore distance would be slightly more desired than accuracy in the rod. I would also love it if it was a versatile enough setup to throw a buzzbait or popper from time to time. I prefer throwing mono. I'm looking at the Quantum PT S3 in 7:3:1 left hand retrieve for the reel but would be open to suggestions that cost equal to or less than it.($160) I fish Beaver Lake predominantly and I'm one that enjoys catching the stripers they have, so I'd like enough backbone to get one in but I don't want the rod to be only for 20lb+ fish, I'll take my time to land them. I wish I knew the rod I had, but I believe it was a middle of the line bass pro model. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bottom line, what is your go to topwater rod and reel day in and day out?
  9. Great report. Gave me a good plan if I can't get the green fish this weekend. Thanks. Any idea on water temp where you were fishing?
  10. It was fresh water. The engine was left to sit afterwards and therefore we are assuming a total loss on it, or a complete rebuild.
  11. Hell gang, I have posted this here for those that don't follow the buy and sell page. I know there's plenty of striper fisherman on here, this would be a great hull for that on Beaver Lake. Will also handle the waves of those darn cigar boats too. Thanks for looking. Feel free to message me if you have additional questions. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/6419483565.html
  12. Hello, please see the craigslist ad for details and additional images. Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. Thank you. https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/6419483565.html
  13. Happy Thankgiving and thanks for all the helpful tips and ideas. I ended up not getting on the lake but will always report back when I am able. I did get a quick trip on Beaver in and got the skunk out but that's about it.
  14. Hello fellas, it's that time of year where I visit the in laws and sneak away to fish. Anything happening bass wise? Looks like it's been pretty quiet here for a couple weeks. Last year I landed my PB on a buzzbait Thanksgiving day, was curious if the timing for possible topwater was still good? Thanks.
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