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  1. Cold Front came through early, temps were good and humidity level was comfortable. Crappie bite for me was slow. Fished jigs and minnows with bite on both. Fished shallow with more success than deep. I will be spending the week camping next week at Lightfoot after the holiday. Hoping for a good week.
  2. I have a question for all of the white bass fisherpeople...... If the winds are from the South is it better to fish the south facing points..... if the winds are from the North, is white bass fishing better on Stockton? What are your opinions on white bass fishing with various winds?
  3. 1980 Fisher Marine. Belonged to my Grandfather. I remodeled completely. Only original items are the hull and the steering wheel. Now has a 70HP Mercury. All of the new decking added 600 lbs. Moved CG back 12 inches and installed the 70. Now it has raised fishing decks and is extremely stable and quiet with the addition of all of the foam. A tribute to my grandfather James A. Seery. The boat is the JA Express.
  4. I run 31 series AGM batteries. I originally got them for my 5th wheel. Used them for a year with no-hook up camping.....keeping them charged with a solar panel charger. I have since moved them to my boat. I keep a 1.5a battery tender on them when I am not fishing.....these are the best batteries I've run. I bought them at Sam's Club for about $260 each. Completely Sealed, NO MAINTENANCE, durable and hold a charge.
  5. I've got to get on the water.....Saturday will be the day.
  6. Santa brought me a new Lowrance HDS7 with structure scan. I am just itching to get on the lake to map out some areas. With the high water and all of the issues that float with it....I am thinking the most prudent move is to wait until end of February to get the boat out and start my scouting. What are your thoughts?
  7. Just another FYI, I spoke with the Corps this morning. They are releasing 1/10' water per day. So the math is: 17 feet above normal pool. If no more rain and not taking into consideration evaporation, then it will be 170 days to get to normal pool. They do not have any plans to increase release volume at this time.
  8. Just an FYI for All, At $3 to launch per day, it only takes 14 outings to make this worth while. I contacted the CoE this morning...they do not have the tags yet. I am on the list.
  9. I am a huge Scheel's fan. When I lived in Montana they were the go to store and their selection and prices were very competitive. I fear that BPS will by buying out Cabela's....
  10. Our best catch so far this Fall.
  11. Great Day!!!! Was worried with the moon phase coupled with the cold front passing through that the fishing was going to be extremely slow. What do I know. It was the best day yet. As long as we were fishing along rocky banks, fish were hitting with the wind blowing. When the wind stopped so did the bite. Fish were in 2-4 FOW. Water temp started at 58 then up to 61 at noon. Most fish were caught between 10a and noon. Spent the day in Turkey creek area. Bait used: 1/4 oz chartreuse vibrax with brass spinner. Caught several shorts..... zero crappie though. Heading up to LOZ tomorrow
  12. A late start. Put in Aldrich at noon. Wind blowing 10-15mph. Fished rocky points for about 1.5 hours. Water Temp ranging from 63.5 to 65. Had some luck on the flats in 4-6 FOW. Chartreuse jigs... Nothing spectacular but had fun with my youngest son.
  13. Crappie Jerk, I completely agree. I have had Josh work on my boat several times. Anything from installing new controls, steering cable and a tach to replacing an older smaller motor with a "new to me" motor. He tuned up my "new to me" motor, new controls and provided me with some sound advise. He is as honest as they come. But I do know that he is a lot like me....if someone comes across as a jerk and starts in with a bunch of foul language I am not as customer service friendly as if someone acts more humanely. I can understand not being in a good mood and having issues with your boat..
  14. Thanks for the information....I appreciate the helpful hints.
  15. Taking my son and his girlfriend out this Friday night (weather permitting) for some night fishing. Have submersible lights.... any pointers? Crappies, Whites, Cats......
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