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  1. Mike Chamber

    Big Sac arm water color

    Saturday visibility was about a foot-and-a-half at CC
  2. Mike Chamber

    CC is Over

    I agree with the first response, fish will probably go back to their deep winter holes and stay there. No reason to fish CC this year at all. Haha
  3. Mike Chamber


    I was up turnback
  4. Mike Chamber


    Anybody else get into the white bass on Saturday. We had 11 smallest one was 12in biggest one was right at 15
  5. Mike Chamber

    3/2 at Turnback

    You didn't put in at Greenfield at CC did you
  6. Mike Chamber

    Turnback Creek

    I went across 160 there at CC 4 days ago and going to the lake the path was super narrow and probably the water was 5 in deep
  7. Mike Chamber

    Current water temp?

    Yesterday 53 degrees
  8. Mike Chamber

    Whites at CC

    2 limits up river, be careful getting there though
  9. Mike Chamber

    Whites at CC

    Thanks for reply
  10. Mike Chamber

    Whites at CC

    Headed to CC Friday, anyone catching Whites near CC ramp or up Sac
  11. Mike Chamber

    Shad pods

    Has anyone seen any shed pods big enough to get a net on so we can catfish
  12. Mike Chamber

    CC water clarity

    Big rains coming this weekend,it will change color of water
  13. Mike Chamber

    CC water clarity

    Absolutely this was caught Saturday
  14. Mike Chamber

    Started out to fish the Ned Rig today...

    Where you think they are now
  15. Mike Chamber

    Gave he A rig another shot

    Saw you at CC, today around 1with a boatfull of crappie , whats the chance of you helping a guy out and give me an idea where you caught the whites yesterday and the day before

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