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  1. In case anyone wants to sign the petition. https://www.change.org/p/keep-ar-waterways-free-of-invasive-species-support-agfc-wild-caught-baitfish-proposals?recruiter=733476377&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive
  2. Ethe gulls arrived a couple of weeks ago. "Nature's fish finders" ?
  3. I was out yesterday enjoying the great weather found a school outside PC in 40 fow, couldn't get em to take. Didn't have any live bait, all the shad I saw were 30 ft deep. Heading out tomorrow and Tuesday, hopefully we will do better.
  4. I plan on getting out some between Christmas & New Years. Good rule of thumb is head the opposite direction of me and you will probably find fish! ?
  5. I'm having problems netting shad- everything I find is in 30 fow- are you finding them shallow somewhere?
  6. PigSooner


    Nice Bill! probably saw you as I definetly saw a couple of boats right next to each other- thought they were jigging/spooning. I got a 34" 18lb'r today myself.
  7. I dropped by last weekend at it looks like this is almost complete. The ramp is in and they are working on a walkway/ handicap access. It is a nice launch with a big parking area- guessing it will probably put more pressure on the stretch between George's and the slab.
  8. We hat a lot of shoals where we "grazed" bottom, and we banged quite a few rocks going through the rough spots. Below 11 we would probably have had to get out and float/ drag the yaks In a few places.
  9. PigSooner

    5/21 &22

    Water was the lowest I've floated the creek 11.2-11.4. Most we ran into said the fishing was slow. We were fortunate to find a couple of spots that were producing. Caught 90% of our fish in 4-5 spots. A couple toads
  10. Good luck, I'm guessing you will have a great time. Can't wait for your recap!
  11. Might have to do with this year's water clarity.
  12. I was out yesterday- fished from the islands to point 9. Turned out to be a nice night after the wind layed down. Strange that I didn't see much surface activity, I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, again...?
  13. PigSooner

    Calm Mornings

    Nice SM! I've been chasing A 20" on the Buffalo and CC, someday... ?
  14. http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/arkansas/placesweprotect/kings-river.xml
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