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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been wondering which ramps were still usable.
  2. Will I be able to launch at the marina ramp tonight, or is the water too high?
  3. Thanks, I wasn't sure if they still had bait or not. When I stopped in Sunday after fishing, the bait tanks didn't seem to be in use. Guess I just didn't look closely enough.
  4. That wouldn't be bad at all. Thanks for the info
  5. On the way to Bridgeport on Sunday, I saw that Crossroads Store is closed. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy minnows. Coming from Springfield. Can go through Crane or Reed Spring.
  6. SOLD I've had this TM for about a year. I have used it almost exclusively for dipping jigs for crappie on Truman, so it does have some bumps and bruises, but the motor runs great. I plan to start fishing more crappie tournaments, so I want to upgrade to a 36 volt for my 18' Ranger. Asking $800
  7. I just posted a year old 80#-45"-24 volt Fortrex on Craiglist for $800
  8. I've been wanting to try spider rigging for walleye on Bull Shoals for a long time and finally broke out the racks and rods Wednesday. It isn't my favorite way to fish, but when they want it sssllllooooowwwww, it can be a dynamite way to explore.I fished a lot of the same water that Duckydoty fished from above Snap to just below the powerlines. Concentrated on the 10 - 14 fow range. Used double 1/4 oz jig rigs with tubes and tipped with minnows on the bottom jig. Caught one baby crappie just above Snap and missed a couple more hits. After that nothing until I got to where the channel swings ac
  9. Casey Jeaux


    Beagle did a post over on Crappie.com/Missouri forum
  10. Fishinwrench, For future reference, can you just replace the cap? I've already done this once because the cap cracked and the cap is what holds the float. Of course the tank would still probably need to be removed and drained to get the washer out, but the cap is a lot cheaper than $180.
  11. Great Thread!! Thanks, Folks
  12. The bug/minnow/fish/bigger fish thing is pure myth. I have been night fishing with floating lights then submersibles since the 70's. Keep the light on or below the water. Bug protein just isn't tasty. As far as location.................main lake points, points, points with one 15# anchor when it is calm and two when it is breezy. 25-35 FOW. Jigs are just as good and probably better than minnows. Go to the bottom and reel up one turn. Jig 5 or 6 times. Reel up a turn jig 5 or 6 times. Repeat until about half way to surface. Back to bottom and repeat. I won't take long to zero in on them. Keep i
  13. B-end O-ver A-nother T-housand
  14. Thanks for posting, Phil. With this info, I was able to track down Truman report. I know this is the Table Rock forum, but the reports are a little hard to find on the MDC website, so here is a link to the newsletter page that sort lake and river reports by region. (If it works ) http://fishing.mdc.mo.gov/newsletter
  15. I had the same problem with the Truman maps. No info above Bucksaw Marina on the Grand arm and no info above the C Highway bridge on the Osage arm. Those areas were the primary reasons that I bought the chip in the first place. They have since updated both areas, but still not the quality of the Lakemaster chips.
  16. Yep! Right back in front of the Point 15 sign. 5# PowerPro is some amazing stuff.
  17. Crappie wouldn't cooperate, but this little guy was happy to come out and play.
  18. Has anyone been having any luck with the crappie over the channel yet? I was down a couple of times and couldn't get them to cooperate. There seemed to be lots of wildlife down there, but they didn't want to play.
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