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  1. Well it reversed this week. Wednesday was good and Saturday was a bust. Wednesday went back to where I caught them Saturday. Worked a pocket for awhile and only picked up a few. The way they’ve been moving water earlier in the week I just guessed they moved out to the flat. Because that’s where they were. Got on the flat in 18-17 fow and 10-12 feet down. Steadily picked them off but once moving up on a point the bite got better. They were stacked around it. Straight minnows and moon jigs tipped with a minnow worked the best. Saturday they were still there in that 18-17 fow r
  2. Well last weekend was a bust. Couldn’t get any crappie to bite. Something was off... Had the day off Wednesday so went and tried the big flats up the river. Mark a ton of bait and fish in that 17-15 foot range. I go through it... Some would nip at it, some would stick and some would hit so hard they would pop off. Had 7 Yesterday went back to the area I fished that was a bust the week before and they were eating aggressively. Couldn’t find them grouped up like previous trips. Just random loan roamers that when they bit it was fast and hard. Like pulling your rod tip h
  3. @Greg B. Yeah I’ve always been told the magic number for pulling cranks is 75 degrees WT and the hotter the better... Which 82 is prime... These cooler nights might slow it down... I don’t know... Guys this weekend seemed to pick em off good with cranks... Last weekend no... Change in temp it got cooler... Stabilized this week... Cranks are just not consistent it seems for the money put into it... That’s just my personal opinion... Stick with what you know and have confidence in...
  4. Got going about 6 Saturday morning... They’ve been finicky here for awhile. Took a break from Beaver and hit other lakes the first part of August. Boat crowd was getting old Last week they were mad and it didn’t matter what size the bait was. This week it started off like that and then once the sun got up it was back to finicky... Like they just come up and nip at it but not commit to it. Buddy of mine fishing with livescope would say they just come up and look, then swim away... That would drive me nuts. They were hammering it on a 18 foot contour at about 15 to 13 feet down.
  5. Got out Saturday morning with a good friend of mine... Minnow rigging and using moon jigs tipped with minnows.. We came home with 22... Steady bite till about 10 when the water fleas showed up. 25 to 18 fow, 15-16 feet down. Caught more in the shallower depths than over deeper water. Think all this boat traffic pushing them shallow... I don’t know... Just me thinking like I a fish and what I would do🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good fishing and God Bless Lance
  6. They finicky it seems like right now... Down size to a small minnow. Like a inch or inch and a half...
  7. No just crammed it in a cooler
  8. Not Louisiana but hey the song came on, on my way to the lake... Close enough Fished throughout the night Saturday night and was set back relaxing shooting the breeze with a couple good friends when I glanced back to see the back rod bent halfway in the water... Kind of like the scene out of Jaws.. The fun was on then... Good fishing and God Bless
  9. @rzbker I've only fished that far north a couple times... First suggestion is get livescope... lol... Seriously though there is a ton of trees and that narrows the search time down a lot. You’ll go in on several group of trees and they’ll be just all on one tree. Usually it’s the one you can’t see... All those branches up there. Clifty, RB, Indian and so on have crappie in them all year. You just got to pick at each one... Have to come a spot fisherman and run around a lot... Target depth has been 20-30 fow up there. Mostly mid tree to the top with a minnow dropped down o
  10. @Phil S Cover more water and search for lots of bait... Personally Cranking seems to be more inconsistent the past couple years or I just suck at it. It can be awesome one week and suck the next. From previous experience Personally summer seems really good ones WT hits 75 and when it gets above 84 it gets slow... I would cover shorter passes. Hit a flat and along the channel edge. If nothing pull up look at your map and head to the next flat. Don’t dragging dead water. Run your electronics over them before you ever drop a crank. July and on until it cools gets tough from my perso
  11. @Phil S Yeah going by previous years... Usually by mid July it comes a ghost town down there... Either that or more likely I just can’t figure out where they go down there until late fall returns.
  12. Got started a little before 6am yesterday and fished until about 11. The wind picked up about then and plus the boat traffic gets to going and it’s over.... WT was 84-85 and clarity was little stained or silty... That seems to be were I’m finding them is in a little off color water line of water. Goes from clear to stain in the area I’m fishing and that’s where they are. Been like that the past two trips... Water Dept too might play a factor.. 17-20 fow and about 13 feet down. I would go down to 15 feet and my minnows would get a little weak or die eventually.. Rule of thumb to
  13. @Greg B. Same here several more walleye caught just no keepers yet. Try making passes in long creek arms along the channel. The water so high they haven’t left.
  14. Back again closer to home yesterday. Last week up north fishing with a friend and enjoying the change of scenery... That livescope is some crazy technology. Love it or hate it until you experience it for yourself you can’t bash the thing... Eliminates a lot wasted time that’s for sure. So got started about 6am and fished till about 11:30am. That’s when the rollers started and poles get to bouncing... They don’t like that bouncing... It rained the night before and dirty up the area I’ve been fishing. The back part was mud to stained and then to clear. The group of fish I f
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