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  1. @Bill Babler Not very often.. I did get one while bouncing... But I could probably count on one hand that that’s happened. I try to keep everything steady, quite as possible.. With boat wakes there’s real no way around it. Rolling waves from the wind not that big of deal if you’re using limber rod tips and doesn’t pogo. One thing that helps keep things steady is keeping the front of your boat down in the water. Use like stand bags and get like a silent stalker to help quite boat slap.
  2. @Bassmeister Males should be up there on the south end. WT 63 degrees at the second spot I fished. 58 at the first so maybe not so much. Black crappie males for sure. I just never fish up shallow for the males. Want them Sows!! Personally think the females move in at night, early morning and late evening. Then move back out with the high sun... Not all do but more consistent catching big females out a little deeper
  3. Got out after online church services Sunday about 11 and fished till 5. This time of year I target females staging along pea gravel banks. Rigging along those in about 15 fow give or take. Started down a bank and was catching fish but boat wakes with wind combined had to go find somewhere else. Rather compete against one and not both. Chose to go far up a creek to get out of the wind. Got on a steady consistent bite on a 14 foot contour to finish out my limit with baits down about 10 feet. They seemed to favor tiny minnows. Smaller than a medium minnow. They seemed to be liking smaller size baits all year. Guessing because they been so full and have a endless buffet of shad. They didn’t want it bugging too yesterday. With boat wakes and wind that made for a challenge. Shut down at 5 and headed for the house. Good fishing and God bless Lance
  4. Got out Sunday after church services... Fished from around 11-5... Water temp was 51-53 rolling mud but found better water in the back of a creek arm. It was stained but not brown.... Searched around for awhile catching fish here and there but put it together to stay on the flat side of the channel edge 10-12 fow... That was best consistent steady bite... I don’t know how many I caught... Just got to 10 and then started tossing back... Black crappie were on the move... Don’t hardly ever get into them rigging but I guess with the brown water they got to get off brush to eat... Plus they getting ready to do their thing... God bless and good fishing Lance
  5. That’s typical... About the time fish start looking for a prom date... SMH I understand though it’s purpose... It’s a flood control lake...
  6. @Phil Lilley good deal... Let me know if you do and I’ll try to point y’all in the right direction!
  7. Got started yesterday about 11:30... WT got up to 51 and clarity was pea green... Wanted to fish a new areas that I know holds fish that just haven’t been bothered... But when the wind and boat waves keep bouncing my tin can around it can get frustrating... So pulled out and trailed elsewhere... Launched again at 2 and got started back at it at 2:30... Found them right off the bat but they weren’t ready to eat yet... Said to myself I’ll come back to them at 4:30... So moved to go find other fish... Found them deeper at like 19 fow about 15-16 feet down but they were just little keepers and shorts... Stayed at it with them until 4:30 then went back to those earlier fish marked... Put myself in 10-12 fow and 8-10 and bam the madness started and it got better and better as it darker... Fished until I couldn’t see my rod tips anymore... They were hitting still as I pulled up... Just kept 10 slabs... God bless and good fishing Lance
  8. Drove over to Mississippi to visit and stay with some friends. Fished on Saturday... Knew fishing wasn’t going to be the greatest but catching a few monster crappie would be worth the effort.. Big fish for me of the day was a 15” long 2.34 pound... That’s still considered a pup for these parts. The other pic is a 15.5 inch 3.05 pound that a neighbor up the road caught Good Fishing and God Bless
  9. Tough two days crappie fishing... 10 Friday and 10 Saturday... WT hovering around 45-48... Green stained water color... Big fish were glued to the bottom just not wanting to budge... Exciting moment snagging a 5 foot spoonbill... Felt like reeling in a log... Got to the surface when it rolled over and straightened my hook... Saturday turned out to be the better day once deciding to change course and go find fish that haven’t been bothered... Had to cut it short to get home... Left them biting... Friday Saturday Ready for these things to get mad... More inconsistent year than previous but man the quality makes it worth the effort God Bless and good fishing
  10. Tough bite yesterday but something I’ve said a lot this year when I’m out there.. With all the fish I’m seeing there’s gotta be 15 down there that hasn’t ate yet... Just gotta keep working it over slowly until you put the bait in front of a nose of one that hasn’t yet... WT 43-45 and dingy... Minnow rigging in 20-22 fow and most of the crappie are hovering around 15 feet down. Just above or just below that depth... God bless and good fishing- Lance
  11. Didn’t have high expectations this weekend fishing but it beats sitting around the house wishing I was fishing.... Just went on past experience fishing in the mud. Figure they would be much higher in the column than what they have been. That seemed to hold somewhat true.. Also from past experience fishing other lakes is go to where the fresh water is coming in... That seemed to hold too... The bite was difficult. A lot of short strikes and fish caught just seem to suck on a minnow enough to get a hook in their mouth... Out of the 12 fish caught this weekend only one was caught deep at 16ft in 18fow. The rest were 6-8 feet down in 13 fow. Just never could get on a consistent pattern. Bites were many minutes between. Was adjusting baits up and down constantly by what’s on the graph. More rain tomorrow and several days next week . No hope of it settling anytime soon God bless and good fishing Lance
  12. Just getting to this... Got started about 11:30am Friday... Water clarity was a little dingy and 42-43 WT... The wind seemed to be more than 5-10mph. More like 10-15mph and a day where precision, boat control was a must to get bit it made for challenge. Marked fish motoring and scanning close to the bottom in 20 feet of water. I started putting baits down 15-16 feet down to see if they gonna come up or not. Gave that several minutes and knew right then they ain’t active to chasing. They gonna want it on their nose and very slow. So went 17-19 feet down in 20 fow and got bit right then back to back.. Right on edge of a hump. So I slowly work that edge and kept getting bit. The challenge was staying on that edge. The wind would swirl and blow me off every time I caught a fish or had to bait up again. Basically every time I had my hand off the remote... Made for a long tiring effort... They seemed to really be concentrated on the edge of a hump and where the channel meet... Must of been pulling water or something but that’s where I caught most of my limit. Boy felt the efforts the next morning after this. Was physically and mentally drain afterwards. Pics below.. God bless and good fishing- Lance
  13. Got started about 11 on Saturday... Water temp 40-42 and murky. Started seeing fish right out the gate in 20 fow and hovering around 15 foot mark... Started putting baits out at 15 to 12 feet down. They seemed to want it right on their noses and move slow. 14 feet down had to be the most consistent hit. The bite was steady. You would get 2 or 3 right back to back and then a lull for about 10 or so minutes... They work in small packs, school up some shad and then attack... I’m trying to maneuver my boat right in the middle of em. Shut it down a little before 2 with a limit. It was one of those days I didn’t want to get off the water. Light wind and just needed a hoodie shirt... But, don’t get many hall passes on a Saturday... Figure better keep the boss happy God bless and good fishing Lance
  14. Lance34

    Slab Sunday

    In open water. I never fish brush, docks, trees etc... never any cover. I look for rises, edges along the channel, swings. Basically how the bottom of the lake lays out and how they relate to it... These fish are just roaming and eating. So basically find them on the graph and adjust depth to where I see them... Then follow the contour they are on and work em over until they quit. Then go to looking again by my map. Then repeat. Water fluctuations ain’t gonna move them out. It more likely moves them up and down in the column but not out. They ain’t gonna leave where the food is staying concentrated. With current I like looking for areas where they can get out of it. Like a rise or channel line were they can lay and not have to work against it.
  15. Finally back on the water Sunday after church. Got started about 12:45 and fished to about 4:00. Water temp was 43 and stained... Looked perfect Didn’t really know what to expect after this lake has turned upside down in a weeks time... Up, down and up again... Geez They bit pretty fast at the get go. Got 8 in no time and then they came in spurts. The wind got to whipping which might of been why. Got tossed around a bit... Best bite was rigging about 13 feet down about 18-20 fow. Caught a few at 10 feet down but more consistent at 13 feet. I quit about 4ish with a limit and headed for the house... Amazed by health of the fish this year... Pics below... God bless and good fishing Lance
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