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  1. Was thinking about heading down this weekend but probably gonna stay put until that slime clears out. These Kansas brown fish are too much fun to leave anyway. 👻
  2. and a heck of a lot less time doing it too.
  3. Co-angling and Roth contribution for me Plug, now I just need to live long enough to see it. 😁
  4. I experienced the same thing dragging a shaky head around in the rocks on Saturday. Seemed to draw a lot of attention but from the wrong fish. Flipping a 1/2oz jig into the right pile got me clobbered though, so it may have been more of a reaction deal. Conditions Sunday looked tougher so I opted for the breakfast table. 😊
  5. thanks guys. water looked great this weekend, managed three saturday morning over a couple hours. two dinks on a plopper at first light from the yak, and a small keeper from a shallow brush pile under a cable on a jig. family obligations kept me off the water after that, but anyone with a boat and milk run of shallow piles should have done pretty good. I did notice a little froth at the water's edge Sunday morning, wouldn't be surprised if the turnover starts here in a few weeks.
  6. Anybody seeing it happen yet?
  7. Saw that helgramite on instagram. That thing's going to slay on a shaky head and c rig!
  8. I didn’t really enjoy fishing a jerkbait out of my kayak, made me wonder if a spook would be just as frustrating. Those are two baits I’d really rather stand to fish.
  9. @nomolites once I have my own boat I'll be in the vocally anti-sitting crowd too 😁
  10. They’re pretty sweet Plug. I’ll paddle out at first light just to sit with a coffee. Can be hard to fish efficiently out of depending on what they want, but you can’t argue stealth and no fuel cost! You don’t need a fancy fishing kayak to get the job done either.
  11. Here we go, lemme get my popcorn ready before we get a few more pages outta wrench 😂
  12. I'd be chucking that rig and slow rolling a big blade into piles if that forecast holds.
  13. some bona fide ozark slabs in that mess, nice work
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